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The Sphere Of Attention

Author : P. Sven Arvidson
ISBN : 1402035713
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 70.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The phone call came mid-afternoon in February of 1996. The program chair for the annual meeting for the Southern Society of Philosophy and Psychology wanted to make sure he had the facts right. “This is somewhat unusual...” he began. “You’re a philosophy professor who wants to present to psychologists in the psychology portion of the meeting.” “That’s right.” “Well your paper was accepted for that part of the program but the others just wanted me to check and make sure that’s where you want to be presenting.” “That’s right.” Reassured, the professor wished me luck and said good-bye. In my session at the meeting, I was the last to present. As my time approached, the medium-sized room slowly became crowded. I dreamed that these psychologists had left their other meetings early to make sure to catch my presentation on the use of metaphors in attention research. As I arose to present I noticed that the half-full room had become standing room only! Finally, after years of feeling as if I was struggling alone in promoting and defending a phenomenology of attention, I had an eager audience for my message. My persistence had paid off. I delivered my message with passion.
Category: Psychology

The Sphere

Author : Corneel Booysen
ISBN : 9781456857349
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 25.55 MB
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“The Sphere” - is a novel by Corneel Booysen. The book describes the physical, emotional and spiritual journey of a character named Victor that relocates to a foreign country with his family. While the book initially describes the journey from a physical perspective and occasionally dwells on the emotional aspects associated with relocation, it quickly turns into a deeper spiritual and emotional journey as the family joins an organization called the Sphere. At first the family is overjoyed as they are immersed in a friendly and loving community. For a period they experience a deep sense of belonging and revel in their perceived personal growth, but several troublesome incidents and inconsistencies in the organization eventually leads to a growing feeling of cognitive dissonance. Attempts to find answers lead Victor down a path of disillusion, rejection and ultimately isolation as he unearths the real motivations of the organization he once held so dear. At times the style of the narrative represents a literary abstract painting as the author wields the colors of the bizarre and the brush of symbolism to illustrate spiritual character progression that is perched on a canvas of evolving circumstances. Ultimately the book puts the reader into the same position as the main character - where every person is challenged with the same deep existential and spiritual questions regarding faith and organized religion.
Category: Fiction

The Sphere Wars

Author : Joseph Arbour
ISBN : 9781525518935
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54.36 MB
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2084 – In this sequel to The Sphere Conflict, now ten years after that political upheaval, the world is still in turmoil and the question is: “Can it be saved or will everyone perish?” The oceans are dying and have massive garbage swirls. The greatest scientific discovery in history that could save the planet will occur but it might fall into the wrong hands. Geopolitical forces are threatening to annihilate the planet. The world will be introduced to Haley, the first truly sentient AI, but will she be a saviour or a destroyer? The fate and future of the planet depend on Haley and three scientists, Dr Hans Terrefield, to save the oceans and Dr Nathan Ezekiel and Dr Kate Smythe to protect the ultimate scientific discovery. Will they be able to stave off the inevitable crisis that could end life on Earth?
Category: Fiction

Beyond The Sphere

Author : Nicola Masciandaro
ISBN : 9781452803760
Genre :
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Revolutions: The turning movement through the images of this sonetto involves several eddying, (micro)cosmic motions. We begin already beyond the widest sphere, then penetrate it from this side via love's weeping in a motion that is virtually re-initiated from the heart in a kind of syntactic time-warp. Then comes the thought-sigh's arrival before the lady and its getting lost in the epicycles of honor and splendor and gazing. Then his subtle retelling of the gaze caused by a secondary motion of the heart that first moved it. Then the mystical understanding of the pensero's unintelligible speech through the apophatic anamnesis of the beloved's name. Finally, a gracious love-boast gently expanding towards those who have understanding of love.Con-sider our commentary a love-driven constellation, a double star (binary or optical?) gravitationally caught within these motions, like the subtle turnings of an ungraspable celestial tress.

Random Fields On The Sphere

Author : Domenico Marinucci
ISBN : 9781139499828
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 63.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Random Fields on the Sphere presents a comprehensive analysis of isotropic spherical random fields. The main emphasis is on tools from harmonic analysis, beginning with the representation theory for the group of rotations SO(3). Many recent developments on the method of moments and cumulants for the analysis of Gaussian subordinated fields are reviewed. This background material is used to analyse spectral representations of isotropic spherical random fields and then to investigate in depth the properties of associated harmonic coefficients. Properties and statistical estimation of angular power spectra and polyspectra are addressed in full. The authors are strongly motivated by cosmological applications, especially the analysis of cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation data, which has initiated a challenging new field of mathematical and statistical research. Ideal for mathematicians and statisticians interested in applications to cosmology, it will also interest cosmologists and mathematicians working in group representations, stochastic calculus and spherical wavelets.
Category: Mathematics

The Harmony Of The Sphere

Author : Silvia De Bianchi
ISBN : 9781443852081
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 49.9 MB
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The contributors to The Harmony of the Sphere include professional historians of science, philosophers of science, and scientists, who offer different perspectives from which Kant’s and Herschel’s systems can be approached. The title, The Harmony of the Sphere, is an evocative one. In it, the reader will hear an echo of Kepler’s cosmological system. In fact, however, this title refers to the new model of the world defended by Kant and Herschel. This model dismissed the idea of a finite static cosmos, and introduced an evolutionary perspective. This volume represents a contribution to studies that integrate the history and philosophy of science. It presents, for the first time, a comparative study of Kant and Herschel in order to highlight the historical and philosophical underpinnings of their worldviews – worldviews which would in turn have a crucial influence on the development of nineteenth- and twentieth-century astronomy and cosmology.
Category: Philosophy