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The Travel Diaries Of Albert Einstein

Author : Albert Einstein
ISBN : 9781400889952
Genre : Science
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The first publication of Albert Einstein’s travel diary to the Far East and Middle East In the fall of 1922, Albert Einstein, along with his then-wife, Elsa Einstein, embarked on a five-and-a-half-month voyage to the Far East and Middle East, regions that the renowned physicist had never visited before. Einstein's lengthy itinerary consisted of stops in Hong Kong and Singapore, two brief stays in China, a six-week whirlwind lecture tour of Japan, a twelve-day tour of Palestine, and a three-week visit to Spain. This handsome edition makes available, for the first time, the complete journal that Einstein kept on this momentous journey. The telegraphic-style diary entries--quirky, succinct, and at times irreverent—record Einstein's musings on science, philosophy, art, and politics, as well as his immediate impressions and broader thoughts on such events as his inaugural lecture at the future site of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, a garden party hosted by the Japanese Empress, an audience with the King of Spain, and meetings with other prominent colleagues and statesmen. Entries also contain passages that reveal Einstein's stereotyping of members of various nations and raise questions about his attitudes on race. This beautiful edition features stunning facsimiles of the diary's pages, accompanied by an English translation, an extensive historical introduction, numerous illustrations, and annotations. Supplementary materials include letters, postcards, speeches, and articles, a map of the voyage, a chronology, a bibliography, and an index. Einstein would go on to keep a journal for all succeeding trips abroad, and this first volume of his travel diaries offers an initial, intimate glimpse into a brilliant mind encountering the great, wide world.
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Einstein Before Israel

Author : Ze'ev Rosenkranz
ISBN : 9780691144122
Genre : History
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Albert Einstein was initially skeptical and even disdainful of the Zionist movement, yet he affiliated himself with this controversial political ideology and today is widely seen as an outspoken advocate for a modern Jewish homeland in Palestine. What enticed this renowned scientist and humanitarian, who repeatedly condemned nationalism of all forms, to radically change his views? Was he in fact a Zionist? Einstein Before Israel traces Einstein's involvement with Zionism from his initial contacts with the movement at the end of World War I to his emigration from Germany in 1933 in the wake of Hitler's rise to power. Drawing on a wealth of rare archival evidence--much of it never before published--this book offers the most nuanced picture yet of Einstein's complex and sometimes stormy relationship with Jewish nationalism. Ze'ev Rosenkranz sheds new light on Einstein's encounters with prominent Zionist leaders, and reveals exactly what Einstein did and didn't like about Zionist beliefs, objectives, and methods. He looks at the personal, cultural, and political factors that led Einstein to support certain goals of Jewish nationalism; his role in the birth of the Hebrew University; his impressions of the emerging Jewish settlements in Palestine; and his reaction to mounting violence in the Arab-Jewish conflict. Rosenkranz explores a host of fascinating questions, such as whether Zionists sought to silence Einstein's criticism of their movement, whether Einstein was the real manipulator, and whether this Zionist icon was indeed a committed believer in Zionism or an iconoclast beholden to no one.
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Albert Einstein

Author : Alice Calaprice
ISBN : 0313330808
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Presents the life and accomplishments of the German physicist whose theory of relativity had a profound effect on modern views of space and time.
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Albert Einstein The Human Side

Author : Albert Einstein
ISBN : 9781400848126
Genre : Science
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Modesty, humor, compassion, and wisdom are the traits most evident in this illuminating selection of personal papers from the Albert Einstein Archives. The illustrious physicist wrote as thoughtfully to an Ohio fifth-grader, distressed by her discovery that scientists classify humans as animals, as to a Colorado banker who asked whether Einstein believed in a personal God. Witty rhymes, an exchange with Queen Elizabeth of Belgium about fine music, and expressions of his devotion to Zionism are but some of the highlights found in this warm and enriching book.
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Einstein On The Road

