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The Welsh Fairy Book

Author : W. Jenkyn Thomas
ISBN : 9780486119915
Genre : Social Science
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Treasury of 83 traditional Welsh tales includes such favorites as "Elidyr's Sojourn in Fairy-Land," "Pergrin and the Mermaiden," "The Cave of the Young Men of Snowdonia," and many more.
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The Welsh Fairy Book

Author : William Jenkyn Thomas
ISBN : OCLC:7599679
Genre : Fairy tales
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Welsh Fairy Tales

Author : William Elliot Griffis
ISBN : 9781613109366
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Welsh Fairy Tales

Author : P H Emerson
ISBN : 9798620146727
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Near the gentleman lived the old witch, and she had the power of turning at will into a hare. The gentleman was a great hare hunter, but the hounds could never catch this hare; it always disappeared in a mill, running between the wings and jumping in at an open window, though they stationed two men and a dog at the spot, when it immediately turned into the old witch. And the old miller never suspected, for the old woman used to take him a peck of corn to grind a few days before any hunt, telling him she would call for it on the afternoon of the day of the hunt. So that when she arrived she was expected.One day she had been taunting the gentleman as he returned from a hunt, that he could never catch the hare, and he struck her with his whip, saying "Get away, you witchcraft!"Whereupon she witched him, and he fell ill, and was cured as we have seen.When he got well he watched the old witch, and saw she often visited the house of an old miser who lived near by with his beautiful niece. Now all the people in the village touched their hats most respectfully to this old miser, for they knew he had dealings with the witch, and they were as much afraid of him as of her; but everyone loved the miser's kind and beautiful niece.

Welsh Fairy Tales And Other Stories 24 Children S Stories From Wales

Author : Anon E. Mouse
ISBN : 9788827548455
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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This volume contains 24 tales collected in and around Wales by P. H. Emerson whilst living in Anglesea during the winter 1891-2. With the exception of the French story, they were written as they were told to the collector. In most cases he amended them as little as possible, preferring to record the stories as told, staying true to the original, so that the written story would enchant readers as though it were being presented by the storyteller. Herein you will find stories like the Legend Of Gelert, The Fairies Of Caragonan, The Craig-Y-Don Blacksmith, Old Gwilym, The Baby-Farmer, The Old Man And The Fairies and many more. Like most pre-1900 societies, storytelling, mythology and history was an oral tradition and passed on in the same way by specialists such as storytellers or druids. Why do we call such a collection Fairy Tales? Well, when last did you hear a child say ‘One more folk tale please’ or 'Another nursery tale, please, grandma'? Fairy tales are stories in which occurs something 'fairy', something extraordinary--fairies, giants, dwarfs, speaking animals, or the remarkable stupidity of some of the characters. Stories of fairy interaction with humans – where the kind and thoughtful are blessed and the thoughtless and spiteful are punished. So take some time out and travel back to a period before television and radio, a time when families would gather around a crackling and spitting hearth and granddad or grandma or uncle or auntie would delight and captivate the gathering with stories passed on to them from their parents and grandparents from time immemorial. YESTERDAY'S BOOKS FOR TODAY'S CHARITIES 10% of the publisher’s profit from the sale of this book will be donated to the Princes Trust. ================== KEYWORDS/TAGS: Welsh, Folklore, fairy tales, fairytales, myths, legends, fairies, caragonan, craig-y-don, blacksmith,old gwilym, baby farmer, old man, tommy pritchard, kaddy's luck, story, gelert, origin of the welsh, crows, Roberts, dell, ellen, mint, pellings, long-lived, giantess, apron, full, fable, pig-trough, irish, billy, duffy, devil, john o' groats, scotch, eva, jersey, fishermen, shetland, pastor, nurse, charity, princess, princes trust, other stories,
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Europa S Fairy Book 25 Illustrated Popular European Fairy Tales

