Theory Of Type Design

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Theory Of Type Design

Author : Gerard Unger
ISBN : 9462084408
Genre : Design
File Size : 40.59 MB
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"Theory of Type Design by internationally renowned type designer Gerard Unger is the first comprehensive theory of typeface design. This volume consists of 24 concise chapters, each clearly describing a different aspect of type design, from the influence of language to today’s digital developments, from how our eyes and brain process letterforms to their power of expression. This splendid book includes more than 200 illustrations and practical examples that illuminate the theoretical material. The terminology is succinctly explained in the volume’s extensive glossary. The theory is internationally orientated and relevant for typography courses, professionals and those with a general interest in text and reading all over the world." --Publisher description.
Category: Design

Programme Entwerfen

Author : Karl Gerstner
ISBN : 3037780924
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 23.32 MB
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Karl Gerstners Arbeit ist ein Meilenstein in der Geschichte der Gestaltung. Eines seiner wichtigsten Werke war "Programme entwerfen," das hier in einer Neuauflage der Originalpublikation von 1964 erscheint. In vier Essays stellt der Autor die Grundlagen seiner gestalterischen Methode dar. Die damals gezeigte Methode zum Entwerfen zeigt keine Rezepte, sondern ein Modell fA1/4r das Entwerfen im beginnenden Computerzeitalter. Dass Buch liefert aber auch heute noch anwendbare Denkmodelle, allerdings keine LAsungen, kein richtig oder falsch, nichts Absolutes - sondern Grundlegendes ist hier auf innovative, in die zukunftweisende Art erarbeitet. Gerade vor dem Hintergrund der aktuellen Entwicklungen im Computational Design, das uns die MAglichkeit von programmierter Gestaltung vorhAlt, gewinnt dieses Buch an Spannung und AktualitAt. Die vielen Beispiele aus Grafik und Produktdesign, Musik, Architektur und Kunst regen dazu an, das Gezeigte weiterzudenken und in die eigene Arbeit zu integrieren.
Category: Architecture

Theory Of Type Design

Author : Gerard Anthony Unger
ISBN : 9462084513
Genre :
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Theory of Type Design by internationally renowned type designer Gerard Unger is the first comprehensive theory of typeface design. This volume consists of 24 concise chapters, each clearly describing a different aspect of type design, from the influence of language to today's digital developments, from how our eyes and brain process letterforms to their power of expression. This splendid book includes more than 200 illustrations and practical examples that illuminate the theoretical material. The terminology is succinctly explained in the volume's extensive glossary. The theory is internationally orientated and relevant for typography courses, professionals and those with a general interest in text and reading all over the world. Bron: Flaptekst, uitgeversinformatie.

Digital Design Theory

Author : Helen Armstrong
ISBN : 9781616894955
Genre : Design
File Size : 46.41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Digital Design Theory bridges the gap between the discourse of print design and interactive experience by examining the impact of computation on the field of design. As graphic design moves from the creation of closed, static objects to the development of open, interactive frameworks, designers seek to understand their own rapidly shifting profession. Helen Armstrong's carefully curated introduction to groundbreaking primary texts, from the 1960s to the present, provides the background necessary for an understanding of digital design vocabulary and thought. Accessible essays from designers and programmers are by influential figures such as Ladislav Sutnar, Bruno Munari, Wim Crouwel, Sol LeWitt, Muriel Cooper, Zuzana Licko, Rudy VanderLans, John Maeda, Paola Antonelli, Luna Maurer, and Keetra Dean Dixon. Their topics range from graphic design's fascination with programmatic design, to early strivings for an authentic digital aesthetic, to the move from object-based design and to experience-based design. Accompanying commentary assesses the relevance of each excerpt to the working and intellectual life of designers.
Category: Design

Contemporary Processes Of Text Typeface Design

Author : Michael Harkins
ISBN : 9781000059922
Genre : Design
File Size : 23.1 MB
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This book addresses the paucity of published research specifically dealing with knowledge of text typeface design processes. Dr Michael Harkins uses a Grounded Theory Methodology to render a tripartite theory resulting in explanation and description of the processes of text typeface design based upon the evidence of subject specific expert knowledge from world-leading practitioners, including Matthew Carter, Robin Nicholas, Erik Spiekermann, and Gerard Unger. The book will be of interest to scholars working in design research, design epistemology, design process, typography, type design, information design and graphic design.
Category: Design

