Time And Tide

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Time And Tide

Author : Philip R. Jordan
ISBN : 1906221502
Genre : Carriers
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Presents the story of the Suttons Group, from its creation by Alf Sutton. This is not a book about heavy goods vehicles, but the struggles, dramas and successes the group has endured in its 80 year history.
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Time And Tide

Author : Edna O'Brien
ISBN : 9780374721497
Genre : Fiction
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A newly reissued novel from the author of Girl, “one of the most celebrated writers in the English language” (NPR’s Weekend Edition) “As her disturbing novel clearly reveals, Edna O’Brien possesses what Henry James called an imagination for disaster...[Time and Tide] is an anthology of heightened moments...never less than brilliantly expressed.” —Joel Conarroe, The New York Times Book Review Time and Tide is a fragmented novel detailing the loves and catastrophes—and catastrophic loves—of Nell, an Irish woman trying to make a life for herself in the literary world of London. "A whimsical beauty who has swapped the suffocating narrowness of her native land for the loveless brutality of England" (The Independent), Nell is in flight from bitter, controlling, and small-minded parents, yet risks becoming just such a mother to her own sons. She seeks comfort and acceptance, yet finds death, drugs, and "an orgy of humiliation" (The New York Times Book Review). She seeks companionship, yet finds one after another predatory man: sadists, alcoholics, unscrupulous doctors, and even child molesters. Can Nell extract from the "the vast inhospitality of a creaking world" some measure of beauty and grace? The answer, of course, is yes—but at the price of many illusions.
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Time And Tide

Author : Catherine Clay
ISBN : 9781474418201
Genre : Literary Collections
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Charts the origins and development of the little magazine genre in the Victorian period
Category: Literary Collections

Time And Tide

Author : John Ruskin
ISBN : PSU:000005902583
Genre : Labor
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Category: Labor

Time And Tide

Author : Richard Shellhorn
ISBN : 9781594334900
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 44.65 MB
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is a story about a duck cabin on Alaska's Copper River Delta—and much more! In 1959 the Shellhorns built their place on Pete Dahl Slough, one of many intertidal waterways that braid the 50 mile marshland formed by the Copper. This wetland is a natural breeding habitat for waterfowl, and also a stopping place for migratory birds. Time and Tide Adventures on Alaska's Copper River Delta While early explorers and prospectors traversed the region, it was salmon that first drew pioneers to the outer edges of the Delta, where fishermen built camps to operate set net sites. Soon the famous Copper River and Northwestern Railroad would follow. Here is a chronicle of the early days of the Delta, beginning with Lt. Henry Allen's amazing expedition up the Copper in 1885, as well as a history of fisheries, war, roads, fires, storms, earthquakes, floods, and duck hunting. Plus change of habitat, with moose, bear, and other predators moving out on the Delta as brush and trees exploded following land uplift, and the sloughs gradually silted in. Meet characters such as Long Shorty, Curly Hoover, Kernel Korn, Eyeball Leer, and the Mayor of Pete Dahl, Don Shellhorn. Learn about duck shacks such as the Pair-A-Dice Inn, Boxcar, and Korn Hole, and the rich history hidden in their walls. Delight in the foibles of boating and hunting in the wild weather and water of the Flats. Revel in the Ode to Family and small town Alaska found in countless quotes from the Shellhorn Duck Cabin Logs, 54 years of unique recorded history, written by 458 different visitors. Full of laughter, joy, and tragedy; replete with lessons and truths; ribald and poignant; Time and Tide is the story of an Era of Adventure on the Copper River Delta.
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Time And Tide

Author :
ISBN : 9781452127354
Genre : Photography
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Featuring colorful beach umbrellas and dreamy blue horizons, this beautiful oversized book offers a breath of fresh air and evokes fantasies of Mediterranean travel. Photographer Christian Chaize returned many times over the course of eight years to shoot an intimate beach in the south of Portugal from the same vantage point. The resulting photographs provide an enchanting portrait of the tides, light, weather, and people that shape and reshape the landscape each day. A charming and thought-provoking meditation, Time and Tide will appeal to anyone who loves the beach or appreciates the miracle of close looking inherent in photography.
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Time And Tide

