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The Tattoo Murder Case

Author : Akimitsu Takagi
ISBN : 9781569479322
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 86.88 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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One of Japan’s most popular mystery writers delivers “scenes of fastidiously executed decadence” in a “tale of sexual obsession” (The New York Times Book Review). Kinue Nomura survived World War II only to be murdered in Tokyo, her severed limbs discovered in a room locked from the inside. Gone is the part of her that bore one of the most beautiful full-body tattoos ever rendered. Kenzo Matsushita, a young doctor who was first to discover the crime scene, feels compelled to assist his detective brother, who is in charge of the case. But Kenzo has a secret: he was Kinue’s lover, and soon his involvement in the investigation becomes as twisted and complex as the writhing snakes that once adorned Kinue’s torso. The Tattoo Murder Case was originally published in 1948; this is the first English translation. “Clever, kinky, highly entertaining.” —The Washington Post Book World “A delightful, different book, not only because of its unusual setting and premise, but because Takagi is a powerful plotter and constructor of fascinating, complex characters.” —The A.V. Club “Has all the mind-boggling braininess and dazzling artifice of mystery’s Golden Age, spiced with voyeuristic close-ups of a dying art in which postwar Japan remains supreme: full-body tattoos . . . Intricate, fantastic, and utterly absorbing. More, please.” —Kirkus Reviews
Category: Fiction

Tattoos Desire And Violence

Author : Karin Beeler
ISBN : 0786482532
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 20.25 MB
Format : PDF
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Whether they graphically depict an individual’s or a community’s beliefs, express the defiance of authority, or brand marginalized groups, tattoos are a means of interpersonal communication that dates back thousands of years. Evidence of the tattoo’s place in today’s popular culture is all around—in advertisements, on the stereotypical outlaw character in films and television, in supermarket machines that dispense children’s wash-away tattoos, and even in the production of a tattooed Barbie doll. This book explores the tattoo’s role, primarily as an emblem of resistance and marginality, in recent literature, film, and television. The association of tattoos with victims of the Holocaust, slaves, and colonized peoples; with gangs, inmates, and other marginalized groups; and the connection of the tattoo narrative to desire and violence are discussed at length.
Category: Social Science

The Tattoo Murders

Author : John Russell Fearn
ISBN : 9781587155031
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 89.64 MB
Format : PDF
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Mary, Ian, Lil are three rather ordinary names. But when these names are each found tattooed on the backs of three murder victims, they are steppingstones on a murder trail that baffles Scotland Yard investigators. A story that grips from first page to last, Murder's A Must is one of John Russell Fearn's finest detective mysteries
Category: Fiction

The Tattoo Thief

Author : Alison Belsham
ISBN : 9781409175148
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63.85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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'Creepy and compulsive, this is Belsham's first excursion into crime and it announces the arrival of a fine new voice' Daily Mail A policeman on his first murder case A tattoo artist with a deadly secret And a twisted serial killer sharpening his blades to kill again... When Brighton tattoo artist Marni Mullins discovers a flayed body, newly-promoted DI Francis Sullivan needs her help. There's a serial killer at large, slicing tattoos from his victims' bodies while they're still alive. Marni knows the tattooing world like the back of her hand, but has her own reasons to distrust the police. So when she identifies the killer's next target, will she tell Sullivan or go after the Tattoo Thief alone? 'Better than Lee Child . . . Well written and gripping, would definitely recommend!' Amazon review 5* 'Edgy and ice cool - Marni Mullins is my kind of heroine!' Marnie Riches
Category: Fiction

Honeymoon To Nowhere

Author : Akimitsu Takagi
ISBN : 0909803048
Genre : Japanese literature
File Size : 41.61 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Japanese literature

