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The Road To Missional

Author : Michael Frost
ISBN : 9780801014079
Genre : Religion
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A leading voice in the missional church recasts the missional movement from a church add-on to a whole new way of following Jesus.
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The Mission Of God S People

Author : Christopher J. H. Wright
ISBN : 9780310323037
Genre : Religion
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Chris Wright’s pioneering 2006 book, The Mission of God, revealed that the typical Christian understanding of “missions” encompasses only a small part of God’s overarching mission for the world. God is relentlessly reclaiming the entire world for himself. In The Mission of God’s People, Wright shows how God’s big-picture plan directs the purpose of God’s people, the church. Wright emphasizes what the Old Testament teaches Christians about being the people of God. He addresses questions of both ecclesiology and missiology with topics like “called to care for creation,” “called to bless the nations,” “sending and being sent,” and “rejecting false gods.” As part of the Biblical Theology for Life Series, this book provides pastors, teachers, and lay learners with first-rate biblical study while at the same time addressing the practical concerns of contemporary ministry. The Mission of God’s People promises to enliven and refocus the study, teaching, and ministry of those truly committed to joining God’s work in the world.
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Missional Leadership

Author : Nelus Niemandt
ISBN : 9781928523055
Genre : Religion
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The purpose and aim of this book is to develop an appropriate leadership model for missional churches. This implies a positioning of this book within the broader theology of mission and a consensus on the theology of the Missio Dei, originating at the 1952 conference of the International Missionary Council in Willingen, Germany. In this approach to the theology of mission, mission is understood as the work of the Trinitarian God, and the church is privileged to participate in God’s mission. It is against this background that the growing consensus on missional ecclesiology challenges leadership models developed for a different time and a different kind of church (with less or no emphasis on the missional character of the church). The aim is to reflect theologically on the role of leadership in the missional church. What kind of ideas about power, authority and leadership are appropriate for a missional church? New missional challenges demand new ideas about missional leadership. Church organisation and leadership reflects a theological position – there is a strong relation between ecclesiology and church organisation. The nature of the church provides the framework to understand the character of the church. What the church is determines what the church does. The church organises what it does and agrees on rules that regulate ministries and organisation. Issues such as the way the church organises and governs what it does, and thus church leadership, need to be answered against this background and understanding. Church polity and organisation, as well as leadership, must reflect the identity, calling, life and order of the church. This book, therefore, addresses life in the Trinity, participation in the Missio Dei and contours of the missional church as the point of entry to develop leadership insights. It contributes towards the development of an appropriate model of leadership for missional churches, because although recent developments in the theology of mission comprehensively addressed the area of missional ecclesiology, there is a gap in the development of a leadership model based on the concept of authority in the missional church.
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Missional Map Making

Author : Alan Roxburgh
ISBN : 0470583223
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53.70 MB
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Guidance for church leaders to develop their own maps and chart new paths toward stronger, more vibrant, and more missional congregations In the burgeoning missional church movement, churches are seeking to become less focused on programs for members and more oriented toward outreach to people who are not already in church. This fundamental shift in what a congregation is and does and thinks is challenging for leaders and congregants. Using the metaphor of map-making, the book explains the perspective and skills needed to lead congregations and denominations in a time of radical change over unfamiliar terrain as churches change their focus from internal to external. Offers a clear guide for leaders wanting to transition to a missional church model Written by Alan Roxburgh, a prominent expert and practitioner in the missional movement Guides leaders seeking to create new maps for leadership and church organization and focus A Volume in the popular Leadership Network Series This book is written to be accessible to all Christian congregational styles and denominations.
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Author : Kim Hammond
ISBN : 9780830884063
Genre : Religion
File Size : 36.69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ever wonder why people fall asleep in church? It happens. We ve all seen it. We shuffle into rows of seats that grow more comfortable with every new fundraising campaign. We slouch down and settle in for an hour or so, as singers and storytellers and preachers and teachers take their turns filling our ears. And almost without fail, at least one of us nods off while listening to the greatest story ever told. The church was not meant to be like this. The church was meant to be on its feet, in the world, making all things new. The church was meant to be sent. Kim Hammond and Darren Cronshaw want to help us—all of us—rediscover our sentness. Dive into Sentness, and explore the six postures of a church that s keeping pace with God s work in the world. Rediscover the gospel that first quickened your pulse and got you up on your feet, ready to go wherever Jesus called you. Get Sentness, and prepare to get sent.
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Beholding Him Becoming Missional

