This Is Africa

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Is Africa Cursed

Author :
ISBN : 9789966805133
Genre : Africa
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Africa's heartrending picture begs the question: Is Africa cursed? In this book, the author conveys a winning message - that there can be hope for Africa. He unwraps Africa's place in the Bible, wards off superstition and advocates Christians' active engagement in transforming Africa.
Category: Africa

My Heart Is Africa

Author : Scott Griffin
ISBN : 9781770891609
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 43.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In 1996, Scott Griffin left the comfortable routine of his life as a successful businessman to fly solo to Africa in his single-engine Cessna 180 to work for the Flying Doctors Service, an African organization that flies doctors and nurses to remote areas to administer medical assistance. My Heart is Africa is an engaging personal story of his two-year adventure but it is also the story of Africa -- its problems and people, its landscape and limitations, its culture and courage. Griffin's intrepid flying odyssey takes the reader on a journey across Africa and into the lives of the doctors, nurses, aid workers and eccentric characters that crossed his path along the way. All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to the AMREF Flying Doctors Service.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Is Africa Democratizing

Author : Claude Ake
ISBN : STANFORD:36105070754200
Genre : Political Science
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Category: Political Science

T I A This Is Africa

Author : Desley Allen
ISBN : 9781291914894
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 65.24 MB
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In 1986, Peggy and Dave Walker and their two children, newly recruited aid-workers for a relief and development organisation based in Southern Sudan, arrive from Australia to work at SudanAID's headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The organisation is struggling to survive as the Sudanese civil war accelerates and the rebels gain more territory forcing vital projects to be abandoned. The Sudanese government threatens to expel SudanAID from the country accusing them of collaborating with the rebel army. Against this backdrop, Peggy relates the heartwarming, the horrific and the humorous stories of the every day dramas in the lives of her family and co-workers, both expatriate and national. As her understanding of living in the African culture grows, Peggy learns the values of tolerance and acceptance and finds the inner strength to deal with two critical events that subsequently bring SudanAID to its knees.
Category: Fiction

This Is Africa

Author : Anna DiGilio
ISBN : 1645798208
Genre :
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(LL) Read about all the animals that live in Africa.

This Is Africa

Author : Mat Dry
ISBN : 1466485736
Genre : Travel
File Size : 32.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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THIS is Africa is a compilation of stories that defines the maxim "Truth is sometimes stranger, and more wondrous than fiction." From a place known for its continent-wide diversity, notorious for its dramatic turbulence, and beloved for its animals and untamed wildness, Mat Dry brings his incredible, true tales of living and working in Africa as a Safari Guide. Filled with the awe of discovery, heart-break of tragedy, hilarity of compromising situations African-style, and, of course, the love of a place unlike any other on Earth, THIS is Africa will inspire you to kick your Bucket-List and get on the next flight to Capetown or Nairobi...
Category: Travel

Agricultural R D Is Africa Investing Enough

Author :
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 90.98 MB
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This 2013 Global Food Policy Report is the third in an annual series that provides an in-depth look at major food policy developments and events. Initiated in response to resurgent interest in food and nutrition security, the series offers a yearly overview of the food policy developments that have contributed to or hindered progress in achieving food and nutrition security. It reviews what happened in food policy and why, examines key challenges and opportunities, shares new evidence and knowledge, and highlights emerging issues.
Category: Social Science

This Is Africa 2

Author : Mat Dry
ISBN : 1500830933
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 27.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Africa captured Mat Dry's heart from his first day as a safari guide. Sharing the thrills and excitement of the continent's wildlife and landscape is Dry's driving passion, although some days it seems like his safari guests are doing their level best to win a Darwin Award. Join Dry as he shares stories of the Amakhala Game Reserve, the Okavango Delta, and the Serengeti. From the majesty of a bull elephant moving silently through a midnight campground to the world's most oblivious jazz pianist, Dry's stories range from wonder and awe to all-out hilarity. As a guide, Dry has faced down charges from full-grown lions…and delicately removed a hand-sized spider from his just-showered and vulnerable lower back. THIS is Africa 2: More True Tales of a Safari Guide offers up more of Dry's adventures and misadventures as he guides people with no bush skills through Africa's wild places. Just be warned—after you finish reading his eloquent plea on behalf of rhinos you may be tempted to go on a safari yourself. If you do, hope you get Dry as your guide. He knows what he's doing—and how to have fun.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

