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The Seven Secrets To Healthy Happy Relationships

Author : don Miguel Ruiz
ISBN : 9781938289835
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 73.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Relationships: An Integral Part of the Human Experience As humans, most of us yearn for fulfilling relationships. They provide unlimited ways for us to learn, grow, thrive, and have fun! Yet, as we know, relationships aren’t always a “bed of roses”—especially romantic ones. They don’t make themselves, nor do they continue happily on autopilot once they begin. In this one-of-a-kind book, bestselling authors don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. and HeatherAsh Amara share their seven secrets to healthy, happy relationships: Commitment Freedom Awareness Healing Joy Communication Release Understanding and enacting these principles can help you at any stage in your intimate partnering, whether you’ve been with someone for many years or are currently single and want to prepare for a relationship. The authors make clear that the principles in this book aren’t secrets because they are hidden away, but are more akin to undiscovered focal points that can lead to deeper, more meaningful connections. Part of the secret, as you will see, is in the art of putting these ideas into practice day after day and year after year.
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A Little Book On Big Freedom

Author : HeatherAsh Amara
ISBN : 9781938289903
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 86.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Air. Fire. Water. Earth. The four primordial elements not only inform our physical lives, they are potent symbols for aspects of our inner selves. When we learn to harness their power correctly, they can lead us toward radical personal transformation, or what best-selling author HeatherAsh Amara refers to as Big Freedom. Drawing on her extensive background in European and Toltec shamanism, Amara deftly explores each of the four elements and explains how they relate to your inner world: Air: The art of seeing yourself and the world with clarity Fire: The art of cleansing what no longer serves you Water: The art of being open and creating space for change Earth: The art of nourishment and self-care Packed with exercises and meditations at the end of each chapter, this book offers a clear path to finding your own Big Freedom, one that involves tearing down any inner walls made of fear, judgment, or regret, and building a profound friendship with your truest self.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Seven Secrets To Raising A Happy And Healthy Child

Author : Joyce Golden Seyburn
ISBN : 9781401932770
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 36.34 MB
Format : PDF
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Seven Secrets to Raising a Happy and Healthy Child is a timeless collection of wisdom that’s nurturing to both the child and the caregiver. It’s a heartfelt eye-opener based on the 5,000-year-old preventive health-care system from ancient India—Ayurveda—the science of life. Joyce Golden Seyburn guides you through simple practices to be performed from conception through childhood that include centering yourself while calming your baby, baby massage, and determining your baby’s mind/body type (dosha in Sanskrit) after birth. This book has no age boundaries and can be easily applied to any child.
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An Invitation To Health 18th Edition

Author : Dianne Hales
ISBN : 9781337671361
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 21.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From physical and mental to social and sexual, Dianne Hales' AN INVITATION TO HEALTH: YOUR LIFE, YOUR FUTURE helps students achieve a healthier lifestyle now and in the future. The 18th Edition covers new research on such topics as happiness and health, current statistics on life expectancy and death rates, mindfulness for college students, 2015-2020 USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, immunization, sleep habits, stress levels, safe sex practices, healthier fast-food choices, substance abuse, dubious diets, fitness monitors and e-cigarettes. It also addresses healthy living on a budget, preventive measures and practical strategies that turn small changes into big benefits. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Category: Health & Fitness

The Seven Secrets Of Successful Parents

Author : Randy Colton Rolfe
ISBN : 9781462014491
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 82.66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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“Throughout her seven secrets, Rolfe models how parenting can be the most fulfilling work of our lives.” —Linda Aronson, author of Big Spirits, Little Bodies Every parent has the innate power to be successful. But life can get in the way. It is hard to be at your best when you are tired, angry, rushed, surprised, preoccupied, or just too busy. But then you may have to deal with regret, frustration, or guilt, or a hurt or angry child. In The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents, author and family therapist Randy Colton Rolfe shares the core attitudes which will prepare and empower you to be successful in any parenting situation. With her powerful approach of prepared, holistic, responsive parenting, you can master all these parenting goals and more: • Setting appropriate limits that stick • Promoting safe relationships • Inspiring learning • Nurturing your child’s spirit • Rebuilding after negative feelings • Fostering good judgment • Venting parental frustration harmlessly • Resisting unhelpful criticism from outsiders • Encouraging your child to speak up with respect • Enjoying your child totally, without reservation In The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents you will discover new options, helpful case histories, amusing anecdotes, valuable research, dialogues, and meditations to help you raise happy, healthy, productive children. Watch your parenting success grow!
Category: Family & Relationships

