The Weaponization Of Ai And The Internet

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The Weaponization Of Ai And The Internet

Author : Larry Bell
ISBN : 1949267342
Genre : Computers
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Be wary of seductive invitations to trade away privacy for ever-more convenience, security and autocratic control. Exercised through our free minds and choices, infotech opportunities and and benefits are virtually unlimited. Controlled by special interest agendas of a powerful few, the applications for social oppression are endless.
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Ai Trump China The Weaponization Of Robotics With 5g

Author : Cyrus Parsa
ISBN : 1733454411
Genre :
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This book will disclose our Micro-Botic Terrorism (MBT) brief submitted to Washington in the spring of 2019. It will expand by explaining the discovery of Bio-Digital Social Programming within the Human-Bio-Digital Network, IoT, Internet, Smart Phones, and the emerging treats of AI, Robotics, MBT, and Bio-Digital control of human beings through Artificial Intelligence. The book will further explain the AI & Robotics Weaponizing goals in China and the attacks on The Trump Administration with AI. It will also disclose our facial, voice and other bio-metric data analysis on 1,000 top Big Tech CEO's, Senior Engineers, as well as over 1,000 members of the press and high-profile media giants and their reporters. We used multiple human detection apparatus to decode their very building blocks that make up their thoughts led by AI Automation, and its inter-connectivity with the internet, one AI dominated platform, China and Western Corporations.We discovered multiple AI patterns that were designed to push for an attack on the Trump Administration, and at the same time empower China's dictatorship and some Western Tech Companies to expedite the AI's development based on the groundwork that China is building with robotics. We also discovered, China was using AI and Bio-Metrics to hunt for people for the purpose of organ trafficking and development of their concentration camps. The book will use simple terms to expound on The AI Organization's finding's on Facial Recognition, the Human-Bio-Digital Network, Bio-Fields, Bio-Matter, MBT, Bio-Digital Social Programming, human cloning, and human extinction codes that were discovered. If you are a human being, and care about your family, you must read this book to understand what is Bio-Digital Social Programming, how it works through The Human-Bio-Digital Network and the coming AI Automated Robotics. The world is in danger via China. Knowledge must be had to obtain the Wisdom to Act.

Future Politics

Author : Jamie Susskind
ISBN : 9780192559494
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 38.57 MB
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Politics in the Twentieth Century was dominated by a single question: how much of our collective life should be determined by the state, and what should be left to the market and civil society? Now the debate is different: to what extent should our lives be directed and controlled by powerful digital systems - and on what terms? Digital technologies - from artificial intelligence to blockchain, from robotics to virtual reality - are transforming the way we live together. Those who control the most powerful technologies are increasingly able to control the rest of us. As time goes on, these powerful entities - usually big tech firms and the state - will set the limits of our liberty, decreeing what may be done and what is forbidden. Their algorithms will determine vital questions of social justice. In their hands, democracy will flourish or decay. A landmark work of political theory, Future Politics challenges readers to rethink what it means to be free or equal, what it means to have power or property, and what it means for a political system to be just or democratic. In a time of rapid and relentless changes, it is a book about how we can - and must - regain control. Winner of the Estoril Global Issues Distinguished Book Prize.
Category: Political Science

Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Defense

Author : Stephan De Spiegeleire
ISBN : 9789492102546
Genre :
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is on everybody’s minds these days. Most of the world’s leading companies are making massive investments in it. Governments are scrambling to catch up. Every single one of us who uses Google Search or any of the new digital assistants on our smartphones has witnessed first-hand how quickly these developments now go. Many analysts foresee truly disruptive changes in education, employment, health, knowledge generation, mobility, etc. But what will AI mean for defense and security? In a new study HCSS offers a unique perspective on this question. Most studies to date quickly jump from AI to autonomous (mostly weapon) systems. They anticipate future armed forces that mostly resemble today’s armed forces, engaging in fairly similar types of activities with a still primarily industrial-kinetic capability bundle that would increasingly be AI-augmented. The authors of this study argue that AI may have a far more transformational impact on defense and security whereby new incarnations of ‘armed force’ start doing different things in novel ways. The report sketches a much broader option space within which defense and security organizations (DSOs) may wish to invest in successive generations of AI technologies. It suggests that some of the most promising investment opportunities to start generating the sustainable security effects that our polities, societies and economies expect may lie in in the realms of prevention and resilience. Also in those areas any large-scale application of AI will have to result from a preliminary open-minded (on all sides) public debate on its legal, ethical and privacy implications. The authors submit, however, that such a debate would be more fruitful than the current heated discussions about ‘killer drones’ or robots. Finally, the study suggests that the advent of artificial super-intelligence (i.e. AI that is superior across the board to human intelligence), which many experts now put firmly within the longer-term planning horizons of our DSOs, presents us with unprecedented risks but also opportunities that we have to start to explore. The report contains an overview of the role that ‘intelligence’ - the computational part of the ability to achieve goals in the world - has played in defense and security throughout human history; a primer on AI (what it is, where it comes from and where it stands today - in both civilian and military contexts); a discussion of the broad option space for DSOs it opens up; 12 illustrative use cases across that option space; and a set of recommendations for - especially - small- and medium sized defense and security organizations.