Author : Anon E. Mouse
ISBN : 9788826485607
Genre : Fiction
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Herein you will find 25 of Europe’s finest and most popular fairy tales. This was the sixth and last time that the famous folklorist Joseph Jacobs teamed up with the equally famous illustrator John D. Batten to produce yet another volume of exquisite fairy tales. Not only exquisitely told, but also exquisitely illustrated with 48 BnW illustrations. Created especially for his granddaughter, Peggy, here you will find the tales like: Snowhite, Beauty and the Beast, The Cinder-Maid, All Change, The King Of The Fishes, Scissors, Reynard And Bruin, The Dancing Water, The Singing Apple And The Speaking Bird, The Earl Of Cattenborough, The Unseen Bridegroom, The Master-Maid and many more. In this volume Jacobs brought together these well-known Folk-Tales of Europe, retold in such a way as to bring out the original form from which all the variants were derived. So if the tales herein seem a little different to the tales you remember, it’s because these have been retranslated with more of the original has been retained, with regional and national variations being kept to an absolute minimum. This may lead to children crying out "That was not the way you told us before." That’s because these tales are closer to the originals than previously published. In explanation, Jacobs has included sixty eight pages of explanatory notes detailing his methodology and the differences. YESTERDAY'S BOOKS FOR TODAY'S CHARITIES 10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.
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The Scottish Fairy Book

Author : Elizabeth Wilson Grierson
ISBN : 9781465613332
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There are, roughly speaking, two distinct types of Scottish Fairy Tales. There are what may be called "Celtic Stories," which were handed down for centuries by word of mouth by professional story-tellers, who went about from clachan to clachan in the "Highlands and Islands," earning a night's shelter by giving a night's entertainment, and which have now been collected and classified for us by Campbell of Isla and others. These stories, which are also common to the North of Ireland, are wild and fantastic, and very often somewhat monotonous, and their themes are strangely alike. They almost always tell of some hero or heroine who sets out on some dangerous quest, and who is met by giants, generally three in number, who appear one after the other; with whom they hold quaint dialogues, and whom eventually they slay. Most of them are fairly long, and although they have a peculiar fascination of their own, they are quite distinct from the ordinary Fairy Tale. These latter, in Scotland, have also a character of their own, for there is no country where the existence of Spirits and Goblins has been so implicitly believed in up to a comparatively recent date. As a proof of this we can go to Hogg's tale of "The Wool-gatherer," and see how the countryman, Barnaby, voices the belief of his day. "Ye had need to tak care how ye dispute the existence of fairies, brownies, and apparitions! Ye may as weel dispute the Gospel of Saint Matthew." Perhaps it was the bleak and stern character of their climate, and the austerity of their religious beliefs which made our Scottish forefathers think of the spirits in whom they so firmly believed, as being, for the most part, mischievous and malevolent. Their Bogies, their Witches, their Kelpies, even their Fairy Queen herself, were supposed to be in league with the Evil One, and to be compelled, as Thomas of Ercildoune was near finding out to his cost, to pay a "Tiend to Hell" every seven years; so it was not to be wondered at, that these uncanny beings were dreaded and feared. But along with this dark and gloomy view, we find touches of delicate playfulness and brightness. The Fairy Queen might be in league with Satan, but her subjects were not all bound by the same law, and many charming tales are told of the "sith" or silent folk, who were always spoken of with respect, in case they might be within earshot, who made their dwellings under some rocky knowe, and who came out and danced on the dewy sward at midnight.

