The Revenge Of History

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The Revenge Of History

Author : Seumas Milne
ISBN : 9781844679645
Genre : History
File Size : 78.13 MB
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From 9/11 to the Arab uprisings and beyond—encompassing the economic crisis, war on terror, rise of China and tide of change in Latin America—The Revenge of History turns the orthodoxies of the past generation on their head. In this coruscating account of the first decade of the twenty-first century, Seumas Milne presents a powerful indictment of a US global and corporate empire in—and its British and European camp followers. Milne traces the breakdown of a failed ‘free market’ system, exposes the power and resource grab driving western military interventions, explains the dynamo behind a roaring Chinese economy and highlights the social alternatives being developed in Latin America. Brilliant, bold and always incisive, The Revenge of History is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand what has gone wrong—and grasp the possibilities of an emerging future.
Category: History

The Revenge Of History The Battle For The 21st Century

Author : Seumas Milne
ISBN : 9781844679638
Genre : History
File Size : 45.69 MB
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From the outset, Seumas Milne's Guardian essays on the West's war on terror provoked angry denunciations on both sides of the Atlantic. A decade on, the advocates of violent capitalism have been silenced. From class to religion, Blair to Obama, Palestine to Pakistan, bank bailouts to the Arab uprisings, the rise of China to the wave of change in Latin America, Milne powerfully exposes the breakdown of the new world order - and draws out the prospects for the emerging politics of the future. In a media culture dominated by eager apologists, Milne has consistently written against the grain. This book offers a compelling perspective on the convulsions that have brought us to today's crisis — and a powerful indictment of a global and corporate empire in decline.
Category: History

The Revenge Of History

Author : Jack Lawrence Luzkow
ISBN : IND:30000101571358
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 77.10 MB
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This book asserts that the major development of the 20th century was, and is, the World Revolution of Westernisation. The study is divided into three sections: Europe, Russia, and much of the developing world outside the West.
Category: Philosophy

The Revenge Of Geography

Author : Robert D. Kaplan
ISBN : 9780679604839
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 42.23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • In this provocative, startling book, Robert D. Kaplan, the bestselling author of Monsoon and Balkan Ghosts, offers a revelatory new prism through which to view global upheavals and to understand what lies ahead for continents and countries around the world. Bestselling author Robert D. Kaplan builds on the insights, discoveries, and theories of great geographers and geopolitical thinkers of the recent and distant past to look back at critical pivots in history and then to look forward at the evolving global scene. Kaplan traces the history of the world’s hot spots by examining their climates, topographies, and proximities to other embattled lands. He then applies the lessons learned to the present crises in Europe, Russia, China, the Indian Subcontinent, Turkey, Iran, and the Arab Middle East. The result is a holistic interpretation of the next cycle of conflict throughout Eurasia, a visionary glimpse into a future that can be understood only in the context of temperature, land allotment, and other physical certainties. A brilliant rebuttal to thinkers who suggest that globalism will trump geography, this indispensable work shows how timeless truths and natural facts can help prevent this century’s looming cataclysms. Praise for The Revenge of Geography “[An] ambitious and challenging new book . . . [The Revenge of Geography] displays a formidable grasp of contemporary world politics and serves as a powerful reminder that it has been the planet’s geophysical configurations, as much as the flow of competing religions and ideologies, that have shaped human conflicts, past and present.”—Malise Ruthven, The New York Review of Books “Robert D. Kaplan, the world-traveling reporter and intellectual whose fourteen books constitute a bedrock of penetrating exposition and analysis on the post-Cold War world . . . strips away much of the cant that suffuses public discourse these days on global developments and gets to a fundamental reality: that geography remains today, as it has been throughout history, one of the most powerful drivers of world events.”—The National Interest “Kaplan plunges into a planetary review that is often thrilling in its sheer scale . . . encyclopedic.”—The New Yorker “[The Revenge of Geography] serves the facts straight up. . . . Kaplan’s realism and willingness to face hard facts make The Revenge of Geography a valuable antidote to the feel-good manifestoes that often masquerade as strategic thought.”—The Daily Beast
Category: Political Science

The Revenge Of The Past

Author : Ronald Suny
ISBN : 0804779260
Genre : History
File Size : 69.97 MB
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This timely work shows how and why the dramatic collapse of the Soviet Union was caused in large part by nationalism. Unified in their hostility to the Kremlin's authority, the fifteen constituent Union Republics, including the Russian Republic, declared their sovereignty and began to build state institutions of their own. The book has a dual purpose. The first is to explore the formation of nations within the Soviet Union, the policies of the Soviet Union toward non-Russian peoples, and the ultimate contradictions between those policies and the development of nations. The second, more general, purpose is to show how nations have grown in the twentieth century. The principle of nationality that buried the Soviet Union and destroyed its empire in Eastern Europe continues to shape and reshape the configuration of states and political movements among the new independent countries of the vast East European-Eurasian region.
Category: History

The Rise Of East Asia

Author : Mark Berger
ISBN : 9781134719143
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84.47 MB
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There is great interest in the Pacific Century and what its implications for the future will be. The rapid economic growth of East Asia was already setting the region apart from the rest of the world by the 1970s. By the 1980s the trend was seen to have spread southward to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, while China's provinces had also become integral to the regional economic boom. In this exciting new study many of the ideas and expectations associated with the Pacific Century are placed under critical scrutiny. The book includes studies of particular countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. There is analysis of economic and political trends in the region, the reasons behind its rise and its importance on a global scale. The rise of East Asia represents an historic turning point with immense significance world-wide. This book will be of interest to anyone concerned about the new approaches to and the debate about the rise of east Asia and the coming of the Pacific Century.
Category: Social Science

