The War Of Our Childhood

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The War Of Our Childhood

Author : Wolfgang W. E. Samuel
ISBN : 1604731370
Genre : History
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One survivor tells of the fire bombing of Dresden. Another recounts the pervasive fear of marauding Russian and Czech bandits raping and killing. Children recall fathers who were only photographs and mothers who were saviors and heroes. These are typical in the stories collected in "The War of Our Childhood: Memories of World War II." For this book Wolfgang W. E. Samuel, a childhood refugee himself after the fall of Nazi Germany, interviewed twenty-seven men and women who as children--by chance and sheer resilience--survived Allied bombs, invading armies, hunger, and chaos. Our eyes carried no hate, only recognition of what was, Samuel writes of his childhood. Peace was an abstraction. The world we Kinder knew nearly always had the word war appended to it. Samuel''s heartfelt narratives from these innocent survivors are invariably riveting and often terrifying. Each engrossing story has perilous and tragic moments--school children in Leuna who are sent home during an air raid but are strafed as moving targets; fathers who exist only as distant figures, returning to their families long after the war--or not at all; mothers who are raped and tortured; families who are forced into a seemingly endless relocation that replicates the terrors of war itself. In capturing such experiences from nearly every region of Germany and involving people of every socio-economic class, this is a collection of unique memories, but each account contributes to a cumulative understanding of the war that is more personal than strategic surveys and histories. For Samuel and the survivors he interviewed, agony and fright were part of everyday life, just as were play, wondrous experience, and above all perseverance. My focus, Samuel writes, is on the astounding ability of a generation of German children to emerge from debilitating circumstances as sane and productive human beings. Wolfgang W. E. Samuel, a retired colonel in the U. S. Air Force, is the author of "German Boy: A Refugee''s Story" and "I Always Wanted to Fly: America''s Cold War Airmen," both published by University Press of Mississippi. He lives in Fairfax, Va.
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Remembering Our Childhood

Author : Karl Sabbagh
ISBN : 9780191578724
Genre : Psychology
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In this fascinating and sometimes disturbing book, the well-known writer Karl Sabbagh looks at psychologists' present understanding of the nature of memory, especially recollections of childhood, and how, in cases of so-called 'recovered memories', the unreliability and flexibility of memory has led to tragic consequences, destroying the lives of whole families. All of us have memories of childhood - that special trip to the fair, or impressions, such as dappled sunlight through rustling leaves seen from the pram. Some people firmly believe that they can recall scenes from the time they were babies. But what does science tell us about the nature of memory, and memories of childhood? In the first part of this book, Sabbagh begins gently with examples he has collected from many interviews of earliest memories, and goes on to look at psychologists' and neuroscientists' understanding of memory. It becomes clear that, whatever individuals might claim, memories of the first two years or so of our lives are simply not accessible to us, while later memories are fragile, yielding to suggestion and our inclination towards a neat story. All too often, our 'memory' of an event arises from what we have been told by a relative. The book then turns to darker territory. A casual remark by a child at a nursery leads to detailed and suggestive questioning of a number of children, resulting in the arrest of a teacher accused of child abuse. She was subsequently released. Some patients with eating and mood disorders undergoing therapy have come to believe, or have been led to believe by the therapist, that their problems stem from being sexually abused as a child - memories allegedly repressed and only 'recovered' under the guidance of the therapist. Such claims have again resulted in wrongful arrest, subsequently overturned, though the damage done to the families is irreparable. Sabbagh has interviewed the distinguished psychologist Elizabeth Loftus and others involved in blowing the whistle on the 'recovered memory' movement. Throughout, the book is full of quotations from interviews and extracts from transcribed interviews presented at court, making this a powerful and vivid account. While other books have been written on the dangers of the concept of recovered memory, Sabbagh here puts the story in the wider perspective of our growing scientific understanding of memory, and argues strongly for the critical role of scientific evidence in cases involving the memory of witnesses.
Category: Psychology