The Essential Celtic Folklore Collection

Author : Lady Gregory
ISBN : 9781456613594
Genre : Fiction
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Compiled in one book, the essential collection of Celtic folklore: Legends and Stories of Ireland- Samuel Lover Glossary King O'Toole and St Kevin Lough Corrib A Legend of Lough Mask The White Trout The Battle of the Berrins; or, the Double Funeral Father Roach The Priest's Story The King and the Bishop Jimmy the Fool The Catastrophe The Devil's Mill The Gridiron; or Paddy Mullowney's Travels in France Paddy the Piper The Priest's Ghost New Potatoes Paddy the Sport The White Horse of the Peppers The Legend of the Little Weaver of Duleek Gate Conclusion of the White Horse of the Peppers The Curse of Kishogue The Fairy Finder Cuchulain of Muirthemne- Lady Gregory Preface by W. B. Yeats I. Birth of Cuchulain II. Boy Deeds of Cuchulain III. Courting of Emer IV. Bricrius Feast V. The Championship of Ulster VI. The High King of Ireland VII. Fate of the Sons of Usnach VIII. Dream of Angus Og IX. Cruachan X. The Wedding of Maine Morgor XI. The War for the Bull of Cuilagne XII. Awakening of Ulster XIII. The Two Bulls XIV. The Only Jealously of Emer XV. Advice to a Prince XVI. Sons of Doel Dermait XVII. Battle of Rosnaree XVIII. The Only Son of Aoife XIX. The Great Gathering at Muirthemne XX. Death of Cuchulain Note by W.B. Yeats Notes by Lady Gregory The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel The Cattle-Raid of Cooley Gods and Fighting Men- Lady Gregory The Celtic Twilight- W. B. Yeats Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts by Patrick Kennedy Preface Dedication Household Stories Jac and His Comrades The Bad Stepmother Adventures of Gilla na Chreck an Gour Jack the Master and Jack the Servant I'll be Wiser the next Time The Three Crowns The Corpse Watchers The Brown Bear of Norway The Goban Saor The Three Advices which the King with the Red Soles gave to his Son Legends of the 'Good People' The Fairy Child The Changeling and his Bagpipes The Tobinstown Sheeoge The Belated Priest The Palace in the Rath The Breton Version of the Palace in the Rath The Fairy Nurse The Recovered Bride Faction-fight among the Fairies Jemmy Doyle in the Fairy Palace The Fairy Cure The Sea Fairies The Black Cattle of Durzy Island The Silkie Wife The Pooka of Murroe The Kildare Pooka The Kildare Lurikeen The Adventures of the 'Son of Bad Counsel' Witchcaft, Socery, Ghosts and Fetches The Long Spoon The Prophet before his Time The Bewitched Churn The Ghosts and the Game of Football The Cat of the Carman's Stage Cauth Morisy looking for Service Black Stairs on Fire The Witches Excursion The Crock found in the Rath The Enchantment of Gearhoidh Iarla Illan Eachtach and the Lianan The Misfortunes of Barrett the Piper The Woman in White The Queen's County Ghost The Ghost in Graigue Droochan's Ghost The Kiranelagh Spirit The Doctor's Fetch The Apparition in Old Ross Ossianic and Early Legends Fann Mac Cuil and the Scotch Giant How Fann Mac Cuil and his Men were Bewitched Qualifications and Duties of the Fianna Eirionn The Battle of Ventry Harbour The Fight of Castle Knoc The Youth of Fion Fion's First Marriage How Fion selected a Wife Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne The Flight of the Sluggard Beanriogain na Sciana Breaca Conan's Delusions in Ceash The Youth of Oisin The Old Age of Oisin Legend of Loch na Piasta The King with the Horse's Ears The Story of the Sculloge's Son from Muskerry Fios Fath an Aaon Sceil An Broan Suan Or The Children of Lir Lough Neagh Killarney Legend of the Lake of Inchiquin How the Shannon acquired its Name The Origin of the Lake of Tiis The Building of Ardfert Cathredral How Donagh
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Welsh Legends And Myths

Author : Graham Watkins
ISBN : 9781291985276
Genre : History
File Size : 60.45 MB
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A mythology collection of eighty Welsh Legends and Myths, gathered from across Wales. The Welsh, like other Celtic races, love a good story. From the time of the Mabinogion and the Black Book of Carmarthen welsh folk have passed dark winter nights in front of roaring fires and entertained with mythical stories. Welsh Legends and Myths is a compendium of traditional myths, Welsh fables, Welsh fairy tales and real stories. Like other Celtic Mythology many of the myths and legends told here are based on factual events. While some have mythical roots, all are entertaining.
Category: History