The Way Of Men

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The Way Of Men

Author : Jack Donovan
ISBN : 0985452307
Genre : Masculinity
File Size : 26.2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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What is masculinity? Ask ten men and you'll get ten vague, conflicting answers. Unlike any book of its kind, The Way of Men offers a simple, straightforward answer-without getting bogged down in religion, morality, or politics. It's a guide for understanding who men have been and the challenges men face today. The Way of Men captures the silent, stifling rage of men everywhere who find themselves at odds with the over-regulated, over-civilized, politically correct modern world. If you've ever closed your eyes and wished for one day as a lion, this book is for you.
Category: Masculinity

The Ways Of Men

Author : Eliot Gregory
ISBN : 9783734058622
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 48.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Reproduction of the original: The Ways of Men by Eliot Gregory
Category: Fiction

The Way Of The Superior Man

Author : David Deida
ISBN : 9781427086686
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 36.34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Deida explores the most important issues in men's lives--from career and family to women and intimacy to love and spirituality--to offer a practical guidebook for living a masculine life of integrity, authenticity, and freedom.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Manner Of Men

Author : Stuart Tootal
ISBN : 9781848546783
Genre : History
File Size : 55.45 MB
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In June 1944, an elite unit of British paratroopers was sent on a daring and highly risky behind-the-lines mission, which was deemed vital to the success of D-Day. Dropping ahead of the main Allied invasion, 9 PARA were tasked with destroying an impregnable German gun battery. If they failed, thousands of British troops landing on the beaches were expected to die. But their mission was flawed and started to go wrong from the moment they jumped from their aircraft above Normandy. Only twenty per cent of the unit made it to the objective and half of them were killed or wounded during the attack. Undermanned and lacking equipment and ammunition, the survivors then held a critical part of the invasion beachhead. For six bloody days, they defended the Breville Ridge against vastly superior German forces and bore the brunt of Rommel's attempt to turn the left flank of the Allied invasion. The Manner of Men is an epic account of courage beyond the limits of human endurance, where paratroopers prevailed despite intelligence failures and higher command blunders, in what has been described as one of the most remarkable feat of arms of the British Army and the Parachute Regiment during the Second World War.
Category: History

The Way Of Life Revealed And The Way Of Death Discovered Wherein Is Declared Man S Happy Estate Before The Fall His Miserable Estate In The Fall And The Way Of Restauration Out Of The Fall Also The By Paths Snares And Temptations Of The Enemy Of Man S Soul Discover D The Utter End And Final Destruction Of All False Professions Prophesied Also A Call In The Tender Bowels Of The Love Of God Etc

Author : Charles MARSHALL (Quaker, of Bristol.)
ISBN : BL:A0021584341
Genre :
File Size : 36.75 MB
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The Way Of Life

Author : Charles Hodge
Genre :
File Size : 29.92 MB
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The Way Of Duty Honor Country

Author : Charles Pelot Summerall
ISBN : 9780813140032
Genre : History
File Size : 41.28 MB
Format : PDF
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After graduating from West Point in 1892, Charles Pelot Summerall (1867--1955) launched a distinguished military career, fighting Filipino insurgents in 1899 and Boxers in China in 1900. His remarkable service included brigade, division, and corps commands in World War I; duty as chief of staff of the U.S. Army from 1926 to 1930; and presidency of the Citadel for twenty years, where he was instrumental in establishing the school's national reputation. Previously available only in the Citadel's archives, Summerall's memoir offers an eyewitness account of a formative period in U.S. Army history. Edited and annotated by Timothy K. Nenninger, the memoir documents critical moments in American military history and details Summerall's personal life, from his impoverished childhood in Florida to his retirement from the Citadel in 1953. From the perspective of both a soldier and a general, Summerall describes how the very nature of war changed irrevocably during his lifetime.
Category: History

The Way Of Thorn And Thunder

Author : Daniel Heath Justice
ISBN : 9780826350121
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82.47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Available for the first time in one volume, Daniel Heath Justice's acclaimed Thorn and Thunder novels take Indigenous fantasy fiction beyond its stereotypes and tell a story set in a world similar to eighteenth-century eastern North America. The original trilogy--an example of green/eco-literature--is collected here in a one-volume novel."--Pub. website.
Category: Fiction

A Journey Through Existence The Way Of Worldly Love

Author : Norm Prigge
ISBN : 9781465385994
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 79.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Preface I explicitly do not affirm the truth of any statement made or implied herein concerning any actual people, including myself; or any actual relationships, including my own; or any concrete situations depicted. Everything I have written is either about or based upon my perceptions, memories, imagining, suppositions, assessments of poetic and dramatic appropriateness, and the like, all such, qua sources of factual truth, being notoriously fallible. The only truth that I do affirm herein is that of the universals that can be abstracted from the particulars of my subjective experience, the universalscall them poetic truthswhereby my audience can better understand and perfect themselves as I, hopefully, have been able to do for myself in the living and subsequent describing of all that follows. If anything I have written happens to occasion any people pain, I express in anticipation my deepest compassion; such people must know, however, that I would not have written as I have if I did not suppose that I would thereby have caused, in potentiality, far greater good than harm. Bear Valley Springs August, 2011
Category: Poetry

