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The Vows Of Silence

Author : Susan Hill
ISBN : 9781590208229
Genre : Fiction
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We met the enigmatic and brooding Simon Serrailler in The Various Haunts of Men and got to know him better in The Pure in Heart and The Risk of Darkness. The Vows of Silence, the fourth crime novel featuring Chief Inspector Serrailler, is perhaps even more compulsive and convincing than its predecessors. A gunman is terrorizing young women in the cathedral town of Laffterton. What, if anything, links the apparently random murders? Is the marksman with the rifle the same as the killer with the handgun? With the complexity and character study that earned raves for The Pure in Heart and the relentless pacing and plot twists of The Various Haunts of Men, The Vows of Silence is truly the work of a writer at the top of her form.
Category: Fiction

Vows Of Silence

Author : Jason Berry
ISBN : 0743253817
Genre : Religion
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Going deep behind the headlines about scandals in the Catholic Church, Jason Berry and Gerald Renner's Vows of Silence follows the staggering trail of evasions and deceit that leads directly to the Vatican -- and taints the legacy of Pope John Paul II. Based on more than six years of investigative reporting and hundreds of interviews, this book is a riveting account of Vatican cover-ups and the tumult they have caused in the church worldwide. Both a profound criticism and a wake-up call to reform by two Catholic writers, Vows of Silence reveals an agenda of top-down control under John Paul II and a hierarchy so obsessed with secrecy as to spawn disinformation. Vows of Silence is not a book about sexual abuse; it is a book about abuse of power, throughout the Vatican. The book cuts between the life story of Father Tom Doyle, who sacrificed a diplomatic career with the Vatican to seek justice for sex-abuse victims, and Father Marcial Maciel, an accused pedophile and founder of the militaristic religious order, the Legion of Christ. One of the most mysterious and powerful men in the Catholic Church, Maciel has built a network of priests, lay people, and elite prep schools in more than twenty countries, using the Legion as a fundraising machine to position himself as a favored figure of John Paul II. In addition to accusations against Maciel of sexual abuse and of using Legion money for his own extravagant lifestyle, many ex-Legionaries claim that the order uses mind-control techniques to isolate seminarians and even priests from their families. And yet, because he enjoyed the protection of Pope John Paul II and members of the Roman Curia, charges against Maciel for sexual misconduct -- all of which he denies -- were blocked in the Vatican court system. Drawing on in-depth interviews with Father Doyle and with ex-Legionaries who filed a canonical suit against Maciel, as well as interviews with Vatican insiders and an array of sources in Mexico, Ireland, Canada, and Australia, the authors provide a penetrating account of a hierarchy directly in conflict with its followers. With keen insight and scrupulous reporting, Vows of Silence is a powerful narrative that chronicles the church's struggle between orthodoxy and reform -- going straight to the heart of one of the world's largest power structures.
Category: Religion

Vows Of Silence

Author : Debra Webb
ISBN : 9781488026690
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 40.23 MB
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Re-read USA Today bestseller Debra Webb's thrilling fan-favorite Vows of Silence. Lacy, Cassidy, Kira and Melinda are friends bound by a deadly secret. One of them is a killer. At least that's what each one suspects. Ten years ago, Melinda's abusive husband, Charles Ashland, was murdered. The gun was Lacy's. But it didn't matter. Together, the women disposed of the body, which has never been found…until now. The powerful Ashland family, whose patriarch is poised for the vice presidency, wants justice. Cassidy, an attorney, insists the women have nothing to fear. Then she is killed. A midnight caller is stalking the remaining friends, taunting them that he knows the truth. And the truth is something police chief Rick Summers is quite interested in learning from Lacy, despite the wild chemistry that's causing havoc with his judgment. Another death delivers a chilling new warning, for the price they've paid for their vow of silence has been murder. Originally published in 2012.
Category: Fiction

Vow Of Silence

Author : Chris Patchell
ISBN : 1979828830
Genre :
File Size : 71.7 MB
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Vows made in silence will scream the truth.Five years after the brutal slaying of her husband, software executive Jill Shannon is ready to take the next step in her life. But with her wedding to prosecuting attorney Conner Manning just eight weeks away, her future father-in-law's political ambitions for her fianc� threaten all her hopes. Jill's past holds dark secrets. Secrets she can't afford to have exposed under the relentless lights of a political campaign. When Phoenix Detective David Shaw turns up at Jill's door asking questions about a reporter's murder, he has no idea what a lethal Pandora's Box he's just opened. Was the womanizing reporter killed by a jealous husband, or was it related to his drug use? Or did it have something to do with the secret expose the reporter was working on? Jill Shannon looks like a dead-end lead but Shaw can't shake the feeling the beautiful widow has secrets she's not sharing.Jill is caught between the sins of her past and the shattered hopes for her future. Shaw finds himself drawn deeper into a twisted labyrinth of lies and danger. One thing is clear: some vows are made out loud in front of witnesses. But some vows are made in silence, and witnesses can't be left alive.