Author : Frank Conroy
ISBN : 9780307422514
Genre : Travel
File Size : 41.59 MB
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Frank Conroy first visited Nantucket with a gang of college friends in 1955. They came on a whim, and for Conroy it was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with this "small, relaxed oasis in the ocean." This book, part travel diary, part memoir, is a hauntingly evocative and personal journey through Nantucket: its sweeping dunes, rugged moors, remote beaches, secret fishing spots, and hidden forests and cranberry bogs. Admirers of Conroy’s classic and acclaimed memoir Stop-Time will again delight in what James Atlas, writing in the New York Times, called his "genius for close observation." In Time and Tide, Conroy recounts the island’s history from the glory days of the whaling boom to the present, when tourism dominates. He vividly evokes the clash of cultures between the working class and the super-rich, with the fragile ecology of the island always in the balance. But most fascinating of all, he tells his own story--of playing jazz piano in the island’s bars; of raising a barn in the early '60s with the help of a bunch of hippie carpenters; of leasing an old, failed bar with two island pals and turning it into the Roadhouse, a club "that was to be ours, the year-rounders, and to hell with the summer people." There’s a marvelous story of his first golf game, played on an ancient nine-hole course with two friends, a part-time sommelier and a builder from the South who invented the one-handed pepper mill. This is a book that revels in friendship, music, history, and the gorgeous landscape of a unique American place, and is a wonderful work by one of our greatest contemporary writers.
Category: Travel

Time And Tide In Acadia Seasons On Mount Desert Island

Author : Christopher Camuto
ISBN : 9781581577563
Genre : Nature
File Size : 62.99 MB
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Camuto delivers insights on Mount Desert Island, a place of stunning beauty and natural wonders. Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park have been described as the climax of the coast of Maine. Millions are drawn every year to the stunning beauty of this rocky landscape of spruce-fir forest and granite islands. Some, like nature writer Christopher Camuto, never stop coming back. In Time and Tide in Acadia the author draws on years of walking Mount Desert’s summits and shorelines, canoeing its marshes, kayaking its tidal waters, and visiting its outer islands. To this task Camuto brings an appetite for observing wildlife and landscape with considerable originality, a regard for history and indigenous perceptions of nature, a keen interest in exploring the psychological and philosophical appeal of nature, and a writer’s love of language. As in his previous, highly praised books, Camuto fulfills his promise to give the reader innumerable vantages on the nature of a remarkable place that it takes time to get to know.
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Time And Tide A Novel Of World War Ii

Author : Thomas Fleming
ISBN : 9781612307206
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 67.80 MB
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Time and Tide begins with the Navy cruiser, Jefferson City, looming out of the dawn, fleeing a night of terror and death, the bodies of crewmen floating in water-filled compartments below decks. She has deserted her sister ships at the Battle of Savo Island - the worst naval defeat in U.S. history. New York Times bestselling author Thomas Fleming personalizes the war in the Pacific in this compelling novel of intrigue, love, and honor set aboard the fictional USS Jefferson City. From the night battles off Guadalcanal to the kamikaze-ridden skies of Okinawa, Time and Tide contrasts the horrors of war with the passions of love in this epic tale of Americans on the cutting edge of history.
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Plantation Lane

Author : Simon Patterson
ISBN : 1859461735
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 89.21 MB
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Plantation Place is an innovative work of contemporary architecture in the heart of the City of London. Within the context of this new development is an artwork that forms part of a carefully arranged architectural mix of new and old. The illuminated screen of Time and Tide, a collaboration between Arup Associates and Simon Patterson - his first permanently sited installation in a public place - is a welcome mediation between the 'ancient' city of Wren's church and the modern development of Plantation Place. Plantation Lane: Time and Tide celebrates this significant new art work and highlights the relationship between architecture and art within the public realm. It is beautifully illustrated in colour, with photographs and drawings depicting the effects of a gigantic lunar illustration within this linear, narrow lane, surrounded by the ancient history of London and the corporate architecture of London's financial district. Plantation Lane: Time and Tide will inspire developers, architects, artists - in fact anyone who believes that the fusion of art and architecture within the public realm is an essential part of the creation of high quality environments. Jay Merrick, Architecture Correspondent of The Independent, looks at the significance of Plantation Lane within the wider genre of public art, and discusses the challenge for developers and architects to provide a great deal more than folds and cubes of architectural wallpaper composed of glass, steel and ferro-concrete; Declan O'Carroll, Principal at Arup Associates and leader of the conceptual design of Plantation Lane, reflects on the collaborative process between the architects and Patterson, and considers how this giant, luminous, planar artwork sits snugly within the lane as a welcome mediation between the 'ancient' city of Wren's church, and the modern development of Plantation Place; and Andrea Schlieker, curator for British Land's public spaces, places Time and Tide in the context of Patterson's wider oeuvre, and compares the installation, his first on such a grand scale, with some of his previous work, such as The Great Bear.
Category: Architecture