Interfacing Ourselves

Author : Cristina Bodinger-deUriarte
ISBN : 9781000011630
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 28.58 MB
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Interfacing Ourselves consists of new work that examines digital life on three levels: individuals and digital identity; relationships routinely intertwining digital and physical connections; and broader institutional and societal realities that define the context of living in the digital age. A key focus is what it means in varied social arenas when most individuals live as co-present or multi-present—simultaneously engaged in digital and physical space—alone and with others. Topics include how: digital life contributes to well-being; individuals experience digital dependency; a smartphone is more than a smartphone; netiquette reveals social change; some online communities become prosocial salient havens while others reinforce social inequality; Millennials build intimacy; Latinx do familismo; and digital surveillance and big data redefine consumerism, advocacy, and civic engagement. Six chapters incorporate insights from hourly journals of Millennials undergoing a period of digital abstinence. Other chapters draw from surveys, digital auto-ethnography, content analysis, and other methods to explore digital life at the level of individual and interactive experience, and at a broader institutional and societal level. Ultimately, the book presents the need for living a mindful digital life by developing greater awareness as an individual, a social being, and a netizen and citizen.
Category: Social Science

Strategic Communication In Eu Russia Relations

Author : Evgeny Pashentsev
ISBN : 9783030272531
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 21.3 MB
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“This book is a timely reminder of the ties that join Russia and the European Union and the opportunities that still exist to improve a troubled relationship. The book does not shy away from the difficulties that the relationship currently faces, but seeks to find opportunities in these obstacles that could lead to improvements. With the voice of Russian scholars fully audible in this excellent collection of essays, this book provides an excellent opportunities for English-speaking audiences to learn more about this complex relationship.”Victor Bulmer-Thomas, Chatham House, UK “The thinking of Evgeny Pashentsev in this volume presents an enlightening analysis and synthesis of the integration of the political, social, cultural and technological advances around the globe with respect to their impact on EU-Russia relations. His chapters are a must read for both scholars and strategic consultants who seek to understand the future of the paradigm shift taking place in these countries.”Bruce I. Newman, DePaul University, USA, and Founding Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Political Marketing In this book the international team of EU, Russian and US researchers focus on the dangerous challenges of the current unstable international equilibrium and opportunities of the breakthrough for a better future. Eight chapters engage with a variety of issues, ranging from general tendencies and controversies in EU–Russia strategic communication and its political and economic aspects to reputation management of Russian companies in the EU and the psychological aspect of US sanctions in EU-Russia relations. Analyzing the security dimension, the authors focus on the geopolitical threats, opportunities and risks of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cyborgization and human genetics.
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Fast Forward Investing How To Profit From Ai Driverless Vehicles Gene Editing Robotics And Other Technologies Reshaping Our Lives

Author : Jon Markman
ISBN : 9781260132229
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 44.32 MB
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Invest in the future! Everything you need to capitalize on the tech revolution Our lives are on the verge of being reshaped by advanced technology. Fast Forward Investing provides the knowledge and insight you need to build and maintain your portfolio accordingly. Author Jon D. Markman is a veteran tech investor, money manager, and award-winning author of the popular daily newsletter Tech Trend Trader. There’s no one more qualified to help you design a portfolio that extracts huge profits from the shares of public technology companies and helps you augment your gains with conviction during stretches of high volatility. In Fast Forward Investing, Markman describes what to expect, when to expect it, and how to profit in impending technological and economic revolution. Revealing the most important companies in the industry that are right now building platforms and competitive advantages that will disrupt and transform their markets, he shows which trends are important and provides detailed guidance for staying ahead of the curve. Radical advances in data collection and analytics, artificial intelligence and raw computing power are changing human history. And it’s happening with sharp advances at incredible speed. Make sure you’re at the tip of the spear with Fast Forward Investing.
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