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Author : William Napier
ISBN : 9781409116721
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A stunning historical novel - the first in an epic trilogy about the rise and fall of one of history's greatest villains. The dawn of the fifth century AD, and the Roman Empire totters on the edge of the abyss. Already divided into two, the Imperium is looking dangerously vulnerable to her European rivals. The huge barbarian tribes of the Vandals and Visigoths sense that their time is upon them. But, unbeknown to all of these great players, a new power is rising in the East. A strange nation of primitive horse warriors has been striking terror upon border peoples for fifty years. But few realise what is about to happen. For these so called 'Huns' now have a new leader. His name is Attila - 'the Scourge of God'. Thus begins a saga of warfare, lust and power which brings the whole of the Christian world to its knees - and ends in blood on the fields of France. It is a story of two men: Attila the Hun and Aetius the Roman. One who wanted to destroy the world, and one who fought one final battle to save it...
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The Scourge Of God

Author : William Dietrich
ISBN : 9780061753657
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77.73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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For fans of the movie Gladiator comes this bloody account of the clashing of civilizations, as Attila the Hun, "The Scourge of God," struggles to overthrow the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire is weakening. In 367 AD, approximately eight years after the great battle at Hadrian's Wall, Roman garrisons begin to hear rumors of barbarian tribes massing to the north. By 449 AD, Attila, the ruler of the Huns, has become the continent's most powerful monarch, his reputation in battle earning him the title "The Scourge of God." Anticipating an imminent attack by the Huns, Roman leaders negotiate with one of Attila's lieutenants, convincing him to play the part of assassin. He is joined on his mission by a Roman citizen, Jonas, an ambassador dispatched to negotiate a peace treaty with the Huns. When the plot is discovered, Jonas becomes a hostage, forced to fight for his captors if he wishes to remain alive. But he soon learns that Attila intends to conquer Rome itself, and is caught between two mighty empires, both poised for one of the greatest conflicts the world has ever seen. Jonas, knowing his life could be forfeit, has the potential to tip the battle in either direction––and his decision will alter the face of Western civilization. For readers of historically nuanced thrillers and adventure stories by authors like Bernard Cornwell and Colleen McCullough. For readers interested in Roman and Barbarian culture and warfare.
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The Scourge Of God

Author : S. M. Stirling
ISBN : 144063811X
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Rudi MacKenzie continues his journey toward Nantucket, where he hopes to learn the truth behind The Change that rendered technology across the globe inoperable. But one fanatical officer in the Sword of The Prophet has been dispatched on a mission?to stop Rudi from reaching Nantucket by any means necessary?
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Author : Ross Laidlaw
ISBN : 9780857900715
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.24 MB
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A tremendous story . . . the incursion into the empire of the strangest and most frightening of the barbarian invaders - and he tells it with great verve and vigour. His prose has a pace, he has a keen eye for the significant detail, and manages the big scenes confidently' - Allan Massie, The Scotsman Early fifth century AD. The Western Roman Empire has been overrun by German tribes. Too weak to expel them, the Imperial government has been forced to grant federate status to the invaders. Aetius, the last of the great Roman generals, becomes the virtual ruler of the West over the heads of a weak and vicious emperor and his ambitious mother. In a series of brilliant campaigns, he takes on the German tribes and forces them to settle peacefully. Meanwhile, his old friend Attila, leader of the Huns, launches a devastating attack on the Eastern Empire, before turning on the West. He is confronted by Aetius, now his bitter enemy. In the epic battle that ensues, the stakes for Attila and Aetius could not be higher as the fates of empires of both Romans and Huns hang in the balance. This arresting novel deals with the rivalry between two great men whose friendship turns to enmity. Attila becomes corrupted by power, while Aetius is ennobled by it. Ross Laidlaw's masterful portrayal of these two figures is based on his extensive knowledge of the period and is written in a narrative style that vividly evokes the brutality, decadence and desperation of this fascinating time in European history.
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The Scourge Of God A Romance Of Religious Persecution

