The Seventh House

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The Seventh House

Author : Louis Wesler
ISBN : 1075796520
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From when he left his home at sixteen, the seventh of ten children, on a farm that could not support the nine he left behind, to become an 'ancestor' and started on his adventure to become one, and who, and what, he met along the way, the trials, and tribulations, that he encountered, and who helped him to overcome those obstacles, and also who he helped on his journey to become an 'ancestor'!

The Seventh House

Author : Steven Joseph Sinopoli
ISBN : 9781477154748
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The headlines read in a local newspaper "Husband shoots wife and lover in a motel." The copy went on to say, "Last night police apprehended a jealous husband who broke into a motel room on Route 3. The names have not been released." Then Ken called me a few days later and said he was alright! The moral of this story is very simple when you have a chart that does not call for marriage or a partner, it is better to be on your own. In this case Shaun and Sandy were not cut out for marriage. Their charts illustrated that they should be a singles act. Both were strong competitors when it came to business. "I cannot tell you because you are in limbo and need to learn more about your stars. Unfortunately there is a special set of rules that apply to you. In this lifetime you are meant to be a vehicle for others and, if you acquire that sacred knowledge, your life's journey will be fulfilled with rewards." I could tell Gail was despicable, corrupt and rotten to the core. How was I going to handle her when she sat in front of me for her reading? First of all she would not have been sitting in front of me if she had had to pay for it. Second, she was there to find out if I would be able to pick up on her scheme to extort money. Man's ego constantly challenges the theory of free will. He would like to think he is master of his destiny, but are we? The reader should stop for a moment and think about his or her own life and the many changes that altered their direction because of an unanticipated event. That is karma in the making.
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The Seventh House

Author : Louis Ernest Wesler
ISBN : 9798626050400
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The ten tumultuous years from the death of Durmon RedFoote, the invasion of AinNur, the accession of his daughter Miriam to be the Durmon, the death of her mother, the invention of printing, and new business operations for Miriam RedFoote, In reintroduction of T'Llassa, and the Forest Elves into the eastern half of AinNur, the 'Curse of Kaliminera" the first Elven queen to have killed herself. The eathquake that split the Great Sand sea open and revealed anew ffolke unlike any ever seen before, and they in the ten thousand strong warriors marching towards Fort Durmon oblivious of the seventy five thousand enemy troops marching north and westward along the Dharen River headed straight for the same objective Fort Durmon, with a total armed force of sixteen thousand perrianath and Dwarve guarding that location!

The Seventh House

Author : Duncan Lane
ISBN : 153289273X
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A marvelous blend of modern realism and dream-like allegory ... this paranoid romance gives an evocative glimpse into the eclectic bohemian lives of aspiring artists in New Orleans. Jessica DeLaine is a freewheeling artist and entrepreneur. New Orleans is the center of her world, but her impending marriage will require leaving the city she loves. Her farewell project is to be a magnificent glass sculpture - until an unexpected encounter disrupts all of her plans. Is the handsome man in the long gray overcoat an ardent admirer from her past, a figment of her imagination, or a dangerous stalker? Fantasy and reality blur for Jessica, and her destiny becomes enmeshed in her artwork as she strives to complete her masterpiece.

How To Judge A Horoscope

Author : B. V. Raman
ISBN : 8120808487
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 38.17 MB
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It is a study in the use of horoscope in every man's daily life. The book is divided in 12 houses, that have a reference to the material relation of the soul (jeeva) in its journey from the cradle to the grave. The study of illustrations (charts) makes every point even the omitted rudimentary principles and rules very clear and graspable.
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Astrology And Sex

Author : Vivian E. Robson
ISBN : 1933303018
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 57.76 MB
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Synastry is the branch of astrology that tells us how we relate to other people. How Joe relates to Mary & what Mary may think of that. In this complete, classic guide to astrology & relationships, Robson goes far beyond the usual "his planets vs: her planets." He studies the overall weight of the two charts, the fertility of the inner planets, the condition of the 7th house. He compares her-planets-to- his-planets as well as his-houses-to-her-houses. Robson considers how strongly the individual wants relationships - and how many, whether he/she will marry early or late - or not at all, the likelihood of children, the possibility of divorce. He gives rules for wedding dates. In an extraordinary appendix, he lists some 266 classified rules & aphorisms, culled from many ancient sources. This is perhaps the finest book ever written on astrology & relationships. About the author: Vivian Erwood Robson lived from 1890 to 1942. By trade he was a librarian. Like many librarians he had a natural bent for research, and, in his particular case, astrology. He studied ancient astrologers closely, including Ptolemy & William Lilly. His books on electional astrology, fixed stars, and relationships, are 20th century classics.
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Astrology And Love Life

