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The Strange Last Voyage Of Donald Crowhurst

Author : Nicholas Tomalin
ISBN : 1681441802
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On Halloween Day, 1968, weekend sailor and lifelong tinkerer Donald Crowhurst set sail aboard an untested trimaran, The Teignmouth Electron, determined to win the first-ever official race to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe. At stake was a generous cash prize that would save his failing business and provide an opportunity to very publicly prove the value of the Navicator, the handheld marine navigation device he had invented and manufactured. The race was sponsored by the Sunday Times, and the victor would get not just money but invaluable media exposure. Even before the race began, things looked uncertain for Crowhurst. The boat he was sailing was of a completely new design, as yet unproven; one observer noted that the boat was very fast but that it couldn't sail close to the wind. When it was running at full speed it began to vibrate, shaking loose the screws in the self-steering apparatus. Ironically, even Crowhurst's navigational abilities were questioned during a pre-race test sail. Worst of all, there wasn't time to add in all the usual safety features. Undeterred, Crowhurst just beat the October 31 deadline for departure and headed into open water. Soon after the race began, Crowhurst ran into trouble, sailing far more slowly than he had planned. He realized that he had no chance of winning the race whatsoever, and instead faced a difficult choice: finish the race and risk his life aboard a boat he couldn't control; give up in defeat and send his business into bankruptcy; or take a shortcut and falsify his navigational logs. Fatefully, Crowhurst chose the latter, maintaining two logs from that moment on'one actual and one invented. Pieced together by two Times reporters following the discovery of the abandoned Teignmouth Electron (and Crowhurst's navigational logs), The Mercy captures the enigma at the center of Crowhurst's final voyage'a quixotic attempt to save his business and provide for his young family by attempting to become the first person to sail around the world without stopping. It is a mesmerizing journey into uncharted territory, not just of the world's oceans but of the darkest corners of the human mind.
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The Strange Last Voyage Of Donald Crowhurst

Author : Nicholas Tomalin
ISBN : 0713643021
Genre : Impostors and imposture
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In the autumn of 1968 Donald Crowhurst set out from teignmouth in devon in his untested trimarin, a competitor in the first singlehanded non-stop around-the-world race. Eight months later, the boat was found in mid-Atlantic, in calm waters and structurally intact, but with no one on board, Through Crowhurst's logs and diaries the world learned that, although he had radioed messages from his supposed round-the-world course, he had in fact never left the Altlantic.
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On The Strange Place Of Religion In Contemporary Art

Author : James Elkins
ISBN : 0415969891
Genre : Art
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For millennia, art has been religious - even in times and places when there was no word for 'art'. Then, in the Renaissance, it became possible for art to glorify the artist, making viewers think more of his skills than of the subjects he portrayed. The modern artist faces a more complex dilemma - one that no art historian has talked about until now. Can contemporary art say anything about spirituality? Is contemporary art is spiritual? What might it mean to say that the art you make expresses your spiritual belief?The Impossibility of Transcendence is about the curious disconnect between spir.
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Driving Home

Author : Jonathan Raban
ISBN : 9780307906885
Genre : Travel
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For more than thirty years, Jonathan Raban has written with infectious fascination about people and places in transition or on the margins, about journeys undertaken and destinations never quite reached, and, as an Englishman transplanted in Seattle, about what it means to feel rooted in America. Spanning two decades, Driving Home charts a course through the Pacific Northwest, American history, and current events as witnessed by “a super-sensitive, all-seeing eye. Raban spots things we might otherwise miss; he calls up the apt metaphors that transform things into phenomena. He is one of our most gifted observers” (Newsday). Stops en route include a Missoula bar, a Tea Party convention in Nashville hosted by Sarah Palin, the Mississippi in full flood, a trip to Hawaii with his daughter, a steelhead river in the Cascades, and the hidden corners of his adopted hometown, Seattle. He deftly explores public and personal spaces, poetry and politics, geography and catastrophe, art and economy, and the shifts in various arenas that define our society. Whether the topic is Robert Lowell or Barack Obama, or how various painters, explorers, and homesteaders have engaged with our mythical and actual landscape, he has an outsider’s eye for the absurd, and his tone is intimate, never nostalgic, and always fresh. Frank, witty, and provocative, Driving Home is part essay collection, part diary—and irresistibly insightful about America’s character, contradictions, and idiosyncrasies. From the Hardcover edition.
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Creating The Future

