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The Torch And The Sword

Author : Rick Joyner
ISBN : 1929371918
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Torch and the Sword is the long-awaited sequel to The Final Quest and The Call. Written for mature Christians, this book is not recommended for the spiritually timid. Continuing themes established in the previous books, The Torch and the Sword carries these themes further and deeper while venturing into new spiritual territories The Torch and the Sword paints an increasingly broad and clear spiritual picture of our times. As Christians, we are called not only to endure the challenges with which we are faced, but also to prevail, seizing the great spiritual opportunities available to us. The truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the light which is stronger than any darkness. This book is a call to those who will love and stand for the Truth until His victory is complete.
Category: Religion

The Torch And The Sword

Author : Craig Stockings
ISBN : 0868408387
Genre : History
File Size : 45.2 MB
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Commemorates the centenary of the national cadet movement. Since the 1800s hundreds of thousands of school aged Australians have undergone military training in various army cadet schemes.
Category: History

The Blinding Torch

Author : Brian W. Shaffer
ISBN : 0870238310
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 49.86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From the end of the nineteenth century until World War II, questions concerning the ideal nature and current state of "civilization" preoccupied the British public. In a provocative work of both cultural and literary criticism, Brian W. Shaffer explores this debate, showing how representative novels of five British modernists--Joseph Conrad, D. H. Lawrence, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and Malcolm Lowry--address the same issues that engaged such social theorists as Herbert Spencer, Oswald Spengler, Clive Bell, and Sigmund Freud. In examining the intersection of literary discourse and cultural rhetoric, Shaffer draws on the interpretive strategies of Mikhail Bakhtin, Terry Eagleton, Clifford Geertz, and others. He demonstrates that such disparate fictions as Heart of Darkness, The Secret Agent, The Plumed Serpent, Dubliners, Ulysses, Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, and Under the Volcano all portray civilization in the paradoxical image of blindness and insight, obfuscation and enlightenment--as a blinding torch that captivates the eye while it obscures the vision.
Category: Literary Criticism

Four Pretenders And The Talismans Of Darkness And Light

Author : Melvin Karew
ISBN : 9781477153284
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41.7 MB
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The guard at the city gates does not attempt to stop the stranger entering Nuthollia, for his job is to keep people inside the city and no person would enter the city voluntarily unless he were an agent of Grimlindus. Nuthollia, the capital of Neuthonia, is no longer a trading metropolis. Its remaining inhabitants are usually hiding indoors, trying to escape Grimlindus's violent soldiers the tall blond northerners, bandit warriors and Knights of Destruction, as well as goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds and ogres from further east on the steppes. While contact with these soldiers is dangerous and unpredictable, the soldiers do keep the city's economy moving, the trade continuing. So Nuthollia's inhabitants, the original Neuthonics as well as countless released prisoners-of-war, attempt to earn a meagre living in fear and dread. The stranger is Ærnwulf, the tall barbarian who had been learning sword-skills in the cold hills of the Borderlands. He is dressed in heavy furs. His long, straight, black hair is tied back by a broad cloth that completely conceals his forehead and from which hangs three beaded feathers. His heavy broadsword is strapped to his back, partially buried within his fur coat, while a number of knives are strapped to his chest and belt. A two-headed tomahawk hangs from his belt. He is accompanied by Caleb, the huge wolf that is as large as a small pony and which has a thick mane of grey fur. Man and wolf survey the cold, snow-covered streets, looking beyond the unhappy houses to the dark palace standing on a hill near the centre of the city. They turn away from it and head into one of the darker and less inviting neighbourhoods, where even Grimlindus's soldiers would think twice before entering. The houses are closer together than elsewhere; the streets disappear into narrow alleyways and blind corners. Open doorways and boarded windows show that many of the residences are empty of normal occupation. However, a quick survey inside would reveal hiding squatters, ruffians, thieves and muggers. The man and wolf stop in front of a building that is deep within this neighbourhood. This building is similar to all the others, dismal and grey. It has a heavy steel door with a small window at face height, covered by a shutter. The man thumps on the door and the shutter is pulled back, revealing two dark, slanted eyes. "What do you want?" says the bouncer. "Where are your mistresses?" asks Ærnwulf, with a heavy, northern accent. "They are busy. Who wants to know?" "I was sent by Cleosius the warlord, to purchase something which was stolen from him. They are expecting me." The shutter is slid shut and Ærnwulf hears muted discussions behind it. The shutter slides open again. "You are early!" snaps the voice and the shutter slams closed. Ærnwulf thumps on the door again, his blows echoing inside. The shutter is pulled back again. "Can I wait inside?" he asks. The door opens, revealing a seven-and-a-half foot monstrosity, which bends over inside the small front room; its hairy frame fills up the doorway. Bugbear! thinks Ærnwulf, staring at the hairy giant-goblin, which would tower over one of its smaller goblin or hobgoblin cousins. "Come inside," it snarls, "but the wolf stays out there." After re-locking the door, the bugbear leads Ærnwulf along a dimly lit corridor, before arriving at a small room, furnished only with a hard-backed chair. "The mistresses are busy," the bugbear growls, "but I will send someone to fetch them when they are, um, finished. Would you like a drink while you are waiting?" Ærnwulf waves the bugbear away and sits on the chair. In a moment, he becomes completely motionless, his keen eyes surveying every inch of the room. He waits, becoming tenser as he looks at the low ceiling and the walls. After a short time he stands up, goes to the door and tries the handle, finding it locked. H
Category: Fiction

