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The Vitamin D Revolution

Author : Soram Khalsa
ISBN : 9781458757906
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Recent, groundbreaking medical research has made a connection between Vitamin D deficiency and 17 types of cancers, including breast, colon, and prostate. Illnesses such as influenza, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and coronary heart disease have also been connected to a lack of this vitamin. Until not too long ago, not getting enough Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) was only associated with rickets, the childhood bone disease. Now, Soram Khalsa, M. D., sheds new light on the power of this long-forgotten vitamin. He reveals how to recognize signs of Vitamin D deficiency, which has reached epidemic proportions in North America, and then shares insights from his Beverly Hills medical practice, where he normalizes his own patients' Vitamin D levels for their optimal health.

Getting Older Healthier

Author : Neil McHugh
Genre : Health & Fitness
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The good news is people are living longer. The bad news is people are living longer. This may be a strange statement but what is the advantage of living longer if you are not healthy enough to enjoy the time. Never before has the food industry used so many fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals to grow our food supplies. The result is more disease, cancer, heart attacks and diabetes to name a few. Again, what is the point of living longer if we spend our hard earned pensions on medical care? I for one would rather jump off a cliff than spend much time in a hospital or nursing home. The really good news is that we have knowledge and access to great organic superfoods and there is no reason we should not be healthy until we die. With the right advice and practices, you can now be “healthier” at a cellular level than were in your early 30’s
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Low Carb High Fat Food Revolution

Author : Andreas Eenfeldt
ISBN : 9781510718128
Genre : Health & Fitness
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You hear miraculous stories in the news all the time—a man loses 370 pounds, another is able to return ten of his twelve medications at the pharmacy, and an epileptic child suddenly stops having seizures—each experiences a miraculous change in health, all from simply changing his or her diet. Fascinatingly, these stories all have one thing in common; the subjects started eating the opposite of what they had previously been told was healthy. The dietary guidelines they had learned growing up had failed them. Medical science has long turned a blind eye to such stories. But now the tide is changing, as more and more major studies are being conducted on what the body truly needs to survive—and the findings are alarming. The belief in eating less fat and less saturated fat is mistaken. Inadvertently, this advice may be the biggest reason behind the obesity and diabetes epidemic. It’s time to take a stand; it’s time for real food again! In Low Carb, High Fat Food Revolution, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt takes the offensive by exploring the severe systematic failures on which many of today’s dietary guidelines are based. For Eenfeldt’s patients, the solution has been a low-carb, high-fat diet that allows you to eat your fill—and still lose weight. The book concludes with a guide section full of tips and recipes—everything you need to start your own food revolution.
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End Times Health War

Author : Steve Wohlberg
ISBN : 9780768404548
Genre : Religion
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Overcome the enemy’s assault against you and your family’s health! The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10) Is a good diet really that important? Is healthy living just a fad—or is it a vital key that protects you from the devil’s end-time assault? Steve Wohlberg delivers a prophetic health “survival guide” that will equip you for victory in these last days. In this timely book, you will… Learn… how toxins, additives, chemicals and junk food are strategies of spiritual warfare aimed against the body of Christ Discover… simple secrets such as good diet, sunlight, water and exercise that overcome demonic attacks against your health Be equipped… to have the winning edge against the tactics satan uses to “steal, kill, and destroy” your health and the health of your family. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The devil knows this, and it terrifies him. This is why his attack is so stealth and so lethal. It’s time to take back your health, and the health of those you care about as you walk in victory over the enemy in this end-time health battle.
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The Vitamin D Miracle

