The Self And Its Emotions

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The Self And Its Emotions

Author : Kristján Kristjánsson
ISBN : 9780521114783
Genre : Education
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Examines the self issues and emotions that lie at the intersection of psychology, philosophy of mind and moral philosophy.
Category: Education

The Oxford Handbook Of Music And Intellectual Culture In The Nineteenth Century

Author : Paul Watt
ISBN : 9780190616922
Genre : History
File Size : 29.57 MB
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Rarely studied in their own right, writings about music are often viewed as merely supplemental to understanding music itself. Yet in the nineteenth century, scholarly interest in music flourished in fields as disparate as philosophy and natural science, dramatically shifting the relationship between music and the academy. An exciting and much-needed new volume, The Oxford Handbook of Music and Intellectual Culture in the Nineteenth Century draws deserved attention to the people and institutions of this period who worked to produce these writings. Editors Paul Watt, Sarah Collins, and Michael Allis, along with an international slate of contributors, discuss music's fascinating and unexpected interactions with debates about evolution, the scientific method, psychology, exoticism, gender, and the divide between high and low culture. Part I of the handbook establishes the historical context for the intellectual world of the period, including the significant genres and disciplines of its music literature, while Part II focuses on the century's institutions and networks - from journalists to monasteries - that circulated ideas about music throughout the world. Finally, Part III assesses how the music research of the period reverberates in the present, connecting studies in aestheticism, cosmopolitanism, and intertextuality to their nineteenth-century origins. The Handbook challenges Western music history's traditionally sole focus on musical work by treating writings about music as valuable cultural artifacts in themselves. Engaging and comprehensive, The Oxford Handbook of Music and Intellectual Culture in the Nineteenth Century brings together a wealth of new interdisciplinary research into this critical area of study.
Category: History

Emotions Social Transformation And Education

Author : Alette Delport
ISBN : UOM:39076002967326
Genre : Education
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This book addresses the education of emotions in the context of a transforming South African society. It reconfigures the conceptual landscape in terms of rationality, social transformation, and education. It contests the intellectual and instrumental prejudice in the currently dominant ways of thinking about education, reclaiming a sense of how to think of education in terms of cultivating humanity as a key to the profound transformation of South African society. The text argues that emotions should be relocated in our conception of transformation and education. The book is divided into three sections. Part 1 consists of an account of a particular cognitive theory of the emotions, as developed by Martha Nussbaum in Upheavals of Thought: The Intelligence of Emotions (2001). In Part 2, this theory is applied to examining the complexities of social transformation in South Africa at a more profound, personal level. In the final section, the concept of 'education for transformation' is dis
Category: Education

The Oxford Handbook Of Positive Emotion And Psychopathology

Author : June Gruber
ISBN : 9780190653200
Genre : Psychology
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Considerable research has been devoted to understanding how positive emotional processes influence our thoughts and behaviors, and the resulting body of work clearly indicates that positive emotion is a vital ingredient in our human quest towards well-being and thriving. Yet the role of positive emotion in psychopathology has been underemphasized, such that comparatively less scientific attention has been devoted to understanding ways in which positive emotions might influence and be influenced by psychological disturbance. Presenting cutting-edge scientific work from an internationally-renowned group of contributors, The Oxford Handbook of Positive Emotion and Psychopathology provides unparalleled insight into the role of positive emotions in mental health and illness. The book begins with a comprehensive overview of key psychological processes that link positive emotional experience and psychopathological outcomes. The following section focuses on specific psychological disorders, including depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, as well as developmental considerations. The third and final section of the Handbook discusses translational implications of this research and how examining populations characterized by positive emotion disturbance enables a better understanding of psychiatric course and risk factors, while simultaneously generating opportunities to bridge gaps between basic science models and psychosocial interventions. With its rich and multi-layered focus, The Oxford Handbook of Positive Emotion and Psychopathology will be of interest to researchers, teachers, and students from a range of disciplines, including social psychology, clinical psychology and psychiatry, biological psychology and health psychology, affective science, and neuroscience.
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The Aesthetic Experience

Author : William Davis Furry
ISBN : STANFORD:36105046629403
Genre : Aesthetics
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Author : John Dewey
ISBN : MINN:31951000928568G
Genre :
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Johnson S Universal Cyclop Dia

Author : Charles Kendall Adams
ISBN : IOWA:31858059278725
Genre : Encyclopedias and dictionaries
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Universal Cyclop Dia And Atlas

Author :
Genre : Encyclopedias and dictionaries
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The Universal Cyclop Dia

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:C2557581
Genre : Encyclopedias and dictionaries
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The Theory Of Practice

Author : Shadworth Hollway Hodgson
ISBN : RMS:RMS2LBIF000011644$$$J
Genre :
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Self And Emotional Life

Author : Adrian Johnston
ISBN : 9780231535182
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 87.21 MB
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Adrian Johnston and Catherine Malabou defy theoretical humanities' deeply-entrenched resistance to engagements with the life sciences. Rather than treat biology and its branches as hopelessly reductive and politically suspect, they view recent advances in neurobiology and its adjacent scientific fields as providing crucial catalysts to a radical rethinking of subjectivity. Merging three distinct disciplines—European philosophy from Descartes to the present, Freudian-Lacanian psychoanalysis, and affective neuroscience—Johnston and Malabou triangulate the emotional life of affective subjects as conceptualized in philosophy and psychoanalysis with neuroscience. Their experiments yield different outcomes. Johnston finds psychoanalysis and neurobiology have the potential to enrich each other, though affective neuroscience demands a reconsideration of whether affects can be unconscious. Investigating this vexed issue has profound implications for theoretical and practical analysis, as well as philosophical understandings of the emotions. Malabou believes scientific explorations of the brain seriously problematize established notions of affective subjectivity in Continental philosophy and Freudian-Lacanian analysis. She confronts philosophy and psychoanalysis with something neither field has seriously considered: the concept of wonder and the cold, disturbing visage of those who have been affected by disease or injury, such that they are no longer affected emotionally. At stake in this exchange are some of philosophy's most important claims concerning the relationship between the subjective mind and the objective body, the structures and dynamics of the unconscious dimensions of mental life, the role emotion plays in making us human, and the functional differences between philosophy and science.
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Individualism And Holism

Author : Donald J. Munro
ISBN : UCAL:B4241497
Genre : Social Science
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Author : Michael Lewis
ISBN : 1439105235
Genre : Psychology
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Shame, the quintessential human emotion, received little attention during the years in which the central forces believed to be motivating us were identified as primitive instincts like sex and aggression. Now, redressing the balance, there is an explosion of interest in the self-conscious emotion. Much of our psychic lives involve the negotiation of shame, asserts Michael Lewis, internationally known developmental and clinical psychologist. Shame is normal, not pathological, though opposite reactions to shame underlie many conflicts among individuals and groups, and some styles of handling shame are clearly maladaptive. Illustrating his argument with examples from everyday life, Lewis draws on his own pathbreaking studies and the theory and research of many others to construct the first comprehensive and empirically based account of emotional development focused on shame. In this paperback edition, Michael Lewis adds a compelling new chapter on stigma in which he details the process in which stigmatization produces shame.
Category: Psychology