The Scepter And The Blood Stained Sword

Author : Charles L. Foster
ISBN : 9781462817863
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77.32 MB
Format : PDF
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Dark forces are on the move as a ruthless foe sets his will on conquest of Arcavia. A young traveler named Tharen, who tries to find his place in the world, soon discovers that the dangerous adventure he has found himself in is no accident. The question is, whose plan is it a part of? He finds himself and his companions at the center of a war between the very hearts of good and evilwith a nation of souls hanging in the balance. Will Tharen stay true to his faith, or let ambition rule his path? With a spiritually enlightening message that radiates from page to page,The Scepter and the Blood-Stained Sword: Heart of a Hero is a thrilling adventure with a redemptive message that will inspire and encourage you to face lifes long paths and dark places.
Category: Fiction

The Crown And The Sword

Author : Doug Niles
ISBN : 9780786962709
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 86.77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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During the dark years after the War of Souls, chaos threatens the once-mighty empire of Solamnia. Goblins raid even fortified cities, and bandits rule great sections of the countryside. The ruling dukes, lords, and knights bicker and backstab. Through this chaos, James Markham, aided by his steadfast dwarven companion and a beautiful white robed wizard, wields his flaming sword to uphold the principles on which Solamnia was founded.
Category: Fiction

The Savage Knight

Author : Paul Lewis
ISBN : 9781849972871
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 57.26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Sir Dodinal the Savage is more at home in the wild forest than in the tilting yard or the banquet hall. Keenly attuned to the natural world, but burdened with a terrible rage, he turns his back on Camelot to find peace, or a just death. In a quiet village on the Welsh border, Dodinal believes he may have finally found a home, but the village is struck by child-stealing raiders from the hills, and he must take up arms once again in his new friends' aid. His quest will take him into the belly of darkness, as the terrible secret hidden in the hills comes to light...
Category: Fiction

And The Devil Will Drag You Under

Author : Jack L. Chalker
ISBN : 9780575097858
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83.93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Asmodeus Mogart was not a bad fellow, as demons go. Having gotten in trouble back in the home office, he had been assigned to duty on Earth. There he toiled, doing the kinds of things demons do and turning into something of a drunk. Then a rogue asteroid threatened to crash into Earth and destroy all life on the planet - demons included! There had to be a better way. Mac Walters and Jill McCullough, holding a private wake for their world in a Reno bar, were more than startled when a strange-looking little drunk told them they could save the world. All they had to do was enter five alternate universes and steal a demon-guarded jewel in each. Clearly, the man was crazy. But they had nothing better to do than go along with the gag. Then they each found themselves, naked and alone, on a hostile alien world!
Category: Fiction

The World Of Ice Fire

Author : George R. R. Martin
ISBN : 9780345535559
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.63 MB
Format : PDF
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The perfect holiday gift for fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and HBO’s Game of Thrones—an epic history of Westeros and the lands beyond, featuring hundreds of pages of all-new material from George R. R. Martin! If the past is prologue, then George R. R. Martin’s masterwork—the most inventive and entertaining fantasy saga of our time—warrants one hell of an introduction. At long last, it has arrived with The World of Ice & Fire. This lavishly illustrated volume is a comprehensive history of the Seven Kingdoms, providing vividly constructed accounts of the epic battles, bitter rivalries, and daring rebellions that lead to the events of A Song of Ice and Fire and HBO’s Game of Thrones. In a collaboration that’s been years in the making, Martin has teamed with Elio M. García, Jr., and Linda Antonsson, the founders of the renowned fan site—perhaps the only people who know this world almost as well as its visionary creator. Collected here is all the accumulated knowledge, scholarly speculation, and inherited folk tales of maesters and septons, maegi and singers, including • artwork and maps, with more than 170 original pieces • full family trees for Houses Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen • in-depth explorations of the history and culture of Westeros • 100% all-new material, more than half of which Martin wrote specifically for this book The definitive companion piece to George R. R. Martin’s dazzlingly conceived universe, The World of Ice & Fire is indeed proof that the pen is mightier than a storm of swords.
Category: Fiction