The Unaccommodated Calvin

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The Unaccommodated Calvin

Author : Richard A. Muller
ISBN : 0195348567
Genre : Religion
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This book attempts to understand Calvin in his 16th-century context, with attention to continuities and discontinuities between his thought and that of his predecessors, contemporaries, and successors. Muller pays particular attention to the interplay between theological and philosophical themes common to Calvin and the medieval doctors, and to developments in rhetoric and method associated with humanism.
Category: Religion

Paths Beyond Tracing Out

Author : Dolf te Velde
ISBN : 9789059723665
Genre : Gereformeerden
File Size : 70.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Gereformeerden

Calvin And The Reformed Tradition

Author : Richard A. Muller
ISBN : 9781441242549
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87.52 MB
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Richard Muller, a world-class scholar of the Reformation era, examines the relationship of Calvin's theology to the Reformed tradition, indicating Calvin's place in the tradition as one of several significant second-generation formulators. Muller argues that the Reformed tradition is a diverse and variegated movement not suitably described either as founded solely on the thought of John Calvin or as a reaction to or deviation from Calvin, thereby setting aside the old "Calvin and the Calvinists" approach in favor of a more integral and representative perspective. Muller offers historical corrective and nuance on topics of current interest in Reformed theology, such as limited atonement/universalism, union with Christ, and the order of salvation.
Category: Religion

The Enduring Authority Of The Christian Scriptures

Author : D. A. Carson
ISBN : 9780802865762
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59.62 MB
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In this volume, thirty-seven first-rate evangelical scholars present a thorough study of biblical authority and a full range of issues connected to it. Recognizing that Scripture and its authority are now being both challenged and defended with renewed vigor, editor D.A. Carson assigned the topics that these select scholars address in the book. After an introduction by Carson to the many facets of the current discussion, the contributors present robust essays on relevant historical, biblical, theological, philosophical, epistemological, and comparative-religions topics. To conclude, Carson answers a number of frequently asked questions about the nature of Scripture, cross-referencing these FAQs to the preceding chapters. This comprehensive volume by a team of recognized experts will be the go-to reference on the nature and authority of the Bible for years to come. -- Amazon
Category: Religion

The Calvin Handbook

Author : H. J. Selderhuis
ISBN : 9780802862303
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 65.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Research on French theologian John Calvin is a growing field, currently flourishing around the world. Calvin?s quincentennial this year has lent such research even greater momentum. The Calvin Handbook is designed to support and stimulate this research. However, not only do the contributors to this volume provide excellent information for experts in the field, they also give reliable information to those who do not deal with Calvin on a scholarly level. / Based on the latest research findings, this international team of renowned scholars offers a comprehensive view of Calvin?s biography, his theology, and the history of his reception. The Calvin Handbook is a uniquely helpful resource on Calvin for readers of every interest level.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The School Of God

Author : Raymond A. Blacketer
ISBN : 1402039123
Genre : History
File Size : 28.37 MB
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This study examines Jean Calvin’s attempt to nurture a godly society and further his vision of ecclesiastical and societal reform by means of sound pedagogy and persuasive rhetoric. The focus of this work is Calvin’s interpretation of the latter Pentateuch, and particularly the book of Deuteronomy. The author examines Calvin’s exegesis and rhetoric in his commentary on the latter Pentateuch, as well as the sermons that Calvin preached on Deuteronomy—material that has received little scholarly attention. Calvin’s interpretations are compared with the preceding exegetical tradition and with his contemporaries, and always considered in the contexts of the early modern interest in classical rhetoric and that of the reform of church, theology, and society in Switzerland and beyond. Commonly held assumptions about Calvin’s methodology, such as his alleged aversion to rhetoric and the scholarly fixation on his laconic style, are challenged, nuanced, and corrected. Because of its fresh, contextual approach to Calvin’s thought, this study will be an important resource for students of the history of exegesis as well as for Calvin scholars, and it will appeal to seminary as well as university students.
Category: History