Graphic Design Theory

Author : Helen Armstrong
ISBN : 9781616891237
Genre : Design
File Size : 75.38 MB
Format : PDF
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Graphic Design Theory is organized in three sections: "Creating the Field" traces the evolution of graphic design over the course of the early 1900s, including influential avant-garde ideas of futurism, constructivism, and the Bauhaus; "Building on Success" covers the mid- to late twentieth century and considers the International Style, modernism, and postmodernism; and "Mapping the Future" opens at the end of the last century and includes current discussions on legibility, social responsibility, and new media. Striking color images illustrate each of the movements discussed and demonstrate the ongoing relationship between theory and practice. A brief commentary prefaces each text, providing a cultural and historical framework through which the work can be evaluated. Authors include such influential designers as Herbert Bayer, L'szlo Moholy-Nagy, Karl Gerstner, Katherine McCoy, Michael Rock, Lev Manovich, Ellen Lupton, and Lorraine Wild. Additional features include a timeline, glossary, and bibliography for further reading. A must-have survey for graduate and undergraduate courses in design history, theory, and contemporary issues, Graphic Design Theory invites designers and interested readers of all levels to plunge into the world of design discourse.
Category: Design

The Theory And Practice Of Motion Design

Author : R. Brian Stone
ISBN : 9781351034531
Genre : Art
File Size : 45.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This collection offers an expansive, multiplatform exploration of the rapidly-expanding area of motion design and motion graphics, taking into account both theoretical questions and creative professional practice. Spanning interaction design, product interfaces, kinetic data visualizations, typography, TV and film title design, brand building, narrative storytelling, history, exhibits and environments, editors R. Brian Stone and Leah Wahlin offer an interdisciplinary range of academic essays and professional interviews that together form a dialogue between motion design theory and professional practice. Written for both those critically engaged with motion design as well as those working or aspiring to work professionally in the field, the book features a range of international contributors and interviews with some of the best-known designers in the field, including Kyle Cooper, Karin Fong, and Daniel Alenquer. The Theory and Practice of Motion Design seeks to illuminate the diverse, interdisciplinary field of motion design by offering a structured examination of how motion design has evolved, what forces define our current understanding and implementation of motion design, and how we can plan for and imagine the future of motion design as it unfolds.
Category: Art

Introduction To Research E Book

Author : Elizabeth DePoy
ISBN : 9780323261722
Genre : Medical
File Size : 41.60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Bridge the gap between research and practice with Introduction to Research: Understanding and Applying Multiple Strategies, 5th Edition. This easy-to-read edition covers all the major research design strategies: qualitative, quantitative, naturalistic, experimental-type, and mixed method. And with the text’s up-to-date research information and references, you will have a solid foundation from which to critique and understand research designs and their applications to healthcare and human service settings. Case examples provide real-life snapshots of what it is like to participate in different types of research processes, identify research dilemmas relevant to chapter subjects, and alert you to problems you might encounter. Authors make the topics more accessible, so research becomes more relevant - and topics come to life. Covers experimental-type, naturalistic, and mixed method design strategies to improve your ability to compare, contrast, and integrate different methods. Presents complex information clearly in a highly readable, and easy-to-understand, manner. Includes detailed discussions of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, a unique and balanced focus that makes this text more comprehensive than others in its field. NEW! Up-to-date research methods, strategies, and references, like digital sources, visual methods, and geographical analysis, give you the latest information on research in diverse areas of health and human services.
Category: Medical

Lettering Type Creating Letters And Designing Typefaces

Author : Bruce Willen
ISBN : 156898765X
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 40.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A guide to type design and lettering that includes relevant theory, history, explanatory diagrams, exercises, photographs, and illustrations, and features interviews with various designers, artists, and illustrators.
Category: Architecture

Information Bulletin

Author : Library of Congress
ISBN : UOM:39015036838798
Genre :
File Size : 50.92 MB
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Design Evolution

