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The Soul S Code

Author : James Hillman
ISBN : 9780307828446
Genre : Psychology
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Format : PDF
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“[An] acute and powerful vision . . . offers a renaissance of humane values.”—Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul and The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life Plato called it “daimon,” the Romans “genius,” the Christians “guardian angel”; today we use such terms as “heart,” “spirit,” and “soul.” While philosophers and psychologists from Plato to Jung have studied and debated the fundamental essence of our individuality, our modern culture refuses to accept that a unique soul guides each of us from birth, shaping the course of our lives. In this extraordinary bestseller, James Hillman presents a brilliant vision of our selves, and an exciting approach to the mystery at the center of every life that asks, “What is it, in my heart, that I must do, be, and have? And why?” Drawing on the biographies of figures such as Ella Fitzgerald and Mohandas K. Gandhi, Hillman argues that character is fate, that there is more to each individual than can be explained by genetics and environment. The result is a reasoned and powerful road map to understanding our true nature and discovering an eye-opening array of choices—from the way we raise our children to our career paths to our social and personal commitments to achieving excellence in our time. Praise for The Soul’s Code “Champions a glorious sort of rugged individualism that, with the help of an inner daimon (or guardian angel), can triumph against all odds.”—The Washington Post Book World “[A] brilliant, absorbing work . . . Hillman dares us to believe that we are each meant to be here, that we are needed by the world around us.”—Publishers Weekly
Category: Psychology


Author : Robert Thomas
ISBN : 0998444596
Genre :
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Holosophy is a broadly researched and historically referenced system of advanced metaphysical speculations concerning universal origins and the unique role of life and life sources in the cosmos featuring a novel but ancient answer to the philosophic query, -Why is there something rather than nothing?- Included in this detailed exposition is an effective dialoguing technique for restoring spiritual access to advanced levels of consciousness with practical answers to this and other perennial questions.

The Soul Code

Author : Taylor Moone
ISBN : 9783842374195
Genre :
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Taylor Moone places the human soul at the center of God's creation plan. With his remarks on the nature of the human soul, which he makes under-standable through the soul code, the author shows in a clear manner that is neither God nor the Uni-verse but every single person who fulfills crea-tion. The soul itself with its simple code becomes the basic principle of creation. His thesis states that every man will experience happiness, suc-cess, and wish fulfillment upon recognizing the soul code.

It S Time To Simplify Your Soul S Code

Author : Michael R. Hathaway
ISBN : 0741442043
Genre : Self-Help
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The author believes that each soul is linked to the unconditional loving energy of the universe. Unlock your soul's code and achieve your life purpose by connecting to this energy.
Category: Self-Help

Yoga Journal

Author :
Genre :
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For more than 30 years, Yoga Journal has been helping readers achieve the balance and well-being they seek in their everyday lives. With every issue,Yoga Journal strives to inform and empower readers to make lifestyle choices that are healthy for their bodies and minds. We are dedicated to providing in-depth, thoughtful editorial on topics such as yoga, food, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel, and fashion and beauty.

The Souls Of Black Folk

Author : William Edward Burghardt Du Bois
ISBN : 0375509119
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 83.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Selected by the Modern Library as one of the 100 best nonfiction books of all time When first published in 1903, W.E.B. Du Bois's The Souls of Black Folk struck like a thunderclap, quickly establishing itself as a work that wholly redefined the history of the black experience in America, introducing the now famous "problem of the color line." In decades since, its stature has only grown, and today it ranks as one of the most influential and resonant works in the history of American thought. This centennial edition contains a landmark Introduction by historian David Levering Lewis that brilliantly demonstrates how The Souls of Black Folk remains indispensable not only to an understanding of the history of race and democracy in America but to considerations of the future of racial and cultural comity in the twenty-first century.
Category: Social Science

New Commentary On The Code Of Canon Law

Author : John P. Beal
ISBN : 0809140667
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A complete and updated commentary on the Code of Canon Law prepared by the leading canonists of North America and Europe. Contains the full, newly translated text of the Code itself as well as detailed commentaries by thirty-six scholars commissioned by the Canon Law Society of America.
Category: Religion

Your Sacred Wealth Code

Author : Prema Lee Gurreri
ISBN : 0998771201
Genre : Spirituality
File Size : 66.58 MB
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What if creating a wealthy life could be as simple as being who you are, and doing what you love? You have a unique internal design for wealth. This formula is encoded in your soul blueprint-and like your fingerprint, it's unlike that of any other human being. It's called your Sacred Wealth Code, and it is written in the universal language of purpose and prosperity. The book you hold in your hands is a guide, playbook, and journal all in one. It provides everything you need to discover, understand, embody, and operate from your unique "sweet spot" of purpose and prosperity. Through information, stories, meditations, and experiential Wealth Focus practices, you will undertake a journey to discover your soul's blueprint and personal Wealth Code, and learn how to take daily inspired action to finally claim the abundant, prosperous life that is your birthright. Your Sacred Wealth Code is waiting. Are you ready to reveal it?
Category: Spirituality

Relighting The Souls

Author : Frederick E. Brenk
ISBN : 351507158X
Genre : History
File Size : 57.13 MB
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In the last ten years, there has been an enormous awakening of interest in Plutarch. This collection contains many stimulating and important articles from the Plutarch renaissance, especially on the interaction between divine and human worlds, and on expectations in the next life. But treated here are also a number of other challenging topics in classical Greek literature. Among them are the Near Eastern background of early Greek myth and literature, the decisive speech of Achilleus' mentor, Phoenix, in the Iliad, divine assimilations and ruler cult, the language of Menander's young men, the vision of God in Middle Platonism, blessed afterlife in the mysteries, Greek epiphanies and the Acts of the Apostles, and the revolt at Jerusalem against Antiochos Epiphanes in the light of similar cities under Hellenistic rule. Another book of Frederick E. Brenk: Clothed in Purple Light.
Category: History

Harmless Souls

Author : W. J. Johnson
ISBN : 812081309X
Genre : Self-realization
File Size : 88.65 MB
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Study on purification of soul according to Jainism, with special references to Tattvārthādhigamasūtra of Umāsvāti, ca. 135-ca. 219, and Pravacanasāra and Samayasāra of Kundakunda.
Category: Self-realization