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The Triune God

Author : Thomas A. Marsh
ISBN : 9781556359491
Genre : Religion
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The theology of the Trinity is undergoing an intense renewal filled with a vitality and vibrancy not seen since the fourth century. What had become, for most believers, dormant and peripheral to the understanding of the Christian faith is once again at the center of lively theological discussions. The Triune God offers a comprehensive overview of the theology of the Trinity from its origin in the Bible, through the significant periods of development in the early church, and up to the present time. Author Thomas Marsh reviews key biblical understandings of God, explains early church developments, highlights controversies about the Trinity considered at church councils, and chronicles the scholastic distinctions of the middle ages. He also explores contemporary efforts to revitalize the theology of the Trinity, and considers the question of inclusive God-language, the ÒrebirthÓ of the Spirit, and the role of the Trinity in the theology of the kingdom and in the place of the church in society. The Triune God is a serious exploration of the Tirnity well suited to college, seminary, and university courses. Anyone interested in an in-depth examination of the Trinity from a scriptural, historical, and pastoral perspective will find this book essential reading.
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Confessing The Triune God

Author : Daniel Castelo
ISBN : 9781630873769
Genre : Religion
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At the heart of Christian witness is the confession of the triune God. Confessing the Triune God seeks to extend a conversation on Christianity's first article by way of locating Trinitarianism in the life of the worshiping faithful. It does so through an ongoing dialectic between broad and particular confessional lines. Its breadth is constituted by an ongoing assessment of ecumenical consensus and scholarly debates related to Trinitarianism; its repeated framing stems from and returns to the Wesleyan and Methodist family of traditions. In this way, Christian commitments regarding the Trinity can be depicted for their wide appeal as well as their particular logic within a specific worshiping community. The work seeks to guide readers through a process of growing awareness of how the dogma of the Trinity is central to all that Christians say, do, and hope to be.
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The Triune God

Author : Fred Sanders
ISBN : 9780310491507
Genre : Religion
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New Studies in Dogmatics seeks to retrieve the riches of Christian doctrine for the sake of contemporary theological renewal. Following in the tradition of G. C. Berkouwer’s Studies in Dogmatics, this series will provide thoughtful, concise, and readable treatments of major theological topics, expressing the biblical, creedal, and confessional shape of Christian doctrine for a contemporary evangelical audience. The editors and contributors share a common conviction that the way forward in constructive systematic theology lies in building upon the foundations laid in the church’s historic understanding of the Word of God as professed in its creeds, councils, and confessions, and by its most trusted teachers.
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The Mission Of The Triune God

Author : Adam Dodds
ISBN : 9781498283465
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26.75 MB
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Lesslie Newbigin was arguably the greatest missionary thinker of the twentieth century. After a successful missionary career in south India, Newbigin pioneered missionary engagement with the secular West and resurgent Islam. He also led the way in arguing that the Church’s mission can only be understood in light of the doctrine of the Trinity. Over fifty years ago, Newbigin called for the further development of missionary thinking grounded in the Triune being of God. This work is in response to that call. Adam Dodds provides the first in-depth study of Newbigin’s trinitarian theology of mission. Dodds constructs a systematic account of the central features of the mission of the Triune God: the Triune being of God, the mission of the Son, the mission of the Holy Spirit, and the mission of the church. This book contributes to our understanding of the work of Lesslie Newbigin, offers a systematic theological account of the mission of the Triune God, and contributes to the retrieval of Christian mission from the theological margins back to a place of central importance to Christian theology.
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The Triune God

Author : Edmund J. Fortman
ISBN : 9781579102234
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39.84 MB
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ÒA primary condition for fresh thinking on the Trinity is an accurate, objective account of past and present thoughtÓ wrote one reviewer when The Triune God first appeared in 1972. ÒThis [is what] Fortman has presented sensitively, accurately, and compactly.Ó The author sets out Òto trace the historical development of Trinitarian doctrine from its written beginnings to its contemporary status.Ó Thus he treats the biblical witness, the Council of Nicea, Augustine, the Middle Ages, and the development of this doctrine from the fifteenth century to the present in the Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic traditions.
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The Triune God Of Christian Faith

Author : Mary Ann Fatula
ISBN : 0814657656
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73.58 MB
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Although the triune God is the heart of our faith, not much scholarship exists in recent years regarding it. The very depth of the mystery itself inclines us to silence. Also, feminist critiques of male symbols and language about the Trinity make it easier to say nothing. This small volume takes a first step toward answering the need for contemporary scholarship on the Trinity. It opens readers to the meaning of the triune God for our concrete human lives, and in giving a taste of the vast riches of this God, to make the reader hunger for more." "
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The Triune God

Author : Living Stream Ministry
ISBN : 9780870835223
Genre : California
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Systematic Theology Volume 1 The Triune God

Author : Minnesota Robert W. Jenson Director Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theory
ISBN : 9780195358773
Genre : Religion
File Size : 85.78 MB
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The Triune God, together with the forthcoming second volume, The Works of God, develops a compendious statement of Christian theology in the tradition of a medieval summa, or of such modern works as those of Schleiermacher and Barth. Theology, as it is understood here, is the Christian church's continuing discourse concerning her specific communal purpose; it is the hermeneutic and critical reflection internal to the church's task of speaking the gospel, to the world as message and to God in petition and praise. This volume and its successor are thus dedicated to the service of the one church of the creeds; it is for no particular denomination or confession. The interlocutors of this work's analyses and proposals are drawn from wherever in the ecumenical tradition a question may lead: to theologians and traditions ancient, medieval, or modern; Eastern or Western; Catholic or Protestant.
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Human Experience And The Triune God

Author : Bernhard Nausner
ISBN : 3039113909
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31.68 MB
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The overarching aim of this work is to develop a new account of the doctrine of the Trinity. The author proposes that such an approach is overdue because contemporary trinitarian theology pays insufficient attention to the fact that theology as linguistic discourse is inescapably embedded in human experience. Hence the critical analysis of existing trinitarian constructions (Gunton, LaCugna, Moltmann) is impressively sharp. In response Nausner develops an 'interstitial methodology', working between experience and revelation, refusing both revelational and experiential positivisms. In dialogue with contemporary novels, the human sciences (Frankl, Weizsacker), philosophy (Levinas) and biblical narratives, he offers an imaginative, original and contemporary way of conceiving the doctrine of the Trinity in relation to human life."
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