The Way Of The Runner

Author : Adharanand Finn
ISBN : 9780571303182
Genre : Travel
File Size : 45.81 MB
Format : PDF
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Welcome to Japan, the most running-obsessed nation on earth, where: a long-distance relay race is the country's biggest annual sporting event; companies sponsor their own running teams, paying the athletes like employees; and marathon monks run a thousand marathons in a thousand days to reach spiritual enlightenment. Adharanand Finn - award-winning author of Running with the Kenyans - moved to Japan to discover more about this unique running culture and what it might teach us about the sport and about Japan. As an amateur runner about to turn forty, he also hoped find out whether the Japanese approach to training might help him keep improving. What he learned - about competition, about team work, about beating your personal bests, about form and about himself - will fascinate anyone who is keen to explore why we run, and how we might do it better.
Category: Travel

A Vindication Of The Rights Of Men

Author : Mary Wollstonecraft
ISBN : 9781605204543
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 39.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Revolutionary in all senses of the word, this classic treatise on republicanism, individual merit, and inherent human worth was published in England to great acclaim in 1790, a response to Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France, which denounced the upheaval on the Continent and voiced support for the aristocracy. Formulated as a letter written to him, this pamphlet--the blog posting of its day--is a passionate and beautifully witty rebuke of crumbling and ineffectual tradition and a stirring call to replace hidebound monarchy with a society in which all citizens--men and women, moneyed and working class--are granted equal opportunity to access wealth both material and spiritual. Originally published anonymously--and selling out its first edition in weeks--a second edition revealed its author as female... which led to its inevitable dismissal as the "irrational," "emotional" work of a "mere" woman. Today, however, we recognize this as a foundational work of feminist theory--one both remarkably intellectual and highly entertaining. British writer and educator MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT (1759-1797), the mother of Frankenstein author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, espoused her then-radical feminist and liberal philosophies in other such works as Thoughts on the Education of Daughters (1787) and History and Moral View of the Origins and Progress of the French Revolution (1793).
Category: Political Science

Self Mastery The Way Of The Heaven Born

Author : W. George Bryant Phd
ISBN : 9781419644344
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 78.64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Self- Mastery is a series of lessons centered around the personal development of the young adult. We offer teaching in Yoga, Meditation and personal development.
Category: Fiction

The Way Of The Bachelor

Author : Alison R. Marshall
ISBN : 9780774819176
Genre : History
File Size : 88.96 MB
Format : PDF
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The lives of early Japanese and Chinese settlers in British Columbia have come to define the Asian experience in Canada. Yet many men travelled beyond British Columbia to settle in small Prairie towns and cities. Chinese bachelors opened the region's first laundries and Chinese cafes. They maintained ties to the Old World and negotiated a place in the new by fostering a vibrant homosocial culture based on friendship, everyday religious practices, the example of Sun Yat-sen, and the sharing of food. This exploration of the intersection of gender and migration in rural Canada, in particular, offers new takes on the Chinese quest for identity in North America in general. With a preface by the Honourable Inky Mark, former Member of Parliament for Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette.
Category: History

The Oracles Of God Or The Words Of Men

Author : Curtis Pillsbury
ISBN : 9781616634681
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45.24 MB
Format : PDF
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Why don't people believe the Bible like they used to? Do Christians themselves truly believe the Bible? Is the Word part true, part superstition? Is it fair to claim that the Bible is superior to other sacred writings? Curtis Pillsbury has encountered these controversial questions and more and has set out to answer them using biblical proof and personal experiences. If you have ever questioned Christianity, fear not. Curtis himself has battled similar doubts and has spent over twenty years disproving the myths. You will never again wonder, is the Bible The Oracles of God or the Words of Men? In a day in which postmodernism and humanism seek to dissolve absolute truth, Curtis Pillsbury has given us a tool to create a Christian worldview. The Oracles of God or the Words of Men? is a tool to combat New Age mumbo-jumbo and establish God's Word as an anchor for transformation and productivity. Curtis's work will help you wade through the minutia of philosophies combating real truth. Read this book as a key to your freedom. —Ron McIntosh, President of Ron McIntosh Ministries, Executive Director of Victory Bible Institute The Oracles of God or the Words of Men? will help secure for you a strong foundation in the Word of God and will strengthen your faith in the fact that God's Word is your final authority. With this revelation you can stand in the midst of any trial or temptation. This book will keep you in love with Jesus and his Word. —Terry Nance, author of God's Armorbearers
Category: Religion