To America With Love

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To America With Love

Author : Anita Hoffman
ISBN : 9781597092210
Genre : Literary Collections
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The correspondence between American social and political activist Abbie Hoffman and his wife during the first of his eight years as a fugitive in the ’70s. In March, 1974, facing drug charges in a case in which he claims he was innocent, Abbie Hoffman, one of the Chicago Seven, became a fugitive, forced to leave behind Anita, his wife of eight years, and America, their four-year-old son. During this time, they could only communicate through letters. Letters from the Underground includes all the letters sent between Abbie and Anita during the first year of their separation. “Putting the Sixties in a human perspective.” —Tom Hayden
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To America With Love

Author : A.A. Gill
ISBN : 9781416596219
Genre : History
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Presents a tribute to America that traces the history and logic of the nation's habits while sharing illuminating anecdotes reflecting the nation's diverse culture as experienced by everyday people.
Category: History

From Italy To America With Love

Author : Mina & John Hall
ISBN : 9781465394637
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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to follow
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Into America With Love

Author : Ivo Greenwell
ISBN : 9780595455188
Genre : Fiction
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Out of the depression that darkened Germany in the late 1800s came a group of brave women who dedicated their lives to a new order in the Catholic Church: the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother. In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, Frances Streitel knows her work will center on the poorest of the poor. But Frances doesn't realize that she and her followers will travel across continents, narrowly avoiding grave dangers, to start hospitals and schools in the wilds of the American frontier and elsewhere. It is difficult for the nuns to earn the trust of local families and endure the elements and insecurities of their new home in America. Later, as their story moves from the 1880s to the start of a world war, they are deeply affected by what occurs in Germany, where their order is headquartered and where many Catholics and Jews alike are banished. A sweeping portrayal of loyalty and sacrifice, Into America with Love captures the anxiety and hope of a handful of women who dared to look past hardships and build a bright future.
Category: Fiction

Love Letters To America

Author : Lesa K. Smith
ISBN : 9781491869079
Genre : Religion
File Size : 48.81 MB
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LOVE LETTERS TO AMERICA is a book written in love from my heart to yours. I love America and have spent time pondering our course and fate. It has brought me to ask questions that make you think and engage you towards right actions and away from costly traps that can ruin your life. I believe that we all have a correctly charted course laid before us. A destiny written by God to fulfill. If one is not careful, we can change course easily and be headed in the wrong direction. It is possible then, to miss out on what God desires for our lives. Right thinking and choices can help to safeguard our lives and those of our loves ones around us. Hopefully, then we can be found walking out in victory the journey we were destined to take.
Category: Religion

Love And Death In The American Novel

Author : Leslie A. Fiedler
ISBN : 1564781631
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 30.77 MB
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"No other study of the American novel has such fascinating and on the whole right things to say."—Washington Post
Category: Literary Criticism

Love In America

Author : Francesca M. Cancian
ISBN : 0521396913
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87.31 MB
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In the past twenty-five years, Americans have gained considerable freedom in their personal lives. Relationships are now more flexible, and self-development has become a primary goal for both men and women. Most scholars have criticized this trend to greater freedom, arguing that it undermines family bonds and promotes selfishness and extreme independence. Francesca Cancian is more optimistic. In this book she compares these newer images of close relationships with "traditional" forms of marriage, in which love is seen as the responsibility of women, while self-development is regarded as a male concern. She shows that many American couples succeed in combining self-development with commitment. For them, interdependence, not independence, is their ideal, and love and self-development do not conflict, but reinforce each other. Changes in images of love are documented, in part, by examining case studies, popular magazines of 1900 to 1979 and selected articles in them on how to have a happy marriage. In sum, the author concludes that images of love in America have shifted from polarized gender roles toward more flexible roles and interdependence, thus fostering both love and self-development.
Category: Social Science

My Love Affair With America

Author : Norman Podhoretz
ISBN : 9781893554412
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 49.6 MB
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In a moving and witty memoir, Podhoretz shows his style as a natural-born storyteller with a sure sense of character and anecdote and the ability to construct a compelling narrative that opens a window onto an exemplary American life.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

We Support You Love America

Author : Worldnetdaily Com
ISBN : 9781591604310
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 57.88 MB
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Category: Political Science

I Love America Stained Glass Coloring Book

Author : Eric Gottesman
ISBN : 0486430502
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 40.32 MB
Format : PDF
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Sixteen boldly outlined drawings present a variety of patriotic images: the American flag and eagle, Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, White House, and Lincoln Memorial, Uncle Sam, among others. Ideal for home or classroom, these handsome pictures produce a magical glow when colored and hung near a source of bright light.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Painted With Love