Vows Of Silence

Author : Carol A. Guy
ISBN : 9781771115414
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.35 MB
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It is a steamy summer in Spirit Lake. After a year away, during which her father, Harold, died of a heart attack, Erica returns with her daughter, Joanna, and her mother, Diane, in tow. The reason for her return is twofold: Jake Lakota has planned a memorial service for his brother, Joe. Also, Erica plans to sell her half of the inn to her friend and partner, Paula, after which she will return to Florida with Diane and Joanna. Soon, however, it becomes apparent that this plan will not unfold as expected, since things are in turmoil at the inn. It seems that the casino will be built across the lake after all. Also, the ghost in the basement continues to terrorize any who venture near the wine cellar. Murder and deceit and deadly secrets are the order of the day as the town of Spirit Lake prepares for its annual July Fourth Foundersê Day celebration. In the midst of it all, Erica is blindsided by unexpected events that her turn world upside down.
Category: Fiction

To Palp A Vow Of Silence

Author : Louis A. Borgo
ISBN : 9781499049275
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 71.77 MB
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It is basically about a soldier and the memories of his life and how he became a soldier, and the experiences told in this book comprise a memoir, and you will go through chapters based on the three parts of the brain. The brain is one of the most mysterious things, and what I learned through the book process is that the brain triggers sorting actions, motions, feelings, and responses to the body. This book has themes of love, regret, enlightenment, being a brother’s keeper, political views from a soldier’s point of view, and war. The way it came to be was I grew up with a lot of veterans, had friends that went to war, as well as classmates, had letters written to me, e-mails sent to me, and I was going to enlist before a doctor explained his experience in working in military. So a lot of the information or material is based on what I lived through and learned. And what I learned is that the average soldier is told never to talk about feelings or emotions, just to react once he starts to feel he is dying. But what I found out is that a lot of their stories about how they became a soldier are similar. My book just points out from every side of a soldier: Why did you become a solider? And is it a better solution to war? And we all are human. All the collected stories create the events and the character of a soldier and his path to a rite of passage.
Category: Poetry

Tibetan Ting Sha

Author : Robert Beer
ISBN : 1859061532
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 83.93 MB
Format : PDF
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This beautiful gift package contains a pair of traditional hand cymbals, or ting-sha, and an illustrated book explaining their cultural origins and their place in Tibetan ceremony, plus a wealth of practical suggestions for their use in personal spiritual development. Strike the hand cymbals together and a beautiful, clear, high note will rise from them to hang in the air and create an extraordinary stillness. The scintillating tone of the ting-sha instantly strikes a resonance within the human heart. Their purpose is to summon, and they call us to awareness, to remember who we are, and to recognize our priorities in this often turbulent and illusive world. The distinguishing feature of ting-sha is that they are cast from bell metal, an amalgam of five metals, which produce the enduring and harmonic resonance. When they are suspended horizontally and struck together, a delightful, oscillating wave of sound seems to pass between them as they reverberate at a high frequency, creating an impressive symphony of haunting sounds. Robert Beer, a British artist and scholar of Buddhist and Hindu symbolism, has studied and practiced Tibetan thangkha painting for the past 33 years. His paintings and drawings have appeared in at least 600 books on Buddhist themes.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


Author : Dimitra Karamanides
ISBN : 1404205004
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 48.85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Biography of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras and his lasting contributions on the fields of mathematics and philosophy.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Life Love And Letting Go

Author : Laura A. Fisher
ISBN : 9781469111773
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 32.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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“Life, Love and Letting Go”, is a collection of poems by Laura A. Fisher that were written between the years of 1996-2006. The poems speak about the many aspects of life. It speaks of family, love, lust, lost, slavery, pain, war and many other things. I began writing in elementary school where my 5th grade teacher Ms Quattlander told me I had a way with words. There are so many things that people neglect to notice, or are yet to understand; so through my poems I want to help them to see life in a different light. Notice things they’ve ignored and open up both their minds and hearts to things that they have long ago shut out and cast away. If you enjoyed this book, look out for my next book “Inside the heart of a glass knight”.
Category: Poetry

Non Dimenticare Capo Di Tutti Capi

Author : Charles G. Dulleck
ISBN : 1462815901
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 85.48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In your hands is a docu-drama compiled of both historical facts and fiction. It is written so the reading public can better understand the truths of some of our countrys historical events that changed the world as we knew it. This book will bring alive the reality of what has happened, and how, and why. You, the reader, will understand that we as a nation should not only be concerned about the existence of organized crime in our own United States but also throughout the entire world. Not only should we concern ourselves with the much publicized organized crime but also with its criminal counterpart artfully disguised as our government, and what the two factors are doing to our country.
Category: Political Science