John Calvin Myth And Reality

Author : Amy N. Burnett
ISBN : 9781621891970
Genre : Religion
File Size : 74.46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The chapters in this volume were originally presented as papers at the 2009 colloquium of the Calvin Studies Society, held to mark the five-hundredth anniversary of John Calvin's birth. They offer a fresh evaluation of Calvin's ideas and achievements, and describe how others--from his contemporaries to the present--have responded to or built upon the Calvinist heritage. This book dispels popular misperceptions about Calvin and Calvinism, allowing readers to make a more accurate assessment of Calvin's importance as a theologian and historical figure. Contributions address areas in which Calvin's legacy has been most controversial or misunderstood, such as his attitude toward women, his advocacy of church discipline, and his understanding of predestination. These essays also give a nuanced picture of the impact of Calvinism by taking account of both the positive and negative reactions to it from the early modern period to the present. Part 1: Calvin: The Man and His Work Part 2: Appeal of and Responses to Calvinism Part 3: The Impact of Calvin's Ideas
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Author : George W. Stroup
ISBN : 9781426760402
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69.5 MB
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Abingdon Pillars of Theology is a series for the college and seminary classroom designed to help students grasp the basic and necessary facts, influence, and significance of major theologians. Written by noted scholars, these books outline the context, methodology, organizing principles, primary contributions, and key writings of people who have shaped theology as we know it today. John Calvin (1509-1564) continues to be read and discussed because he illumines our human experience. Although inseparable from his context, Calvin's theology speaks for itself, thus identifying ways Calvin remains a living voice for those who struggle with the meaning of Christian faith.
Category: Religion

Calvin Today

Author : Michael Welker
ISBN : 9780567182432
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Distinguished scholars discuss Calvin and his surprisingly up to date relevance addressing three central current issues: faith, ecumenism and public responsibility.
Category: Religion

Calvin S Doctrine Of The State

Author : Mark J. Larson
ISBN : 9781606080733
Genre : Religion
File Size : 27.6 MB
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Contemporary treatments of Calvin's political views often imply that he embraced a theocratic civil polity and that he was committed to holy war doctrine. On the basis of the primary sources, the first half of this volume argues that neither position is correct. Calvin, in his political thought, maintained the superiority of a republic as a civil polity. In addition, he placed himself firmly within the medieval just war tradition that was established by Augustine of Hippo and later reaffirmed by Thomas Aquinas. In terms of his commitment to classical just war teaching, Calvin stood in continuity with Martin Luther, even while he distanced himself from the holy war perspective of the Zurich Reformers Henry Bullinger and Peter Martyr Vermigli. In the thinking of Calvin, a war could only be authorized by the state, not the church. War had to be prosecuted with humanity and restraint, and not in the tradition of the medieval crusade. The second half of the book sets forth what Calvin actually believed on the matter of government and war. Here we examine his teaching on parliamentary resistance to monarchical tyranny and the full dimensions of his commitment to justice of war categories. Unlike Luther and Bullinger, Calvin provided a parliamentary remedy for the perennial evil of tyranny. With Vermigli and Theodore Beza siding with Calvin on this right, a body of Reformed doctrine was established to which succeeding generations could appeal for teaching, direction, and justification for taking up arms. It is clear that Calvin's political legacy is profoundly evident in the American Revolutionary War and in the constitutional determination for a republic in the United States of America. Calvin's ecclesiastical republicanism, as it came to fruition in Presbyterian church government, was a powerful impetus toward the creation of republican institutions in civil government.
Category: Religion

Calvinus Pr Ceptor Ecclesi Papers Of The International Congress On Calvin Research Princeton August 20 24 2002

Author : Max Engammare
ISBN : 2600008519
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47.93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Elsie McKee, "Calvin and His Colleagues as Pastors: Some New Insights into the Collegial Ministry of Word and Sacraments"; Jeffrey R. Watt, "Childhood and Youth in the Geneva Consistory Minutes"; Christoph Strohm, "Methodology in Discussion of 'Calvin and Calvinism'"; Max Engammare, "D’une forme l’autre: Commentaires et sermons de Calvin sur la Genèse "; Cornelis Augustijn / Christoph Burger / Frans P. van Stam, "Calvin in the Light of the Early Letters" ; Christian Link, "Die Finalität des Menschen Zur Perspektive der Anthropologie Calvins"; Robert M. Kingdon, "Calvin’s last years"; Victor E. d’Assonville jr., "Dogma und Doctrina Bei Calvin in einer begrifflichen wechselwirkung: Ein Seminarbericht "; Wim Janse, "Calvin, a Lasco und Beza: Eine gemeinsame Abendmahlserklärung (Mai 1556)? Bericht eines Forschungsseminars mit offenem Ausgang"; A.N.S. Lane, "Calvin and Article 5 of the Regensburg Colloquy"; Jae Sung Kim, "Prayer in Calvin’s soteriology "; Barbara Pitkin: "Redefining Repentance: Calvin and Melanchthon"; Wilhelmus H.Th. Moehn, "Abraham – 'père de l’église de Dieu'. A Comparison of Calvin’s Commentary and Sermons on Acts 7:1-6 287"; Christian Grosse, "’En esprit et en vérité’? La part du rituel dans la culture religieuse réformée (Genève, XVIe siècle)"; Mihály Márkus, "Calvin und Polen. Gedankenfragmente in Verbindung mit einer Empfehlung"; Dr. E.A. de Boer, "Calvin and Colleagues. Propositions and Disputations in the Context of the Congrégations in Geneva"; Irena Backus, "Calvin’s knowledge of Greek language and philosophy"; Randall C. Zachman, "Crying To God on the Brink of Despair: The Assurance of Faith Revisited ".
Category: Religion

