The Two Koreas

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The Two Koreas

Author : Don Oberdorfer
ISBN : 9780465050888
Genre : History
File Size : 23.8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An acclaimed history of the Korean Peninsula from World War II to the present day North Korea is an impoverished, famine-ridden nation, but it is also a nuclear power whose dictator Kim Jong-un regularly threatens his neighbors and adversaries, the United States in particular, with destruction. Even though Kim and President Donald Trump's responses to him dominate the daily headlines, the idea that North Korea is a menace is not a new one. Indeed, ever since Korea was first divided at the end of World War II, the tension between its northern and southern halves has riveted-and threatened to embroil--the rest of the world. In this landmark history, veteran journalist Don Oberdorfer and Korea expert Robert Carlin grippingly describe how a historically homogenous people became locked in a perpetual struggle for supremacy--and how other nations including the United States have tried, and failed, to broker a lasting peace.
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The Two Koreas

Author :
ISBN : 1642652180
Genre : Korea (North)
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Bipolar Orders

Author : Hyung Gu Lynn
ISBN : 1842777432
Genre : History
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In Bipolar Orders, Hyung Gu Lynn examines both North Korea and South Korea since the 1980's. While North Korea has experienced severe economic deterioration and increasing international isolation, South Korea has undergone democratization and witnessed the emergence of a vibrant consumer culture. Paradoxically, this growing gap in ideologies and material standards has led to improved relations between the two countries. Why has this counterintuitive development occurred? Is North Korea really a threat, and if so, to whom? .
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The Two Koreas

Author : Kyŏng-dong Kim
ISBN : STANFORD:36105015796639
Genre : Korea
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The United States And The Two Koreas

Author : George R Pitman
ISBN : 9798686253780
Genre :
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A comprehensive huistory of North Korea's relations with the United States, South Korea, China, Russia and Japan from Jpan's occupation of Korea until the present, including the United States nuclear threats against North Korea duiring the 1950-53 Korean war, North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile programs, the negotiations to denuclearize North Koreana, the discussions between President Trunp and Kim Jong Un and the break down in relations between the United States and North Korea.

The Two Koreas In 2000

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822029806072
Genre : Korea (North)
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Getting To Know The Two Koreas

Author : Richard J. H. Johnston
ISBN : LCCN:65010885
Genre : Korea
File Size : 31.68 MB
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Describes the history, government, economy, culture, and everyday life of North and South Korea.
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The Two Koreas

Author : Ralph N. Clough
ISBN : UCSD:31822015125594
Genre : Korea
File Size : 86.35 MB
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The Two Koreas And The United States

Author : Wonmo Dong
ISBN : 0765605341
Genre : Korea (North)
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As the global political order enters the twenty-first century, the cold war endures on the Korean peninsula, which has been since the early days of the cold war and remains one of the most dangerous flashpoints in the world. The fragility of the political, economic, and military balance within the two Koreas and in Northeast Asia stubbornly persists, and it is deeply worrisome to policymakers, diplomats, academics, and all watchers of contemporary East Asian affairs. It is noteworthy that most of the problems studied in this volume show no sign of abating. The contributors to this book, most with direct, hands-on experience dealing with the issues being studied, provide in-depth and perceptive analysis of the principal factors that gave rise to the persisting cold war on the Korean peninsula. To a significant extent, they have successfully unraveled many aspects of the complicated domestic and economic dynamics of the two Koreas and the pattern of relations between the two rival states of Korea as well as their changing relations with the United States and other major powers.
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The U S And The Two Koreas

Author : Tong Whan Park
ISBN : 1555878075
Genre : Political Science
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This collection provides an assessment of the triangular relationship involving the US and the two Koreas, as well as the broader dynamics among all the regional actors. The authors discuss the development of nuclear capabilities, changing economic ties, US public opinion and military security.
Category: Political Science

A Troubled Peace

Author : Chae-Jin Lee
ISBN : 0801883318
Genre : History
File Size : 62.6 MB
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In A Troubled Peace, Professor Chae-Jin Lee reviews the vicissitudes of U.S. policy toward South and North Korea since 1948 when rival regimes were installed on the Korean peninsula. He explains the continuously changing nature of U.S.-Korea relations by discussing the goals the United States has sought for Korea, the ways in which these goals have been articulated, and the methods used to implement them. Using a careful analysis of declassified diplomatic documents, primary materials in English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, and extensive interviews with American and Korean officials, Lee draws attention to a number of factors that have affected U.S. policy: the functions of U.S. security policy in Korea, the role of the United States in South Korea's political democratization, President Clinton's policy of constructive engagement toward North Korea, President Bush's hegemonic policy toward North Korea, and the hexagonal linkages among the United States, China, Japan, Russia, and the two Koreas. Drawing on concepts of containment, deterrence, engagement, preemption, and appeasement, Lee's balanced and thoughtful approach reveals the frustrations of all players in their attempts to arrive at a modicum of coexistence. His objective, comprehensive, and definitive study reveals a dynamic—and incredibly complex—series of relationships underpinning a troubled and tenuous peace.
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Author : To-hai Liou
ISBN : UCSD:31822008001430
Genre : China
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The Dmz

Author :
ISBN : 8991913709
Genre :
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A Concise History Of Modern Korea

Author : Michael J. Seth
ISBN : 9781442260481
Genre : History
File Size : 53.25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Now in a fully revised and updated edition, this history of modern Korea explores the social, economic, and political issues it has faced since being catapulted into the wider world at the end of the nineteenth century. Placing this formerly insular society in a global context, Michael J. Seth describes how this ancient, culturally and ethnically homogeneous society first fell victim to Japanese imperialist expansionism, and then was arbitrarily divided in half after World War II. Seth traces the postwar paths of the two Koreas—with different political and social systems and different geopolitical orientations—as they evolved into sharply contrasting societies. South Korea, after an unpromising start, became one of the few postcolonial developing states to enter the ranks of the first world, with a globally competitive economy, a democratic political system, and a cosmopolitan and dynamic culture. By contrast, North Korea became one of the world's most totalitarian and isolated societies, a nuclear power with an impoverished and famine-stricken population. Considering the radically different and historically unprecedented trajectories of the two Koreas, Seth assesses the insights they offer for understanding not only modern Korea but the broader perspective of world history. All readers looking for a balanced, knowledgeable history will be richly rewarded with this clear and cogent book.
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Korean Arms Control

Author : Tong Hyong Park
ISBN : UCSD:31822018792754
Genre : Arms control
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Moving The Glacier

Author : Morton Abramowitz
ISBN : STANFORD:36105120083782
Genre : Korean reunification question (1945- )
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Category: Korean reunification question (1945- )