African History A Very Short Introduction

Author : John (School of Oriental and African Studies Parker, University of London)
ISBN : 9780192802484
Genre : History
File Size : 63.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Intended for those interested in the African continent and the diversity of human history, this work looks at Africa's past and reflects on the changing ways it has been imagined and represented. It illustrates key themes in modern thinking about Africa's history with a range of historical examples.
Category: History

Africa And The Blues

Author : Gerhard Kubik
ISBN : 1578061466
Genre : Music
File Size : 47.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In 1969 Gerhard Kubik chanced to encounter a Mozambican labor migrant, a miner in Transvaal, South Africa, tapping a cipendani, a mouth-resonated musical bow. A comparable instrument was seen in the hands of a white Appalachian musician who claimed it as part of his own cultural heritage. Through connections like these Kubik realized that the link between these two far-flung musicians is African-American music, the sound that became the blues. Such discoveries reveal a narrative of music evolution for Kubik, a cultural anthropologist and ethnomusicologist. Traveling in Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, and the United States, he spent forty years in the field gathering the material for Africa and the Blues. In this book, Kubik relentlessly traces the remote genealogies of African cultural music through eighteen African nations, especially in the Western and Central Sudanic Belt. Included is a comprehensive map of this cradle of the blues, along with 31 photographs gathered in his fieldwork. The author also adds clear musical notations and descriptions of both African and African American traditions and practices and calls into question the many assumptions about which elements of the blues were "European" in origin and about which came from Africa. Unique to this book is Kubik's insight into the ways present-day African musicians have adopted and enlivened the blues with their own traditions. With scholarly care but with an ease for the general reader, Kubik proposes an entirely new theory on blue notes and their origins. Tracing what musical traits came from Africa and what mutations and mergers occurred in the Americas, he shows that the African American tradition we call the blues is truly a musical phenomenon belonging to the African cultural world. Gerhard Kubik is a professor in the department of ethnology and African studies at the University of Mainz, Germany. Since 1983 he has been affiliated with the Center for Social Research of Malawi, Zomba. He is a permanent member of the Center for Black Music Research in Chicago and an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, London.
Category: Music

Divining The Future Of Africa

Author : Mawere, Munyaradzi
ISBN : 9789956792283
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 37.1 MB
Format : PDF
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This book explores the relationship between Africa, the West and China. It notes that while Africa is a continent of diverse cultures, raw materials, human resource, indigenous knowledges, and above all the biggest recipient of foreign aid globally, it continues to lag behind all regions of the world in terms of socio-economic development. The book grapples with the important question on why this has been the case. It provides crucial critical insights on how Africa's situation could be reversed and the tapestry of its socio-economic problems eased. The book draws a link between culture, globalisation and socio-economic development, breaking new grounds in the discourse on development in post-colonial Africa. This is an incisive clarion call to bypass the outlandish claims and sterile discussions on the parodying of Africa by Euro-centric scholars. It is a contribution on the imperative to re-think the future of development in Africa. It makes a compelling argument by self-reliant development processes in which Africans reclaim their voice, independence and autonomy unapologetically. The book provides some grist for the mills of policy makers, institutional planners, practitioners and students of anthropology, political studies, sociology, economic history, local governance, cultural economics, and gender, development, African, heritage and international studies.
Category: Social Science

