To End All Wars

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The War To End All Wars

Author : Edward M. Coffman
ISBN : 9780813146430
Genre : History
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" A newly married Methodist minister, Larry Zellers was serving as a missionary and teacher in a small South Korean town near the 38th parallel when he was captured by the North Koreans on June 25, 1950. Until his release in 1953, Zellers endured brutal conditions and inhumane treatment. Through his story, Zellers shows that, despite the opinion that POWs live only for themselves, many in the camps worked to help others and conducted themselves with honor.
Category: History

To End All Wars

Author : Adam Hochschild
ISBN : 9781447203469
Genre : History
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In this brilliant new work of history, Adam Hochschild follows a group of characters connected by blood ties, close friendships or personal enmities and shows how the war exposed the divisions between them. They include the brother and sister whose views on the war could not have been more diametrically opposed – he a career soldier, she a committed pacifist; the politician whose job was to send young men who refused conscription to prison, yet whose godson was one of those young men and the suffragette sisters, one of whom passionately supported the war and one of whom was equally passionately opposed to it. Through these divided families, Hochschild paints a vivid picture of Britain poised between the optimism of the Victorian era and the era of Auschwitz and the Gulag – a divided country, fractured by the seismic upheaval of the Great War and its aftermath.
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Wwi The War To End All Wars

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1181866191
Genre : History, Military
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WWI: The War To End All Wars is a unique, 10-part, comprehensive look at the war that shaped the 20th Century. Through rare, actual battle footage and rare veteran interviews, The War To End All Wars takes you from the assassination of the Austrian Arch Duke in 1914, to the final desperate battles of 1918. Unique and stunning, you will go-over-the-top on the Western Front and witness the carnage in Russia. You'll take to the skies in the world's first air war and ride with the legendary Lawrence of Arabia.. This is more than a historical or military account of World War I, it is a riveting and personal account of a defining moment in world history. Never before in the history of the world had so many countries fought on so many far-flung battlefields. Never had so many soldiers lost their lives. Never had there been such an unending hell-on-earth. Never has there been such a remarkable look at 'The War to End All Wars'
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To End All Wars

Author : Ernest Gordon
ISBN : 9780310340645
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Now A Major Motion Picture Starring Robert Carlyle and Kiefer Sutherland ‘Waking from a dream, I suddenly realized where I was: in the Death House–in a prison camp by the River Kwai. I was a prisoner of war, lying among the dead, waiting for the bodies to be carried away so that I might have more room.’ When Ernest Gordon was twenty-four he was captured by the Japanese and forced, with other British prisoners, to build the notorious ‘Railroad of Death’, where nearly 16,000 Prisoners of War gave their life. Faced with the appalling conditions of the prisoners’ camp and the brutality of the captors, he survived to become an inspiring example of the triumph of the human spirit against all odds. To End All Wars is Ernest Gordon’s gripping true story behind both the Academy Award-winning film The Bridge on the River Kwai starring Alec Guinness and the new film To End All Wars directed by David Cunningham.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The War To End All Wars

Author : Gunnar Dedio
ISBN : 1493007548
Genre : History
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Brutal and cataclysmic, the First World War irrevocably changed the face of not just Europe, but the world and the very nature of war itself. On the centenary of its onset, The War to End All Wars gives a startling and intimate view of life during wartime, through never-before-seen color photographs chronicling each year of the conflict. Previously unpublished, these extraordinary photographs come from the newly discover collection on August Fuhrmann, Germany's first media tycoon. The early color photographs, hand colored on porcelain plates are compellingly beautiful and haunting. Accompanied by personal diaries these words and images convey an intimate portrayal of a previously hidden world. From the horrors of the trenches to the challenges on the home front, these images of suffering and despair, hope and strength, convey the impact of the Great War in a new and profound way. Designed as the companion volume to a three-part BBC documentary, The War to End All Wars cast the experience of the world's first modern, mechanized war in an entirely new light.
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To End All Wars

