The Russian Orthodox Church

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Biblical Interpretation In The Russian Orthodox Church

Author : Alexander I. Negrov
ISBN : 3161483715
Genre : Religion
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In the majority of western pre-modern and modern handbooks and surveys of the history of biblical scholarship, Eastern Orthodoxy is mostly and habitually dismissed. A clear orientation towards the western branch of the Christian church is maintained throughout. However, as the Russian Orthodox church is an organic part of the universal church this book attempts to assist in the Orthodox-Protestant interactions and serves as an introduction to Russian Orthodox hermeneutics. Alexander Negrov surveys the development of biblical interpretation within the history of the Russian Orthodox church from the Kiev period of its history (tenth to thirteenth centuries) until the Synodal period (1721-1917). The purpose of his study is to present a coherent analysis of the essential elements of Orthodox biblical hermeneutics as it developed over a period of several centuries which were critical to the defining of the Orthodox church and to present a case study of hermeneutical approach to the New Testament of D. I. Bogdashevskii (1861-1933). The main hermeneutical features of the Russian Orthodox church show that the church and tradition are the indispensable guides to the understanding of Scripture. Christ is considered as the beginning, centre, and end of biblical interpretation and exegesis is based upon cooperation between the Holy Spirit and the human interpreter. The church demands reading of the Scriptures guided by church dogmatics as well as a multi-discipline approach to the text.
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The Russian Orthodox Church

Author : Jane Ellis
ISBN : UVA:X001508890
Genre : Dissenters, Religious
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The Orthodox Church In The History Of Russia

Author : Dimitry Pospielovsky
ISBN : 0881411795
Genre : Religion
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A panoramic view of one of the largest, most controversial, spiritually profound and deeply suffering of all Christian churches. The author begins with the legalization of Christianity by Constantine the Great, and the subsequent chapters lead the reader to the calamities of the 20th century under communism. The book ends with a brief survey of the post-Communist era.
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The Russian Orthodox Church 1917 1948

Author : Daniela Kalkandjieva
ISBN : 9781317657767
Genre : Social Science
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This book tells the remarkable story of the decline and revival of the Russian Orthodox Church in the first half of the twentieth century and the astonishing U-turn in the attitude of the Soviet Union’s leaders towards the church. In the years after 1917 the Bolsheviks’ anti-religious policies, the loss of the former western territories of the Russian Empire, and the Soviet Union’s isolation from the rest of the world and the consequent separation of Russian emigrés from the church were disastrous for the church, which declined very significantly in the 1920s and 1930s. However, when Poland was partitioned in 1939 between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, Stalin allowed the Patriarch of Moscow, Sergei, jurisdiction over orthodox congregations in the conquered territories and went on, later, to encourage the church to promote patriotic activities as part of the resistance to the Nazi invasion. He agreed a Concordat with the church in 1943, and continued to encourage the church, especially its claims to jurisdiction over émigré Russian orthodox churches, in the immediate postwar period. Based on extensive original research, the book puts forward a great deal of new information and overturns established thinking on many key points.
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Patriarch And Prophets

Author : Michael Bourdeaux
ISBN : STANFORD:36105033644258
Genre : Persecution
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Memory Eternal

Author : Sergei Kan
ISBN : 0295978066
Genre : History
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Examines the Tlingit response to Russian Orthodox theology and rituals in late-eighteenth-century Alaska as well as the indigenous religion, culture, and economy that developed over the next two hundred years.
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The Post Soviet Russian Orthodox Church

Author : Katja Richters
ISBN : 9780415669337
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 73.87 MB
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In recent years, the Russian Orthodox Church has become a more prominent part of post-Soviet Russia. A number of assumptions exist regarding the Church’s relationship with the Russian state: that the Church has always been dominated by Russia’s secular elites; that the clerics have not sufficiently fought this domination and occasionally failed to act in the Church’s best interest; and that the Church was turned into a Soviet institution during the twentieth century. This book challenges these assumptions. It demonstrates that church-state relations in post-communist Russia can be seen in a much more differentiated way, and that the church is not subservient, very much having its own agenda. Yet at the same time it is sharing the state’s, and Russian society’s nationalist vision. The book analyses the Russian Orthodox Church’s political culture, focusing on the Putin and Medvedev eras from 2000. It examines the upper echelons of the Moscow Patriarchate in relation to the governing elite and to Russian public opinion, explores the role of the church in the formation of state religious policy, and the church’s role within the Russian military. It discusses how the Moscow Patriarchate is asserting itself in former Soviet republics outside Russia, especially in Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus. It concludes by re-emphasising that, although the church often mirrors the Kremlin’s political preferences, it most definitely acts independently.
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The Russian Orthodox Church

Author : Doris Bradbury
ISBN : UOM:39015001188039
Genre : Kievan Rus
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Includes a photocopy of The Protection of the Holy Virgin Mary Orthodox Church, Santa Rosa, California by Andre G. Garza.
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Orthodox Christianity