John Calvin And Evangelical Theology

Author : Sung Wook Chung
ISBN : 9780664233464
Genre : Religion
File Size : 63.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This latest offering by noted theologian Sung Wook Chung examines the ways in which John Calvin continues to impact the global evangelical movement in the twenty-first century. This useful collection is perhaps most distinguished by the diversity of its contributors. Literally spanning the globe, the group of scholars whose work is included represents a wealth of viewpoints from various traditions including Dutch neo-Calvinism, the French Reformed tradition, Scottish-American Presbyterianism, Anglicanism, Congregationalism, the Baptist tradition, Calvinist Dispensationalism, Asian Reformed tradition, African American Reformed tradition, and Latin American Evangelicalism. Together, they offer an enlightening glimpse into the historical Calvin and project that understanding on the evangelical movement of the future.
Category: Religion

Calvinism S First Battleground

Author : Michael W. Bruening
ISBN : 1402041934
Genre : History
File Size : 89.67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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... Sheds new light on the origin of Calvinism and the Reformed faith through a detailed examination of the Reformation in the Pays de Vaud.
Category: History

Believer S Baptism

Author : Thomas R. Schreiner
ISBN : 9781433669057
Genre : Religion
File Size : 67.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Is believer’s baptism the clear teaching of the New Testament Scriptures? What are the historical and theological challenges to believer’s baptism? What are the practical applications for believer’s baptism today? Volume two in the NEW AMERICAN COMMENTARY STUDIES IN BIBLE & THEOLOGY (NACSBT) series for pastors, advanced Bible students, and other deeply committed laypersons addresses these compelling questions. Indeed, Believer’s Baptism begins with the belief that believer’s baptism (as opposed to infant baptism or other faith proclaiming methods) is the clear teaching of the New Testament. Along the way, the argument is supported by written contributions from Andreas Kostenberger, Robert Stein, Thomas Schreiner, Stephen Wellum, Steve McKinion, Jonathan Rainbow, Shawn Wright, and Mark Dever. Users will find this an excellent extension of the long-respected NEW AMERICAN COMMENTARY.
Category: Religion

The Oxford Illustrated History Of The Reformation

Author : Peter Marshall
ISBN : 9780191045516
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Reformation was a seismic event in history, whose consequences are still working themselves out in Europe and across the world. The protests against the marketing of indulgences staged by the German monk Martin Luther in 1517 belonged to a long-standing pattern of calls for internal reform and renewal in the Christian Church. But they rapidly took a radical and unexpected turn, engulfing first Germany and then Europe as a whole in furious arguments about how God's will was to be 'saved'. However, these debates did not remain confined to a narrow sphere of theology. They came to reshape politics and international relations; social, cultural, and artistic developments; relations between the sexes; and the patterns and performances of everyday life. They were also the stimulus for Christianity's transformation into a truly global religion, as agents of the Roman Catholic Church sought to compensate for losses in Europe with new conversions in Asia and the Americas. Covering both Protestant and Catholic reform movements, in Europe and across the wider world, this beautifully illustrated volume tells the story of the Reformation from its immediate, explosive beginnings, through to its profound longer-term consequences and legacy for the modern world. The story is not one of an inevitable triumph of liberty over oppression, enlightenment over ignorance. Rather, it tells how a multitude of rival groups and individuals, with or without the support of political power, strove after visions of 'reform'. And how, in spite of themselves, they laid the foundations for the plural and conflicted world we now inhabit.
Category: Religion

Pro Ecclesia Vol 15 N2

Author : Pro Ecclesia
ISBN : 9781442229044
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53.38 MB
Format : PDF
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Pro Ecclesia is a quarterly journal of theology published by the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology. It seeks to give contemporary expression to the one apostolic faith and its classic traditions, working for and manifesting the church's unity by research, theological construction, and free exchange of opinion. Members of its advisory council represent communities committed to the authority of Holy Scripture, ecumenical dogmatic teaching and the structural continuity of the church, and are themselves dedicated to maintaining and invigorating these commitments. The journal publishes biblical, liturgical, historical and doctrinal articles that promote or illumine its purposes. Ways to subscribe: Call toll-free: 800-273-2223 Email: [email protected] For back-issues, please contact [email protected] Editorial inquiries: Joseph Mangina, [email protected] Submissions should be sent by email attachment in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, with identifying marks removed for the purposes of blind peer review. Book review inquiries: Chad Pecknold, [email protected] Advertising inquiries: Charles Roth, Jr., [email protected] Subscription inquiries: [email protected] ISSN: 1063-8512
Category: Religion