Author : Vincent Miles
ISBN : 1500528137
Genre : Health & Fitness
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DISCOVER THE AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS OF VITAMIN D! You're about to discover how to have optimal health and cure numerous common health issues simply by getting more of a simple vitamin in your life. Did you know that about 75% of teens and adults living in the United States are greatly deficient in vitamin D which is causing them all sorts of health problems? So if you are reading this then more than likely you are deficient and have health issues because of it. You have been told over and over again by the media that sun exposure is dangerous for you but you are not being told the entire truth until now. I strongly encourage you to get educated on this subject so you can take some very simple measures in your daily life to live healthier and happier. The symptoms of being deficient of vitamin D seem endless. Here are just a few of the common symptoms related to vitamin D deficiency that you might have: fatigue, cramps, joint pain, weight gain, high blood pressure, restless sleep, headaches, and constipation. More than likely you have several of those symptoms on a regular basis and just assume that it is normal. If that's not bad enough being deficient in vitamin D can also lead to much more serious issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, deep depression and even cancer. The more you dig into the statistics on this topic the more alarming it becomes. If you want better health in a very short period of time then read this book and get educated. You will see just how easy it can be to live a better life. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Vitamin D Deficiency A Global Epidemic The Role Of Vitamin D In Your Body The Effects Of Vitamin D Deficiency Population Groups Prone To Vitamin D Deficiency Vitamin D Deficiency And Geographic Location Best Sources of Vitamin D Diagnosis of Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment Of Vitamin D Deficiency Much, much more! DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TODAY!!!Take action today and download "The Vitamin D Miracle" for a limited time discount of only $12.99! Check Out What Others Are Saying... "I was totally stunned to find out so many people in this country are deficient in vitamin D. I also had no idea of the health problems it causes and how you can be in serious trouble if you remain deficient. Why have I not heard much about this before? The media sure does do a good job telling you to stay out of the sun which now seems ridiculous to hear after reading this book. I completely enjoyed all the information I received from reading this and will be making some changes for the better of my health going forward. Keep spreading the word about vitamin d!"Mark P (Madison, WI)"This book opened my eyes to so much about health and my body. I loved the information the book gave me. I am super excited to see what this info can do for my health now that I know that I was probably deficient in vitamin d for a really long time. Thanks for writing this book!"Tasha G (Chicago, IL)Tags: Vitamin D, Vitamin D3, Vitamin D Cure, Vitamin D Miracle, Vitamin D Deficiency, Vitamin D Diet, Vitamin D Solution, D3, Diet, Solution, Cure, Deficiency, Health, Rickets, Sun Exposure, Cancer, Healthy Living, Vitamins, Vitamin D Revolution
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The Optimal Health Revolution

Author : Duke Johnson
ISBN : 9781935251064
Genre : Health & Fitness
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A plan for preventing the persistent inflammation that may lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other health problems. Science has begun to discover that many of our most lethal diseases have a common underlying cause: persistent inflammation, an over-active reaction of our natural immune system function resulting in cell and tissue destruction. This persistent inflammation is triggered by our industrial lifestyles, including exposure to chemicals, synthetic food ingredients, pollution, and processed foods. As Newsweek reports: “Researchers are linking inflammation to an ever-wider array of chronic illnesses. Suddenly medical puzzles seem to be fitting together, such as why hypertension puts patients at increased risk of Alzheimer’s, or why rheumatoid-arthritis sufferers have higher rates of sudden cardiac death. They’re all connected on some fundamental level.” But inflammation, and the risks of chronic diseases it brings, can be managed. Lifestyle and nutritional change is part of the answer. But the other part of the answer lies with ground-breaking information from a new field—nutrigenomics, the science of how your genes interact with nutrients. It is the study of how DNA and the genetic code affect a person’s need for certain nutrients and help maintain optimal health throughout life. The Optimal Health Revolution combines leading-edge science—including six hundred scientific references—with an easy to read style that make this critical information accessible to every reader. Relevant to both the researcher and medical doctor interested in the latest science and the casual reader looking to improve his or her health, this book makes a critical contribution to our understanding of health.
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Power Of Vitamin D

