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The Universe

Author : Carlos I. Calle
ISBN : UOM:39015080884912
Genre : Religion
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Does such evidence reveal a purpose behind the order of the universe? A NASA senior research scientist explores this tantalizing question and many more in this wide-ranging introduction to the very latest and sundry theories about the enormous cosmos.
Category: Religion

Order Without Design

Author : Martha S. Feldman
ISBN : 0804717265
Genre : Political Science
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In this lively and, ultimately, disturbing study of policy analysts who are employed in bureaucracies, the author finds a startling paradox. The analysts know that the papers they so painstakingly prepare will not be used; as one analyst remarked, "Either it won't get done in time, or it won't be good enough, or the person who wanted it done will have left and no one will know what to do with it, or the issue will no longer exist." Yet the analysts continue to work at producing these papers. The means of producing information is at the heart of the paradox. The process systematically produces information that is difficult to use directly in decision-making. Yet analysts can do little to alter the constraints of the process. They continue to produce papers because it is their job, they value doing it, and it is their major means of influencing policy. In so doing they make a unique, though indirect, contribution to policy making. Drawing on eighteen months of observation and participation in the work of the policy office of the U.S. Department of Energy, the author fully investigates the conditions that create the paradox and the positive as well as the negative implications of the process of information production in organizations.
Category: Political Science

Ex Auditu Volume 32

Author : Klyne Snodgrass
ISBN : 9781532616884
Genre : Religion
File Size : 76.69 MB
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Introduction Klyne Snodgrass On Bringing Home the Bacons: Reflections on Science, Faith, and Scripture Iain Provan Response to Provan John Walton Paul and the Person: Perspectives from Philosophy and the Cognitive Sciences Susan Grove Eastman Response to Eastman A. Andrew Das Evolutionary Psychology and Romans 5-7: The "Slavery to Sin" in Human Nature Paul Allen Response to Allen Christopher Lilley Multiverse: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives Gerald B. Cleaver Made as Mirrors: Biblical and Neuroscientific Reflections on Imaging God Joshua M. Moritz Response to Moritz Tyler Johnson Forming Identities in Grace: Imitatio and Habitus as Contemporary Categories for the Sciences of Mindfulness and Virtue Michael Spezio Knowing in Part: The Demands of Scientific and Religious Knowledge in Everyday Decisions, or "She Blinded Me With Science!" and Deciding Whether to Wear Checks with Stripes Johnny Wei-Bing Lin Response to Lin Linda M. Eastwood "A Rock of Offense": The Problem of Scripture in Science and Theology Hans Madueme Response to Madueme Matthew Maas Annotated Bibliography on Science and Religion Presenters and Respondents
Category: Religion

Economic Sentiments

Author : Emma Rothschild
ISBN : 9780674725621
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52.27 MB
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A benchmark in the history of economics and of political ideas, Rothschild shows us the origins of laissez-faire economic thought and its relation to political conseratism in an unquiet world.
Category: Business & Economics

The Ascent Of Humanity

Author : Charles Eisenstein
ISBN : 9781583945377
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 63.48 MB
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Charles Eisenstein explores the history and potential future of civilization, tracing the converging crises of our age to the illusion of the separate self. In this limited hardcover edition of Eisenstein's landmark book, he argues that our disconnection from one another and the natural world has mislaid the foundations of science, religion, money, technology, economics, medicine, and education as we know them. It has fired our near-pathological pursuit of technological Utopias even as we push ourselves and our planet to the brink of collapse. Fortunately, an Age of Reunion is emerging out of the birth pangs of an earth in crisis. Our journey of separation hasn't been a terrible mistake but an evolutionary process and an adventure in self-discovery. Even in our darkest hour, Eisenstein sees the possibility of a more beautiful world--not through the extension of millennia-old methods of management and control but by fundamentally reimagining ourselves and our systems. We must shift away from our Babelian efforts to build ever-higher towers to heaven and instead turn out attention to creating a new kind of civilization--one designed for beauty rather than height. Breathtaking in its scope and intelligence, The Ascent of Humanity is a landmark book showing what it truly means to be human. "A tour-de-force filled with astounding insight, wit, wisdom and heart." --Christopher Uhl, author of Developing Ecological Consciousness: Paths to a Sustainable Future "Quite marvelous, a hugely important work. This book is truly needed in this time of deepening crisis." --John Zerzan, author of Future Primitive and Elements of Refusal
Category: Philosophy

Superstrings And Other Things

Author : Carlos I. Calle
ISBN : 9781439810743
Genre : Science
File Size : 38.77 MB
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A research scientist at NASA working on planetary exploration, Carlos Calle has the opportunity to ponder what seems imponderable, but while that might make Dr. Calle unusual, what makes him truly special is his ability to translate the algebraic formulas and calculus-based logic into concepts that can be appreciated and held in awe by those in possession of tools no more sophisticated than curiosity and imagination. Superstrings and Other Things: A Guide to Physics, Second Edition continues to take the interested on a uniquely accessible journey through physics. This guide explains the basic concepts of motion, energy, and gravity, right up through the latest theories about the structure of matter, the origin of the universe, and the beginning of time. Fully illustrated throughout, the book explores major discoveries and the scientists behind them, from Galileo, Newton, and Einstein, to Feynman and Hawking. Numerous examples of physics in everyday situations are provided and made tangible. When Dr. Calle wrote the first edition of this bestseller, even he would have been surprised by the newest development in String Theory, the far reaching M-Theory. In addition to details about M-Theory, he adds a number of other surprises and updated material for this edition. Not only will you be rewarded with a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts of physics, but you will also come to have the chance to stand on the very edge of the breathtaking frontiers of physics today. Offers non-science students and others access to the highest peaks of physics Supports a truly conceptual approach to teaching physics without advanced math Emphasizes concepts and ideas rather than equations Provides up-to-date coverage of modern physics Showcases modern applications of physics in our everyday world Builds interest with landmark discoveries and recent breakthroughs Ties ideas to history with several biographical sketches Includes clear illustrations and beautiful photographs in a four page insert Provides a wealth of conceptual and numerical problems Now includes a Solutions Manual with qualifying course adoptions Carlos I. Calle is a senior research physicist at NASA Kennedy Space Center and the founder and director of NASA’s Electrostatics and Surface Physics Laboratory. He is the recipient of numerous NASA awards for exceptional contributions to the space program and outstanding support of the Space Shuttle Program. With his laboratory staff, he has developed technologies for NASA’s lunar and Martian exploration programs and has also developed new testing techniques for several Space Shuttle systems. As a professor of physics during the early part of his career, he taught the whole range of college physics courses. He has published over 150 scientific papers and other popular books on physics.
Category: Science

God And Philosophy

Author : Antony Flew
ISBN : UOM:39015064678728
Genre : Philosophy
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In this classic primer to the philosophy of religion, Antony Flew subjects a wide range of philosophical arguments for the existence of the Christian God to intense critical scrutiny. However, the rumour in some circles is that Flew - long-time advocate of atheistic humanism - has become a theist. Judge for yourself.
Category: Philosophy