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There S An Ant In Anthology

Author : Richard L. Stein
ISBN : 1477264760
Genre :
File Size : 53.41 MB
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This collection of three stories of our reluctant hero, Anthony Ant, contains adventures aplenty and lessons abundant. While the two main activities in the typical ant's life are to gather food and then eat it, Anthony is only gifted in the latter one. Yet, as the stories progress, he tends to grow as all characters do, and by the third story, his interest lies beyond food - far beyond. In all three stories the verse is embedded in prose form and sort of sneaks up on the younger readers. Then youngsters and older readers alike come to expect the cadence along with the ample action richly installed in all three works. The author has inserted many learning situations for the attuned teacher and parent, and the typical young listener will relish any of the stories being repeated. This set of three complete books offers a unique treatment of language and imagery. The illustrations in black and white fit the ant world with delightful design. Mary Coons draws with a magic pen for all three works. The owners of this power-packed trilogy will treasure it and make it part of their permanent book batch.

Anthology 1 Ants Odyssey

Author : James Malcolm
ISBN : 9781477121856
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 57.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When nine educated ants escape the confines of their ant farm and enter the natural world for the first time, they begin a naive adventure with enough chaos to last a lifetime. Their creative nature helps to minimize many of the unexpected trials and tribulations along their legendary journey. This eight book series explores the importance of family, the value of friendship and overcoming the struggles of survival in the wild. The keys to their success or failure depend upon their unity, determination and a belief that anything is possible.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Anthology 7

Author : James Malcolm
ISBN : 9781524529741
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 78.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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After several days of desperate searching by the birds, rabbits, and termites, Queen Amy and her lost comrades had finally been found, but there was no time to waste celebrating their recovery. The black queen had set an ambush along the fence line, and there were fears that Austin, Queen Ivy, and the freedom fighters might have traveled toward the field on their way back to Isoptera in an attempt to get Forest Greens army back under the control of their queen.
Category: Fiction

The Hanukkah Anthology

Author : Philip Goodman
ISBN : 9780827613928
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31.53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Back by popular demand, the classic JPS holiday anthologies remain essential and relevant in our digital age. Unequaled in-depth compilations of classic and contemporary writings, they have long guided rabbis, cantors, educators, and other readers seeking the origins, meanings, and varied celebrations of the Jewish festivals. The Hanukkah Anthology delves into the stories and messages of Hanukkah as they have unfolded in Jewish literature over the past two thousand years: biblical intimations of the festival, postbiblical writings, selections from the Talmud and midrashim, excerpts from medieval books, home liturgies, laws and customs, observances in different nations, stories and poems, art, and recipes. This timeless volume features many works by prominent authors, including Herman Wouk, Judah L. Magnes, Chaim Potok, Heinrich Heine, Emma Lazarus, Howard Fast, Sholom Aleichem, Curt Leviant, I. L. Peretz, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Category: Religion

Flux Deity Anthology

Author : A. K. A. Gary Davidson Guerrey MacDavid
ISBN : 9780557021222
Genre :
File Size : 78.72 MB
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FLUX DEITY AnthologyThe Priest, The Billionaire Writer, The Janitor, The Genius, The Administrator, The Prostitute, The Executive, The Project... For the first time all eight points-of-view are bound together in one volume.IN A FUTURE where science believes its found Heaven a group of strangers build a machine that will scan the Ether, find God and bring Him forward to account for their miserable lives. But as the Devil they get explores the "sins of the flesh" in-the-flesh for the very first time, each of them is forced to reconsider their wants, their needs and their very reason for being.Also includes a pithy and humorous FLUXICON filled with terms used in the book to both enlighten and entertain!PARENTAL ADVISORY: CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, MATURE SEXUAL THEMES AND RELIGION!