Author : Laura Krokos
ISBN : 9781449705749
Genre : Religion
File Size : 63.74 MB
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Beholding Him, Becoming Missional: Awakening to the Mission Through the Study of First Samuel will offer women the opportunity to walk away with minds and hearts that have been transformed through an intimate relationship with the King and lives uniquely refl ecting the King’s heart and mission for the world. Having a “come alongside and let’s do life together” flavor and feel, Beholding Him, Becoming Missional is written in a relational, authentic and relevant way. Laura Krokos shares victories, defeats, successes and embarrassments which coincide with 1 Samuel as it is packed full of stories of utter failures, redemption, victory, and partnering with others to live out God’s very heart. Beholding Him, Becoming Missional is set up in two sections. The first six chapters pull the reader into a more authentic and intimate relationship with God. The second six chapters move the reader to the point of action of living on purpose for the glory of God, reflecting His heart for the world.
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How To Be A Christian Without Going To Church

Author : Kelly Bean
ISBN : 9781441246530
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58.64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As many--young people especially--leave the traditional church in droves, they often still long for a genuine Christian community in which to practice their faith and share their spiritual journeys with others. They want to be faithful but struggle to find a place where they flourish. Whether they've already left the church behind or are merely considering it, readers will find here both heartfelt encouragement and practical steps for finding or creating a community of faith that honors God and offers rest, love, and communion with other believers. Author Kelly Bean broadens our definition of church to include many alternative forms of Christian community. With true stories of those who have given up on church and what they're doing now, this book is also helpful for pastors and churchgoers to help them understand why people leave the church--and what might be done to help them stay.
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The Mission Of God

Author : Christopher J. H. Wright
ISBN : 0830864962
Genre : Religion
File Size : 27.55 MB
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Winner, 2007 Christianity Today Missions/Global Affairs Book Most Christians would agree that the Bible provides a basis for mission. But Christopher Wright boldly maintains that mission is bigger than that--there is in fact a missional basis for the Bible! The entire Bible is generated by and is all about God's mission. In order to understand the Bible, we need a missional hermeneutic of the Bible, an interpretive perspective that is in tune with this great missional theme. We need to see the "big picture" of God's mission and how the familiar bits and pieces fit into the grand narrative of Scripture. Beginning with the Old Testament and the groundwork it lays for understanding who God is, what he has called his people to be and do, and how the nations fit into God's mission, Wright gives us a new hermeneutical perspective on Scripture. This new perspective provides a solid and expansive basis for holistic mission. Wright emphasizes throughout a holistic mission as the proper shape of Christian mission. God's mission is to reclaim the world--and that includes the created order--and God's people have a designated role to play in that mission.
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Missional Transformation God S Spirit At Work

Author : Mark Press; Eugene Bunkowske
ISBN : 9781477295823
Genre : Religion
File Size : 67.28 MB
Format : PDF
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Missiologists and mission-oriented folks have been invited to reflect on topics that touch on the transforming power of God’s Spirit. This series of essays has been produced as one way of celebrating the fascinating, missional career of Dr. Eugene Bunkowske, long-time missionary to Africa, long-time linguist and Bible translator, long-time seminary professor, life-long sharer of the Good News of Jesus the Christ. This volume offers plenty of “meat” to engage the serious student of missions – but also a number of “gems” that will enlighten any Christian with a commitment to outreach or an interest in the church’s mission. Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod readers will be especially interested in some of the pieces, though any student of Sacred Scripture will benefit from many of the essays.
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