Author : Timothy Samara
ISBN : 1592533876
Genre : Design
File Size : 38.2 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Presents diverse, international, in-depth case studies. While there are many books showcasing graphic design work, few present in-depth projects, exploring concept, designerÆs strategy, visual problem-solving, and specifics, illustrating the concrete use of design principles to achieve intended communication goals. As a result, readers are often left with only a surface understanding of how a project might have evolved or how the visual aspects of its design are brought together to convey its intended message. The case studies in Design Evolution comprehensively demonstrate the real-world application of visual principles discussed in a more formal, educational context. Readers will understand how the principles for image, layout, type, and color explored in volume 1, Design Elements, work in combination, to execute the overall solutions showcased in this volume. The depth and range of content presented in these case studies distinguishes this book from all others in the design showcase genre -- offering readers a chance to not only be inspired by the quality and innovation of showcased projects, but to understand how they were realized.
Category: Design

A Unified Theory Of Information Design

Author : Nicole Amare
ISBN : 9781351868938
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 44.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Communicative visuals, including written text, have a diverse range of forms and purposes. In this volume, the authors show that it is possible to both describe and explain the major properties of diverse visual-communication forms and purposes within a common theoretical framework of information design and ethics. For those unaccustomed to thinking of written text as a visual form belonging to the same general class as other visual forms (colour, texture, shape, imagery, etc.), consider how a text's readability suffers if we remove all white space and punctuation, which can be identified as visual signals of the same subtype as grid lines and bullet points, dividing and calling attention to adjacent information. The authors identify deep connections between foundational visual design elements and the grammar of language itself. No physicist or chemist today questions the value of a single theory that describes and explains a wide variety of phenomena, but oddly enough, the authors have frequently been asked why they are interested in advancing a unified theory of visual communication. The simplest answer is: to treat visual communication as a science, and seeking unified theories is just what science does. In more practical terms, a unified approach to visual communication allows us to teach visual design students relatively few things that will enable them to do relatively many things.
Category: Psychology

Theory And Design Of Plate And Shell Structures

Author : Maan Jawad
ISBN : 9781461526568
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 51.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The design of many structures such as pressure vessels, aircrafts, bridge decks, dome roofs, and missiles is based on the theories of plates and shells. The degree of simplification needed to adopt the theories to the design of various structures depends on the type of structure and the re quired accuracy of the results. Hence, a water storage tank can be satis factorily designed using the membrane shell theory, which disregards all bending moments, whereas the design of a missile casing requires a more precise analysis in order to minimize weight and materials. Similarly, the design of a nozzle-to-cylinder junction in a nuclear reactor may require a sophisticated finite element analysis to prevent fatigue failure while the same junction in an air accumulator in a gas station is designed by simple equations that satisfy equilibrium conditions. Accordingly, this book is written for engineers interested in the theories of plates and shells and their proper application to various structures. The examples given throughout the book subsequent to derivation of various theories are intended to show the engineer the level of analysis required to achieve a safe design with a given degree of accuracy. The book covers three general areas. These are: bending of plates; membrane and bending theories of shells; and buckling of plates and shells. Bending of plates is discussed in five chapters. Chapters 1 and 2 cover rectangular plates with various boundary and loading conditions.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Electronic Technology

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015019021214
Genre : Electronics
File Size : 88.16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Electronics

Typography Typesetting

Author : Ronald Labuz
ISBN : 0442259662
Genre : Art
File Size : 29.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Briefly traces the history of type, discusses book design, layout, typefaces, and typesetting, and looks at the use of computers in modern typesetting
Category: Art

How Typography Works

Author : Fernand Baudin
ISBN : UOM:39015019674061
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 77.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Introduces letter forms and layout, describes the principles of typography, and looks at various typefaces
Category: Technology & Engineering

The Private Presses

Author : Colin Franklin
ISBN : STANFORD:36105120987867
Genre : Imprimerie - Grande-Bretagne - Histoire
File Size : 38.94 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The renaissance of printing is generally accepted as starting in 1891, the date of the first publication from William Morris's Kelmscott Press. In that year, Morris printed his own Story of the Glittering Plain, so beginning a movement that was to continue until 1939. The author begins his survey with the Daniel Press, started by the Provost of Worcester College, Oxford, and traces the development of the private movement in printing which flourished between 1891 and 1914: these presses include Kelmscott, Ashendene, Essex House, Vale and Doves. Between the wars in Britain three presses stand out: the Gregynog Press, Shakespeare Head, and Golden Cockerel. This book is the only one of its kind to trace the history and development of these presses, publishers of some of the finest examples of printing of English books that has ever been known.
Category: Imprimerie - Grande-Bretagne - Histoire