A Loyal Character Dancer

Author : Qiu Xiaolong
ISBN : 9781569477946
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The second book in the Inspector Chen investigations Inspector Chen’s mentor in the Shanghai Police Bureau has assigned him to escort US Marshal Catherine Rohn. Her mission is to bring Wen, the wife of a witness in an important criminal trial, to the United States. Inspector Rohn is already en route when Chen learns that Wen has unaccountably vanished from her village in Fujian. Or is this just what he is supposed to believe? Chen resents his role; he would rather investigate the triad killing in Shanghai’s beautiful Bund Park. Li insists that saving face with Inspector Rohn takes priority. So Chen Cao, the ambitious son of a father who imbued him with Confucian precepts, must tread warily as he tries once again to be a good cop, a good man and also a loyal Party member.
Category: Fiction

The House Sitter

Author : Peter Lovesey
ISBN : 9781569477595
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The corpse of a beautiful woman, clad in only a bathing suit, is found strangled to death on a popular Sussex beach. When she is finally identified, it turns out she was a top profiler for the National Crime Faculty, who was working on the case of a serial killer. And though she was a Bath resident, the authorities don't want Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond to investigate the murder. How strange. What could they be trying to hide?
Category: Fiction

Tattoo A Beautiful Sin

Author : Kenny Sills
ISBN : 9781468119947
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 74.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Deep within the Manistee National forest, in the weeks leading up to Halloween, tattooed villagers in Walkerville Michigan fall victim to someone who is extracting their tattoos before murdering them and leaving their bodies… or body parts, to be found later. Imagine awaking to the strings of a beautiful classical piece only to quickly realize that you are tightly tied down, naked, on a cold metal gurney, as a giant mad man dressed as a surgeon begins extracting one of the tattoos from your body with his sharp, steel scalpel. Thus is the fate of the unfortunate victims in the small, secluded Michigan village. Walkervilles' Sheriff Kerry calls on Captain Parker and the Grand Rapids homicide department to help him and his three deputies on these strange and macabre cases. With each murder, though, the trusting villagers become more and more suspicious and accusatory towards one another. Everyone begins to point fingers and throw fists as Sheriff Kerry and Captain Parker try to work together on the strange cases in their unique small town and big city ways to try and find a serial killer hiding in the village.
Category: Fiction

Destination New Zealand

Author : Conrad Kisch
ISBN : 8702075849
Genre :
File Size : 69.75 MB
Format : PDF
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Om landets historie, befolkningen og det særprægede fugle- og dyreliv

The Corporal Works Of Murder

Author : Sister Carol Anne O'Marie
ISBN : 9781429907569
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.62 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Poor Inspector Gallagher -- his premonition was right. Sister Mary Helen is once more in the middle of a homicide case. Not that she wants to be. No one would envy the poor nun, who finds herself holding a dying young woman -- shot to death in the street almost directly outside the Refuge for homeless women where Mary Helen volunteers. And even while she grieves over the loss of life, Mary Helen spots something odd about the victim. Although she is wearing near-rags, her skin is unblemished and healthy-looking. Her perfect teeth are white and unstained. She doesn't look like a woman whose life has been spent in poverty, in the streets. Mary Helen's feeling is borne out when she discovers that the dead woman was a Vice Department officer trying to find the people responsible for a neighborhood prostitute ring. And in spite of her own conscience warning her, the old nun feels that since the murder happened in front of HER refuge, it is her duty to find the officer's killer. She justifies this by telling herself that her connections with the women who use the Refuge put her in a unique position to get some inside information about what is going on in their neighborhood. After all, isn't one of the Refuge's very own women, Geraldine, the aunt of Junior Johnson? And isn't Junior just about the most powerful and knowledgeable man in the 'hood? So Sister Mary Helen plunges in, determined to find Sarah Spencer's killer. Her "invasion" of the case enrages Inspector Gallagher, but if she is to succeed, his further fury will be well worth Mary Helen's triumph. The police officers assigned to the crimes that turn out to be "hers" might make a case that someone Mary Helen's age is running a serious risk when she deals with criminals and their world. But the delightful old nun has the weapons of her logical mind, and her determination. And just maybe Someone whom she serves is rooting for her. In any case, she is able to work out of perilous situations, come up with commonsense answers, and gather a huge circle of loving fans as she meddles in murder.
Category: Fiction