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The Significance And Growth Of The Tertiary Sector

Author : Madhusudan Datta
ISBN : 8172111142
Genre : India
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In the developed economies two-thirds of GDP comes from the tertiary sector. The share of this sector in the less developed economies tends to be more than two-fifths. In spite of the vast and growing importance of this sector, there are few comprehensive studies in the field. This is particularly true of the Indian economy. The need for a comprehensive study is only too apparent, particularly in view of the grievances expressed in some quarters about the rapid growth of the sector. The book studies the significance of the growth of the tertiary sector from a general view point and then goes on to scan the major sub-sectors of this sector for the Indian economy, one by one. The study ends by taking a birds’ eye view of the development of the tertiary sector.
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Energy And The English Industrial Revolution

Author : E. A. Wrigley
ISBN : 9780521766937
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 66.49 MB
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Explains how new sources of energy increased productivity, thereby transforming industry and changing England permanently and fundamentally.
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Populists And Patricians Routledge Revivals

Author : David Blackbourn
ISBN : 9781317696216
Genre : History
File Size : 56.1 MB
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First published in 1987, this collection of essays, from one of the leading historians in the field, is concerned with the central debates about German history from Bismarck to Hitler. David Blackbourn questions many previously held assumptions, whether about the natural conservatism of the German peasantry of the ‘feudalization’ of the middle classes, and offers an innovative approach to such subjects as liberalism, anti-semitism and the continuing importance of religion in German history. Bringing together social, economic, cultural and political history, each essay is concerned with the social and political flux that characterized the period, and with the problems and opportunities it presented. This reissue will be of great value to any students and academics with an interest in the history of modern Germany.
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Services Science

Author : Bernd Stauss
ISBN : 9783540744894
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 23.16 MB
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In response to the economic impact of the service sector, services science must be established as an academic discipline. This book includes detailed articles and short statements written by academics and experts on services research, service-oriented education, and service-related collaborations. All the contributions in this book stem from the presentations and statements given at the first German Services Science Conference.
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Horse Based Tourism In Iceland An Analysis Of The Travel Motivation Of Equestrian Tourists

Author : Meike Bruch
ISBN : 9783954890385
Genre : Business & Economics
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Despite the fact that horse-based tourism is very popular on the high-impact recreational activity, this research field was given only little attention so far. Although, motivation theories have been related to jobs and tourism in general, little is known about the target groups of equestrian tourists. The purpose of this study is to investigate in how far Landsmot becomes responsible for the German Icelandic horse community's motivation to visit Iceland. Thereby, an emphasis is placed on the individual's motivation that decides about the visit to Landsmot, and the resulting impact on their final travel decision. To identify correlations between tourist motivation and destination choice, the study is based on a cross-sectional explanatory research purpose, using a mixed-model research method which consists of a survey and an archival research. In order to answer those research questions, a questionnaire was developed which comprises responses from 222 German Icelandic horse community members. Overall, this study provides a background, and status quo for further specific investigations that concern the travel behaviour of the Icelandic horse community in Germany.
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Growth And Crisis In The Spanish Economy 1940 1993

Author : Sima Lieberman
ISBN : 9781134803910
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89.78 MB
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Appraises the turbulent development of the Spanish economy over the last fifty years and places current economic problems in their historical context. The author examines the economic, political and social problems inherited from the Franco era and their evolution into the present. The book includes: * a detailed discussion of economic development under Franco, including the boom years of the 1960s followed by the decline of the early 1970s; *an analysis of the decade of economic crisis which only ended in 1985; *an evaluation of the economic successes achieved by the Gonzalez government during the second half of the 1980s; *an analysis of why, despite serious attempts to revitalize the industrial sector, Spain still has one of the highest levels of unemployment in the OECD.
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Business In The Age Of Reason

Author : R.P.T. Davenport-Hines
ISBN : 9781135177102
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 70.78 MB
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First Published in 1987. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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University Of The World

Author : Dieter Lenzen
ISBN : 9783319134550
Genre : Education
File Size : 23.83 MB
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In this book, Dieter Lenzen analyzes the world's three major educational systems: the Continental-European, the Atlantic (Anglo-American) and the East Asian. Distancing himself from the current trend towards the economically driven Anglo-American system of education, the author proposes an alternative model, "a university of the world". Contents: · Three concepts of the university in the globalization process · The dynamics of global social systems · Global challenges in the post-secondary educational sector as springboard for comparing systems · Convergence and divergence: current system dynamics in the post-secondary sector · Can there be fair chances in a world university system? · Conclusion Target readers: · Theorists of higher education · Policy makers of higher education · Administrators of higher education · Social scientists The author: Professor Dr. Dieter Lenzen is the president of Universität Hamburg, vice president of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) in Germany and the German universities' spokesperson for the HRK.
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Education In The Post War Years

Author : Roy Lowe
ISBN : 9781136590085
Genre : Education
File Size : 72.23 MB
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This book provides an overview of the relationship between the sweeping social changes of the post-war period and education in England. It outlines the major demographic cultural and socio-economic developments which made new demands of the education service during the twenty years following the War and analyses the responses made by schools, colleges and universities. The book provides not only an informed narrative of the development of formal education, but also an authoritative account of the ways in which suburbanisation and the growth of the new property-owning middle class determined both the rhetoric of education and the structure of the system which emerged through the implementation of the 1944 Education Act.
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Insights Into Inclusive Growth Employment And Wellbeing In India

Author : Arup Mitra
ISBN : 9788132206569
Genre : Business & Economics
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What changes are occurring at the macro and the sectoral levels, how the labour market changes are taking place and what impact is felt on the low income households are some of the questions that the present volume focuses on. It begins by examining the sectoral composition of growth, revisiting the issues related to industry-services balance, and also brings out the spatial dimension of growth. On the one hand the industry does not seem to have played a major role in the context of employment generation as imported technology is by and large capital intensive in nature. On the other hand, the services-led growth is seen to have reduced the pace of poverty reduction. Given the services-led growth the possible impact of trade in services on employment both in the formal and informal sectors have been worked out, indicating limited positive spill-over effects. The labour market outcomes are brought out with great details suggesting that rapid economic growth in India could not result in productive employment generation on a large scale. The gender dimensions of employment are brought out to verify if reduction in labour market inequality can result in improving the position of women in other spheres encompassing the decision making process both within the household and outside the household. Issues relating to urbanisation and rural-urban migration are also covered to understand the dynamics of urban poverty and to bring out the challenges of population transfer given the spatial concentration of growth. The job search practices pursued by the low income households are often pursued in terms of informal networks. What problems are associated with such mechanisms in experiencing improvements in wellbeing levels are covered in the present volume. On the whole, the volume offers an explanation of limited poverty reduction in a situation of rapid economic growth on the basis of an inter-disciplinary framework though efforts are being made to keep the methodology quantitatively rigorous. ​
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