Contesting The Reformation

Author : C. Scott Dixon
ISBN : 9781118272305
Genre : History
File Size : 66.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Contesting the Reformation provides a comprehensive survey of the most influential works in the field of Reformation studies from a comparative, cross-national, interdisciplinary perspective. Represents the only English-language single-authored synthetic study of Reformation historiography Addresses both the English and the Continental debates on Reformation history Provides a thematic approach which takes in the main trends in modern Reformation history Draws on the most recent publications relating to Reformation studies Considers the social, political, cultural, and intellectual implications of the Reformation and the associated literature
Category: History

The Young Spinoza

Author : Yitzhak Y. Melamed
ISBN : 9780199971688
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 24.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Ex nihilo nihil fit. Philosophy, especially great philosophy, does not appear out of the blue. In the current volume, a team of top scholars-both up-and-coming and established-attempts to trace the philosophical development of one of the greatest philosophers of all time. Featuring twenty new essays and an introduction, it is the first attempt of its kind in English and its appearance coincides with the recent surge of interest in Spinoza in Anglo-American philosophy. Spinoza's fame-or notoriety-is due primarily to his posthumously published magnum opus, the Ethics, and, to a lesser extent, to the 1670 Theological-Political Treatise. Few readers take the time to study his early works carefully. If they do, they are likely to encounter some surprising claims, which often diverge from, or even utterly contradict, the doctrines of the Ethics. Consider just a few of these assertions: that God acts from absolute freedom of will, that God is a whole, that there are no modes in God, that extension is divisible and hence cannot be an attribute of God, and that the intellectual and corporeal substances are modes in relation to God. Yet, though these claims reveal some tension between the early works and the Ethics, there is also a clear continuity between them. Spinoza wrote the Ethics over a long period of time, which spanned most of his philosophical career. The dates of the early drafts of the Ethics seem to overlap with the assumed dates of the composition of the Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect and the Short Treatise on God, Man, and His Well Being and precede the publication of Spinoza's 1663 book on Descartes' Principles of Philosophy. For this reason, a study of Spinoza's early works (and correspondence) can illuminate the nature of the problems Spinoza addresses in the Ethics, insofar as the views expressed in the early works help us reconstruct the development and genealogy of the Ethics. Indeed, if we keep in mind the common dictum "nothing comes from nothing"-which Spinoza frequently cites and appeals to-it is clear that great works like the Ethics do not appear ex nihilo. In light of the preeminence and majesty of the Ethics, it is difficult to study the early works without having the Ethics in sight. Still, we would venture to say that the value of Spinoza's early works is not at all limited to their being stations on the road leading to the Ethics. A teleological attitude of such a sort would celebrate the works of the "mature Spinoza" at the expense of the early works. However, we have no reason to assume that on all issues the views of the Ethics are better argued, developed, and motivated than those of the early works. In other words, we should keep our minds open to the possibility that on some issues the early works might contain better analysis and argumentation than the Ethics.
Category: Philosophy

Waters Of Promise

Author : Brandon C. Jones
ISBN : 9781621896791
Genre : Religion
File Size : 30.73 MB
Format : PDF
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Many Christians who practice believer baptism struggle to answer basic questions about it, such as: What does it mean to be baptized? How does baptism relate to faith? What does God do through baptism? In Waters of Promise, Brandon Jones seeks to answer these questions by drawing from Scripture, theology, history, and church practice. The resulting recovery of the link between covenant theology and believer baptism may change not only how you think about baptism but also how your church practices it.
Category: Religion

Rescue For The Dead

Author : Jeffrey A. Trumbower
ISBN : 0198032323
Genre : Religion
File Size : 89.39 MB
Format : PDF
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Christianity is a religion of salvation in which believers have always anticipated post-mortem bliss for the faithful and non-salvation for others. Here, Trumbower examines how and why death came to be perceived as such a firm boundary of salvation. Analyzing exceptions to this principle from ancient Christianity, he finds that the principle itself was slow to develop and not universally accepted in the Christian movement's first four hundred years. In fact, only in the West was this principle definitively articulated, due in large part to the work and influence of Augustine.
Category: Religion