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The Valkyries

Author : Edward Frederic Benson
ISBN : 9781465602374
Genre : Romance literature
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Ride Of The Valkyries

Author : Stuart Slade
ISBN : 0557103479
Genre : Fiction
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The B-70 Valkyrie is joining America's arsenal at a time when the world is hitting a new crisis. In North Africa, heroic resistance by French and Algerian troops have stopped the advance of the Caliphate in its tracks. In the South China Sea, missile cruisers of the Indian and Japanese Navy are about to meet head-on in the first major naval battle for a quarter of a century. In a battle that ranges from the deserts of North Africa to the fabulous casinos in Cuba, the Valkyrie will draw its baptism of fire in an effort to destroy the Caliphate's biological weapons.
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The Valkyries

Author : E. Benson
ISBN : 1985704641
Genre :
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An Illustrated edition of The Valkyries by E. F. Benson. The Valkyries is the 1903 novel by the famous English novelist, biographer, memoirist, archaeologist and short story writer, E. F. Benson. The novel is a stylized version of the epics of Norse mythology. The author "fleshed out" the story from a famous opera of the time and the story stays true to the style of the Norse myth. Odin's Library Classics is dedicated to bringing the world the best of humankind's literature from throughout the ages. Carefully selected, each work is unabridged from classic works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or drama.

The Valkyries

Author : Paulo Coelho
ISBN : 9780007386710
Genre : Fiction
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This is a modern-day adventure story featuring Paulo’s supernatural encounter with angels – who appear as warrior women and travel through the Mojave desert on their motorbikes.
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Ride Of The Valkyries Easy Piano Sheet Music

Author : Wilhelm Richard Wagner
ISBN : 9781312259454
Genre : Art
File Size : 33.56 MB
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Opening theme from Act III of Wagner's Opera Die Walküre for Easy Piano A SilverTonalities Arrangement! Easy Note Style Sheet Music Letter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!
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The Valkyries

Author : E. F. Benson
Genre : Fiction
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PREFACE In the following pages an attempt has been made to render as closely as possible into English narrative prose the libretto of Wagner's "Valkyrie". The story is one little known to English readers, and even those who are familiar with the gigantic music may find in the story something which, even when rendered into homely prose, will reveal to them some new greatness of the master-mind of its author. It is in this hope that I have attempted this version. Whether I have attempted a task either absolutely impossible, or impossible to my capacity, I cannot tell, for so huge is the scale of the original, so big with passion, so set in the riot of storm-clouds and elemental forces, that perhaps it can only be conveyed to the mind as Wagner conveyed it, through such sonorous musical interpretations as he alone was capable of giving to it. Yet even because the theme is so great, rather than in spite of it, any interpretation, even that of halting prose, may be unable to miss certain of the force of the original. The drama itself comes second in the tetralogy of the Ring, being preceded by the Rheingold. But this latter is more properly to be considered as the overture to a trilogy than as the first drama of a tetralogy. In it the stage is set, and Heaven above, rainbow-girt Walhalla, and the dark stir of the forces beneath the earth, Alberich and the Niebelungs, enter the arena waiting for the puny and momentous sons of men to assert their rightful lordship over the earth, at the arising of whom the gods grow grey and the everlasting foundations of Walhalla crumble. From the strange loves of Siegmund and Sieglinde, love not of mortal passion, but of primeval and elemental need, the drama starts; this is the first casting of the shuttle across the woof of destiny. From that point, through the present drama, through Siegfried, through the dusk of the gods the eternal grinding of the mills continues. Once set going the gods themselves are powerless to stop them, for the stream that turns them is stronger than the thunderings of Wotan, for the stream is "That which shall be."
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The Valkyries Book 2 Of The Ring Cycle

