The Stone Canal

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The Stone Canal

Author : Ken MacLeod
ISBN : 9781405519397
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 50.75 MB
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'There is more than a hint of a heroic ethic here, though the hero in question may be more like Milton's Satan than Captain Future. As much fun as [MacLeod's] books provide, it's that fierceness, that seriousness of purpose, that powers their engines and makes me want to read on.' - Locus 'McLeod is writing revolutionary SF . . . A nova has appeared in our sky.' - Kim Stanley Robinson Life on New Mars is tough for humans, but death's only a minor inconvenience. The machines know their place, and only the Abolitionists object. Until a young man walks into Ship City, a clone who remembers Jon Wilde's life as an anarchist with nuclear capability, who was accused of losing World War 3. He also remembers Dave Reid, the city's boss, who haunts Wilde's memory to the end ... a cold death in Kazakhstan. In Reid's cyborg concubine, Dee Model, both men see the image of their obsessions, and information that wants to be free. But she has ideas of her own ... THE STONE CANAL moves from the recent past into a distant future, where long lives and strange deaths await those who survive the wars and revolutions to come. The acclaimed second novel in the Fall Revolution sequence. Books by Ken MacLeod: Fall Revolution The Star Fraction The Stone Canal The Cassini Division The Sky Road Engines of Light Cosmonaut Keep Dark Light Engine City Corporation Wars Trilogy Dissidence Insurgence Emergence Novels The Human Front Newton's Wake Learning the World The Execution Channel The Restoration Game Intrusion Descent
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Chesterfield Canal History Nuggets

Author : Christine Richardson
ISBN : 0955260914
Genre : Chesterfield Canal (England)
File Size : 45.4 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Chesterfield Canal was one of the waterways built during the exciting, pioneering era of such waterways in this country, and it is therefore one of the oldest, with a completion date of 1777. This book contains six articles of the history of the Canal.
Category: Chesterfield Canal (England)

Canal Irrigation In British India

Author : Ian Stone
ISBN : 0521526639
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 29.1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A detailed study of the local effects of the British Raj's irrigation schemes.
Category: Business & Economics

The Ohio Erie Canal

Author :
ISBN : 0873385225
Genre : Travel
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The people who lived and worked on and alongside the Ohio and Erie canal had a vocabulary of their own. This text lists the terms they used to describe the boats, crews and canals - these have been taken from the official reports of the Ohio Canal Commissioners and the Board of Public Works.
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The C O Canal Companion