Author : Mahan Vir Tulli
ISBN : 9788120791084
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 66.78 MB
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"Find your RIGHT Partner! In a world where everything comes with an expiry date and every project with a deadline, relationships and marriages fare no better. Marriage has become a battleground of the sexes with neither spouse willing to give an inch and 'happily ever after' is a phrase form fairytales. This book helps one find the right partner and helps to change marital discord into accord with the knowledge of Astrology. It is an attempt to decipher the intricacies of the compatibility of zodiac signs, the attraction between people of diverse temperaments, and what leads to romantic alliances and conjugal ties.
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Author : Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur
ISBN : 9781615649167
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 45.62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Become enlightened and find out how your stars align When it comes to translating astrological signs and symbols into real-world wisdom, your ignorance is off the charts! But don't worry, things will start looking up once you've brushed up on the basics and learned how to interpret the stars. And The Awakened Life: Astrology will show you how! This brand new edition offers a comprehensive history of astrology, instructions on how to interpret your birth chart, a reference guide for signs, planets, and houses, a unique breakdown of the concept of synastry, and even insightful tips on how astrology can help you with money and personal relationships! Discover the signs, how they relate to one another, and how you can incorporate your newfound astrological knowledge into your everyday life!
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Teen Astrology

Author : M. J. Abadie
ISBN : 0892818239
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 43.75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This astrology book for teens shows how the Sun represents outer personality, while the Moon reflects the inner self, and how to balance the two. Illustrations.
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From One House To Another

Author : Sophia Mason
ISBN : 9780866903639
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 31.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is the definitive book on derivative houses, an astrological technique that yields amazingly accurate results. Want information about your nephew's finances? Your partner's coworkers? Your grandmother's neighbor? Your child's friends and teachers? Sophia Mason explains the ins and outs of derivative houses, the time-honored technique that makes it possible, using your astrological chart, to forecast events in the lives of everyone from your mate to your boss to your friends, coworkers and in-laws.
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Christian Astrology

Author : William Lilly
ISBN : 9781596054110
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 65.45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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If you would know to what part he is fled after he is gone out of Towne, behold the Planet that fignifies his going out of Towne, and in what Sign he is... -from "Toward what part the Thief is gone." William Lilly was the most prominent English astrologer of the 17th century-he supposedly predicted the Great Fire of London of 1666 fourteen years earlier-and in 1647, he published this guide to horary astrology, in which astrological charts are created to answer specific questions. It is still considered an authority on the subject. Book Two of this extraordinary work explains how to interpret questions regarding longevity, wealth, family, civic matters, children, health, marriage, legal contracts, friends, and even witchery. Readers interested in the history of the paranormal, as well as contemporary fans of astrology, will find this a fascinating book. Also available from Cosimo Classics: Christian Astrology: Book One and Christian Astrology: Book Three. English astrologer WILLIAM LILLY (1602-1681) was a trusted advisor of numerous politicians and soldiers, and an influential player in the English Civil War on the anti-royal Roundhead factions.
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Take Control With Astrology Teach Yourself