7 Secrets Of A Healthy Dating Relationship

Author : Les Parrott
ISBN : 0834115549
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 20.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Choosing whom to date and ultimately finding true love is one of the most important decisions teens and young adults will ever make. "7 Secrets" outlines seven qualities to look for in others and ourselves to build great relationships.
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100 Simple Secrets Of Great Relationships

Author : David Niven, PhD
ISBN : 9780061737992
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 83.99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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What are the essential qualities of a great relationship? What do people in healthy and happy relationships do differently? Scientists and academics have spent entire careers investigating the nature of relationships, dating, and marriage, yet their findings are inaccessible to ordinary people, hidden in obscure journals read only by other academics. Now the bestselling author of the 100 Simple Secrets series has collected the most current and significant data from more than a thousand studies on relationships and spells out the key findings in plain English. The advice is not based on one person's unique experiences or opinions, but offers for the first time the research of noted scientists studying the lives and loves of average Americans. Each of the findings is accompanied by a true story that shows the results in action. Love is hard to calculate: Researchers have proven that a partner's age, income, education, and religion are unrelated factors in the likelihood of relationship satisfaction. Always trying to win can lead to a major loss: People who feel a sense of competition with their partner are 37 percent less likely to feel that their relationship is satisfying. leave the past in the past: More than 40 percent of people report that jealousy over a previous relationship is a source of conflict in their current relationship.
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The God Code In The Seven And Iit S Effect On Our Physical Mental And Spiritual Lives

Author : Hans Liszikam
ISBN : 9781609118211
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 76.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The number 7 has a very large significance in our lives and in spiritual teachings. It can be traced back right to the beginning of creation. It's a mystical and powerful number according to numerology and eastern philosophies. One could also say that it is God's number because, symbolically, God created the world in seven days. This book explains the 7's connection with our religious, spiritual, scientific and physical lives, and the wonders and workings in nature. The book also addresses the occurrence of the 7 in the human body, making us a part of nature. Hans Liszikam resides in New South Wales, Australia. His trade background is in building/construction and transport. At the young age of 72, he spends most of his time writing and is still active in facilitating workshops and working as a guest speaker/psychic medium in spiritual churches. Publisher's website: http: //
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7 Secrets Of The Newborn

Author : Robert C. Hamilton M.D.
ISBN : 9781250114433
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 47.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From the pediatrician who became an Internet sensation with the “Hamilton Hold” in a YouTube video about how to calm a crying baby, comes a one-of-a-kind resource to guide you through the earliest moments of your child’s life—and help you to parent with common sense and confidence. Robert C. Hamilton, M.D., has spent more than three decades caring for newborns. In his practice, Dr. Bob has seen it all—what works, what doesn’t. How can you get your baby to nurse, sleep, and maybe even cease crying? What strategies can help you connect and communicate with your infant? What important decisions will you make during the first year for your child, yourself, and your partner? Here, Dr. Bob shares his clear, sensible, warm advice—as well as all the latest scientific data and research—on how to: • Offer comfort to a crying newborn using the “Hold” • Gently teach your baby how to sleep (and get some sleep yourself) • Establish healthy patterns • Breastfeed, formula-feed, or bottle-feed using either • Play! • Manage screen time in your home • And more to help you navigate the unforgettable first year of your child’s life.
Category: Family & Relationships

The Couples Cure Book

Author : Prestell Askia
ISBN : 0997429402
Genre :
File Size : 70.43 MB
Format : PDF
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The Couples Cure Book is an easy and enjoyable way for couples to enrich their relationship. This book is packed with golden nuggets, fun activities and tools that committed couples can use to enhance and improve themselves and transform their relationship. This user-friendly handbook is best described as a couples guide to help you and your partner deal with your relationship challenges. It is full of wisdom, personal experiences, and practical exercises that will bring out incredible insights. This book makes you think, laugh, reflect, be aware, and desire to transform any relationship in your life. Author Prestell Askia developed The Couples Cure System and the essential keys to a happy healthy relationship, based on hundreds of conversations with people in fulfilled relationships. The Couples Cure System is a simple formula for partners to use to solve their unique problems, issues and challenges, as they master the art and skills to heal a relationship in 7 easy steps. Couple's challenges, such as communications, sex, finances, and how to mend relationships, are symbolically represented throughout the book as pieces of a puzzle. As committed, loyal partners, you can use Prestell's Couples Cure System to easily put the pieces of your relationship puzzle back together again, resulting in a fulfilling and healthy relationship for both you and your partner. The Couples Cure Book can help you transform the dynamics of your relationship and create the fulfilled life you deserve. Her magic formula and secrets for healthy, happy, fulfilled relationships are included in these steps: Self Knowledge Mindset Embracing Change The Message The Platinum Sex Rule Money Mates Renegotiate Letting Go Take Action Now"