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To A Distant Day

Author : Chris Gainor
ISBN : 0803222580
Genre : Science
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?Insightful, instructive, and definitely worth the read.??Greg Andres, Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada ?As someone who has been teaching a course on space exploration for many years and has visited most of NASA's space centers, I have found plenty of new and valuable material in To a Distant Day. . . . I recommend the book to all who wish to know more about the conditions, people, and discoveries between 1890 and 1960 that led to the space age.??Pangratios Papacosta, Physics Today Although the dream of flying is as old as the human imagination, the notion of rocketing into space may have originated with Chinese gunpowder experiments during the Middle Ages. Rockets as both weapons and entertainment are examined in this engaging history of how human beings acquired the ability to catapult themselves into space. Chris Gainor's irresistible narrative introduces us to pioneers such as Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Robert Goddard, and Hermann Oberth, who pointed the way to the cosmos by generating the earliest wave of international enthusiasm for space exploration. It shows us German engineer Wernher von Braun creating the V-2, the first large rocket, which, though opening the door to space, failed utterly as the ?wonder weapon? it was meant to be. From there Gainor follows the space race to the Soviet Union and the United States, giving us a close look at the competitive hysteria that led to Sputnik, satellites, space probes, and?finally?human flight into space in 1961. As much a story of cultural ambition and personal destiny as of scientific progress and technological history, To a Distant Day offers a complete and thoroughly compelling account of humanity's determined efforts?sometimes poignant, sometimes amazing, sometimes mad?to leave the earth behind.
Category: Science

The Distant Echo Of A Bright Sunny Day

Author : Pat O'Brien
ISBN : 9781612045085
Genre : Fiction
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A group of environmental activists, out to shock a complacent public into a greater awareness of global warming and its devastating effects, orchestrates a number of subversive operations, including toppling a smokestack and dumping garbage on the house of a polluter. One night during a raid on a construction site, one of the members of the group is accidentally killed. When the activists travel to Montana to confront a cattle rancher bent on eradicating wolves, events take a dramatic and startling turn. Follow the riveting, page-turning action in The Distant Echo of a Bright Sunny Day, an exhilarating reading experience.
Category: Fiction

A Distant Drum

Author : Andi Rae Mills
ISBN : 9781465348036
Genre : Travel
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We were riding on top of the world. We were two women in our fifties and we probably should have been anywhere other than where we were at that moment. The scenery was spectacular, but I was beginning to wonder if it was worth dying for . . . literally. The loose rocks and tight switchbacks had cost us precious time. This was not a place we wanted to get caught after dark. Edie and I rode in silence as we negotiated the treacherous footing. We had known we would face danger on this ride, but I had never envisioned anything like the scenario we were currently dealing with. My senses seemed cross wired. At a time when I should have logically been bordering on panic, I found myself engulfed in an eerie sense of calm. Fear was a luxury we couldn’t afford at the moment. If we got off this mountain alive, there would be plenty of time to be scared as we recalled the ordeal. The trail was incredibly narrow. The climb had been steep and rugged. We would reach an altitude in excess of seven thousand four hundred feet as we rode the crest of Mt. Francis. On our immediate left, a sheer rock wall rose vertically with occasional outcroppings that jutted into the trail. Our knees, at times, rubbed the craggy rock face. A glance to the right brought no comfort. A severe drop off afforded us a view of the tops of trees, hundreds of feet below. We were riding on a trail that was no more than a narrow ledge on the face of the mountain. For some reason known only to them, both horses insisted on walking along the extreme outer edge of the trail. They seemed to feel more comfortable on the edge, rather than being crowded by the wall. Both Edie and I found ourselves sitting off center and leaning slightly toward the wall. If our horses lost their footing, we hoped to be able to jump clear of them and land on the trail. A lump the size of a softball threatened to choke me each time I heard a piece of the trail crumble beneath our horse’s feet, sending rock and dirt tumbling over the edge. We had reached a point of no return. We had no idea what lay ahead of us . . . there was no way to turn around . . . no way to back the horses out of where we were . . . and at this point, dismounting was a physical impossibility due to the close proximity of the rock face and the narrow width of the trail. We both knew that we were in a potentially life threatening situation. If a cougar or a snake spooked the horses, we would all have a one way ticket to the rocky bottom of the canyon far below. That gruesome thought was still in my mind when our bad situation grew decidedly more complicated. As I focused on the trail ahead, my mind rejected what my eyes could clearly see. Thirty feet ahead of us, the trail simply disappeared! All I could see beyond that point was air . . . and lots of it. I wondered if Edie, who rode only a few feet behind me, saw what I saw . . . She did.
Category: Travel