The Columbia Anthology Of Chinese Folk And Popular Literature

Author : Victor H. Mair
ISBN : 9780231526739
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 24.39 MB
Format : PDF
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In The Columbia Anthology of Chinese Folk and Popular Literature, two of the world's leading sinologists, Victor H. Mair and Mark Bender, capture the breadth of China's oral-based literary heritage. This collection presents works drawn from the large body of oral literature of many of China's recognized ethnic groups including the Han, Yi, Miao, Tu, Daur, Tibetan, Uyghur, and Kazak and the selections include a variety of genres. Chapters cover folk stories, songs, rituals, and drama, as well as epic traditions and professional storytelling, and feature both familiar and little-known texts, from the story of the woman warrior Hua Mulan to the love stories of urban storytellers in the Yangtze delta, the shaman rituals of the Manchu, and a trickster tale of the Daur people from the forests of the northeast. The Cannibal Grandmother of the Yi and other strange creatures and characters unsettle accepted notions of Chinese fable and literary form. Readers are introduced to antiphonal songs of the Zhuang and the Dong, who live among the fantastic limestone hills of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; work and matchmaking songs of the mountain-dwelling She of Fujian province; and saltwater songs of the Cantonese-speaking boat people of Hong Kong. The editors feature the Mongolian epic poems of Geser Khan and Jangar; the sad tale of the Qeo family girl, from the Tu people of Gansu and Qinghai provinces; and local plays known as "rice sprouts" from Hebei province. These fascinating juxtapositions invite comparisons among cultures, styles, and genres, and expert translations preserve the individual character of each thrillingly imaginative work.
Category: Literary Criticism


Author : Catherine Hepworth
ISBN : 0399218629
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 27.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Alphabet entries from A to Z all have an 'ant' somewhere in the word, such as E for Enchanter, P for Pantaloons, S for Santa Claus, and Y for Your Ant Yetta.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Columbia Anthology Of Japanese Essays

Author : Steven D. Carter
ISBN : 9780231537551
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 52.58 MB
Format : PDF
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A court lady of the Heian era, an early modern philologist, a novelist of the Meiji period, and a physicist at Tokyo University. What do they have in common, besides being Japanese? They all wrote zuihitsu—a uniquely Japanese literary genre encompassing features of the nonfiction or personal essay and miscellaneous musings. For sheer range of subject matter and breadth of perspective, the zuihitsu is unrivaled in the Japanese literary tradition, which may explain why few examples have been translated into English. The Columbia Anthology of Japanese Essays presents a representative selection of more than one hundred zuihitsu from a range of historical periods written by close to fifty authors—from well-known figures, such as Matsuo Basho, Natsume Soseki, and Koda Aya, to such writers as Tachibana Nankei and Dekune Tatsuro, whose works appear here for the first time in English. Writers speak on the experience of coming down with a cold, the aesthetics of tea, the physiology and psychology of laughter, the demands of old age, standards of morality, the way to raise children, the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, the thoughts that accompany sleeplessness, the anxiety of undergoing surgery, and the unexpected benefits of training a myna bird to say "Thank you." These essays also provide moving descriptions of snowy landscapes, foggy London, the famous cherry blossoms of Ueno Park, and the appeal of rainy vistas, and relate the joys and troubles of everyone from desperate samurai to filial children to ailing cats.
Category: Literary Collections

The Columbia Anthology Of Modern Japanese Drama

Author : J. Thomas Rimer
ISBN : 9780231537131
Genre : Drama
File Size : 44.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This anthology is the first to survey the full range of modern Japanese drama and make available Japan's best and most representative twentieth- and early-twenty-first-century works in one volume. It opens with a comprehensive introduction to Meiji-period drama and follows with six chronological sections: "The Age of Taisho Drama"; The Tsukiji Little Theater and Its Aftermath"; "Wartime and Postwar Drama"; "The 1960s and Underground Theater"; "The 1980s and Beyond"; and "Popular Theater," providing a complete history of modern Japanese theater for students, scholars, instructors, and dramatists. The collection features a mix of original and previously published translations of works, among them plays by such writers as Masamune Hakucho (The Couple Next Door), Enchi Fumiko (Restless Night in Late Spring), Morimoto Kaoru (A Woman's Life), Abe Kobo (The Man Who Turned into a Stick), Kara Juro (Two Women), Terayama Shuji (Poison Boy), Noda Hideki (Poems for Sale), and Mishima Yukio (The Sardine Seller's Net of Love). Leading translators include Donald Keene, J. Thomas Rimer, M. Cody Poulton, John K. Gillespie, Mari Boyd, and Brian Powell. Each section features an introduction to the developments and character of the period, notes on the plays' productions, and photographs of their stage performances. The volume complements any study of modern Japanese literature and modern drama in China, Korea, or other Asian or contemporary Western nations.
Category: Drama