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Thirty Days

Author : Mark Raphael Baker
ISBN : 9781925410877
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 55.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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One minute my wife was there. In a flash she was gone. In the ten months of Kerryn’s dying, I prepared myself for everything except for her death. Now that she is gone, I am desperate to know her as I never knew her. Thirty Days is a portrait of grief, of a marriage and of a family. It is the moving memoir of Mark’s wife of 33 years, Kerryn Baker, who died ten months after her diagnosis, aged 55, from stomach cancer. It is also a study in how we construct our own version of the past, after Mark discovers a cache of Kerryn’s letters in the laundry cupboard and has to rethink their relationship. It is a book about memory and its uncertainties, as Mark sifts through photos and home movies, as his wife gets sicker, and his search for clues about their relationship grows more desperate. In her last days, Kerryn reveals her traumatic childhood to Mark for the first time. She emerges as the rock of the family, a brave and wise woman, clear-eyed about her treatment, focused on finding the path to a peaceful death. Paradoxically, her dying brings the couple back to the intensity of their first love. In the tradition of Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Becomes Air and Cory Taylor’s remarkable memoir, Dying, Mark Baker’s Thirty Days is an inspirational book about death and dying. As well as The Fiftieth Gate, A Journey Through Memory, a seminal book on his parents’ experience during the Holocaust, Mark Raphael Baker has written a compelling memoir, Thirty Days, A Journey to the End of Love, about the recent death of his wife. He is Director of the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation and Associate Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies in the School at Monash University, Melbourne ‘Piercing, unsparing, and sweet, this book will break your heart and put it back together again.’ Miranda Richmond Mouillot, author of A Fifty-year Silence ‘A lament, a wail, a raw confession of suffering and regret, but most of all, of love.’ Ramona Koval ‘During the first thirty days of mourning, as Jewish law decrees it, Mark Baker wrote about his wife Kerryn Baker, who lived an ‘ordinary’ life, as most of us do, but who was extraordinary in the courage, dignity, and above all, the gentle, wise grace of her dying. Few of us will be able to die so well, but every reader of this book will be inspired to do so. Baker recalls their life together and writes of Kerryn’s death and dying in many tones—lyrically, tenderly, with self-deprecating irony, embarrassed candour and more—but one hears in them all pain so raw and need so desperate that it sometimes threatened to unhinge him. He writes of love and grief with power that brings back to our hearts knowledge that is too often only in our heads—that the disappearance of a human personality will forever be mysterious to us because every human being is irreplaceable.’ Raimond Gaita ‘Thirty Days is more than a cancer memoir, it is a searching, courageous, intensely intimate portrait of a marriage, a family, a beloved woman, a man wild with loss. Baker addresses the reader with searing honesty from the very heart of grief. His testimony will leave you devastated, enriched, irrevocably altered.’ Emily Bitto ‘A beautiful memoir, not just about one marriage, but the nature of marriage itself.’ Readings ‘A book characterised by love, empathy and connection to life.’ Sydney Morning Herald ‘Baker’s memoir allows his readers to see the magnitude of our existence beneath the surface of our daily lives’ Courier Mail
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Fiftieth Gate

Author : Mark Raphael Baker
ISBN : 9781925410853
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 55.19 MB
Format : PDF
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What right did I possess, as a child of survivors, to recreate an account of the Holocaust as if I was there? In writing The Fiftieth Gate, Mark Baker describes a journey from despair and death towards hope and life; it is the story of a son who enters his parents’ memories and, inside the darkness, finds light. In his evocative prose, Baker takes us to this place of horror, and then brings us back to reflect on these events and remember: ‘Never again’. Across the silence of fifty years, Baker and his family travel from Poland and Germany to Jerusalem and Melbourne, as the author struggles to uncover the mystery of his parents’ survival: his father Yossl was imprisoned in concentration camps and his mother Genia was forced into hiding after the Jews of her village were murdered. Twenty years on from its first publication, The Fiftieth Gate remains an extraordinary book. It has become a classic and has now sold over 70,000 copies. In Baker's new introduction, he recalls his motivations for writing this important memoir, and highlights how the testimonial culture in Holocaust studies has spread to awareness of other genocides and our responsibility (and failure) to prevent them. As well as The Fiftieth Gate, A Journey Through Memory, a seminal book on his parents’ experience during the Holocaust, Mark Raphael Baker has written a compelling memoir, Thirty Days, A Journey to the End of Love, about the recent death of his wife. He is Director of the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation and Associate Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies in the School at Monash University, Melbourne. ‘Heartrending and beautiful...This simply written, subtly complex narrative is instantly recognisable as a masterpiece, and the reader is rewarded by the light it sheds.’ Age ‘Combining precise historical research and poetic eloquence, Mark Baker’s The Fiftieth Gate remains the gold standard of second generation Holocaust memoirs on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary edition.’ Christopher R. Browning ‘Baker does with memory, what Rembrandt does with light. He uses it to model, to imagine, to illuminate, to astonish.’ Philip Adams
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Journey To The End Of The Night

Author : Louis-Ferdinand Céline
ISBN : 9780811223614
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 79.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Céline’s masterpiece—colloquial, polemic, hyper-realistic, boiling over with black humor Céline’s masterpiece—colloquial, polemic, hyper realistic—boils over with bitter humor and revulsion at society’s idiocy and hypocrisy: Journey to the End of the Night is a literary symphony of cruelty and violence that hurtles through the improbable travels of the petit bourgeois (and largely autobiographical) antihero, Bardamu: from the trenches of WWI, to the African jungle, to New York, to the Ford Factory in Detroit, and finally to life in Paris as a failed doctor. Ralph Manheim’s pitch-perfect translation captures Céline’s savage energy, and a dynamic afterword by William T. Vollmann presents a fresh, furiously alive take on this astonishing novel.
Category: Literary Collections