At The Limits Of History

Author : Keith Jenkins
ISBN : 9781136029820
Genre : History
File Size : 77.75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Why bother with history? Keith Jenkins has an answer. He helps us re-think the "end of history", as signalled by postmodernity. Readers may disagree with him, but he never fails to provoke debate about the future of the past." Joanna Bourke, Professor of History, Birkbeck College Keith Jenkins’ work on historical theory is renowned; this collection presents the essential elements of his work over the last fifteen years. Here we see Jenkins address the difficult and complex question of defining the limits of history. The collection draws together the key pieces of his work in one handy volume, encompassing the ever controversial issue of postmodernism and history, questions on the end of history and radical history into the future. Exchanges with Perez Zagorin and Michael Coleman further illuminate the level of debate that has surrounded postmodernism, and which continues to do so. An extended introduction and abstracts which contextualize each piece, together with a foreword by Hayden White and an afterword by Alun Munslow, make this collection essential reading for all those interested in the theory and practice of history and its development over the last few decades.
Category: History

Local Development And Competitiveness

Author : S. Conti
ISBN : 9789401721011
Genre : Science
File Size : 82.92 MB
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In recent years, the contemporary social sciences have again turned their attention to space and places. The hypothesis is that these are not accidental episodes but a full-blown revolution in the way of viewing economic processes and their links with social and cultural structures. In other words, this new sensitivity to places offers the possibility of rethinking issues typical of economics in a different perspective that might be defined as local development, one of the terms most (ab)used in the contemporary scientific and political debate. In this book the authors will thus try to support more strongly, although in a necessarily simplified manner, the possibility of constructing a theory of local development. The key idea is that there is no single development model operating at a given time and valid for all places, but that it is more correct to talk of multiple development paths that co-exist in the same place at the same time (multiplicity of development paths). The central point is not to identify the succession of distinct hegemonic models (Fordism versus post-Fordism, mass production versus lean production and so on), but to show how the complexity of the contemporary economy demands new concepts to explain its apparent contradictions. In the authors' view, the conception of a theory of local development implies radical rethinking in institutionalist terms of the way of viewing the economy and production, recognising that behind economic development lies a wealth of institutional assets that make the encounter between local and global more open and varied than ever before (institutional biodiversity).
Category: Science

The Postmodern Marx

Author : Terrell Carver
ISBN : 0719049199
Genre : Communism
File Size : 80.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Readings of political theorists change within different political contexts. They also change as political theory itself alters its methodology. Marx has an established position in the canon of classical thinkers, and in the body of ideas to which politicians have recourse for ideas and ideologies. Marx has been read as a revolutionary, a scientist, a philosopher, an economist and as other personae.
Category: Communism

The Revenge Of Sherlock Holmes

Author : Phil Growick
ISBN : 9781780925196
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60.43 MB
Format : PDF
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In “The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes”, all the questions left at the surprise ending in “The Secret Journal of Dr. Watson”, will finally be answered.What happened to the Romanov Imperial Family? To Reilly, “Ace of Spies”? To Dr. Watson? But most of all, to Holmes, himself. Historical figures as disparate as King George V, Al Capone, Anastasia, Stalin, Babe Ruth, and Winston Churchill, all play unexpected roles in this most insidious historical mystery. From the infant Soviet Union, to England, New York, the Caribbean and Finland, the world becomes a giant, deadly chessboard. Who will live? Who will die? And why? What terrible mind is behind the deaths and deception? Could it possibly be Sherlock Holmes? And what new questions will arise at the incredible climax of “The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes”?
Category: Fiction

The Flowers Of History

Author : Matthew Paris
ISBN : UCD:31175005963627
Genre : Great Britain
File Size : 28.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Great Britain

The Revenge Of Colonel Blood

Author : Mark Jackson
ISBN : 9781780886671
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 79.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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London, 1925. The greatest treasure in the world, the crown jewels, have been stolen. It is up to three Beefeaters and a Chelsea Pensioner to get it back! The hunt for the thieves will take them into London's murky underworld and to the north of Scotland. This is a tale of high adventure, daring and risk.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Dark Scenes Of History

Author : George Payne Rainsford James
ISBN : HARVARD:32044024305211
Genre : Albigense
File Size : 64.55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Albigense

Grace And The Revenge Of The Drawl

Author : Dale Cusack
ISBN : 9781435717923
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 72.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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After her last brush with death, Grace is trying to get on with her life. But things haven't been going well. Teased and bullied by her peers at school, her life is far from happy. Grace tries to pursue a new love interest but his shyness threatens to bring things to an end before they have a chance to begin. Grace arrives home from school to find a letter on her pillow. It's a desperate plea for help from the cats. Grace returns to find their city deserted. A massive Drawl invasion has forced the few survivors from their homes and into hiding in the surrounding forests. The Drawl have been busy, enslaving the cats and forcing them to work. Grace finds Yin and learns of Boot's disappearance. Together they struggle to unravel the evil creatures' plan. Grace continues to search for Boot refusing to believe he is dead. She will risk everything to save her friends but can she lead the cats to victory in the ultimate showdown?
Category: Juvenile Fiction