Author : Mike High
ISBN : 9781421415062
Genre : History
File Size : 70.62 MB
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A comprehensive guide to one of America's unique national parks, The C&O Canal Companion takes readers on a mile-by-mile, lock-by-lock tour of the 184-mile Potomac River waterway and towpath that stretches from Washington, D.C., to Cumberland, Maryland, and the Allegheny Mountains. Making extensive use of records at the National Archives and the C&O Canal Park Headquarters, Mike High demonstrates how events and places along the canal relate to the history of the nation, from Civil War battles and river crossings to the frontier forts guarding the route to the West. Using attractive photographs and drawings, he introduces park visitors to the hidden history along the canal and provides practical advice on cycling, paddling, and hiking—all the information needed to fully enjoy the park's varied delights. Thoroughly overhauled and expanded, the second edition of this popular, fact-packed book features updated maps and photographs, as well as the latest information on lodgings and other facilities for hikers, bikers, and campers on weekend excursions or extended outdoor vacations. It also delves deeper into the history of the upland region, relaying new narratives about Native American settlements, the European explorers and traders who were among the first settlers, and the lives of slaves and free blacks who lived along or escaped slavery via the canal. Visitors to the C&O Canal who are interested in exploring natural wonders while tracing the routes of pioneers and engineers—not to mention the path of George Washington, who explored the Potomac route to the West as a young man and later laid out the first canals to make the river navigable—will find this guide indispensable.
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Author : John M. Lawrence
ISBN : 9781421410456
Genre : Science
File Size : 66.54 MB
Format : PDF
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Among the most fascinating animals in the world’s oceans are the more than 2,000 species of starfish. Called "Asteroids" by scientists who study them (after their taxonomic name, Asteroidea)—or sea stars in some parts of the world—starfish are easily recognized because of their star-like form. Starfish is a comprehensive volume devoted to the integrative and comparative biology and ecology of starfish. Written by the world's leading experts on starfish, the integrative section covers topics such as reproduction, developmental biology and ecology, larval ecology, and the ecological role of starfish as a group. The comparative section considers the biology and ecology of important species such as Acanthaster planci, Heliaster helianthoides, Asterias amurensis, and Pisaster ochraceus. Replete with detailed, scientifically accurate illustrations and the latest research findings, Starfish examines the important role of these invertebrates in the marine environment, a topic of great interest because of their impact on the food web. As major predators that are able to evert their stomach and wrap it around their prey, starfish can have a significant impact on commercial fisheries. Starfish are of interest not only to echinoderm specialists but also to marine biologists and invertebrate zoologists in general and, increasingly, to the medical community. A starfish’s ability to regenerate body parts is almost unequalled in the animal world, making them ideal models for basic science studies on the topic. Contributors: Charles D. Amsler, Bill J. Baker, Mario Barahona, Michael F. Barker, Maria Byrne, Juan Carlos Castilla, Katharina Fabricius, Patrick Flammang, Andrew S. Gale, Carlos F. Gaymer, Jean-François Hamel, Elise Hennebert, John H. Himmelman, Michel Jangoux, John M. Lawrence, Tatiana Manzur, James B. McClintock, Bruce A. Menge, Annie Mercier, Anna Metaxas, Sergio A. Navarette, Timothy D. O’Hara, John S. Pearse, Carlos Robles, Eric Sanford, Robert E. Scheibling, Richard L. Turner, Carlos Renato R. Ventura, Kristina M. Wasson, Stephen A. Watts
Category: Science

Chemical Zoology V3

Author : Marcel Florkin
ISBN : 9780323143110
Genre : Science
File Size : 32.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Chemical Zoology, Volume III: Echinodermata, Nematoda, and Acanthocephala presents chemical information on zoological significance of Echinodermata, Nematoda, and Acanthocephala. This book is divided into two sections; each section deals with the biological and biochemical aspects of the specific phylum. The first section examines the general characteristics, ionic patterns, feeding, nutrition, digestion, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, fertilization and development, and pharmacology of Echinodermata. The echinoderms make up one of the principal branches of the animal kingdom and one of the most distinctive. The second part focuses on various aspects of nematodes and Acanthocephala, including their classification, skeletal structure, nutrition, and culture methods. The carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, lipid and nitrogenous composition, osmotic and ionic regulation, growth and development, pigments, and pharmacological activity of nematodes and Acanthocephala are also discussed in this volume. This book is an invaluable resource for zoologists and biochemists.
Category: Science

