This Matter Of Marriage

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This Matter Of Marriage

Author : Debbie Macomber
ISBN : 9780778315360
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 76.14 MB
Format : PDF
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Giving herself a year to meet Mr. Right, 30-year-old Hallie shudders over her disastrous dates and sets her sights on handsome neighbor Steve Marris, who is trying to win back his ex-wife. Reissue.
Category: Fiction

How Marriage Became One Of The Sacraments

Author : Philip Reynolds
ISBN : 9781107146150
Genre : Law
File Size : 51.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An indispensable guide to how marriage acquired the status of a sacrament. This book analyzes in detail how medieval theologians explained the place of matrimony in the church and her law, and how the bitter debates of the sixteenth century elevated the doctrine to a dogma of the Catholic faith.
Category: Law

Marriage Divorce What Does The Bible Really Say

Author : John D. Clark, Sr.
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 43.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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There are few areas of life in which more harm has been inflicted upon God's hurting people by their own ministers than in the turbulent area of marriage, remarriage and divorce. Pastor John Clark breaks down this subject using scriptural references and an understanding of God's goodness into simple terms. By understanding that there are two categories of people in God's sight, believers and nonbelievers, Pastor John covers all the different types of unions these marraiges can produce. May God use this book to increase your own understanding and love of God.
Category: Family & Relationships

Marriage And Family

Author : H. Elizabeth Peters
ISBN : 9780231520027
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 66.94 MB
Format : PDF
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Family life has been radically transformed over the past three decades. Half of all households are unmarried, while only a quarter of all married households have kids. A third of the nation's births are to unwed mothers, and a third of America's married men earn less than their wives. With half of all women cohabitating before they turn thirty and gay and lesbian couples settling down with increasing visibility, there couldn't be a better time for a book that tracks new conceptions of marriage and family as they are being formed. The editors of this volume explore the motivation to marry and the role of matrimony in a diverse group of men and women. They compare empirical data from several emerging family types (single, co-parent, gay and lesbian, among others) to studies of traditional nuclear families, and they consider the effect of public policy and recent economic developments on the practice of marriage and the stabilization or destabilization of family. Approaching this topic from a variety of perspectives, including historical, cross-cultural, gendered, demographic, socio-biological, and social-psychological viewpoints, the editors highlight the complexity of the modern American family and the growing indeterminacy of its boundaries. Refusing to adhere to any one position, the editors provide an unbiased account of contemporary marriage and family.
Category: Social Science

Not Quite Married

Author : Betina Krahn
ISBN : 9780553900910
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Left alone on the family estate, headstrong Brien Weston has learned to manage for herself. But when she becomes too independent for her noble father’s tastes, he orders an arranged marriage “for her own good.” Taking matters into her own hands, Brien discovers that what makes a woman truly ineligible for marriage is marriage itself. So how does a woman acquire a husband . . . who won’t really be a husband? Having rejected his own father’s title and fortune, shipbuilder Aaron Durham vows to find a way to finance his dreams. But what is a charming scapegrace to do when a desperate young lady and a small fortune fall into his lap . . . with a shocking condition attached? One irresistible night of passion will change their destinies. Touch by touch, kiss by kiss, they fall deeper into a love large enough to span continents . . . strong enough to overcome deception . . . and sweet enough to make them forget that they have been.
Category: Fiction

Divorce Separation And The Distribution Of Property

Author : J. Thomas Oldham
ISBN : 1588520439
Genre : Law
File Size : 57.80 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The book discusses existing rules in the various states relating to the enforcement of premarital or postnuptial agreements regarding the parties' rights if they divorce.
Category: Law

Elements Of Demography

Author : V.C. Sinha
ISBN : 8177640445
Genre : Demography
File Size : 23.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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During the last 30 years or more ‘Demography’ has had to go through various degrees of change under the impact of new theories and ideas. Prof. Sinha and Prof. Zacharia have made a sincere and successful endeavour to present systematically and lucidly all these new trends in recent thinking in studies of Demography. The book is written in a compact, coherent and comprehensive manner and enables the students to have a thorough knowledge of the elements of demography and population problems of India and abroad. The book is intended to serve as a textbook for M.A. and M.Com. courses of all Indian universities.
Category: Demography