The Vietnam War In American Childhood

Author : Joel P. Rhodes
ISBN : 9780820356297
Genre : History
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For American children raised exclusively in wartime--that is, a Cold War containing monolithic communism turned hot in the jungles of Southeast Asia--and the first to grow up with televised combat, Vietnam was predominately a mediated experience. Walter Cronkite was the voice of the conflict, and grim, nightly statistics the most recognizable feature. But as involvement grew, Vietnam affected numerous changes in child life, comparable to the childhood impact of previous conflicts--chiefly the Civil War and World War II--whose intensity and duration also dominated American culture. In this protracted struggle that took on the look of permanence from a child's perspective, adult lives were increasingly militarized, leaving few preadolescents totally insulated. Over the years 1965 to 1973, the vast majority of American children integrated at least some elements of the war into their own routines. Parents, in turn, shaped their children's perspectives on Vietnam, while the more politicized mothers and fathers exposed them to the bitter polarization the war engendered. The fighting only became truly real insomuch as service in Vietnam called away older community members or was driven home literally when families shared hardships surrounding separation from cousins, brothers, and fathers. In seeing the Vietnam War through the eyes of preadolescent Americans, Joel P. Rhodes suggests broader developmental implications from being socialized to the political and ethical ambiguity of Vietnam. Youth during World War II retained with clarity into adulthood many of the proscriptive patriotic messages about U.S. rightness, why we fight, heroism, or sacrifice. In contrast, Vietnam tended to breed childhood ambivalence, but not necessarily of the hawk and dove kind. This unique perspective on Vietnam continues to complicate adult notions of militarism and warfare, while generally lowering expectations of American leadership and the presidency.
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Our Childhood In The Former Colonial Dutch East Indies

Author : Evelijn Blaney
ISBN : 1456889737
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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This memoir of colonial family life presents the childhood recollections of Ralph Ockerse and his sister Evelijn Blaney, raised in the 1930s in the former Dutch East Indies, while major events gradually led to the disintegration of its colonial establishment. In October 1942, their family life as such abruptly came to an end with the intense suffering, hunger, extreme privation, and despair under horrifically dehumanizing conditions they and their family endured during their three and a half-year internment by the Japanese occupation forces in World War II, and succeeding terror that arose and targeted the Dutch after the 1945-proclamation of independence of the country, now known as Indonesia. The story takes the reader on a journey of their lives and that of their family, first as they memorably grew up on the islands of Poelau Kisar, Sumatera, and Java, on to their sequent struggle for survival inside the Japanese concentration camps and repatriation in 1946 to the Netherlands.
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My Lost Childhood

Author : Abraham Deng Ater
ISBN : 9781493123018
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 38.52 MB
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My Lost Childhood is a memoir describing immeasurable suffering the author went through in his early childhood. In the late 1980s, the Islamic government began to systematically torture and kill Southern Sudanese families, burn their villages, and enslave young boys and girls. As a result, an approximately, as numbers are largely unknown and only an estimate, 27,000 plus boys from Southern tribes were forced to flee from their homes. Traveling naked and barefoot, they sought refuge in neighboring Fugnido, Ethiopia, where a few years later they were forced to flee yet another civil war. Returning to Sudan, the Islamic government forced them to travel for another five months, ultimately arriving in Kakuma, Kenya, after four years of unthinkable hardship and walking over thousands of miles naked, barefoot, and ailing from starvation, dehydration, and diseases. Many boys perished along the way and their numbers shrank into few thousands. Abraham Deng Ater, separated from his family in 1987, is one of approximately 3,800 boys now known as the Lost Boys of Sudan. He left Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya after several years of massive suffering and was granted refuge in the U.S. in 2001. Many Lost Boys including Abraham have since become U.S. citizens and have continued to pursue their education. Thousands more have also been granted refuge elsewhere and are scattered around the globe.
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War Diary