Author : David Tallerman
ISBN : 9798645671594
Genre :
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The horrors of the trenches unveil an extraordinary mystery...It's 1916, in the heart of World War I. The eve of the Battle of the Somme. During a perilous night mission in No Man's Land, Lieutenant Rafael Forrester witnesses a peculiar light followed by a vast explosion.Wounded and delirious, Forrester finds himself shipped home to England, to the country house hospital of Sherston, where he learns he may face a court-martial for the deaths of the men under his command. Yet in the strange environs of Sherston, where any act of rebellion seems impossible, Forrester soon comes to fear for more than his freedom: haunted by hallucinatory dreams of his time at the front, he suspects he may be losing his mind. Little does he realize that Sherston conceals its own incredible secrets. Ones with the potential to change not only the course of the war, but all of human history. Don't miss this remarkable story of conflict, military service, discovery, and of a force beyond human comprehension. To End All Wars is an otherworldly thriller set during WWI. A mixture between 1917, Shutter Island, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Arrival.Grab your copy today.Also available on Audible, narrated by Macleod Andrews (The Reckoners Series, The Dragons of Dorcastle).

World War I

Author : Andrew Benjamin
ISBN : 162712862X
Genre : World War, 1914-1918
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Category: World War, 1914-1918

The War To End All Wars

Author : Russell Freedman
ISBN : 9780547487373
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
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Nonfiction master Russell Freedman illuminates for young readers the complex and rarely discussed subject of World War I. The tangled relationships and alliances of many nations, the introduction of modern weaponry, and top-level military decisions that resulted in thousands upon thousands of casualties all contributed to the "great war," which people hoped and believed would be the only conflict of its kind. In this clear and authoritative account, the Newbery Medal-winning author shows the ways in which the seeds of a second world war were sown in the first. Numerous archival photographs give the often disturbing subject matter a moving visual counterpart. Includes source notes, a bibliography, and an index.
Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

To End All Wars New Edition

Author : Thomas J. Knock
ISBN : 9780691191614
Genre : History
File Size : 28.43 MB
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A close look at Woodrow Wilson’s political thought and international diplomacy In the widely acclaimed To End All Wars, Thomas Knock provides an intriguing, often provocative narrative of Woodrow Wilson’s epic quest for a new world order. This book follows Wilson’s thought and diplomacy from his policy toward revolutionary Mexico, through his dramatic call for “Peace without Victory” in World War I, to the Senate’s rejection of the League of Nations. Throughout, Knock reinterprets the origins of internationalism in American politics, sweeping away the view that isolationism was the cause of Wilson’s failure and revealing the role of competing visions of internationalism—conservative and progressive.
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1919 Versailles The End Of The War To End All Wars

Author : Charles L. Mee Jr.
ISBN : 9781612307565
Genre : History
File Size : 76.10 MB
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World War I and the Versailles Treaty that followed produced the most serious upheaval in a long and stormy course of modern world history. Four great empires - Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia, and Turkey - were part of the war's rubble. Far from restoring order, the diplomats who met in 1919 at Paris and Versailles plunged the world into the chaos of the twentieth century. Here, from award-winning historian Charles Mee, is the account of what happened when the three most powerful heads of state gathered to establish a new order.
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To End All Wars

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1181869864
Genre : Documentary-style films
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Before U.S. troops arrive in Europe, Germany defeats Russia and moves toward Paris. Labor unrest at home. Allies push German troops back to border; high casualties. Wilson's Fourteen Points. Short- and long-term fallout from Paris Peace talks. Red scare.
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World War 1 1914 18

Author : Peter Andrews (Printer)
ISBN : OCLC:1196206998
Genre : Fine books
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World War I The War To End All Wars