Author : E. F. BENSON
ISBN : 9788835300083
Genre : Fiction
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This book was inspired by Wagner's "The Valkyries" which is an operatic drama in the Ring Cycle. Many have heard Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” a wonderful piece of classical music so often used in film to underscore dramatic action scenes. However, not many know, who or what the Valkyries were or how they came to be. This volume seeks to translate Wagner’s operatic prose into a novel, and does remarkably well. The works are based loosely on characters from the Norse sagas, the Volsungs and the Nibelungenlied and is quite often referred to as the Ring Cycle. In the Rheingold the stage is set. In Heaven above, around the rainbow-girt of Valhalla, and in the dark, stir the forces beneath the earth. Alberich and the Niebelungs, enter the arena waiting for the sons of men to assert their rightful lordship over the earth. This drama was originally titled "Siegfried and Sieglinde: The Valkyrie Punished" but was later renamed “The Valkyries.” It is the most performed of all books of the Cycle. It starts with a storm, during which Sieglinde gives shelter to a wounded stranger. They find themselves drawn to each other. He is Siegmund, the twin from whom Sieglinde was separated in childhood. Unknown to them, their father is Wotan, the most powerful of the gods. Through Siegmund, Wotan hopes to retrieve a gold ring of ultimate power that he cannot take himself (sound familiar?) Brother and sister fall in love and flee, taking with them Nothung, a sword destined for a hero. As goddess of marriage, Wotan’s wife Fricka angrily demands Wotan must not protect his incestuous children to serve his own ends. Wotan bitterly concedes. However, Wotan’s daughter Brünnhilde, a Valkyrie, takes it on herself to save Siegmund. Wotan stops her, and Siegmund is killed in battle, his sword shattered. Brünnhilde rescues Sieglinde, whom she knows is pregnant with Siegmund’s son, who is destined to become the hero Wotan desires. Brünnhilde pleads with her sister Valkyries to help save Sieglinde. They try to hide Siegmund but flee at Wotan’s wrath. As punishment for defying him, Wotan incarcerates Brünnhilde in a deep sleep on a mountaintop, protected by magic fire provided by Loge, the demigod of fire. There, on the mountain-top Brunnhilde sleeps, waiting for the coming of he, who she is destined for, to be awakened to the joy of human life. And there, till Siegfried leaps the barrier of flame, we leave her. What happens next? Well you’ll have to keep a lookout for the other books in the Ring Cycle published by Abela Publishing. =============== KEYWORDS/TAGS: Valkyries, Ring Cycle, Norse, Viking, Norse Mythology, legends, Norse Saga, House Of Hunding, The Stranger, Story Of The Stranger, Recognition, Strife, Wotan, Fricka, Siegmund, Lot Cast, cast a lot, Fight, Flight, Brunnhilde, Sentence, Sleep Of Brunnhilde, coming, cry, day, death, earth, eyes, face, father, forest, gods, heart, house, light, love, might, night, shield, Sieglinde, sisters, soul, spring, stood, stranger, sword, voice, Walhalla, Valhalla, wife, woman, wrath, Wagner, Opera, soul, spear, anger, incest, maid, rose, Volsung, Wolsung, sorrow, sweet, hero, heroes, vengeance, shelter, storm, bosom, breast, disobey, sword-hilt, Victory, overcome, shameful, chariot, Grane, Alberich, deliverance, tempest, lovers, Nuthung, destiny,
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The Ride Of The Valkyries

Author : Richard Wagner
ISBN : 9783795720193
Genre : Music
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Over 200 works of the well-known Edition Eulenburg series of scores from orchestral and choral literature, chamber music and music theatre are now available in digital format. You can now enjoy the yellow study scores digitally with one click in excellent reproduction quality. Über 200 Werke der berühmten Edition Eulenburg Partiturreihe für Orchester- und Chorliteratur, Kammermusik und Musiktheater sind nun auch in einer digitalen Aufbereitung erhältlich. In optisch hervorragender Darstellung kann man die gelben Studienpartituren mit einem Klick jetzt auch digital genießen.
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The Valkyries Illustrated By T Noyes Lewis

Author : E. F. Benson
ISBN : 1473312639
Genre : Fiction
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This book contains an English narrative prose of Wagner's Valkyries by E. F. Benson. Here this classic tale from Norse Mythology is accompanied by Thomas Noyes Lewis's beautiful line drawings. This book, originally published in 1903, is here republished with a new introductory biography of E. F. Benson. Benson was born in 1867 and was a well known author of novels, biographies and short stories, he is perhaps best known for his ghost stories.
Category: Fiction

The Valkyries 6

Author : Heather Knox
ISBN : 168076909X
Genre :
File Size : 78.80 MB
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In the aftermath of the Keeper and Praedari war, Delilah learns from the Council the fate of those Praedari captured: the Ritae Cruciatus, a barbaric set of customs predating the Praedari. Delilah must make a choice between two people she once loved: Will she save Victor from his Final Moment, or honor the memory and unlife's work of Zeke? Of course, the Valkyries may have other plans for her--and Delilah's not the only one with a past. "The Valkyries" is book #6 from "Vampire Wars", an EPIC Press series, a division of ABDO.