Power Politics And The African Condition

Author : Ali AlʼAmin Mazrui
ISBN : 1592211615
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 53.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Power, Politics, and the African Condition is the third volume of The Collected Essays of Ali A. Mazrui, which will provide readers with a broad spectrum of Ali. A. Mazrui's scholarly writings. The third volume is centered on issues of power and politics at the nexus of Africa's domestic affairs and its international concepts about the disequilibrium of power in the international system and the problems that Africa has confronted globally because of it. Mazrui focuses the reader's attention on the impact that the colonial legacy and African tradition had on state formation, leadership, Africa's political economy, violence and conflict resolution while presenting some of his most interesting and even controversial ideas for building "Pax Africana." Spanning nearly forty years, Mazrui's essays are classic and contemporary statements on the diagnosis and treatment of what he called "The African Condition."
Category: Political Science

Africa Rising

Author : Ian Taylor
ISBN : 9781847010964
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 30.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Explores to what extent Africa's "rise" has impacted on development and whether the BRICS are creating a new version of dependency.
Category: Political Science

What Factors Influence World Literacy

Author : Dorte Verner
ISBN : UCSD:31822030160899
Genre : Electronic book
File Size : 40.47 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Ninety-five percent of the world's illiterate people live in developing countries, and about 70 percent are women. Female illiteracy rates are particularly high in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Niger and Burkina Faso, for example, more than 90 percent of women are illiterate. This paper presents a model of literacy. It shows that the main determinants of worldwide literacy are enrollment rates, average years of schooling of adults, and life expectancy at birth. Income has a weak nonlinear effect, negatively affecting literacy until a threshold level of per-capita income of about $2,200 a year is reached and positively affecting literacy thereafter. Finally, African countries do not have a significantly higher literacy rate when controlling for other factors. This paper--a product of the Social Development Family, Latin America and the Caribbean Region--is part of a larger effort in the Bank to reduce poverty and social exclusion"--World Bank web site.
Category: Electronic book

Changing Relations Between Churches In Europe And Africa

Author : Katharina Kunter
ISBN : 3447054514
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39.56 MB
Format : PDF
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Proceedings from the conference "Changing relationships between churches in Africa and Europe in the 20th century: Christian identity in the times of political crises," which took place October 8-12, 2005 at Makumira University College of Tumaini University in Tanzania.
Category: Religion

Africa Remix

Author : Njami Simon
ISBN : 177009363X
Genre : Art, African
File Size : 56.17 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Africa remix: Contemporary art of a continent features the work of more than 85 artists from 25 countries on the African continent and the Diaspora.
Category: Art, African

World Is Africa

Author : Eddie Chambers
ISBN : 1350140325
Genre : Art
File Size : 46.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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World is Africa: Writings on Diaspora Art brings together more than 30 important texts by Eddie Chambers, who for several decades has been an original and a critical voice within the field of African diaspora art history. The texts range from book chapters and catalogue essays, to shorter texts including an op-ed and an afterword. Chambers focuses on contemporary artists and their practices, from a range of international locations, who for the most part are identified with the African diaspora. The book will be a valuable and important contribution to the emerging discipline of black British art history in particular, as well as the broader field of African diaspora studies. None of the texts brought together are available online and none of them, until now, have been available outside of the original publication in which they first appeared. The volume contains several substantive new pieces of writing, one of which reflects on the patronage of the Greater London Council (GLC) extended to a number of Black artists in 1980s London. Another text considers the art world 'fetishisation' of the 1980s as the latest manifestation of a field reluctant to accept the majority of Black British artists as valid individual practitioners in their own right. Another new text introduces readers to the little-known record sleeve and book jacket illustrations of Charles White, the American artist who was the subject of a major retrospective in 2018 at major galleries across the US – Museum of Modern Art, NYC, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The other new text re-examines the 'map paintings' of Frank Bowling, the Guyana-born artist who was the subject of a major retrospective at Tate Britain. Chambers provides a compelling commentary on work by a number of important artists, written at various stages of their careers. Together, the range of texts in World is Africa amount to a convincing and engaging overview of rarely-considered narratives relating to artists of the Africa diaspora. As such, the book will be a valuable and important contribution to the emerging discipline of black British art history in particular, as well as the broader field of African diaspora studies and African diaspora art history.
Category: Art