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The Return Of The Dead

Author : Claude Lecouteux
ISBN : 9781594776830
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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How the ghost stories of pagan times reveal the seamless union existing between the world of the living and the afterlife • Demonstrates how Medieval Christianity transformed the more corporeal ghost encountered in pagan cultures with the disembodied form known today • Explains how the returning dead were once viewed as either troublemakers or guarantors of the social order The impermeable border the modern world sees existing between the world of the living and the afterlife was not visible to our ancestors. The dead could--and did--cross back and forth at will. The pagan mind had no fear of death, but some of the dead were definitely to be dreaded: those who failed to go peacefully into the afterlife but remained on this side in order to right a wrong that had befallen them personally or to ensure that the law promoted by the ancestors was being respected. But these dead individuals were a far cry from the amorphous ectoplasm that is featured in modern ghost stories. These earlier visitors from beyond the grave--known as revenants--slept, ate, and fought like men, even when, like Klaufi of the Svarfdaela Saga, they carried their heads in their arms. Revenants were part of the ancestor worship prevalent in the pagan world and still practiced in indigenous cultures such as the Fang and Kota of equatorial Africa, among others. The Church, eager to supplant this familial faith with its own, engineered the transformation of the corporeal revenant into the disembodied ghost of modern times, which could then be easily discounted as a figment of the imagination or the work of the devil. The sanctified grounds of the church cemetery replaced the burial mounds on the family farm, where the ancestors remained as an integral part of the living community. This exile to the formal graveyard, ironically enough, has contributed to the great loss of the sacred that characterizes the modern world.
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Author : Nancy Mandeville Caciola
ISBN : 9781501703461
Genre : History
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Simultaneously real and unreal, the dead are people, yet they are not. The society of medieval Europe developed a rich set of imaginative traditions about death and the afterlife, using the dead as a point of entry for thinking about the self, regeneration, and loss. These macabre preoccupations are evident in the widespread popularity of stories about the returned dead, who interacted with the living both as disembodied spirits and as living corpses or revenants. In Afterlives, Nancy Mandeville Caciola explores this extraordinary phenomenon of the living's relationship with the dead in Europe during the five hundred years after the year 1000. Caciola considers both Christian and pagan beliefs, showing how certain traditions survived and evolved over time, and how attitudes both diverged and overlapped through different contexts and social strata. As she shows, the intersection of Christian eschatology with various pagan afterlife imaginings—from the classical paganisms of the Mediterranean to the Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, and Scandinavian paganisms indigenous to northern Europe—brought new cultural values about the dead into the Christian fold as Christianity spread across Europe. Indeed, the Church proved surprisingly open to these influences, absorbing new images of death and afterlife in unpredictable fashion. Over time, however, the persistence of regional cultures and beliefs would be counterbalanced by the effects of an increasingly centralized Church hierarchy. Through it all, one thing remained constant: the deep desire in medieval people to bring together the living and the dead into a single community enduring across the generations.
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The Return Of Tarzan

Author : Edgar Rice Burroughs
ISBN : 9781605202938
Genre : Fiction
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As Tarzan walked down the wild canon beneath the brilliant African moon the call of the jungle was strong upon him. The solitude and the savage freedom filled his heart with life and buoyancy. Again he was Tarzan of the Apesevery sense alert against the chance of surprise by some jungle enemyyet treading lightly and with head erect, in proud consciousness of his might. The nocturnal sounds of the mountains were new to him, yet they fell upon his ears like the soft voice of a half-forgotten love. Many he intuitively sensedah, there was one that was familiar indeed; the distant coughing of Sheeta, the leopard; but there was a strange note in the final wail which made him doubt. It was a panther he heard.... He was being stalked. from Chapter 10: Through the Valley of the Shadow Edgar Rice Burroughs created one of the most iconic figures in American pop culture, Tarzan of the Apes, and it is impossible to overstate his influence on entire genres of popular literature in the decades after his enormously winning pulp novels stormed the publics imagination. The Return of Tarzan, first published in 1913, is the second installment of Burroughs tales of the ape-man, which would expand to encompass more than two-dozen books. Here, Tarzan, having sacrificed his love for Jane Porter for the sake of her happiness, becomes embroiled in defending a French count and countess from villainous schemes, works as an agent for the French ministry of war, and returns to Africa to become chief of the Waziri tribe, among other grand adventures. American novelist EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS (18751950) wrote dozens of adventure, crime, and science-fiction novels that are still beloved today, including At the Earths Core(1914), The Beasts of Tarzan (1916), A Princess of Mars (1917), The Land That Time Forgot (1924), and Pirates of Venus (1934). He is reputed to have been reading a comic book when he died.
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Tragedy And The Return Of The Dead