Author : Karen Diana Montee
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 66.25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In 2005, Dee Coulter is a single, professional photographer finally receiving the recognition she deserves, when a terrible accident changes everything. As her professional ambitions slip away, she has a dream about Cherie, a woman who was born in 1881 in Paris and had an intense affair with a handsome artist. Cherie met an untimely death and Dee will find out--did Cherie lose the artist forever, or will she meet him again in another life-time? Dee longs for the powerful love that Cherie found, but is Dee too scared to recognize love when it comes to her? Read along as Cherie’s artist paints a clue to lead Dee to romance. Travel with Dee to Nairobi, Paris, New York and San Francisco through time to discover the deep power of forever love.
Category: Fiction

Love American Style

Author : Kimberly Freeman
ISBN : 9781135885380
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 68.12 MB
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A popular subject in sociology and cultural studies, divorce has until recently been overlooked by literary critics. Spanning nearly a century during which the divorce rate skyrocketed, Love American Style traces the treatment of divorce in the American novel. This book draws upon popular, sociological, political and architectural history to illustrate how divorce reflects conflicting ideologies and notions of American identity. Focusing primarily on work by William Dean Howells, Edith Wharton, Mary McCarthy and John Updike, Kimberly Freeman delineates a system of tropes particular to divorce in American novels, such as the association of divorce with the West and modernity, the dismantling of the home, and the disruption of the boundary between the public and the private. These tropes suggest a literary tradition of love, marriage and divorce that is central to twentieth century American fiction. Offering an explanation for both the treatment of divorce in the American novel as well as its predominance in American culture, this book should appeal to scholars of American literature and popular culture, or anyone interested in how divorce has become so 'American'.
Category: Literary Criticism

Answering America S Problem

Author : Alesia Graham
ISBN : 9781465323392
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If something is to be resolved, something must first exist; and if this is so, then where did it originate from? A problem means that the fruit of evil is at work, and you must understand the origin of evil and how it took root. By taking root, which means a seed has been planted and has taken root and has become a problem and it will continue to grow until the root has been destroyed. Answering Americas problem is a short version of how to rid ourselves of the fruit of evil that we are facing today. ------------------------- After enduring a life of hardship and pain, God has gifted me to write. When I became isolated from people because I did not want to share my experiences, I began a relationship talking to the Lord. It was during these conversations that God began to reveal himself to me. When I realized that I had been gifted to write the first book, I gave it to the work of God. After time passed, God gave me the second book entitled Answering Americas Problem and he said, This one is for you. This book came about just by communing with God, and he began to reveal the contents written therein. God talked about how important it is to be able to identify a problem. If something is to be resolved, something must first exist. And if you find that something existing, then you must find out where it originated from if you desire to get rid of it. After a problem has been identified, there are measures that have to be taken to get rid of the problem. You must also be able to identify the key player and determine what method is being used because the key player must be exposed. If the key player is not exposed, you can never get rid of him; it will simply be a game of hide and seek. The law of God plays an important role in problem solving when the key player is the devil because the devil always operates opposite God. And unless Gods ways is known, you will not know when the devil is involved. To know what is good and what is bad, you must understand the order in which God operates. When something has become a problem, that means evil is at work. To get rid of the problem, you must understand the origin of evil and how it took root. By taking root, which means a seed has been planted, this will allow the problem to grow and it will continue to grow until the root has been destroyed. Understanding God is the only way to defeat the devil. The devil is a spirit; he is a voice. If he was flesh and blood, we may have a chance at defeating him, but how can we defeat a spiritsomething we cannot see? We can only defeat him by resisting his ways, and God will teach us how through his word. Answering Americas problem is a short version of how to rid ourselves of the problem that we are facing today. The teachings that are written in the book began with me many years ago as I endured so much pain that allowed me to touch the very heart of God. Now the time has come for me to share with the world the things that God has shared with me.
Category: Religion

From Britain With Love

Author : Vera A. Cracknell Long
ISBN : 0964597705
Genre : British Americans
File Size : 62.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: British Americans

Falling In Love With America Again

Author : Senator Jim DeMint
ISBN : 9781455549818
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 69.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Serving within the supposed pinnacles of power as a respected and influential U.S. Senator from South Carolina, Jim DeMint often felt frustrated and powerless to fight against the frightening growth of the federal bureaucracy and refute the mistaken idea that ever-bigger government is the solution to the nation's problems. In his new role as president and CEO of The Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint has taken on the daunting responsibility of helping to lead Americans themselves to change their country's course, of redirecting us back to our founding principles and restoring and protecting our economy and culture for future generations. He realized that he - and all of us as fellow citizens - must fall in love with America - again. In this book, DeMint illustrates why Americans must rediscover the power, ingenuity and creativity of our little platoons. He then introduces Americans all across the country whose patriotism was nurtured in exactly the same way, recounting example after example of how they're working together locally in what he calls the "little platoons" - the families, churches, communities and voluntary organizations succeeding on the model that smaller is better. They are the hands-on citizens who make America the exceptional, caring and can-do country it has always been. DeMint illustrates why each of us - regardless of political party, age, race, religion or ethnicity - must rediscover the power we represent. The country's future is at risk, not just because of constant pressure from "the Bigs" (big government, big banks, big labor, big Wall Street cronies etc.), but because so many of us fear it's too late to solve problems so huge and seemingly intractable. Jim DeMint is here to reassure us that this is not true. In riveting yet plainspoken style, he tells real-life success stories and educates us via logical, historical and fact-based explanations of the issues (education, taxation, regulation, poverty, labor, health-care, environmentalism, Federalism and more). He affirms the compelling truth that conservative ideas are really American ideas, and they must guide us as we turn our institutions upside-down, taking them from the top-down centrally-controlled bureaucracies they've become back to the bottom-up democratic framework the Constitution intended. Through this heartfelt, fascinating and inspiring look inside the America of both yesterday and today, and the everyday citizens who are working tirelessly and selflessly to insure its future fulfills the promise of its beginnings, Jim DeMint is beckoning us to join him on one of the most meaningful and momentous journeys we have ever undertaken together: FALLING IN LOVE WITH AMERICA AGAIN.
Category: Political Science

