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The Trauma Sensitive Classroom Building Resilience With Compassionate Teaching

Author : Patricia A. Jennings
ISBN : 9780393711875
Genre : Education
File Size : 34.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From the author of Mindfulness for Teachers, a guide to supporting trauma-exposed students. Fully half the students in U.S. schools have experienced trauma, violence, or chronic stress. In the face of this epidemic, it falls increasingly to teachers to provide the adult support these students need to function in school. But most educators have received little training to prepare them for this role. In her new book, Tish Jennings—an internationally recognized leader in the field of social and emotional learning—shares research and experiential knowledge about the practices that support students' healing, build their resilience, and foster compassion in the classroom. In Part I, Jennings describes the effects of trauma on body and mind, and how to recognize them in students' behavior. In Part II, she introduces the trauma-sensitive practices she has implemented in her work with schools. And in Part III, she connects the dots between mindfulness, compassion, and resilience. Each chapter contains easy-to-use, practical activities to hone the skills needed to create a compassionate learning environment.
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Creating A Trauma Sensitive Classroom Quick Reference Guide

Author : Kristin Souers
ISBN : 1416626212
Genre : Education
File Size : 87.88 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Building on their award-winning book, Kristin Souers and Pete Hall present 12 practical, easy-to-implement strategies to help students living with trauma thrive in the classroom.
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Fostering Resilient Learners

Author : Kristin Souers
ISBN : 9781416621102
Genre : Education
File Size : 23.16 MB
Format : PDF
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In this galvanizing book for all educators, Kristin Souers and Pete Hall explore an urgent and growing issue--childhood trauma--and its profound effect on learning and teaching. Grounded in research and the authors' experience working with trauma-affected students and their teachers, Fostering Resilient Learners will help you cultivate a trauma-sensitive learning environment for students across all content areas, grade levels, and educational settings. The authors--a mental health therapist and a veteran principal--provide proven, reliable strategies to help you * Understand what trauma is and how it hinders the learning, motivation, and success of all students in the classroom. * Build strong relationships and create a safe space to enable students to learn at high levels. * Adopt a strengths-based approach that leads you to recalibrate how you view destructive student behaviors and to perceive what students need to break negative cycles. * Head off frustration and burnout with essential self-care techniques that will help you and your students flourish. Each chapter also includes questions and exercises to encourage reflection and extension of the ideas in this book. As an educator, you face the impact of trauma in the classroom every day. Let this book be your guide to seeking solutions rather than dwelling on problems, to building relationships that allow students to grow, thrive, and--most assuredly--learn at high levels.
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Trauma Sensitive Schools For The Adolescent Years

Author : Susan E. Craig
ISBN : 9780807758250
Genre : Education
File Size : 82.92 MB
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The trauma-sensitive schools movement is the result of a confluence of forces that are changing how educators view students' academic and social problems, including the failure of zero-tolerance policies to resolve issues of school safety, bullying, and academic failure, as well as a new understanding of adolescents' disruptive behaviour. In this follow-up to her bestseller, Trauma-Sensitive Schools, Susan Craig provides secondary school teachers and administrators with practical ideas for how to improve students' achievement by implementing a trauma-sensitive approach to instruction. Along with clear explanations of the role that childhood adversity and trauma play in determining academic success, readers will find dozens of concrete strategies to help them: View poor academic and social progress through a trauma-sensitive lens. Create a school climate that fosters safety and resiliency in vulnerable teenagers. Establish relationships with students that support their efforts to self-regulate. Design instruction that reflects the social nature of the brain. Work with the brain's neuroplasticity to increase adolescents' executive functioning. Reduce teacher attrition in high-risk schools by decreasing secondary traumatic stress. Influence educational reforms by aligning them with current research on childhood trauma and its effects on learning. Provides an overview of the effects of three types of trauma on adolescent development: early childhood adversity, community violence, and systemic inequities. The book links the effects of trauma on students' cognitive development to educational reform efforts, integrates research on adolescents' neurodevelopment and current educational best practices, and builds the capacity of education professionals to successfully manage the behaviour of adolescents with symptoms of complex developmental trauma.
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Trauma Sensitive Schools

Author : Susan Craig
ISBN : 9780807774533
Genre : Education
File Size : 22.69 MB
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Growing evidence supports the important relationship between trauma and academic failure. Along with the failure of “zero tolerance” policies to resolve issues of school safety and a new understanding of children’s disruptive behavior, educators are changing the way they view children’s academic and social problems. In response, the trauma-sensitive schools movement presents a new vision for promoting children’s success. This book introduces this promising approach and provides K–5 education professionals with clear explanations of current research and dozens of practical, creative ideas to help them. Integrating research on children’s neurodevelopment and educational best practices, this important book will build the capacity of teachers and school administrators to successfully manage the behavior of children with symptoms of complex developmental trauma. “Kudos! Susan Craig has done it again. After Reaching and Teaching Children Who Hurt, she has written a book that will help administrators and educators truly make schoolwide trauma sensitivity a regular part of the way their schools are run. A major contribution to education reform.” —Susan Cole, director, Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative, Massachusetts Advocates for Children, and Harvard Law School. “Dr. Craig’s message is clear that promoting self-reflection, self-regulation and integration gives traumatized children the chance at learning that they’re not getting in traditional approaches. And she bravely points out that it’s critical for teachers to recognize the toll that this emotional work can take and the need for self-care. Being mindful of both the importance of trauma sensitive systems and the enormity of the task of helping vulnerable children build resilience is so critical for everyone working with and caring for our children.” —Julie Beem, MBA, Executive Director of the Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc.
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The Supportive Classroom

