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The Thirteen

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ISBN : 9781613100684
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The Quest Of The Thirteen

Author : John DeFilippis
Genre : Fiction
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Life in the Kingdom of Mavinor was lived according to "The Scrolls," until they were attacked by the army of a neighboring kingdom (Xamnon). Every copy of The Scrolls was destroyed in the war. Despite countless hours of labor, the task of reproducing them was far from complete, and their society was slowly unraveling. In order to try and save his people from falling into an age of darkness, King Onestus, whose health is failing, announces that he will assemble a group of thirteen men to undertake a prophesied quest. This quest, to return a sacred medallion to the kingdom, will decide his successor. "The Medallion of Mavinor" is the story of how thirteen very different men learn to work together; warriors, a scholar, a rich man, a fisherman, thrown together against nearly impossible odds. They face off against their world, magical creatures, and one another on an epic journey into the past, and the future of their world.
Category: Fiction

The Thirteen Colonies

Author : Marc Tyler Nobleman
ISBN : 075650211X
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 53.54 MB
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Introduces the European immigrants who came to North America as explorers and settlers, their interactions with native people, and the wars that ultimately led to their independence.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Thirteen Trumpeters

Author : Laurence Meynell
ISBN : 9781471900969
Genre : Fiction
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Hooky Hefferman is commissioned by his formidable aunt to convey a 'brilliantly coloured, exquisitely detailed painting of young soldier blowing a trumpet' to Southern Italy, to her old admirer Sir Lucian Bryers-Fane. Two others are heading in the same direction: a beautiful young academic who has been sent to read a commemorative scroll to Sir Lucian on the occasion of his eightieth birthday; and another party with entirely less admirable objectives.
Category: Fiction

The Thirteen Curses

Author : Michelle Harrison
ISBN : 9781471121685
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 36.66 MB
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The 13 Treasures have become the 13 Curses. When fairies stole her brother, Red vowed to get him back. Now trapped in the fairy realm, she begs to be seen before the fairy court where she strikes a bargain: Her brother in exchange for all thirteen charms from Tanya's bracelet. Back at Elvesden Manor, Red, Tanya, and Fabian begin a desperate hunt, but as they soon find out, the fairies have done more than hide the charms; they've enchanted them with twisted qualities of the thirteen treasures they represent. And the longer the charms are missing, the more dangerous they become. Can Red, Tanya, and Fabian find all thirteen charms? And if they do, will the fairies keep their promise?
Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Thirteen Colonies

Author : Joanne Wachter
ISBN : 9781410846198
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Read about the colonists' motivations for leaving England, the areas of North America where they settled, and the aspects of their daily lives.

The Thirteen

Author : James Patterson
ISBN : 9781491856390
Genre : Fiction
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H4'Five' Lowrey's passage from the center of his universe - Hockingport, Ohio - to nearby Ohio University is more than just a coming of age journey. If Thomsen Lowrey V had a middle initial it would be 'N' for naive. Five's choice of going to college seems his only alternative to following the family tradition of life on Ohio River towboats, as his father and three previous generations had done. With only one hometown friend on campus - Denzel 'The Bear' Duerhof - Five is thrown into the turmoil of university life without a clue of a goal. That changes rapidly as his penchant for drawing brings him early notoriety and that rarity among freshmen, campus recognition. He finds classes, especially art courses, can be fun. He discovers beer drinking, pizza, a unique moneymaking scheme, and above all, a wonderful variety of girls. His love affair with a town girl, Darcy Robinette, leads to even greater campus recognition and his first conflict between life and love. When fraternity rush rolls around, Five goes along with the crowd and finds himself a pledge to Alpha Chi Epsilon. The Thirteen, as the ACE pledge class is known, move from early euphoria to the depths of despair as their pledgeship reveals some of the harsher aspects of brotherhood. When tragedy occurs, the Thirteen maintain their unity to prevail against a sadistic element within the ACE membership. Five's role in this story of changing college life in the Fifties brings him into the realms of Korean War veterans, secret society intrigue, modern art and ultimately, vengeance for a murder which he and his pledge brothers seemingly cannot prove.
Category: Fiction

The Thirteen

Author : Honore de Balzac
ISBN : 9783734090219
Genre : Fiction
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Reproduction of the original: The Thirteen by Honore de Balzac
Category: Fiction

The Thirteen Colonies

Author : Susan E. Hamen
ISBN : 9781617837128
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 32.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Looks at the colonial period of American history, highlighting what led to the continent's colonization, its growth, and the colonies' ultimate break with Britain.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Thirteen Apostles

Author : J. Ellsworth Kalas
ISBN : 9781426753589
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Kalas breathes fresh life into the faith of the men who journeyed with Jesus.
Category: Religion