Author : John Bloundelle-Burton
ISBN : 9781465609885
Genre :
File Size : 72.16 MB
Format : PDF
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With all the pomp and ceremony that should accompany the dying hours of a great lady of France, the Princesse de Rochebazon--Marquise du Gast d'Ançilly, Comtesse de Montrachet, Baronne de Beauvilliers, and possessor of many other titles, as well as the right to the tabouret--drew near her end. A great lady of France, yet a woman against whom scandal had never breathed a word; a woman whose name had never been coupled with that of any courtier in a manner disadvantageous to her fame, but who instead, since first she came into the family a bride, had always been spoken highly of. As a saint by some--nay, by many; as a Christian by all; as a good servant of the Church. Now, the priests said, she was about to reap her reward in another existence, where her exalted rank would count as nothing and the good deeds of her life as everything. Below, in the courtyard of her great hotel--which was situated in the Rue Champfleury, still called by many La Rue Honteuse because of what had gone on in that street hundreds of years before--the huge Suisse stood at the open gateway, leaning on his silver-headed cane, which he no longer dared to thump vigorously on the ground for fear of disturbing his dying mistress, stood and gazed forth into the long though narrow street. Perhaps to see that none intruded within the crimson cord set in front of the porte-cochère of the Hôtel de Rochebazon; perhaps to observe--with that pride which the menial takes in the greatness of his employers--how all the noble and illustrious callers on his mistress had to leave their coaches and their chairs outside of that barrier, and advance on foot for some yards along the filthy chaussée ere they could enter the courtyard; also, perhaps, to tell himself, with a warm glow of satisfaction, that none below royalty who had ever approached their end in Paris had been inquired after by more illustrious visitors. Above, in the room where the princess lay dying--yet with all her faculties about her, and with, though maybe she hardly thought so, a great deal of vitality still left in her body--everything presented the appearance of belonging to one of wealth and position. The apartment was the bed chamber in which none but the chiefs of the house of de Rochebazon were ever permitted to lie; the bed, of great splendour and vast antiquity, was the bed in which countless de Beauvilliers and Montrachets and du Gast d'Ançillys and de Rochebazons had been born and died. A bed with a ruelle around it as handsome in its velvet and gold lace and gilt pilasters as the ruelle of Le Dieudonné himself--for the de Rochebazons assumed, and were allowed to assume without protest, many of the royal attributes and peculiarities--a bed standing upon a raised platform, or rostrum, as though the parquet floor was not exalted enough to come into contact with the legs of the couch on which the rulers of the house stretched their illustrious limbs.

Henry V

Author : Desmond Seward
ISBN : UOM:39015058808034
Genre : Great Britain
File Size : 33.25 MB
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A new and startling look at Henry V, the heroic English warrior-king of Shakespeare's drama, reveals him to be an intolerant bigot who avidly persecuted and burned Protestants, a Machiavellian politician, and a ruler bent on securing his questionable clai
Category: Great Britain

Scourge Of God

Author : Terril James Hebert
ISBN : 9781684332861
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 47.74 MB
Format : PDF
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Dozens of men, women, and children were turning up dead in the dark thickets and steep mountain passes of southern France. Survivors talked of a strange beast that never passed up prey and left the countryside barren. In his three years on the chase, Gustav Mackensen never gave up. But as time went on and the death toll climbed, he began to wonder whether this Beast was more than tooth and claw. What he found was far more dangerous. One of history’s most enduring mysteries—what was the Beast of Gevaudan?
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The Scourge Of Liberalism And The Universal Lie

Author : Jack Hall
ISBN : 9781532004841
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 24.24 MB
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This the most important election your time to save the country its constitution and conservative beliefs.
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Nick Ilsanto And The Scourge Of The Black Hand

Author : Michael Milardo
ISBN : 9781457568572
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 65.93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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May 4, 1885- the Feast of Saint Sebastian in Melilli, Sicily, celebrating the martyred saint and protector from the bubonic plague. But for young Nick Ilsanto, that day would turn into his worst nightmare, its tragedy propagating a new kind of plague, one spawned by avarice and hate, destined to bring America, and Europe, to its knees. Nick Ilsanto and the Scourge of the Black Hand details Nick’s twentyfour- year odyssey to find the man known as “il Lupo,” “the Wolf,” the cause of his nightmare and, eventually, the world’s. While pursuing the leader of the terrorist organization known as the Black Hand, Nick, driven by revenge, vows to destroy both “il Lupo” and the Hand- why the Wolf wants him, more than anyone else on earth, dead. A crime novel and love story featuring some of America’s most legendary figures, including P.T. Barnum, Teddy Roosevelt, and John L. Sullivan, “Nick Ilsanto” is also an epic tale of America’s reality and myths regarding justice, equality, racism and immigration.
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