There Were Children In This House

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The House In The Curve

Author : Patricia Reed
ISBN : 9781477146859
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Once again the house in the curve is involved in many frightening events. Evvie and Emma have both been kidnapped along with their dog, Duncan. Emma has even revealed new gifts that no one else in the family possesses. Pastor Jim is searching for his birth parents and learns facts about his ancestry he never would have imagined. High on a hill above Coopersville is the old Anderson mansion where ghosts abound and humans are trying to co-exist. With help from Evvie and her friend Chief Haynes most of the confl ict is exposed and a killer is unmasked. Even Grandma Duncan is trying to set a trap for a murderer using her feminine wiles. There are also some new children coming into the family and at least one has an extraordinary power to share with the McDougal clan.
Category: Fiction

There S Something Dead In This House

Author : Drac Von Stoller
ISBN : 9781301638420
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73.70 MB
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Jack and Brenda Stevens found the perfect home to raise their family in, but were unaware of the homes past. Being a young couple with two children and big dreams, they could care less if the house had a past or not. The only thing on their mind was raising a family in this beautiful Victorian home. The house had a strange odor, but they just thought it was because the house was old. Jack's wife thought once they moved in, and did some renovations, the odor would diminish. She was dead wrong. This was one odor that wouldn't be leaving, even if the place burnt to the ground. From day one things started happening, like objects being moved, faint screams that seemed to be coming from within the walls, noises from the floorboards of the house. Weeks went by and nothing changed. The family started getting accustomed to the noises and shrugged it off as just the house settling and the fact that it's a very old house. Terror was about to come down on this family like a hurricane. One night when the children were sleeping, a voice called out from within the walls of their bedroom and said in an eerie voice, "Let us out! It's cold in here. Let us out!!! Let us out!!! The children ran to their parent’s room screaming, saying "There's something in the walls in our room?" Their father said "You must have had a nightmare. Go back to bed. I'm really tired." "We're not going back in that bedroom, said the frightened children. "Okay! I'll check it out and if I don't find anything, then please go back to bed," said their frustrated father. Their father turned the children's bedroom light on and looked around the room, but heard nothing and saw nothing. The two children stood right next to their father holding onto his arm as though he was taking them through a haunted house. He reassured the children that there were no spooks in their room. The children climbed back into bed and pulled the covers over their heads and prayed for daylight. Moments later the children started screaming and their father got out of bed and stormed into their room and flicked the light switch on and was shocked at what was unfolding before his very eyes.
Category: Fiction

House Of Commons Education Committee Foundation Years Sure Start Children S Centres Hc 346 Ii

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Education Committee
ISBN : 0215066022
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 61.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Incorporating HC 852-i and ii, Session 2012-13. Additional written evidence is contained in Volume 3, available on the Committee website at Incorrect paper number 346-II printed on document
Category: Political Science

The Children S House Of Belsen

Author : Hetty E. Verolme
ISBN : 9780992297305
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 72.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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During the Holocaust the young Hetty was rounded up by the Nazis and sent for 14 long months to Belsen Concentration Camp. Hetty and her two little brothers were forcefully separated from their parents. This is her story; how she as one of the eldest children had to become the ‘Little Mother’ not only taking care of her two brothers but also forty young children living in Barrack 211 known as ‘The Children’s House of Belsen’. At fourteen-years-old, an unimaginable task amidst the inhu­mane conditions of hunger, cold, sickness death and despair, she kept up her spirits. A truly remarkable story of a young girl’s determination.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Edward Vii The Last Victorian King

Author : Christopher Hibbert
ISBN : 0230610757
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 22.86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A riveting biography that vividly captures the life and times of the last Victorian king. To his mother, Queen Victoria, he was "poor Bertie," to his wife he was "my dear little man," while the President of France called him "a great English king," and the German Kaiser condemned him as "an old peacock." King Edward VII was all these things and more, as Hibbert reveals in this captivating biography. Shedding new light on the scandals that peppered his life, Hibbert reveals Edward's dismal early years under Victoria's iron rule, his terror of boredom that led to a lively social life at home and abroad, and his eventual ascent to the throne at age 59. Edward is best remembered as the last Victorian king, the monarch who installed the office of Prime Minister.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Alaska S Children S House

Author : Verna Euwer
ISBN : 9781594335365
Genre : Education
File Size : 86.68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Preschool is a time in a child's life when adults can stimulate a child's brain to grow as they pass through the various stages of childhood. These changes should involve their motor and sensory functions through experiences in their environment. The purpose of a preschool should be to lay the groundwork to build on for the future. Certainly, it should not be to make little academic wizards of the children. Instead, there should be devices to help children refine the needed essential skills in life, opportunity to improve their motor skills, be introduced to some of the basics of the academic world, learn about the community in which they live, and yet remain a young child in heart and soul. Alaska's Children's House gives you ideas for all these.
Category: Education

The Workhouse

Author : Simon Fowler
ISBN : 9781783831517
Genre : History
File Size : 86.79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The stories of those who lived in the shadow of the workhouse'??During the nineteenth century the workhouse cast a shadow over the lives of the poor. The destitute and the desperate sought refuge within its forbidding walls. And it was an ever-present threat if poor families failed to look after themselves properly. As a result a grim mythology has grown up about the horrors of the 'house' and the mistreatment meted out to the innocent pauper. ??In this fully-updated and revised edition of his bestselling book, Simon Fowler takes a fresh look at the workhouse and the people who sought help from it. He looks at how the system of the Poor Law _ of which the workhouse was a key part _ was organised and the men and women who ran the workhouses or were employed to care for the inmates.??But above all this is the moving story of the tens of thousands of children, men, women and the elderly who were forced to endure grim conditions to survive in an unfeeling world.??'A poignant account ... draws powerfully on letters from The National Archives ... [Simon Fowler] brings out the horror, but it is fair-minded to those struggling to be humane within an inhumane system,' The Independent??'A good introduction,' The Guardian.??The history of workhouses and poverty ('misery history') has recently been prominently covered on TV shows like WDYTYA? and ITV's Secrets from the Workhouse, and referenced in historical dramas like The Village and Ripper Street.
Category: History

