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Thunder Below

Author : Eugene B. Fluckey
ISBN : 0252066707
Genre : History
File Size : 77.83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The thunderous roar of exploding depth charges was a familiar and comforting sound to the crew members of the USS Barb, who frequently found themselves somewhere between enemy fire and Davy Jones's locker. Under the leadership of her fearless skipper, Captain Gene Fluckey, the Barb sank the greatest tonnage of any American sub in World War II. At the same time, the Barb did far more than merely sink ships - she changed forever the way submarines stalk and kill their prey. This is a gripping adventure chock-full of you-are-there moments. Fluckey has drawn on logs, reports, letters, interviews, and a recently discovered illegal diary kept by one of his torpedomen. And in a fascinating twist, he uses archival documents from the Japanese Navy to give its version of events. The unique story of the Barb begins with its men, who had the confidence to become unbeatable. Each team helped develop innovative ideas, new tactics, and new strategies. All strove for personal excellence, and success became contagious. Instead of lying in wait under the waves, the USS Barb pursued enemy ships on the surface, attacking in the swift and precise style of torpedo boats. She was the first sub to use rocket missiles and to creep up on enemy convoys at night, joining the flank escort line from astern, darting in and out as she sank ships up the column. Surface-cruising, diving only to escape, Luckey Fluckey relentlessly patrolled the Pacific, driving his boat and crew to their limits. There can be no greater contrast to modern warfare's long-distance, video-game style of battle than the exploits of the captain and crew of the USS Barb, where the sub, out of ammunition, actually rammed an enemy ship untilit sank. Thunder Below! is a first-rate, true-life, inspirational story of the courage and heroism of ordinary men under fire.
Category: History

Below The Thunder

Author : Robin Duval
ISBN : 9781780887463
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.43 MB
Format : PDF
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One summer evening in Barvaria, a forty-something history professor called Bryn Williams falls in love and, unwittingly, into mortal danger. He continues his holiday in America, unaware that he is now under surveillance by both the British and Israeli security services, and that an American hit man has him in his sights.
Category: Fiction

Thunder Under The Badlands

Author : Thomas Lawson Binninger
ISBN : 1598861980
Genre : Badlands (S.D. and Neb.)
File Size : 24.92 MB
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The story of the unwitting explorers who find themselves at risk, not only from a host of archaic creatures, but also from possible exposure to a lethal microorganism. The explorers are in even more danger when they discover a predator more horrifying that anything that has walked the face of the earth since before the age of the dinosaurs, and it has just found its way back to the surface!
Category: Badlands (S.D. and Neb.)

Thunder In The Deep

Author : Joe Buff
ISBN : 9780307491930
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 37.13 MB
Format : PDF
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In his electrifying first novel Joe Buff instantly established himself as the ultimate chronicler of 21st-century warfare by taking military fiction and submarine combat to a new level of authenticity, vision, and power. Thunder in the Deep picks up where Deep Sound Channel left off, bringing to life a frightening seascape where technology pushes warriors to new extremes, and warriors push technology to the max. This time the difference between victory and defeat hinges on the two most advanced nuclear attack submarines in the world. The Challenger is the weapon of the future, a ceramic-hulled nuclear attack submarine whose electronic eyes and ears are the most advanced ever created. It is commanded by acting captain Jeffrey Fuller, a former SEAL turned submariner whose aggressiveness has made him a rising star — and sometimes scares the hell out of his crew. Fuller’s mission is to rescue the Virginia-class fast attack sub Texas, now lying on the bottom of the Atlantic just off the Azores. But the enemy — a newly resurrected and fanatically militaristic Germany — knows where the Texas is, too, and knows the Challenger is coming. It is Challenger the Germans want, dispatching their own high-tech supersub, the Deutschland, to destroy her. In this war your enemy is a blip on a console hardwired into an integrated nuclear weapons system. Ships are vaporized off the surface of the sea, nuclear shock waves unleash deadly tsunami waves, and smart submarines do battle with smart aircraft sent to hunt them down. For Jeffrey Fuller and the Challenger, for the men on board the Deutschland, the race beneath the ocean’s surface across a horrific underwater war zone will demand every bit of courage and skill they can muster just to survive. Before it’s over, the Challenger’s mission is radically redefined: Fuller, his SEALs, and freedom fighter Ilse Reebeck are sent into Germany itself — to plant a nuke right in the gut of the enemy’s power structure. Thunder in the Deep plunges the reader into the middle of some of the fiercest and most thrilling depictions of underwater warfare ever written. It is an electrifying novel of military strategy and action, a powerful tale of technology and humanity that will have you breathlessly turning pages until the explosive climax.
Category: Fiction

The I Ching

Author : Peggy Jones
ISBN : 1855756412
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 58.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Among the many available versions of the I Ching, this new rendering by Jungian analyst Peggy Jones deserves a special place. It presents the wisdom of the ancient Chinese oracle in lucid, psychological language that speaks directly and insightfully tocontemporary situations. Remaining faithful to the spirit of the original, Peggy Jones's I Ching guides us sagely in the task of maintaining psychological balance in a world of rapid change"--P. [4] of cover.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

There S Always August

Author : C. Krieger
ISBN : 9780595415762
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 47.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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August is summer fully ripe and about to fall, the seasonal fulcrum, with one lush foot planted in the heat of July and the other russet tinged by September frost. August is a seasonal benediction. It is the soothing balm for Spring disappointments. It is the recognition that all good things come surely to an end. It is the turning point, the last call before winter settles in, and it holds the sum of all those warm days past and all the cold days ahead in every juicy bite of fruit plucked warm from the vine. There is Always August holds that same promise inherent in every succulent word. Well seasoned enough to greet life's disappointments and failures with as much passion as the triumphs, C. J. Krieger is a well-seasoned poet, whose work is as rich and sweet as a mid August harvest. He has home grown his compassionate philosophies into a collection of poetry that is a virtual feast for the heart and mind. Best enjoyed with a tomato fresh from the garden -Sandra Erickson
Category: Family & Relationships

The Men

Author : Stephen Leal Jackson
ISBN : 9781608444878
Genre : History
File Size : 52.44 MB
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Submarine duty during World War II was one of the most statistically deadly, physically demanding, and emotionally challenging assignments in the U. S. Navy. The boats had few crew comforts, and war patrols, typically thirty to sixty days in length, were so exhausting that the submarine sailors often got a month of rest after each patrol. What would motivate men to volunteer for this unmistakably difficult and dangerous job? This is the question that The Men will answer using the oral histories of enlisted submarine veterans, a collection of letters of one sailor who did not return, and other primary sources. These volunteers, from diverse locales and backgrounds, ignored the danger, accepted the privations, and exalted in the camaraderie. Their excitement, fear, and humble heroism is captured in their own words; the real story of the undersea war in the Pacific told by the men who fought it. A veteran of the United States Navy, Stephen Leal Jackson spent eight years in the submarine force serving on the USS Los Angeles (SSN 688) and the USS Florida(SSBN 728). Jackson's service included several Western Pacific cruises to the oceans, lands, and ports described in The Men. A lifelong student of American history, Jackson's ongoing research concentrates specifically on World Wars I and II. Jackson received his Master of Arts in American History from Providence College and is currently in the Ph.D. program at Salve Regina University. Jackson has served as the primary spokesperson for a major electrical utility on nuclear and environmental issues. His unique perspective as a onetime navy enlisted submariner, trained historian, and skilled communicator allows Jackson to provide clear and easy access to the fascinating experiences of the men who fought the undersea battles during World War II.
Category: History