Author : Qendrese Halili
ISBN : 9781524691912
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 87.58 MB
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This book is Dedicated to all of Kosovo`s children, who, in way or another, survived the war, torture, and, what is most difficult, death in the eyes of God. I`m not more than you are. I`m here from you and for you. Our roots have the same blood, pain, and language! The time has come for your voice, along with mine, to be heard, and there is no one to deny this We children of Kosovo We children of the war. In that very close moment, I stopped in the street, crying with my head towards the sky, praying. Something inside me spoke: Look, feel and remember everything, because one day, when you grow up, you have to be able to tell this story to the World.
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Childhood Memories Surviving World War Ii

Author : Karin Bartsch
ISBN : 9781430328667
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 40.57 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book tells a personal story of a child driven away from his homeland under life-threatening circumstances. Having to endure unbearable cold, thirst, hunger, pains, being tired, soooo tired....
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The War Around Us

Author : Wolfgang Peter May
ISBN : 9781466926172
Genre : History
File Size : 56.83 MB
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Wolfgang Peter May is no stranger to war. As a young child, he fled from his home in Breslau, Germanynow Wroclaw, Polandduring World War II and witnessed the destruction of Dresden. He immigrated to the United States and eventually joined the US Army. While in the army, he became an intelligence operations officer of the Fourth Armored Division in Germany, and he served in the Vietnam War. These life events profoundly impacted Mays view of war. In The War Around Us, he explores and debates the many past and present faces of war. Juxtaposing his personal experiences with world events, May delivers a thought-provoking view of warfare. May discusses World War I, the development of the atomic bomb, war criminals, and the ineffectiveness of political leaders. He even comes to grips with his own war guilt from the Vietnam War and shares his familys experience in Germany during World War II. Mays observations offer a sobering statement of how armed conflict can leave a legacy that will resonate for generations to come. Part memoir and part commentary, The War Around Us delivers a hard-hitting, first-person look at the true face of war.
Category: History

Ethno Territorial Conflict And Coexistence In The Caucasus Central Asia And Fereydan

Author : Babak Rezvani
ISBN : 9789048519286
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 76.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Few authors have such an intimate knowledge of the background of confliicts in Central Asia. Rezvani looks at the region from a fresh perspective. He arrives at highly relevant recommendations how the politicization of ethnicity can be avoided and how ethnic nationalism in the long run can be turned into civic nationalism." Gerd Junne: Emeritus Professor of International Relations, University of Amsterdam. "It is rare to find such a thorough study about identity/culture and territory/geography in the troubled regions of Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Iran, and it is even more rare to find a comparative analysis. This book is encyclopedic and thought-provoking at the same time." Ton Dietz: Director of African Studies Centre, Leiden University, and Guest Professor of Human Geography, University of Amsterdam. "In contrast to much other research on con ict between ethnic groups, Rezvani has not only focused on the con icts and their origins but also included the set of situations where a con ict could have erupted but failed to occur. This provides a useful correction to stereotypes of conflict-prone regions, particularly in the Caucasus and Central Asia." Gertjan Dijkink: Associate Professor of Political Geography, University of Amsterdam. "Babak Rezvanis well-written and systematic work focuses on ethno-territorial and demographic aspects of conflict, combining theory with case studies and statistical analysis. He not only provides an innovative and interesting contribution to his field of study but also demonstrates a detailed knowledge of the relevant literature. The book is extremely well-sourced and offers a deep and insightful history of the areas and conflicts concerned." Georg Frerks: Professor of Con ict Prevention and Con ict Management, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Babak Rezvani is a geographer and political scientist.
Category: Political Science

The Greatest Childhood In The Rubble In Berlin

Author : Heidi Ebelt
ISBN : 9781491812853
Genre : History
File Size : 79.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The author’s story is based on her life as she remembers it. It is set against the background of real historical events in WWII. Growing up during the last three years of the war in Berlin, the sirens, their endless flight on the trains out of and back to Berlin, became part of her life, there was no birthday party for the three year old and again the family was on the move, this time to live in a castle in Thuringia. All these events were accepted without questions or fear. In 1946 they returned to the old neighborhood which had become a rubble desert but soon transformed into the greatest childhood as her dying older sister insisted time again and again. Most names have been changed to protect the living. I owe a great debt to my father and mother who have answered my many questions and I included their stories in this book.
Category: History