Author : Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
ISBN : 9781444129724
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 53.16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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If you want to make better lifestyle, relationship and professional choices, Take Control with Astrology will give you the skills you need. It will show you how to correctly read your natal chart, so you can learn your strengths and weaknesses, and will help you to understand the connection between you, the sun and the stars - and what it means for your life. Even sceptics will be amazed by the enhanced self-awareness that an informed approach to astrology can offer, as this sensitive but practical book explains. NOT GOT MUCH TIME? One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to get you started. AUTHOR INSIGHTS Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the author's many years of experience. TEST YOURSELF Tests in the book and online to keep track of your progress. EXTEND YOUR KNOWLEDGE Extra online articles at to give you a richer understanding of astrology. FIVE THINGS TO REMEMBER Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts. TRY THIS Innovative exercises illustrate what you've learnt and how to use it.
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Author : Barbara Hand Clow
ISBN : 087542094X
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 20.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Discover the inner secrets of Chiron, the most recently discovered planet, and see how it is interpreted in astrological charts with "Chiron" by Barbara Hand Clow. Chiron is a peculiar planetoid that orbits the Sun from between Saturn and Uranus. Its discovery in 1977 was concurrent with the explosion of divination, alternative healing techniques, and a new hope for a spiritual regeneration. "Chiron" explores this planet''s mythological background and history as well as its effect on astrology. This comprehensive book includes: The meaning of Chiron when it appears in each house The meaning of Chiron in aspect to each planet The meaning of Chiron through each sign The mythological legacy of Chiron A Chiron ephemeris Chiron in transit Chiron as a bridge between the inner and outer planetsBased on over 700 charts from the author''s personal files, "Chiron "is the first book to explore in depth the astrological meanings of this planet. Learn how you can incorporate Chironic wisdom in your astrological readings and your life with this groundbreaking work.
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Explore The Power Of Astrology Trikona

Author : A. P. Parashar
ISBN : 8178061082
Genre : Houses (Astrology)
File Size : 64.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book offers a fresh and advanced perspective on the three important angles (houses) of the chart (kundali) traditionally known as TRIKONA, which are, the ascendant, the fifth and the ninth houses. It tells us how these houses influence one's life constantly and how the planets, when own these houses, influence individual's life. 36 case studies have been discussed in detail to show how planets play their role in the growth of human beings.
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Harness Astrology S Bad Boy

Author : Hazel Dixon-Cooper
ISBN : 9781582704555
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 23.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Don’t let your life be bullied by Pluto. Discover how to domesticate astrology’s bad boy and master the transition into the Pluto era. Pluto, the planet of transformation, is in transit in Capricorn through 2024, awakening a tidal force of change. The last time we saw this combination, the world felt the impact in the Revolutionary War that birthed America. In this wickedly funny guidebook, world-renowned astrologers Hazel Dixon-Cooper and Cathleen Bridgett Walther are here to show you how to use this unique time to overcome fear, guilt, regret, and self-punishment, and find your place in the cosmos. Their in-your-face advice and step-by-step instructions will help you unlock the heroic part of your soul and flourish in every aspect of your life. Pluto’s transit in Capricorn presents all of us with a series of cosmic wakeup calls—bringing a unique opportunity to overcome our most difficult and ingrained traits. Begin now with Harness Astrology's Bad Boy, and you will emerge this Pluto transit stronger, wiser, and more in control of your life than ever before.
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Introduction To Aquarian Astrology

Author : Ján Kaleta
ISBN : 9781445714790
Genre :
File Size : 29.14 MB
Format : PDF
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A modern integral astrology, which is found by the author, a contemporary Czech astrologer Ján Kaleta. Aquarian Astrology works with the basic structure of human being, which is defined by the esotericists, and proven by the experience of many researchers of human consciousness. Aquarian Astrology expresses the searching so called 'intention of soul' which is related to the present incarnation. Aquarian Astrology turns the attention of the adept on the long periodal influences of great cycles, especially the Preccesion Cycle of the Earth Axis. It is noticing the individual and transpersonal human experiences but also gives heed to the threshold of the sociocultural and individual experience with regard to rising number of people, who reach it. The author is confirming the empiric research by own astrological praxis through the last years. The work done is fruitful in understanding how the new astrology can work.

Rulers Of The Horoscope

Author : Alan Oken
ISBN : 0892545526
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 29.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A practical and thorough treatment on the meanings of all aspects of planetary and house rulerships, Rulers of the Horoscope: Finding Your Way Through the Labyrinth is the definitive sourcebook on this topic. Alan Oken masterfully guides you through the labyrinth of delineating and synthesizing the complex interchange between rulers of houses and their signs and the nature of the houses they occupy and rule. He defines and describes derivative houses, planetary and house rulerships, dispositorships, mutual reception and the compatibility and nature of importance of their placement in the horoscope. The astrological charts of well-known people are illustrated with detailed descriptions of planetary relationships, their positive and negative aspects, and the traditional and modern interpretation of the houses. Alan Oken's in-depth exploration of the ruler for each of the twelve houses and the rulers of the rising sign is an invaluable tool for astrology students and teachers alike.
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