Author : Laura Anderson
ISBN : 9781646041169
Genre : Education
File Size : 39.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Build a mindful, trauma-aware classroom today with this practical, easy-to-use book. Designed specifically for busy teachers, it is full of strategies and tools for understanding trauma and building empathy. One in four children have witnessed or experienced a traumatic event that can affect behavior and learning. But school can be a safe, stress-free environment that can actually reduce bad behavior, foster resilience, and heal trauma. The Supportive Classroom shows teachers and educators how they can provide the different types of trauma-aware support that each student needs. Written by two experienced school psychologists, The Supportive Classroom offers an easy-to-understand overview of trauma, empathy, and self-care paired with proactive and reactive tools that can be implemented in the classroom right away. These practical ideas include: - Suggestions for classroom setup - Proactive behavioral supports - Checklists for identifying triggers - Examples of trauma-aware support from real-life students and teachers - Strategies for recognizing trauma exposure Every teacher brings their own unique culture, style, and passion into the classroom. This book offers a blueprint for creating a safe, welcoming classroom based in trauma-sensitive practice that can be adapted to your unique classroom.
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Trauma Sensitive Early Education

Author : Sarah Bennett
ISBN : 1695681037
Genre :
File Size : 55.13 MB
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Today, something is going to happen to an innocent child. Tomorrow, that child will walk into their school. What happens next will impact the rest of their life. What is this powerful event? Childhood trauma. Most students will experience some form of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, neglect, family dysfunction, racism, homelessness, or poverty by their eighteenth birthday. If left untreated, their traumatic experience may have lasting implications on their physical and mental health and their success in school. Our growing knowledge of trauma is a call to action for every person that works in education and cares about the wellbeing of children in their community. Trauma-Sensitive Early Education: Helping Pre-School & Elementary Students Thrive! explores the devastating effects that trauma inflicts on students, and how the resulting anguish manifests in the classroom as academic and behavioral struggles. Understanding the problem is just the first part of the journey taken in the book. This in-depth exploration guides educators in the process of creating trauma-sensitive classrooms and research-based instructional strategies that help students with trauma experience social and academic success.

Clinically Based Teacher Education In Action

Author : Eva Garin
ISBN : 9781648020032
Genre : Education
File Size : 40.45 MB
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Teacher education in the United States is changing to meet new policy demands for centering clinical practice and developing robust school-university partnerships to better prepare high-quality teachers for tomorrow’s schools. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SCHOOLS (PDSs) have recently been cited in national reports as exemplars of high-quality school-university partnerships in the clinical preparation of teachers. According to the National Association for Professional Development Schools, PDSs have Nine Essentials that distinguish them from other school-university collaborations. But even with that guidance, working across the boundaries of schools and universities remains messy, complex, and, quite frankly, hard. That’s why, perhaps, there is such diversity in school-university partnerships. For the last thirty years, educators have been fascinated yet puzzled with how to build PDSs. Clinically Based Teacher Education in Action: Cases from PDSs addresses that perplexity by providing images of the possible in school-university collaboration. Each chapter closely examines one of the NAPDS Nine Essentials and then provides three cases from PDSs that target that particular essential. In this way, readers can see how different PDSs from across the globe are innovating to actualize that essential in PDS development. The editors provide commentary, addressing themes across the three cases. Each chapter ends with questions to start collaborative conversations and a field-based activity meant to propel your PDS work forward.
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Building Behavior

Author : Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan
ISBN : 9781544340104
Genre : Education
File Size : 45.6 MB
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Build the behavior system your students need and deserve Students deserve a safe, welcoming, and tolerant learning environment in which high expectations will flourish. Schools need consistent behavior initiatives that are rooted in equity and clear in outcome and purpose. Which plan is best for your students? Building Behavior distills the purpose of six common behavior initiatives to give school leaders a starting point for adding to, refining, or building a tailored behavior system that is effective and manageable. Learn to select, self-assess, and build a behavior system that meets the diverse academic and social/emotional learning needs of your students.
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Healing The Heart

Author : Christine Fonseca
ISBN : 9781618219220
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 47.90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Trauma permeates America's families, and no one is immune to its impact. Natural disasters, community and institutional violence, adverse childhood experiences-these events impact the developing brains and bodies of our youth. Healing the Heart: Provides parents with specific tools to help their trauma-impacted children. Combines the research on adverse childhood experiences and other traumatic events, positive psychology, and resilience. Is presented in an easy-to-read, conversational style. Uses evidence-based strategies, inspirational stories, and role-playing scenarios. Includes the information and tools needed to heal the negative impact of traumatic events. With specific strategies to address diverse forms of trauma and diverse populations, this book is a must-read resource for anyone wanting to reestablish safety, increase resilience, and help heal the long-term impact of trauma.
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