Children Of The Wind

Author : Ed Sundt
ISBN : 9781479741984
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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On a scorching, dusty road in south-central Illinois in the late 1930s, Doc finds Cully, eleven, running from his fathers death in the fields. He takes Cully in, as he had taken in other stray creatures, and teaches him the life of a rural veterinarian. Thus the boy gains an understanding that death, a commonplace in natures cycle, reaches animals and people, young and old, by accident or intent. One day a letter from Connecticut, three-months delayed, arrives for the boy Cully from the mother who had abandoned him two years earlier. The letter, an old out-of-tune piano, a curling photograph, and some names buried deep in his vanished youth draw Doc with Cully eastward on the National Road, Cully toward his future and Doc toward his forgotten youth. With quiet, poetic force, the journal-told story emerges like the gradual focusing of an old stereopticon, the two pictures blending to reveal an unsuspected three-dimensional depth as the lost boy searches for his mother and Doc tries to piece together a repressed and catastrophic past. Cully and Docs odyssey of discovery is steeped in knowledge of and love for the land across which they journey. It is a true American myth, yet it reverberates with echoes of the Arthurian legend, of Henry Hudson, of the orphan trains, of traumatic conflagrations, and of the dying rooms where waifs bodies are sold for cash. The dramatic and surprising ending is at once a tearful defeat and a smile-producing victory.
Category: Fiction

To Grandmother S House We Go And Stay

Author : Carole B. Cox, PhD
ISBN : 0826116914
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 46.92 MB
Format : PDF
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This book addresses the growing phenomenon of grandparents assuming responsibility for raising their grandchildren. Cox has assembled an impressive team of psychologists, social workers, and nurses, as well as lawyers and sociologists. They draw on their experience to explore the grandparent-grandchild relationship and its intricacies. Lack of preparation, social isolation, psychological and emotional stress, and financial strain all contribute to the myriad of issues involved in this new wrinkle in the American family. Additional topics include: ethnicity and diversity, social services and interventions, and policy reforms. This book will be of interest to all social workers and gerontologists working with custodial grandparents and their grandchildren.
Category: Family & Relationships

The Review Of Elective Home Education

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Children, Schools and Families Committee
ISBN : 0215542622
Genre :
File Size : 26.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Follows on from the Badman Review, HC 610, session 2008-09 (ISBN 9780102961133)

When The Children Came Home

Author : Julie Summers
ISBN : 9781847377340
Genre : History
File Size : 21.36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A moving and revealing insight into the real experiences of children evacuated during WWII and the families they left behind On 1 September 1939 Operation Pied Piper bgan to place the children of Britain's industrial cities beyond the reach of the Luftwaffe. 1.5 million children, pregnant women and schoolteachers were evacuated in 3 days. A further 2 million children were evacuated privately; the largest mass evacuation of children in British history. Some children went abroad, others were sent to institutions, but the majority were billeted with foster families. Some were away for weeks or months, others for years. Homecoming was not always easy and a few described it as more difficult than going away in the first place. In When the Children Came Home Julie Summers tells us what happened when these children returned to their families. She looks at the different waves of British evacuation during WWII and explores how they coped both in the immediate aftermath of the war, and in later life. For some it was a wonderful experience that enriched their whole lives, for others it cast a long shadow, for a few it changed things for ever. Using interviews, written accounts and memoirs, When the Children Came Homeweaves together a collection of personal stories to create a warm and compelling portrait of wartime Britain from the children's perspective.
Category: History

The Child S Story Bible

Author : Catherine F. Vos
ISBN : 0802850111
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 54.95 MB
Format : PDF
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Color pictures, maps, and a glossary clarify these simplified biblical stories from both the Old and New Testaments.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

And Then There Were Four

Author : Daisy Roessler
ISBN : 9781469111056
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 70.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book was born when we four-childhood friends from our school days-realized that each of us had different and unique memories of growing up in pre-Holocaust Berlin. We wanted to share these stories not only with our families and friends, but with others. In so doing, we honor our parents and acknowledge the distinctive ways in which they coped with overwhelming circumstances. Their efforts and their courage made it possible for us to survive. We also remember our sometimes miraculous escapes, our subsequent adventures, and the challenges of adapting to a new culture and a foreign language. We even discovered occasional joy in the process. We cherish our lasting friendship and look forward to what the future still has to offer. LE CHAYIM ! TO LIFE !
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Improving The Well Being Of Abused And Neglected Children

Author : Mike Dewine
ISBN : 0788171127
Genre :
File Size : 82.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Presents the proceedings of the Nov. 1996 hearing before the Committee on Labor and Human Resources, U.S. Senate, which explored how the well-being of abused and neglected children can be improved through clarifying the reasonable efforts requirement of the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act to make the child's health and safety the primary concern. Testimony and statements are included from Mike DeWine, U.S. Senator from Ohio; Olivia Golden, Acting Assistant Secretary for Children and Families, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services; and representatives from other child and family service organizations.