The Advocate Of Peace

Author :
ISBN : HARVARD:32044083909127
Genre : Arbitration (International law)
File Size : 40.59 MB
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Category: Arbitration (International law)

When The War Came To Hannah

Author : Jane S. Creason
ISBN : 9781426961847
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61.70 MB
Format : PDF
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Though the rural, midwestern rural of Hannah is far removed from the center of World War II, its residents feel the effects of rationing, shortages, and blackouts. Fourteen-year-old Joanna Elaine Grey and her fellow students follow the wars headlines, tacking news articles of bombings, Japanese American evacuations, and troop landings to the schools bulletin board. In February of 1942, Joanna receives a gift of sortsa new best friend. Red-headed Gretchen Bocher and her family have just moved to Hannah from California. During the next year the two girls grow up against the backdrop of the war and experience new friendships and young love. When a local church sponsors the relocation of a Japanese American family to Hannah, Joanna and Gretchen feel joy in helping the new family adjust to life in the Midwest. But they experience crushing pain when the war finally comes to Hannah. They learn firsthand about the evil of prejudice and the illogical thinking associated with hate and fear.
Category: Fiction

Children Of Our Own War

Author : Fred Bonisch
ISBN : 9781425946340
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 30.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Auto shows have become a big hobby here in the middle western United States. I personally know of over seven hundred annual auto shows within three hundred miles of Kansas City. I believe the sport is growing throughout the United States at a rapid pace. My wife and I have competed in enough auto shows that we have seen what will and will not work. It is always a big disappointment when we attend an auto show that makes major mistakes. We never repeat a show that makes major blunders. We feel it is obvious they don't know what they are doing. Most people feel that way. Once a show makes major errors, the word circulates and the show's future is doomed. I am constantly contacted by people who want to produce an auto show but don't know how to do it. People are always wanting me to give them some pointers on some aspect. I decided to write this book and include the knowledge I have gained in over thirty years of showing automobiles. I believe it will be of help to those who know little of the subject and to those others who want to fine tune some areas of their show. Producers that follow the guidelines contained in this book will have the best chance for a perpetually successful auto show.
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Going To The Wars

Author : Max Hastings
ISBN : 9781447219071
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 29.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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'His memoirs have ... honesty, pace and readability.' Jeremy Paxman Max Hastings grew up with romantic dreams of a life amongst warriors. But after his failure as a parachute soldier in Cyprus in 1963, he became a journalist instead. Before he was 30 he had reported conflicts in Northern Ireland, Biafra, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Middle East, Cyprus, Rhodesia, India and a string of other trouble spots. His final effort was as a war correspondent during the Falklands War. Going to the Wars is a story of his experiences reporting from these battlefields. It is also the story of a self-confessed coward: a writer with heroic ambitions who found himself recording the acts of heroes.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The War Within

Author : Revd. Canon A. C. Chukwuocha
ISBN : 9780310867005
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35.14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Those who long to walk close to God are often keenly aware of their shortcomings. This was as true for the apostles as it is for today’s Christian leaders and Christian students. In this book, the author sets out to answer the following questions:• What lies behind these inner conflicts?• What are the implications of such conflicts for Christians?• How does one successfully handle these conflicts?• How useful is a rational mind to the Holy Spirit?This book offers deep spiritual insights interlaced with down-to-earth illustrations that make it easily accessible and relevant.
Category: Religion

