The Telescope

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The Telescope

Author : Christopher R. Kitchin
ISBN : 0691129797
Genre : Science
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A history of the telescope includes discussion of such related topics as the dark-adapted human eye, interferometry, adaptive optics, and remote sensing.
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The Telescope

Author : Joanne Mattern
ISBN : 0823964892
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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An introduction to the telescope, including the history of its invention, how telescopes work, and information on different types of telescopes today.
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The History Of The Telescope

Author : Henry C. King
ISBN : 0486432653
Genre : Science
File Size : 43.82 MB
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This remarkable history encompasses not only the achievements of the early inventors and astronomers but also the less frequently recounted stories of the instrument makers and of the actual instruments. A model of unsurpassed, comprehensive scholarship, this volume covers many fields, including professional and amateur astronomy. 196 black-and-white illustrations.
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The Origins Of The Telescope

Author : Albert Van Helden
ISBN : 9789069846156
Genre : Science
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The origins of the telescope have been discussed and debated since shortly after the instrument's appearance in The Hague in 1608. Civic and national pride have led local dignitaries, popular writers, and numerous scholars to search the archives and to construct sharply divergent histories. Did the honor of the invention belong to the Dutch, to the Italians, to the English, or to the Spanish? And if the city of Middelburg in the Netherlands was, in fact, the cradle of the instrument, was the "true inventor" Hans Lipperhey or his rival Zacharias Jansen? Or was the instrument there before anyone knew it? Over the past several decades, a group of historians and scientists have sought out new documents, re-examined familiar ones, and tested early lenses and telescopes. This volume contains the proceedings of a symposium held in Middelburg in September 2008 to mark 400 years of the telescope. The essays in it, taken as a whole, present a new and convincing account of the origins of the instrument that changed mankind's vision of the universe.
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The Telescope

Author : Loring Beal Andrews
ISBN : UOM:39015049344503
Genre : Astronomy
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The Telescope

Author : Louis Bell
ISBN : 9781465612625
Genre : Telescopes
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In the credulous twaddle of an essay on the Lost Arts one may generally find the telescope ascribed to far antiquity. In place of evidence there is vague allusion of classical times or wild flights of fancy like one which argued from the Scriptural statement that Satan took up Christ into a high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the earth, that the Devil had a telescope—bad optics and worse theology. In point of fact there is not any indication that either in classical times, or in the black thousand years of hopeless ignorance that followed the fall of Roman civilization, was there any knowledge of optical instruments worth mentioning. The peoples that tended their flocks by night in the East alone kept alive the knowledge of astronomy, and very gradually, with the revival of learning, came the spirit of experiment that led to the invention of aids to man’s natural powers. The lineage of the telescope runs unmistakably back to spectacles, and these have an honorable history extending over more than six centuries to the early and fruitful days of the Renaissance. That their origin was in Italy near the end of the thirteenth century admits of little doubt. A Florentine manuscript letter of 1289 refers to “Those glasses they call spectacles, lately invented, to the great advantage of poor old men when their sight grows weak,” and in 1305 Giordano da Rivalto refers to them as dating back about twenty years. Finally, in the church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Florence lay buried Salvino d’Amarto degli Armati, (obiit 1317) under an epitaph, now disappeared, ascribing to him the invention of spectacles. W. B. Carpenter, F. R. S., states that the inventor tried to keep the valuable secret to himself, but it was discovered and published before his death. At all events the discovery moved swiftly. By the early fourteenth century it had spread to the Low Countries where it was destined to lead to great results, and presently was common knowledge over all civilized Europe. It was three hundred years, however, between spectacles and the combination of spectacle lenses into a telescope, a lapse of time which to some investigators has seemed altogether mysterious. The ophthalmological facts lead to a simple explanation. The first spectacles were for the relief of presbyopia, the common and lamentable affection of advancing years, and for this purpose convex lenses of very moderate power sufficed, nor was material variation in power necessary. Glasses having a uniform focus of a foot and a half or thereabouts would serve every practical purpose, but would be no material for telescopes.
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The Telescope

Author :
ISBN : NYPL:33433003058256
Genre : New York (N.Y.)
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Pleasures Of The Telescope

Author : Garrett Serviss
ISBN : 9783752424348
Genre : Fiction
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Reproduction of the original: Pleasures of the telescope by Garrett Serviss
Category: Fiction

Through The Telescope

Author : Susan Groom
ISBN : 9780557016044
Genre :
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A second collection of wide ranging contemporary poems from the popular Whitstable poet: Sue Groom.

The Telescope In The Parlor

Author : James McConkey
ISBN : 9781589880207
Genre : Literary Collections
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"Elegant and deeply personal, McConkey's essays reveal a seasoned mind and a soulful spirit." --Publishers Weekly
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The Telescope

Author : Richard Dunn
ISBN : 1844861473
Genre : Science
File Size : 45.85 MB
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As an instrument of science and navigation the telescope was at the forefront of discovery. Even today it is vital to modern understanding of space and the origins of matter. The story of its development is a fascinating narrative of scientific endeavour, exploration and ingenuity, encompassing the lives of scientists and astronomers such as Galileo, Newton, William Herschel and Edmund Halley as well as the exploits of naval officers and explorers like Cloudesley Shovell and James Cook. Richard Dunn presents an engaging historical survey that traces the telescope from its invention in 1608 to its contemporary applications in astrophysics. Profusely illustrated with exquisite examples of telescopes and other prints, drawings and artworks, The Telescope will appeal to all those with an interest in science, discovery and exploration, maritime history, seafaring or astronomy.
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Through The Telescope

Author : Castor Pollux
ISBN : 9781312157675
Genre : Performing Arts
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It is my pleasure to share with you the culmination of a very long project. Castor Pollux is a group of 9th grade students at Webster Schroeder High School in upstate New York who spent about six months researching the Hero's Journey pattern as outlined by mythologist Joseph Campbell. Using references to mythology, literature, television, and film, the students began to see how the Hero's Journey permeates not only our culture, but all cultures across time and geographic location. From there, the students explored how the pattern is part of the human condition and how it can be used as a tool to examine their own lives.
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Galileo And The Telescope

Author : Yoming S. Lin
ISBN : 9781448850303
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Shares biographical and historical information about Galileo Galilei, the man and his inventions, and includes fact sheets and a timeline.
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The Shadow Of The Telescope

Author : Günther Buttmann
ISBN : 0718820878
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 87.21 MB
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The first full-length biography of the founder of stellar astronomy.
Category: Biography & Autobiography