Africa Bible Commentary

Author :
ISBN : 9780310871286
Genre : Religion
File Size : 51.80 MB
Format : PDF
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The Africa Bible Commentary is a unique publishing event—the first one-volume Bible commentary produced in Africa by African theologians to meet the needs of African pastors, students, and lay leaders. Interpreting and applying the Bible in the light of African culture and realities, it furnishes powerful and relevant insights into the biblical text that transcend Africa in their significance. The Africa Bible Commentary gives a section-by-section interpretation that provides a contextual, readable, affordable, and immensely useful guide to the entire Bible. Readers around the world will benefit from and appreciate the commentary’s fresh insights and direct style that engage both heart and mind. Key features: · Produced by African biblical scholars, in Africa, for Africa—and for the world · Section-by-section interpretive commentary and application · More than 70 special articles dealing with topics of key importance in to ministry in Africa today, but that have global implications · 70 African contributors from both English- and French-speaking countries · Transcends the African context with insights into the biblical text and the Christian faith for readers worldwide
Category: Religion

Christian Marriage Companion

Author : Dr. Sunny Uwadiae
ISBN : 1477222553
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 65.88 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Christian Marriage Companion is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative books on the biblical model of marriage and family. It is a blueprint on what an ideal Christian marriage is and how to achieve it. It exhaustively explains the ordinance and covenant of marriage, its central and peripheral purposes, role relationships of man and wife, how to push beyond intimacy into marital unity, hindrances to a happy marriage, how to resolve confl icts, and how to achieve a blissful Christian marriage. It fully examines issues such as same-sex marriage, oral sex, use of sex toys, pornography, masturbation, divorce, remarriage, effective communication, forgiveness, adultery, and active listening. With over 300 Bible references and real-life examples from marital counselling sessions, the book covers virtually all the knowledge and skills for making a Christian marriage a true success. It is a manual covering all that a person needs to know to bring full healing to their marriage, making the book a veritable alternative to face-to-face counselling. It reveals striking truths about Christian marriage that will be extremely hard to fi nd elsewhere. These include an in-depth analysis of the marriage proclamation, the idea that emotional and spiritual education is the central purpose of marriage, the idea of spiritual divorce, and the idea that Christian marriages aim at a deeper-than-intimate relationship. Christian Marriage Companion is the kind of book you simply place on the shelf for your spouse to read in their own time. They will fi nd it absolutely compelling to read. As they do so, only the stone-hearted will resist being reformed by it. Newlywed couples and those looking to improve their marriage would fi nd this book most useful. Although it was written specifi cally for Christian couples of all denominations, it has great potentials for positively impacting the marriages of non-Christians who read it with open minds. The Christian marriage ideals it teaches are unsurpassable and altruistic.
Category: Self-Help

The Marriage Game

Author : Alison Weir
ISBN : 9781448184217
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 47.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Bestselling historian Alison Weir brings Elizabeth I to vivid life in a novel of intrigue, sex, plots, mysteries and tragedies, amid all the colour and pageantry of the Tudor court. '[Weir] gets right inside the head of the Virgin Queen. The reader has a blissful sense of seeing history as it happens.' - Kate Saunders, The Times It was an affair that shocked the world. Elizabeth I is the most sought-after bride in Europe. But though she is formidably intelligent, brave and tempestuous, she is desperately insecure. The tragic events in her past mean she cannot give herself to any man, and yet she relishes the thrill of the chase, the lure of forbidden fruit. And so, using sex and high-powered diplomacy, she plays what becomes known as the 'Marriage Game', dangling suitors to keep them friendly to her kingdom, while holding them off indefinitely. But playing this tantalising game with the married Robert Dudley, the son and grandson of traitors, could cost her the throne...
Category: Fiction