The Hoppers Romanov An American Love Story A Novel

Author : Zubin J. Shroff
ISBN : 9781937308100
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Raaj Nehru, a one-legged orphan from Delhi, and Mirkha Romanov, a sweet and unassuming Russian girl, are destined to meet and fall in love in the promised land of California.
Category: Fiction

America God Love

Author : Doctor H
ISBN : 9781469142425
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 61.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Not a single word in this book is made up. They are simply arranged in a different order. The book is written following the warm scent of life and work in foreign countries, such as France, US and own country after Perestroyka. The goal is to look at the West from inside, and at ourselves (if ever possible) from outside. Most part of the book, however, contains speculations about modern life. Where the author has been present, as well as many of you. That’s why it is angry at times, serious now and then, but most of the time – neither.
Category: Literary Collections

An Ordered Love

Author : Louis J. Kern
ISBN : 9781469620428
Genre : History
File Size : 69.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An Ordered Love is the first detailed study of sex roles in the utopian communities that proposed alternatives to monogamous marriage: The Shakers (1779-1890), the Mormons (1843-90), and the Oneida Community (1848-79). The lives of men and women changed substantially when they joined one of the utopian communities. Louis J. Kern challenges the commonly held belief that Mormon polygamy was uniformly downgrading to women and that Oneida pantagamy and Shaker celibacy were liberating for them. Rather, Kern asserts that changes in sexual behavior and roles for women occurred in ideological environments that assumed women were inferior and needed male guidance. An elemental distrust of women denied the Victorian belief in their moral superiority, attacked the sanctity of the maternal role, and institutionalized the dominance of men over women. These utopias accepted the revolutionary idea that the pleasure bond was the essence of marriage. They provided their members with a highly developed theological and ideological position that helped them cope with the ambiguities and anxieties they felt during a difficult transitional stage in social mores. Analysis of the theological doctrines of these communities indicates how pervasive sexual questions were in the minds of the utopians and how closely they were related to both reform (social perfection) and salvation (individual perfection). These communities saw sex as the point at which the demands of individual selfishness and the social requirements of self-sacrifice were in most open conflict. They did not offer their members sexual license, but rather they established ideals of sexual orderliness and moral stability and sought to provide a refuge from the rampant sexual anxieties of Victorian culture. Kern examines the critical importance of considerations of sexuality and sexual behavior in these communities, recognizing their value as indications of larger social and cultural tensions. Using the insights of history, psychology, and sociology, he investigates the relationships between the individual and society, ideology and behavior, and thought and action as expressed in the sexual life of these three communities. Previously unused manuscript sources on the Oneida Community and Shaker journals and daybooks reveal interesting and sometimes startling information on sexual behavior and attitudes.
Category: History

One American Woman Fifty Italian Men A Journey Of Cycling Love And Will

Author : Lynne Ashdown
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 72.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When Lynne Ashdown, her new lover, and more than fifty Italian male cyclists departed Italy in June of 1990, no one had yet ventured into the Long-closed reaches of Eastern Europe since the falling of the Iron Curtain more than forty years before. They would be cycling almost a thousand miles from Verona, across Northern Italy, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland to Warsaw, in just ten days. Ashdown hadn't realized she would be the only woman cycling with the fifty-four men. One American Woman Fifty Italian Men tells not only of a sweeping journey of adventure, romantic disaster, and cultural collision, but also of a revelation of Ashdown's identity, forged by her will in the constant pain of trying to keep up with the men who were stronger. This trip back in time shows the stark contrasts between the world she knew as an American and the world she saw in impoverished Eastern Europe. This true story, rich with images of the countries they cycled through, describes the warmth and the cycling lives of the Italians, as well as the lives of people who lived under communism for so long and the values that survive all governments. In One American Woman Fifty Italian Men, Ashdown conveys the aloneness of cycling over vast distances even in a spread-out pack, the growing pain and fatigue of each pedal-stroke, and the caring of the men for her and for each other. This journey draws us into a universal drama not just of cyclists, but also of hearts and possibilities.
Category: Biography & Autobiography