Genesis God Said It A Thirty Day Journey Conversations

Author : Ethel Green
ISBN : 9781490852515
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.47 MB
Format : PDF
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The beginning of all beginnings is proclaimed in Genesis. God began by creating the physical world and people with spiritual qualities (soul and spirit). Genesis becomes part of the discipline of Bible reading and study begun by many each new year. “Why not start at the beginning?” we ask. With that desire in place, my husband and I picked The Daily Bible In Chronological Order 365 Daily Reading’s (TDB). I spent extra time searching out the words of God, which contributed part of the title for my book, GOD SAID IT... The expanded title, by adding A THIRTY-DAY JOURNEY, became the impetus for an expanded devotional based on God’s words and topics selected from them. God’s highest creation, man––including woman––spent their first day resting along with their creator. WOW! Wouldn’t you have liked to hear the conversation between them? It was Creator to created, Father to child. CONVERSATIONS are imaginary words of God as He and the people of Genesis interact. The journey of God’s children developed into history—His story. It is also the story of those who would be called God’s chosen people--the Jews. Some conversations extolled characteristics of “heroes of the faith” mentioned in Hebrews eleven.
Category: Religion

One Month To Love

Author : Kerry Shook
ISBN : 9780307732088
Genre : Religion
File Size : 63.1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Improve your most important relationships—starting today. At the end of the day in this all-too-short life, what matters most is relationships. Spouse, parent, child, friend—whoever your closest loved ones are, they warrant more than a passing glance; they deserve an intentional and meaningful relationship with you. The One Month to Love thirty-day challenge is the greatest adventure you’ll ever take, helping you deepen the important relationships in your life. Authors Kerry and Chris Shook use timeless, biblical wisdom to walk through three stages of relationships: First Glance, Second Look, and Lasting Love. Many of us have launched into the exciting First Glance phase. When we then tiptoe into the Second Look, reality sets in, and often friendships weaken, families suffer, marriages crack. Now learn how to experience the deep, satisfying lifelong relationships of lasting love. All it takes is one chapter a day. If your marriage is broken, restoration is possible. If your friendship is frail, a fresh start is possible. Even if you’ve made mistakes in all your relationships, lasting love is still possible. “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). Includes a weekly focus and daily readings to guide you through the process.
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Heart Journey Following Jesus To The Heart Of God

Author : Jimmy Locklear
ISBN : 9781490807058
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.39 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Heart Journey was written as a response to many Christians who have spent years learning doctrine and gaining more knowledge about Jesus, but feel they don't really know Him. The book includes thirty structured reflections on the Gospel of St. Matthew. As you watch and listen to Jesus in a new light, you are invited to walk with Jesus as his disciples and early followers did and to experience his life and teaching from your heart. Along with the thirty daily devotionals, read Jimmy Locklear's inspiring stories of struggle, confusion and learning hopefulness and love from empty hands.
Category: Religion

The Day Of The Burning

Author : Barry N. Malzberg
ISBN : 9780575102293
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 86.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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It was a sultry summer day in 1981, and the 3 billion or so inhabitants of the world went about their daily routine unaware that, possibly, the fate of the human race lay in the shaking hands of one George Mercer, an insignificant and slightly neurotic employee of the New York City Department of Welfare. For George had been informed, by an accredited emissary of the Galactic Overlords, that he had 12 hours in which to prove the people of the Earth worthy of admission into the Galactic Federation. George, and George alone, would represent all of mankind. If he failed the entire planet would be destroyed. Was this all a nightmare of delusions dredged up by his tortured subconscious? Or a very real nightmare that would end in the Day of the Burning . . .
Category: Fiction

A Journey Through Existence The Way Of Worldly Love

Author : Norm Prigge
ISBN : 9781465385994
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 58.29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Preface I explicitly do not affirm the truth of any statement made or implied herein concerning any actual people, including myself; or any actual relationships, including my own; or any concrete situations depicted. Everything I have written is either about or based upon my perceptions, memories, imagining, suppositions, assessments of poetic and dramatic appropriateness, and the like, all such, qua sources of factual truth, being notoriously fallible. The only truth that I do affirm herein is that of the universals that can be abstracted from the particulars of my subjective experience, the universalscall them poetic truthswhereby my audience can better understand and perfect themselves as I, hopefully, have been able to do for myself in the living and subsequent describing of all that follows. If anything I have written happens to occasion any people pain, I express in anticipation my deepest compassion; such people must know, however, that I would not have written as I have if I did not suppose that I would thereby have caused, in potentiality, far greater good than harm. Bear Valley Springs August, 2011
Category: Poetry

Blood On The Moon

Author : James Ellroy
ISBN : 9781448134427
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The first installment of the Lloyd Hopkins Trilogy. Somewhere out there is a murderer with over twenty killings to his name - each an apparently random slaying of a woman, over a twenty-year period and all unconnnected on the police files. But Detective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins begins to see a pattern: he senses connections between this string of seemingly motiveless, pointless and unsolved killings. Then the murderer emerges not as a random killer, but a cool, efficient despatcher - in his own eyes a saver of souls and protector of the innocent. As they are drawn inexorably together, Hopkins and the murderer challenge each other in a confrontation which pits icy intelligence against white-heated madness...
Category: Fiction