Moveable Feasts

Author : Sarah Murray
ISBN : 9781429970273
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 46.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Today the average meal has traveled thousands of miles before reaching the dinner table. How on earth did this happen? In fact, long-distance food is nothing new and, since the earliest times, the things we eat and drink have crossed countries and continents. Through delightful anecdotes and astonishing facts, Moveable Feasts tells their stories. For the ancient Romans, the amphora---a torpedo-shaped pot that fitted snugly into the ship's hold---was the answer to moving millions of tons of olive oil from Spain to Italy. Napoleon offered a reward to anyone who could devise a way of preserving and transporting food for soldiers. (What he got was the tin can.) Today temperature-controlled shipping containers allow companies to send their frozen salmon to China, where it's thawed, filleted, refrozen, and sent back to the United States for sale in supermarkets as "fresh" Atlantic salmon. Combining history, science, and politics, Financial Times writer Sarah Murray provides a fascinating glimpse into the extraordinary odysseys of food from farm to fork. She encounters everything from American grain falling from United Nations planes in Sudan to Mumbai's tiffin men who, using only bicycles, carts, and their feet, deliver more than 170,000 lunches a day. Following the items on a grocery store shopping list, Murray shows how the journeys of food have brought about seismic shifts in economics, politics, and even art. By flying food into Berlin during the 1948 airlift, the Allies kept a city of more than two million alive for more than a year and secured their first Cold War victory, appealing to German hearts and minds---and stomachs. In nineteenth-century Buffalo, the grain elevator (a giant mechanical scooping machine) not only turned the city into one of America's wealthiest, but it also had a profound influence on modern architecture, giving Bauhaus designers an important source of inspiration. In a thought-provoking and highly entertaining account, Moveable Feasts brings an entirely fresh perspective to the subject of food. And today, as global warming makes headlines and concerns mount about the "food miles" clocked by our dinners, Murray poses a contentious question: Is buying local always the most sustainable, ethical choice?
Category: Social Science

Why Texans Fought In The Civil War

Author : Charles David Grear
ISBN : 9781603448093
Genre : History
File Size : 52.15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In Why Texans Fought in the Civil War, Charles David Grear provides insights into what motivated Texans to fight for the Confederacy. Mining important primary sources—including thousands of letters and unpublished journals—he affords readers the opportunity to hear, often in the combatants’ own words, why it was so important to them to engage in tumultuous struggles occurring so far from home. As Grear notes, in the decade prior to the Civil War the population of Texas had tripled. The state was increasingly populated by immigrants from all parts of the South and foreign countries. When the war began, it was not just Texas that many of these soldiers enlisted to protect, but also their native states, where they had family ties.
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Author : Gary W. Gallagher
ISBN : 9780807835906
Genre : History
File Size : 25.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A variety of important but lesser-known dimensions of the Chancellorsville campaign of spring 1863 are explored in this collection of eight original essays. Departing from the traditional focus on generalship and tactics, the contributors address the campaign's broad context and implications and revisit specific battlefield episodes that have in the past been poorly understood. Chancellorsville was a remarkable victory for Robert E. Lee's troops, a fact that had enormous psychological importance for both sides, which had met recently at Fredericksburg and would meet again at Gettysburg in just two months. But the achievement, while stunning, came at an enormous cost: more than 13,000 Confederates became casualties, including Stonewall Jackson, who was wounded by friendly fire and died several days later. The topics covered in this volume include the influence of politics on the Union army, the importance of courage among officers, the impact of the war on children, and the state of battlefield medical care. Other essays illuminate the important but overlooked role of Confederate commander Jubal Early, reassess the professionalism of the Union cavalry, investigate the incident of friendly fire that took Stonewall Jackson's life, and analyze the military and political background of Confederate colonel Emory Best's court-martial on charges of abandoning his men. Contributors Keith S. Bohannon, Pennsylvania State University and Greenville, South Carolina Gary W. Gallagher, University of Virginia A. Wilson Greene, Petersburg, Virginia John J. Hennessy, Fredericksburg, Virginia Robert K. Krick, Fredericksburg, Virginia James Marten, Marquette University Carol Reardon, Pennsylvania State University James I. Robertson Jr., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Category: History

France Between The Wars

Author : Sian Reynolds
ISBN : 9781134798315
Genre : History
File Size : 26.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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