Author : Sarfraz Zaidi, MD
ISBN : 9781432748104
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 87.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Vitamin D is crucial to our health, yet most people are low in this vital vitamin - despite the vitamins they take, the foods they eat, the milk they drink or the sun exposure they receive. In Power of Vitamin D you will learn:?Çó Why we are facing a true Epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency.?Çó The crucial role Vitamin D can play in the Prevention as well as Treatment of various Cancers.?Çó How Vitamin D can help Prevent Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension and Kidney Disease.?Çó How Vitamin D can Prevent as well as Treat Muscle Aches, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Bone Pains and Osteoporosis.?Çó The vital role of Vitamin D in the normal functioning of the Immune System.?Çó How Vitamin D can Prevent as well as Treat the Common Cold, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Thyroid Diseases, M.S., Lupus and Arthritis.?Çó The essential role of Vitamin D during Pregnancy for Mothers and Babies.?Çó Doctors frequently miss the Diagnosis of Vitamin D deficiency because they often order the wrong test.?Çó The right test to Diagnose Vitamin D deficiency.?Çó The best way to Prevent and Treat Vitamin D deficiency. ?Çó Vitamin D Toxicity and how to Prevent it. ?Çó Not just theoretical knowledge, but detailed, practical information from actual Case Studies.
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Organic Revolution In Nutrition The

Author : Raymond W. Bernard
ISBN : 0787312134
Genre :
File Size : 55.99 MB
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The future of vitamins vs. Synthetic vitamins. While synthetic products were in vogue during the vitamin age, today the trend is definitely away from the synthetic and toward the natural. a revolution is taking place in the field of vitamin research as.

Vitamin D And Rickets

Author : Z. Hochberg
ISBN : 9783805575829
Genre : Medical
File Size : 24.91 MB
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Centuries ago, during the industrial revolution, rickets, also called 'the English disease', spread rapidly among city-dwelling poor children and became endemic due to vitamin D deficiency and insufficient access to sunlight. Nowadays it appears to be endemic again as the increase of vitamin D deficiency is paralleling the primacy of breast-feeding in Western societies. Breastfeeding, nutritional status and dark skin are the main risk factors for rickets or 'rachitis' as is the correct medical term. Rickets is a childhood disorder and the basis for understanding the disease is rooted in the concept of mineral metabolism and its control mechanisms in the growing fetus, infant and child. As it is now understood that rickets is not only caused by vitamin D deficiency, it has to be kept in mind that vitamin D and calcium deficiency is prevalent in developing countries as well as in affluent societies, where children and their mothers are not exposed to as much sunlight as they need. The rapid growth in molecular biology has been exemplified in the application of subcellular technologies to study vitamin D in human and animal models. In this volume the latest research on vitamin D and rickets is presented from different perspectives such as the interesting historical overview to bone metabolism, molecular genetics of vitamin D and conclusions for disease prevention. It will be of special interest to pediatricians, endocrinologists and health care specialists who work with children at risk for the disease.
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The Vitamin Revolution In Health Care

Author : Michael Janson
ISBN : 0964923696
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 90.5 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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THE VITAMIN REVOLUTION, $22.95, Arcadia Press, is a breakthrough in simplifying the sometimes bewildering world of dietary supplements. If you have been confused by news reports, marketing claims & government regulations, this book clarifies the information with examples of prevention & treatment programs based on Dr. Janson's 19 years of medical practice. This is a straightforward, easy-to-understand book with practical advice for enhancing health & longevity. Dietary supplements may help you feel better, live longer, & avoid medications or surgery. Dr. Janson has been a leader in the medical use of supplements & this book puts his experience to work for you. You will find it a useful reference that you can turn to again & again. THE VITAMIN REVOLUTION has the latest on well-known nutrients, such as vitamins C & E, plus information on phytochemicals, amino acids, minerals & fats. You will discover how to control free radicals to look & feel younger. This book offers specifics about available supplements, dosage forms & common doses for treatment & prevention. In this book, Dr. Janson's clear, practical advice will make it easy for you to take charge of your health. Available from Quality Books, Baker & Taylor, & Arcadia Press, P.O. Box 205, Greenville, NH 03048. Telephone: 800-398-8851.
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