Author : A. Edward Siecienski
ISBN : 9780190883270
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.56 MB
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To many in the West, Orthodoxy remains shrouded in mystery, an exotic and foreign religion that survived in the East following the Great Schism of 1054 that split the Christian world into two camps--Catholic and Orthodox. However, as the second largest Christian denomination, Orthodox Christianity is anything but foreign to the nearly 300 million worshippers who practice it. For them, Orthodoxy is a living, breathing reality; a way of being Christian ultimately rooted in the person of Jesus and the experience of the early Church. Whether they are Greek, Russian, or American, Orthodox Christians are united by a common tradition and faith that binds them together despite differences in culture. True, the road has not always been smooth -- Orthodox history is littered with tales of schisms and divisions, of persecutions and martyrdom, from the Sack of Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire and seat of the Ecumenical Patriarch, to the experience of the Russian Orthodox Church under the Soviet Union. Still, today Orthodoxy remains a vibrant part of the religious landscape, not only in those lands where it has made its historic home (Greece, Russia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe), but also increasingly in the West. Orthodox Christianity: A Very Short Introduction explores the enduring role of this religion, and the history, beliefs, and practices that have shaped it. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.
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Russian Orthodox Church Of Alaska And The Aleutian Islands And Its Relation To Native American Traditions

Author : Viacheslav Vsevolodovich Ivanov
ISBN : 0788139495
Genre : Religion
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In connection with the 200th anniversary of the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska, an exhibition entitled "In The Beginning Was the Word: The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures", including some of the most important and interesting documents from the large archives of the Church. This volume summarizes the results of the study of the archives, stressing their relevance for the problem of semiotic nets of communication in a multilingual and multicultural society. The translation of Biblical and Church-related documents into native languages is discussed and the social and religious aspects of communication and semiotic contact are examined.
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The Orthodox Church And Civil Society In Russia

Author : Wallace L. Daniel
ISBN : 9781603445399
Genre : Christian sociology
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"In the void left by the fall of Communism in Russia during the late twentieth century, can that country establish a true civil society? Many scholars have analyzed the political landscape to answer this question, but in The Orthodox Church and Civil Society in Russia, Wallace L. Daniel offers a unique perspective: within the church are individuals who hold the values and institutional models that can be vital in determining the direction of Russia in the twenty-first century. What the "tireless workers" of the church are doing and whether they will succeed in building a new cultural infrastructure are questions of crucial importance." "Daniel tells the stories of a teacher and controversial parish priest, the leader of Russia's most famous women's monastery, a newspaper editor, and a parish priest at Moscow University to explore thoroughly and with a human voice the transformation from Communist country to a new social order, focusing on normal, everyday realities. Unlike other scholars, who have concentrated on government and politics or looked only within the church's Moscow patriarchy, Daniel explores specific religious communities and the way they operate, their efforts to rebuild parish life, and the individuals who have devoted themselves to such goals. This is the level, Daniel shows, at which the reconstruction of Russia and the revitalization of Russian society is taking place." "This book is written for general readers interested in the intersection between politics, religion, and society, as well as for scholars. The subject and the approach cut across several disciplines: area and cultural studies, history, political science, and religious studies."--Jacket.
Category: Christian sociology

The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

Author : John Maximovitch
ISBN : 0884651258
Genre : History
File Size : 52.36 MB
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The "Russian Orthodox Church Abroad" came into existence as a distinct body following the Communist takeover in Russia. This book offers both a brief history and an explanation of the position of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad written by one of its greatest leaders, Archbishop John (Maximovitch) of Shanghai and San Francesco, who is now recognised as a saint. A short life of St. John is given and a list of key dates in the Church's life in addition to the main body of the text. Well illustrated with black and white photos.
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Proselytism And Orthodoxy In Russia

Author : John Witte
ISBN : 9781606086728
Genre : Religion
File Size : 23.6 MB
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Few of the struggles Russia has undergone since the fall of Communism have been fiercer than that being fought between the long-repressed Russian Orthodox Church and a host of groups seeking to evangelize the Russian people. This volume assesses the legitimacy of the Orthodox attempt to reclaim the spiritual and moral heart of the Russian people and to retain their adherence in a new, pluralistic world where many Christians and followers of other traditions seek the right to establish themselves. Proselytism and Orthodoxy in Russia also brings together the latest scholarship on the new Russian laws regarding religion as well as suggesting guidelines for foreign missionaries in Russia.
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Splendour And Glory

Author : Irina Barinova
ISBN : 9078653256
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34.28 MB
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From 19 March to 16 September Splendour and Glory will provide the first overview in the Netherlands of the time-honoured spiritual and artistic traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church. More than 300 religious artefacts - icons, fresco fragments, robes, paintings, historical books and gold and silver objects associated with Christian worship - form the tangible evidence of this rich and enduring sacred institution. Religion has played an essential role in Russian society, from the Church's earliest beginnings in 988, when Grand Prince Vladimir officially adopted Orthodox Christianity as his state religion, until the present. After this 'baptism', the Orthodox faith spread rapidly throughout the realm, adding an extra dimension to church history and art history. The exhibition walls will be richly filled with icons, large and small, centuries old and world famous. Icons are sometimes called windows on eternity, for they are believed to reveal a piece of heaven. Their beauty is without parallel. Attention will focus on the origins and development of Russian icon painting, with Kiev as its birthplace.
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Should The Russian Orthodox Church Participate In The Ecumenical Movement

Author : St. Seraphim (Sobolev) Sofia wonder-worker
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28.52 MB
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Divine zeal is familiar with the burning up, / The Pillar of Orthodoxy was thou shalt / in Sofia, having risen, / and with your piety many people brought thou to Christ, / the good shepherd, Saint Seraphim / pray to God, that our souls be saved.
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