Author : Michael Fallon
ISBN : 9781619024045
Genre : Art
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Conceived as a challenge to long-standing conventional wisdom, Creating the Future is a work of social history/cultural criticism that examines the premise that the progress of art in Los Angeles ceased during the 1970s—after the decline of the Ferus Gallery, the scattering of its stable of artists (Robert Irwin, Ed Kienholz, Ed Moses, Ed Rusha and others), and the economic struggles throughout the decade—and didn’t resume until sometime around 1984 when Mark Tansey, Alison Saar, Judy Fiskin, Carrie Mae Weems, David Salle, Manuel Ocampo, among others became stars in an exploding art market. However, this is far from the reality of the L.A. art scene in the 1970s. The passing of those fashionable 1960s-era icons, in fact, allowed the development of a chaotic array of outlandish and independent voices, marginalized communities, and energetic, sometimes bizarre visions that thrived during the stagnant 1970s. Fallon’s narrative describes and celebrates, through twelve thematically arranged chapters, the wide range of intriguing artists and the world—not just the objects—they created. He reveals the deeper, more culturally dynamic truth about a significant moment in American art history, presenting an alternative story of stubborn creativity in the face of widespread ignorance and misapprehension among the art cognoscenti, who dismissed the 1970s in Los Angeles as a time of dissipation and decline. Coming into being right before their eyes was an ardent local feminist art movement, which had lasting influence on the direction of art across the nation; an emerging Chicano Art movement, spreading Chicano murals across Los Angeles and to other major cities; a new and more modern vision for the role and look of public art; a slow consolidation of local street sensibilities, car fetishism, gang and punk aesthetics into the earliest version of what would later become the “Lowbrow” art movement; the subversive co-opting, in full view of Pop Art, of the values, aesthetics, and imagery of Tinseltown by a number of young and innovative local artists who would go on to greater national renown; and a number of independent voices who, lacking the support structures of an art movement or artist cohort, pursued their brilliant artistic visions in near-isolation. Despite the lack of attention, these artists would later reemerge as visionary signposts to many later trends in art. Their work would prove more interesting, more lastingly influential, and vastly more important than ever imagined or expected by those who saw it or even by those who created it in 1970’s Los Angeles. Creating the Future is a visionary work that seeks to recapture this important decade and its influence on today’s generation of artists.
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Book Review Index

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Every 3d issue is a quarterly cumulation.
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Author : Emma Barrett
ISBN : 9780191645662
Genre : Psychology
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Why do some people risk their lives regularly by placing themselves in extreme and challenging situations? For some, such as astronauts, the extreme environments are part of the job. For others, they involve the thrill and competition of extreme sports, or the achievement of goals such as being the first to reach the South Pole or climb Everest. Whether for sport or employment, all these people have made the personal choice to put themselves in environments in which there is significant risk. What drives such people? And what skills and personality traits enable the best to succeed? What abilities are shared by the successful mountaineer, astronaut, caver, or long-distance solo sailer? And are there lessons the rest of us can learn from them? The psychology of those who have to cope with extreme conditions has been a matter of much research. It is important, for example to those planning manned space programmes or the makeup of teams who will spend months in an isolated or hostile environment such as Antarctica, to understand the psychological pressures involved, and to recognize those best equipped to handle them. In Extreme, Emma Barrett and Paul Martin explore the challenges that people in extreme environments face, including pain, physical hardship, loneliness, and friction between individuals, and the approaches taken to overcome them. Using many fascinating examples and personal accounts, they argue that we can all benefit from the insights gained.
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Yacht Racing

Author :
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The Wake Of The Electron

Author : Donald Finkel
ISBN : UOM:39015047776284
Genre : Sunday Times Golden Globe Race
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