Author : Carole Marsh
ISBN : 9780635081322
Genre : History
File Size : 31.80 MB
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The 22-book American Milestone series is featured as "Retailers Recommended Fabulous Products" in the August 2012 edition of Educational Dealer magazine. This book describes fascinating facts and fun activities your students will love! The American Milestone series are a favorite among teachers nationwide! This book includes ideas for lesson plans, hands-on activities, biographies, fascinating facts and stories. Your students will be amazed as they study the World War I. The American Milestone series meets national and social studies standards. This 28-page book is reproducible and educational. Kids will learn how World War I marked the beginning of "modern warfare" with poison gas, machine guns, tanks, airplanes, and even submarines - and how it forever changed the way battles are fought. A partial Table of Contents includes: A Timeline of Events "The War to End All Wars!": World War I Archduke Franz Ferdinand: The Beginning of the War Taking Sides - Or... Who Fought Whom? The Frontlines Christmas Truce The Red Baron Tank v. Tank 1917 - America Enters the War Uncle Sam Wants You Doughboys Woodrow Wilson's Plan for Peace And Much More!
Category: History

History In The Media

Author : Robert Niemi
ISBN : 9781576079522
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 83.25 MB
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A resource on the depiction of historical events in film, on television, and on the Internet combines the latest scholarship with reviews of specific works.
Category: Performing Arts

World War One

Author : Alan Cowsill
ISBN : 9380741863
Genre : Graphic novels
File Size : 34.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The First World War also known as the Great War involved over thirty nations and resulted in the deaths of millions of young men. This stunning new book brings history to life as we follow the fortunes of a group of young conscripts and volunteers to discover what life was really like in the trenches and how they coped with the horrors of the front line. Introducing the advent of tanks, airplanes, air raids, submarines and gas attacks, we take a close look at the first modern war of the 20th Century. From the assassination the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo to the signing of the armistice, we see for ourselves what life was like in the trenches, on the home front, at sea and in the air. This is more than just a history book; it is a journey into another age.
Category: Graphic novels

The War To End All Wars

Author : Morley Torgov
ISBN : STANFORD:36105026136676
Genre : Jewish fiction
File Size : 72.79 MB
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Category: Jewish fiction

International Relations 1914 1995

Author : Tony Rea
ISBN : 019917167X
Genre : History, Modern
File Size : 76.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book provides the core content required by many of the new GCSE syllabuses. Strongly narrative in approach, there are also many visual and written sources to aid students' understanding of the topics covered. Key Stage 4.
Category: History, Modern

World War One

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:840054386
Genre :
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To End All Wars

Author : Dael Allison
ISBN : 1925780279
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 80.45 MB
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'To End All Wars' was a phrase applied hopefully during 'The Great War'. Its various permutations were meant to suggest that this one might be the last war of all. How quickly the phrase became ironic. How many wars have followed! The words 'to end all wars' must remind us today that all armed conflict is a vast social catastrophe. The centenary of the World War I Armistice comes with a barely veiled triumphalism in the countries that were victorious one hundred years ago. It was that triumphalism, and the failed peace that followed it, which led onto new catastrophes in World War II and then the Cold War. Now, well into the twenty first century, with ever uglier nationalisms raising their heads everywhere, it is time to critically examine the Armistice of one hundred years ago, and its meaning for Australia and for the world, then and now. In this collection, the reader will find work from some of Australasia's leading poets alongside perspectives from new voices. This is a diverse and unsettling read.
Category: Literary Collections

The First World War

Author : Geoffrey Jukes
ISBN : 9781782008798
Genre : History
File Size : 32.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Raging for over four years across the tortured landscapes of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the First World War changed the face of warfare forever. Characterised by slow, costly advances and fierce attrition, the great battles of the Somme, Verdun and Ypres incurred human loss on a scale never previously imagined. This book, with a foreword by Professor Hew Strachan, covers the fighting on all fronts, from Flanders to Tannenberg and from Italy to Palestine. A series of moving extracts from personal letters, diaries and journals bring to life the experiences of soldiers and civilians caught up in the war.
Category: History