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Tommy S War

Author : Richard van Emden
ISBN : 9781408844373
Genre : History
File Size : 69.73 MB
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Conventional histories of the Great War have tended to focus on the terrible attritional battles of Ypres, of Arras and of the Somme. What they do not tell us is what life was like for the ordinary soldier, what mattered to him, and how he survived, both physically and mentally. Now for the first time, one of Britain's leading military historians, Richard van Emden tells the story of the Great War exclusively through the words and images of soldiers on the ground. In Tommy's War, he gathers some of the very best first-hand material written about the War, some of it published at the time and forgotten, some of it previously unpublished, but all of it wonderfully descriptive and immediate, and often wickedly funny. Tommy humour, frequently very dark, played a vital part in men's mental survival, particularly in times of great stress. Until now its critical role in victory has been overlooked. Richard van Emden restores the balance, giving weight to the soldiers' natural inclination to laugh during their darkest moments. Illustrating these eyewitness accounts with soldiers' own photographs taken on privately owned cameras, often tiny Vest Pocket Kodaks – the smart phones of their day – van Emden has created an entirely new and fresh history of the Great War, giving us a glimpse of 'Tommy Atkins' as he has never been seen before.
Category: History

Tommy S War A First World War Diary 1913 1918

Author : Thomas Cairns Livingstone
ISBN : 9780007389414
Genre : History
File Size : 71.7 MB
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The extraordinary diaries of Thomas Cairns Livingstone represent twenty years of gorgeously idiosyncratic daily records of a middle-class Glasgow household, over a period spanning shortly before the Great War to the early 1930s.
Category: History

Tommy S War

ISBN : 1785007637
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Tommy Goes To War

Author : Malcolm Brown
ISBN : 9781784383305
Genre : History
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The image of the innocent British soldier (or Tommy) setting off with a spring in his step in 1914 to fight the Great War would not last long.Indeed that initial euphoria would soon give way to a deep-seated bitterness as these young men endured the horror of the First World War.In a new edition of this extraordinary book, the uncensored letters, diaries, documents and many photographs tell the story of the British soldier (nicknamed Tommy) in their own words.While there are flashes of their wit and humour, the overwhelming feeling is that of a generation who felt let down by their superiors and left to perish.There are visceral, terrifying insights into life in the trenches and agonising descriptions of the squalor and privations of war.This haunting account also looks at the aggressive drive to recruit more soldiers through the Pals Battalion or Chums Battalion. Friends from the same town or village; professional bodies, or work colleagues among others were encouraged to enlist en masse. They would fight together alongside their friends or colleagues. Many of them would sadly die together and leave communities wild with grief for a lost generation, robbed of a future having barely had a past.With a concise analysis of the British Army in the First World War, we are reminded of the terror of war, the fury, the fear and the frustration of what has been described by some as a war typified by the devastating assessment: lions led by donkeys.
Category: History

Tommy S War

Author : Tom East
ISBN : 1916494269
Genre : Art
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In July, 1914, Tommy Green, a village craftsman, is told how he alone can alter history and restore sanity to the twentieth century and beyond. Tommy's life is also about to change dramatically. He is soon placed in an impossible dilemma. How will he resolve it?
Category: Art

The Tommy Of The First World War

Author : Neil R. Storey
ISBN : 9781445669885
Genre : History
File Size : 52.3 MB
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A hundred years have now passed since Britain sent hundreds of thousands of men to fight and to die on the Western Front and elsewhere. This is the perfect introduction to the life and experiences of the ordinary British soldier.
Category: History

