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The Light Of The Butterfly The Revelation

ISBN : 9781105111839
Genre : Self-Help
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Global Crisis is steady rising and innocent lives are being destroyed daily. What can you do to eradicate (stop) World Crisis? In this book you will get direct solutions to end World Crisis as we know it. It is time that we as a people do something to replenish the universe back to its original state. Crises such as Starvation, War, Prejudices, Racism, Murder, Poverty, and Crime can all disappear if, we as a people are willing to take responsibility for our actions. Learn how to activate your Commonsense, Awareness, and Compassion. And rid yourself of Inhumanity.
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A Commentary On The Revelation Of John

Author : George Eldon Ladd
ISBN : 0802816843
Genre : Religion
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In this widely praised exposition of Revelation, George Eldon Ladd treats the Apocalypse as a true prophecy--one that reflects the situation of the church when the book was written as well as the situation the church will face at the time of the consummation of God's redemptive plan.
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The Revelation

Author : Adrian Graham
ISBN : 9780955735608
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The Reaffirmation Of The Revelation

Author : Ahmid Shamahd
ISBN : 9781479733194
Genre : Religion
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The ReAffirmation Of The Revelation In life; some men hunt for food and Truth; while others hunt for resources and power and of the two the man whom hunts for power makes the hunter of Truth the hunted wherein there is no knowledge that is not power; and no power like the Truth and as Lawry S. Taylor states, The True glory of the hunt is not complete until you ve heard the lion s side of the story and in regard to his words indeed men whom hunt for food as lions hunt for food are now hunted as lions are hunted by men and of these hunted men; the glory of the hunt is not complete; because the True glory of the hunted; whom rarely live to tell the secrets of their survival that the hunters take with their lives has not been heard because history is written by the victor; who keeps all the spoils and maintain their victory by riding the dark horse whom is one with the mentally-dark people which calls for enlightened survivors to tell the account of their history themselves because for centuries it has been told by the children of the victor; whom were compelled by their grandee of darkness to hate the God of light; whose face for centuries shined on all flesh; and made all ancestors shades of dark to light in complexion; resulting in all people; regardless of color-of-skin; whether spirit made or dust made whom over time were made brothers and sisters and children of this same God; whom is a Father from eternity to eternity; and begot humanity through Mother-Nature; whom is with God in Spiritual union; as one Maternal-Soul and one Paternal-Soul who said Let us make Adam in our image after our likeness resulting with the spirit-made natural humans of all nations as Their children whose presence is marked in the book of life of the pages of time; with an account to be told; that was lived and passed on to the children of GOD from GOD; whom as the source is the oldest where from the source of GOD GOD s oldest children then passed their knowledge on to us; whom as their progeny; once did the same for our children; whom like us and GOD S oldest; are gods but as a people whom have been hunted; have forgotten what this means. Ämen. AhmidShamahd
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Key To The Revelation

Author : Ethan Smith
ISBN : UOM:39015063880770
Genre : Bible
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The Revelation

Author : Donald E. Defilippo
ISBN : 9780595398225
Genre : Fiction
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The year is 2027. A supercomputer under the supervision of Father Conrad is accidentally programmed to find the last day of Earth. He doesn't take this too seriously at first, he knows that the Earth's demise will be proceeded by clear and specific signs: Abnormal and unusual events in outer space, strong and frequent natural disasters on Earth, and certain individuals having insights, religious revelations or dreams. Having secret information, Father Conrad is alarmed as all three intertwined events occur, and a foreboding computer printout reading, "Fire came down from Heaven," is followed by eight other ominous messages from the Holy Bible. This series of messages come as the computer responds to these frightening events, and they form a mysterious puzzle leading up to and concluding with the printing of a date . the last day of Earth! Three of the revelations or dreams are true and are based on actual events that have taken place in 1996.
Category: Fiction