Author : Josef Eisinger
ISBN : 9781616144616
Genre : Science
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At the height of his fame, Albert Einstein traveled throughout the world, from Japan to South America and many places in between. During these voyages, between 1922 and 1933, he was in the habit of keeping travel diaries in which he recorded his impressions of people and events, as well as his musings on everything from music and politics to quantum mechanics and psychoanalysis. These fascinating records are now here published in thier entirety, painting an engaging personal portrait of Einstein the man. The author has created a vivid and entertaining narrative that brings Einstein’s voice to the fore. During Einstein’s travels far and wide, he meets with royalty, presidents, movie stars, and artists—Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Fritz Kreisler, and Sinclair Lewis, as well as the most eminent scientists of the time, including Niels Bohr, Max Planck, Erwin Schrödinger, and Edwin Hubble. In his travel entries, we read his candid impressions of the Far East during a long sea voyage to Japan (1922), where Einstein is welcomed with enormous enthusiasm, and steals the show at an imperial reception. He and Elsa visit and explore many Japanese cities, as well as Singapore, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Barcelona, Madrid, and Jerusalem, where Einstein cogitates on Zionism and sees it in action. In 1931, the couple spends eight weeks in Pasadena, where Einstein enjoys fruitful interactions with scientists at Caltech and the Mount Wilson observatory. This portion of the diaries contains illuminating observations about America, science, and the Hollywood celebrities he encounters. He returns to Caltech two more times, and enjoys two extended sojourns in another academic sanctuary, Oxford University. Back at home in Berlin, his diary shows his deep involvement with the academic, social, and cultural life of the German capital, and with the politics of the Weimar Republic. He discusses books, dinner parties, plays, concerts, and sailing, but his greatest passion, apart from physics, is music; he is never happier than when playing chamber music, preferably Mozart—and he does so at every opportunity. A lifelong pacifist, he watches the rise of the Nazis with anxiety, and when Hitler gains control in 1933, he renounces pacifism and searches for a place of refuge. He finds it in Princeton, New Jersey, where he joins the newly created Institute for Advanced Study and becomes an American, never more to roam. Filled with memorable vignettes, this singular book provides a window into the thoughts and opinions of the twentieth century’s most celebrated scientist and allows us to share in his exhilarating experiences.
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Einstein S Racism Exposed

Author : Christopher Jon Bjerknes
ISBN : 1726475239
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The world knows Albert Einstein as a cuddly and rebellious humanitarian who advocated peace and good relations among all humanity. That carefully crafted image is false. The truth is much darker and can be found in his statements and actions which contradict this cartoon character persona. The real man was a hateful bigot. Though Einstein famously stated that separation "is a disease of white people" he hated Jews who integrated into White society. Einstein passionately believed that the Jewish race should preserve itself and rigidly segregate from all other races. Long before Adolf Hitler came to power, Einstein demanded that Jews isolate themselves from Gentile society, not serve in the German government and form their own student societies. He discouraged mixed marriages and chastised Jews who converted to Christianity as traitors to the tribe. Opposed to this cry for Jewish segregation and the formation of a Jewish State Einstein insisted that all non-Jewish nations surrender their sovereignty and rights of self-determination to a global government. He stated, "I am against nationalism but for the Jewish cause." He bore a lifelong hatred of Germans that grew into a genocidal desire to exterminate all Europeans. Einstein said, "I get most joy from the emergence of the Jewish state in Palestine. It does seem to me that our kinfolk really are more sympathetic (at least less brutal) than these horrid Europeans. Perhaps things can only improve if only the Chinese are left, who refer to all Europeans with the collective noun ''bandits.''" Einstein advocated a European Union and asserted that the Chinese were a superior race to Europeans and were destined to replace Europeans, whom he hated. But his racist hatreds soon spread to the Chinese when he encountered them in person during his travels to raise money for the Zionist cause. The travel diaries he wrote are littered with xenophobic and supremacist views of the Chinese and Jews. Among them, Albert Einstein stated, "It would be a pity if these Chinese supplant all other races. For the likes of us the mere thought is unspeakably dreary." He also wrote, "I noticed how little difference there is between men and women; I don''t understand what kind of fatal attraction Chinese women possess that enthralls the corresponding men to such an extent that they are incapable of defending themselves against the formidable blessing of offspring." Einstein encouraged anti-Semitism and believed it was justified and beneficial to Jews because it helped to segregate Jews from non-Jews. He said, "Why don''t we just let the Goy keep his anti-Semitism, while we preserve our love for the likes of us?" He also wrote, "Anti-Semitism will be a psychological phenomenon as long as Jews come in contact with non-Jews--what harm can there be in that? Perhaps it is due to anti-Semitism that we survive as a race: at least that is what I believe." Statues honoring men of the Confederacy are being removed from public places in the name of combating racism. Politicians are changing the names of streets to increase "diversity". There are cries to dishonor the founding fathers of America due to their participation in slavery. It is illegal to honor Adolf Hitler in Germany. But where is the outrage at Albert Einstein for his racism? Will the over-the-top promotion of the Einstein brand ever end? Will his likeness be removed from all public displays as the distasteful and offensive celebration of a vicious racist? Will librarians pull the hagiographic biographies of Albert Einstein from their shelves, so that children are not misled into idolizing the horrible hater? Will the moniker "genocidal racist" be attached to every pronouncement of his name? Will corporations shun his image? Will it become taboo to use Einstein''s face or name in any and all advertising? Will people cease to call the theory of relativity, "Einstein''s theory"? Or will hypocrisy prevail?