Time And Tide

Author : Femi Adedina
ISBN : 978918476X
Genre :
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Time And Tide A Romance Of The Moon

Author : Sir Robert Stawell Ball
ISBN : 9781465608291
Genre : Moon
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First, let us be fully aware of the extraordinary remoteness of that period of which our history treats. To attempt to define that period chronologically would be utterly futile. When we have stated that it is more ancient than almost any other period which we can discuss, we have expressed all that we are really entitled to say. Yet this conveys not a little. It directs us to look back through all the ages of modern human history, through the great days of ancient Greece and Rome, back through the times when Egypt and Assyria were names of renown, through the days when Nineveh and Babylon were mighty and populous cities in the zenith of their glory. Back earlier still to those more ancient nations of which we know hardly anything, and still earlier to the prehistoric man, of whom we know less; back, finally, to the days when man first trod on this planet, untold ages ago. Here is indeed a portentous retrospect from most points of view, but it is only the commencement of that which our subject suggests. For man is but the final product of the long anterior ages during which the development of life seems to have undergone an exceedingly gradual elevation. Our retrospect now takes its way along the vistas opened up by the geologists. We look through the protracted tertiary ages, when mighty animals, now generally extinct, roamed over the continents. Back still earlier through those wondrous secondary periods, where swamps or oceans often covered what is now dry land, and where mighty reptiles of uncouth forms stalked and crawled and swam through the old world and the new. Back still earlier through those vitally significant ages when the sunbeams were being garnered and laid aside for man's use in the great forests, which were afterwards preserved by being transformed into seams of coal. Back still earlier through endless thousands of years, when lustrous fishes abounded in the oceans; back again to those periods characterized by the lower types of life; and still earlier to that incredibly remote epoch when life itself began to dawn on our awakening globe. Even here the epoch of our present history can hardly be said to have been reached. We have to look through a long succession of ages still antecedent. The geologist, who has hitherto guided our view, cannot render us much further assistance; but the physicist is at hand—he teaches us that the warm globe on which life is beginning has passed in its previous stages through every phase of warmth, of fervour, of glowing heat, of incandescence, and of actual fusion; and thus at last our retrospect reaches to that particular period of our earth's past history which is specially illustrated by the modern doctrine of Time and Tide.
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Time And Tide

Author : Lorain Day
ISBN : 186953980X
Genre :
File Size : 63.43 MB
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The breathtaking Marlborough Sounds are the setting for this unique story of the Pelorus Mail Boat, one of the worlds last such mail services. One hundred years ago, a 17-year-old set out from Havelock on a two-day journey in his home-made boat to deliver mail and provisions to families in the Sounds. That man was Eric Johnston, who together with his remarkable family, served the people of the Sounds for more than fifty years. What follows features some of the history of this intriguing area - early settlement, gold, fascinating characters, pig hunting tales and the men and women who have continued the story of the Pelorus Mail Boat to the present day.

Time And Tide

Author : John Ruskin
ISBN : UOM:39015060468033
Genre : Work
File Size : 39.46 MB
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Time Tide

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000093217408
Genre :
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Time And Tide

Author : Weare And Tyne
ISBN : 1110622503
Genre : History
File Size : 49.44 MB
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This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process. Though we have made best efforts - the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience. We believe this work is culturally important and have elected to bring the book back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide.
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Time And Tide

Author : Robert Stawell Ball
ISBN : UOM:39015065863238
Genre : Moon
File Size : 66.64 MB
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On the theory of tidal evolution.
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