Hindu Widow Marriage

Author : Ishvarchandra Vidyasagar
ISBN : 9780231526609
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Before the passage of the Hindu Widow's Re-marriage Act of 1856, Hindu tradition required a woman to live as a virtual outcast after her husband's death. Widows were expected to shave their heads, discard their jewelry, live in seclusion, and undergo regular acts of penance. Ishvarchandra Vidyasagar was the first Indian intellectual to successfully argue against these strictures. A Sanskrit scholar and passionate social reformer, Vidyasagar was a leading proponent of widow marriage in colonial India, urging his contemporaries to reject a ban that caused countless women to suffer needlessly. Vidyasagar's brilliant strategy paired a rereading of Hindu scripture with an emotional plea on behalf of the widow, resulting in an organic reimagining of Hindu law and custom. Vidyasagar made his case through the two-part publication Hindu Widow Marriage, a tour de force of logic, erudition, and humanitarian rhetoric. In this new translation, Brian A. Hatcher makes available in English for the first time the entire text of one of the most important nineteenth-century treatises on Indian social reform. An expert on Vidyasagar, Hinduism, and colonial Bengal, Hatcher enhances the original treatise with a substantial introduction describing Vidyasagar's multifaceted career, as well as the history of colonial debates on widow marriage. He innovatively interprets the significance of Hindu Widow Marriage within modern Indian intellectual history by situating the text in relation to indigenous commentarial practices. Finally, Hatcher increases the accessibility of the text by providing an overview of basic Hindu categories for first-time readers, a glossary of technical vocabulary, and an extensive bibliography.
Category: Religion

The Clandestine Marriage

Author : and Colman George Garrick David
ISBN : ONB:+Z170658908
Genre :
File Size : 33.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Papacy Monarchy And Marriage 860 1600

Author : David d'Avray
ISBN : 9781316299272
Genre : History
File Size : 43.46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This analysis of royal marriage cases across seven centuries explains how and how far popes controlled royal entry into and exits from their marriages. In the period between c.860 and 1600, the personal lives of kings became the business of the papacy. d'Avray explores the rationale for papal involvement in royal marriages and uses them to analyse the structure of church-state relations. The marital problems of the Carolingian Lothar II, of English kings - John, Henry III, and Henry VIII - and other monarchs, especially Spanish and French, up to Henri IV of France and La Reine Margot, have their place in this exploration of how canon law came to constrain pragmatic political manoeuvring within a system increasingly rationalised from the mid-thirteenth century on. Using documents presented in the author's Dissolving Royal Marriages, the argument brings out hidden connections between legal formality, annulments, and dispensations, at the highest social level.
Category: History

Forced Marriage

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Home Affairs Committee
ISBN : 0215559630
Genre : Law
File Size : 28.98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Committee is pleased with the relatively high take-up of Forced Marriage Protection Orders-293 issued between November 2008 and February 2011-but disappointed at a lack of agency follow-up to ensure compliance. In the rare instances where breaches are discovered, not enough action is taken, with only one individual jailed. It recommends that the Government, while maintaining this civil route, also criminalises forced marriage, as the Prime Minister promised to consider while in Opposition. This would send a stronger message that forced marriage will not be tolerated. Our predecessors found that many school authorities were reluctant to take action to protect their pupils against forced marriage, in part because they feared accusations of racism. Evidence suggests this situation has not changed and the Secretary of State must take a more pro-active approach to remind schools of their statutory responsibilities and make use of the inspection regime to improve performance. The Committee has repeatedly raised the plight of estranged or abused partners who are under pressure from their families to sign a request for their spouses to have indefinite leave to remain in the UK, or who simply want to be kept informed of the progress of their spouse's application, but are refused this information by the UK Border Agency because of data protection. During its inquiry, the Information Commission confirmed that there are situations in which data protection considerations can legitimately be overridden and the Committee therefore urges the UK Border Agency to encourage staff to use their discretion in these kinds of cases
Category: Law