A Distant Dream

Author : Vivienne Dockerty
ISBN : 9781783064472
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The year is 1847 during the Irish Potato Famine. Three year old Molly Mayo goes missing whilst her family are away at her mother's funeral. Maggie, her sister, has gone to England to start a new life there and believes that her sibling is being cared for by a relative, but the Filbeys, a childless couple who live in the area, have other plans. A new world beckons, a place of golden opportunity for a hardworking couple and the little girl will thrive in this distant land. The book, part of a trilogy beginning with A Woman Undefeated (Maggie’s story) traces the generations throughout the years, until 1957 when young Patrick Mayo, made an orphan in the war years and sent to Australia as part of the re-population scheme, completes the family circle by returning to his Irish homeland. This saga is one of dreams, tragedy and unrequited love, along with the highs and lows of settlers' fortunes on the other side of the world. It highlights their endurance and fortitude in an otherwise hostile land. The continuation of this Dockerty saga, along with Dreams Can Come True, is a thought provoking read that delves into the historical happenings in Ireland in the middle of the 19th century "I loved writing A Woman Undefeated. I felt very close to Maggie, my main character, especially on a sunny afternoon when I felt her presence as I was typing at the dining room table. I wanted this to continue with Molly" comments Vivienne Dockerty.
Category: Fiction

A Distant Heritage

Author : Larry Eldridge
ISBN : 0814722954
Genre : History
File Size : 42.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Historians often rely on a handful of unusual cases to illustrate the absence of free speech in the colonies—such as that of Richard Barnes, who had his arms broken and a hole bored through his tongue for seditious words against the governor of Virginia. In this definitive and accessible work, Larry Eldridge convincingly debunks this view by revealing surprising evidence of free speech in early America. Using the court records of every American colony that existed before 1700 and an analysis of over 1,200 seditious speech cases sifted from those records, A Distant Heritage shows how colonists experienced a dramatic expansion during the seventeenth century of their freedom to criticize government and its officials. Exploring important changes in the roles of juries and appeals, the nature of prosecution and punishment, and the pattern of growing leniency, Eldridge also shows us why this expansion occurred when it did. He concludes that the ironic combination of tumult and destabilization on the one hand, and steady growth and development on the other, made colonists more willing to criticize authority openly and officials less able to prevent it. That, in turn, established a foundation for the more celebrated flowering of colonial dissent against English authority in the eighteenth century. Steeped in primary sources and richly narrated, this is an invaluable addition to the library of anyone interested in legal history, colonial America, or the birth of free speech in the United States.
Category: History

A Distant And Beautiful Place

Author : Kwi-ja Yang
ISBN : 0824826396
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46.46 MB
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Somewhere on the periphery of Seoul, between the modern metropolis and the traditional farming communities, lies a distant and beautiful place, the neighborhood of Wonmi-dong. Here, a young couple from the city struggles to make a home for themselves; a hapless salary man is forced into door-to-door sales after losing his job; a precocious seven-year-old questions the meaning of friendship and community. Everyone seems to be chasing the intangible dream of a better life. Set against the backdrop of South Korea's breakneck drive for industrialization and economic development in the 1980s, these compassionate and often humorous stories capture the essence of modern South Korean life-including the ubiquitous atmosphere of violence and fear that clouded the country prior to democratization in 1987. They also depict the Korean people's unfailing optimism and love of life. A Distant and Beautiful Place first appeared as a series of linked stories in literary journals between 1985 and 1987. It was published as the collection Wonmi-dong saramdul in 1987 and quickly became a best seller. Yang Kwija, one of South Korea's most respected and popular authors, has since published dozens of novels and shorter pieces.
Category: Fiction