Tommy Mcgee At War

Author : J.P. Dolan
ISBN : 9781499029376
Genre :
File Size : 22.43 MB
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Tommy McGee at War is set in the Port of Fremantle during WWII and shows how teenagers and adults interact during such times of stress. The characters in the story are Tommy McGee and his gang, the Holy Smokes, who are in constant war with the opposition gang, the Stinking Head Shea Gang, led by Stinking Head Shea himself. There is also Sergeant Major John Daly, who is known to Tommy as Uncle Jack and is the founder and leader of Z Force, which is based on the mysterious and forbidding Garden Island. Finally, there is Poacher Kenworthy, who, with his reputation of being a very bad man, strikes terror in the hearts of the boys. There are also general characters filling in the story to help create the atmosphere of wartime. The story starts out by establishing the area of operations, how the Holy Smokes got their name, and the details about their meeting place, the Place, which is a large flat rock on the edge of the Swan River and is overlooked by the lookout tree, which is strategically placed on the corner of Poacher Kenworthy's five-acre orchard; this enables the boys to keep tabs on the Stinking Heads and also on any ripening fruits in the orchard. There are skirmishes as the defences of the Place are tested and how, after retaliating by the Stinking Heads, a girl named Ingrid is inducted into the Holy Smokes. It is during one of their meetings at the Place that they discover that Poacher has found a way into the heavily defended Port of Fremantle. Uncle Jack, with Z Force, is having troubles when his navigator goes ack-willy (an army term for AWL) and puts in jeopardy an operation in Java to attack the Japanese-held Port of Padang. The navigator is caught by the civilian police and put into Fremantle Gaol. This sets in motion a series of events which leads to the discovery of a tunnel built by the original convicts, which leads directly to Fremantle Gaol, and with the help of the Holy Smokes, the navigator is retrieved. During this operation, they are seen, and because of a lack of communications, a battle between the home guard and the civil defence unit takes place almost on top of where they are all hiding. It would appear that it would be almost impossible to get the navigator back to Garden Island using existing transport. They decided to take him out through Fremantle Harbour, and much to the boys' horror, Poacher is co-opted to lead. The rescue is successful after a great deal of effort but with the loss of Tommy's dinghy, which was blown to bits by the defence guns. Some time later, Uncle Jack gathers all the Holy Smokes together and gives a very detailed description of the successful attack on Padang Harbour and how they had escaped back to Australia, hotly pursued by the Japanese all the way down the coast of Sumatra, through the Sunda Strait, and back to Broome, which had just been bombed by the Japanese. Finally, Tommy is presented with a dinghy which had been captured from a Japanese destroyer.

Tommy At War

Author : John Sadler
ISBN : 9781849546096
Genre : History
File Size : 59.71 MB
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2014 marks the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War, arguably the definitive conflict in the history of Europe. Never before or since has such a great swell of popular sentiment produced such a patriotic rush to arms. In the trenches and on the battlefield, British soldiers united with their allies to fight valiantly for the cause. At very great cost, they delivered Western Europe from a new Dark Age. Providing a vital insight into this pivotal period, historians John Sadler and Rosie Serdiville disclose the poignant and emotive experiences of war, in the front line and behind, from men and women of every class and background. Combining rich anecdote and unique testimony, the stories of those that passed through the ordeal of war reveal remarkable tales of horror and suffering, but also the comradeship, exhilaration and adventure of the Western Front. This is the human story of the Great War, told by those who lived through it.
Category: History

Tommy S Peace

Author : Tommy Cairns Livingstone
ISBN : 9781845968595
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 43.32 MB
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Thomas Cairns Livingstone began to note his day-to-day experiences in 1913 and continued faithfully for the next 20 years. With each witty and well-observed entry, he recorded events at home and abroad through times of war and peace, joy and sadness. In this follow-up to the acclaimed Tommy's War, the focus is on the post-war years. Alongside engaging, warm-hearted recollections of everyday life with his wide circle of family, neighbours and friends, Thomas documents everything from the lingering effects of the war and post-war politics to cultural and social aspects of the era, including the rise of cinema and radio, the standard of dentists and opticians before the NHS, the partition of Ireland, the General Strike, the division of domestic labour, Clyde coastal holidays and the expansion of Glasgow. Yet, above all, Thomas affectionately chronicles family life with his hard-working wife, Agnes, and writes with pride of his clever young son, Tommy. Illustrated throughout with black-and-white sketches from Thomas' original diaries and various other artefacts from the period, Tommy's Peace is a tremendous document of a bygone era that vividly evokes family life in Glasgow between the wars.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Tommy S War

Author : Pat McGrath Avery
ISBN : 0966327683
Genre : Children and war
File Size : 62.83 MB
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The first in the Kids' World Series, helping kids understand and cope with changes in their lives. Tommy and his friend each have a parent that leaves home because of a war. The story involves family, school and patriotism.
Category: Children and war