Evolutionary Mechanisms Of Defense Reactions

Author : Václav Větvička
ISBN : 3764358130
Genre : Medical
File Size : 21.96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book presents an evolutionary approach to defense mechanisms of all living organisms. The results achieved in developmental and comparative immunology are among the most interesting data in immunology. These results have great impact on our understanding of fundamental problems of the pathology of the human immune system. In addition, the health questions related to commercially important animals such as shrimps or fish have become a serious problem. At the same time, the field of evolutionary immunology provides not only inspiration for further investigation in biomedicine, and also a number of results applicable in clinical and commercial practice. This book evaluates the advantages and limitations of studying the development of defense reactions. In addition to reviewing the major and crucial achievements of the past, the book offers a comprehensive state-of-the-art treatise focused primarily on the latest experiments described in the last few years. The well-defined mixture of analyses of older and new data makes this book a valuable reference for all scientists and scholars seeking detailed information on this important field even without preliminary knowledge. The book is geared towards scientists involved in immunology, cell biology, developmental biology, immunology and cancer research. Moreover, the work will be particularly beneficial for teachers of biology and/or developmental courses as well as for graduate and undergraduate students. Contents: Animals at the cell-aggregate body organization Porifera Humoral immunity Cellular immunity Conclusions References Diblastic animals Colenterata Humoral immunity Cellular immunity The immune phenomena characteristics Conclusions References Protostomes Annelida The evolutionary significance of metamery and the coelom Adaptive humoral immunity Cellular immunity Phagocytosis Conclusions References Arthropoda References Chelicerata The cells and structures enganged in the immune reactions References Crustacea Hemopoitic structures References Insecta Blood cells Inducible antibacterial peptides Cellular immunology Phagocytosis References Mollusca The hemopoietic tissues and organs Conclusions References Deuterostomes Echinodermata The coelomic derivatives of echinoderms and their possible role in immunity Conclusions References Chordates Urochordata The anatomical features of ascididans in regard to their possible immune significance Conclusions References Vertebrates Agnatha Origins The immunocompetent tissues and organs The possible thymus equivalent lyphoid structures Humoral Immunity Specific humoral immunity Cellular immunity References Chondrichthyes Origins The tymus Development of lymphohemopoiesis in elasmobranchs Specific humoral immunity Cellular immunity Specific cellular immunity Conclusions References Osteichthyes Origins The tymus Cells B Lymphocytes MHC Antigens Cytokines Cellular cooperation Conclusions References General conclusions References Subject index
Category: Medical


Author : Alpheus Spring Packard
ISBN : HARVARD:32044072252307
Genre : Zoology
File Size : 56.18 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Zoology

The Chesapeake And Ohio Canal

Author : Mary H. Rubin
ISBN : 9781439612507
Genre : Photography
File Size : 35.1 MB
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With the founding of his Patowmack Company in 1785, George Washington first hoped to make the Potomac River a viable route to America's West. The skirting canals the company constructed around the Great Falls rapids at Harpers Ferry, Seneca, and Little Falls made the Potomac's rushing waters navigable. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company was chartered by Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania in 1828 to build a truly useful canal through to the Ohio Valley. President John Quincy Adams turned the first spadeful of dirt on Independence Day of 1828 for what was hailed as the "Great National Project" to connect Georgetown to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The canal created an entire community of people and a way of life different from any other. At the height of operations, over 500 boats plied the 184.5 miles of the canal's waters. After many financial difficulties, competition from railroads, and the devastating effects of the Civil War as well as a flood, the canal went into receivership and was closed in 1924. In 1954, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas brought attention back to the canal with a fight to preserve the natural beauty for local residents. Today, the canal-listed as a National Historical Park-provides thousands with recreational opportunities, scenic nature trails, and gorgeous views.
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Manual Of Exotic Pet Practice E Book

Author : Mark Mitchell
ISBN : 9781416069225
Genre : Medical
File Size : 76.59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The only book of its kind with in-depth coverage of the most common exotic species presented in practice, this comprehensive guide prepares you to treat invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles, birds, marsupials, North American wildlife, and small mammals such as ferrets, rabbits, and rodents. Organized by species, each chapter features vivid color images that demonstrate the unique anatomic, medical, and surgical features of each species. This essential reference also provides a comprehensive overview of biology, husbandry, preventive medicine, common disease presentations, zoonoses, and much more. Other key topics include common health and nutritional issues as well as restraint techniques, lab values, drug dosages, and special equipment needed to treat exotics. Brings cutting-edge information on all exotic species together in one convenient resource. Offers essential strategies for preparing your staff to properly handle and treat exotic patients. Features an entire chapter on equipping your practice to accommodate exotic species, including the necessary equipment for housing, diagnostics, pathology, surgery, and therapeutics. Provides life-saving information on CPR, drugs, and supportive care for exotic animals in distress. Discusses wildlife rehabilitation, with valuable information on laws and regulations, establishing licensure, orphan care, and emergency care. Includes an entire chapter devoted to the emergency management of North American wildlife. Offers expert guidance on treating exotics for practitioners who may not be experienced in exotic pet care.
Category: Medical