A Lone Traveler

Author : William M. Kramer
ISBN : 0970429541
Genre : Pasadena (Calif.)
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Albert Einstein

Author : Jürgen Renn
ISBN : UCSC:32106018066891
Genre : Science
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In 1905, Albert Einstein published five scientific articles that fundamentally changed the world–view of physics: The Special Theory of Reativity revolutionized our concept of space and time, E=mc² became the best–known equation in physics. On the occasion of the 100th aniversary of his "annus mirabilis" 1905, the UNESCO declared the year 2005 the "World Year of Physics", in order to draw attention to the impact of physics. The Max Planck Institute for the history of science dedicates an exhibition in the Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin to the probably most important scientist of the 20th century. In this book, 100 authors explain the historical background of Einstein′s life and work, shed light on many different aspects of his biography, and on the scientific fields and topics that are connected to Einstein′s work. The authors are some of the most renowned Einstein researchers in the world, such as Jürgen Ehlers, Peter Galison, Zeev Rosenkranz, John Stachel and Robert Schulmann. The essays form a bridge between scientific and cultural history, opening up a perspective on Einstein′s biography which goes beyond the traditional picture of the exceptional science genius.
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Ab Bookman S Weekly

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015039275022
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Author : Walter Isaacson
ISBN : 9781847395894
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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NOW A MAJOR SERIES 'GENIUS' ON NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, PRODUCED BY RON HOWARD AND STARRING GEOFFREY RUSH Einstein is the great icon of our age: the kindly refugee from oppression whose wild halo of hair, twinkling eyes, engaging humanity and extraordinary brilliance made his face a symbol and his name a synonym for genius. He was a rebel and nonconformist from boyhood days. His character, creativity and imagination were related, and they drove both his life and his science. In this marvellously clear and accessible narrative, Walter Isaacson explains how his mind worked and the mysteries of the universe that he discovered. Einstein's success came from questioning conventional wisdom and marvelling at mysteries that struck others as mundane. This led him to embrace a worldview based on respect for free spirits and free individuals. All of which helped make Einstein into a rebel but with a reverence for the harmony of nature, one with just the right blend of imagination and wisdom to transform our understanding of the universe. This new biography, the first since all of Einstein's papers have become available, is the fullest picture yet of one of the key figures of the twentieth century. This is the first full biography of Albert Einstein since all of his papers have become available -- a fully realised portrait of this extraordinary human being, and great genius. Praise for EINSTEIN by Walter Isaacson:- 'YOU REALLY MUST READ THIS.' Sunday Times 'As pithy as Einstein himself.’ New Scientist ‘[A] brilliant biography, rich with newly available archival material.’ Literary Review ‘Beautifully written, it renders the physics understandable.’ Sunday Telegraph ‘Isaacson is excellent at explaining the science. ' Daily Express
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