Author : John D Lyons
ISBN : 9780810137110
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Early modernity rediscovered tragedy in the dramas and the theoretical writings of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Attempting to make new tragic fictions, writers like Shakespeare, Webster, Hardy, Corneille, and Racine created a dramatic form that would probably have been unrecognizable to the ancient Athenians. Tragedy and the Return of the Dead recovers a model of the tragic that fits ancient tragedies, early modern tragedies, as well as contemporary narratives and films no longer called “tragic” but which perpetuate the same elements. Authoritative, wide-ranging, and thought provoking, Tragedy and the Return of the Dead uncovers a set of interlocking plots of family violence that stretch from Greek antiquity up to the popular culture of today. Casting aside the elite, idealist view that tragedy manifests the conflict between two equal goods or the human struggle against the divine, John D. Lyons looks closely at tragedy’s staging of gory and painful deaths, ignominious burials, and the haunting return of ghosts. Through this adjusted lens Le Cid, Hamlet, Frankenstein, The Spanish Tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, Phèdre, Macbeth, and other early modern works appear in a striking new light. These works are at the center of a panorama that stretches from Aeschylus’s Agamemnon to Hitchcock’s Psycho and are placed against the background of the Gothic novel, Freud’s “uncanny,” and Burke’s “sublime.” Lyons demonstrates how tragedy under other names, such as “Gothic fiction” and “thrillers,” is far from dead and continues as a vital part of popular culture.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Return Of Peter Grimm

Author : David Belasco
ISBN : 9783734095122
Genre : Fiction
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Reproduction of the original: The Return of Peter Grimm by David Belasco
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The Complete History Of The Return Of The Living Dead

Author : Christian Sellers
ISBN : 9780859658874
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 29.53 MB
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The Return of the Living Dead film series has become one of the most successful zombie movie franchises of all time, gaining cult status across the world and inspiring movies such as 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, and Zombieland. For the first time in 25 years, the cast and crew of all five films in this franchise reveal the stories behind the movies, offering their own opinions and details about life on the sets of some of the most fraught productions in cinema history. Supported by dozens of cast and crew members, The Complete History of the Return of the Living Dead features hundreds of previously unreleased behind-the-scenes photographs and exclusive artwork. This eye-catching, comprehensive book is the ultimate celebration of The Return of the Living Dead franchise and all those who contributed to its creation.
Category: Performing Arts

The Return Of The King

Author : J.R.R. Tolkien
ISBN : 9780547952048
Genre : Fiction
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The third volume in J.R.R. Tolkien's epic adventure THE LORD OF THE RINGS One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them As the Shadow of Mordor grows across the land, the Companions of the Ring have become involved in separate adventures. Aragorn, revealed as the hidden heir of the ancient Kings of the West, has joined with the Riders of Rohan against the forces of Isengard, and takes part in the desperate victory of the Hornburg. Merry and Pippin, captured by Orcs, escape into Fangorn Forest and there encounter the Ents. Gandalf has miraculously returned and defeated the evil wizard, Saruman. Sam has left his master for dead after a battle with the giant spider, Shelob; but Frodo is still alive—now in the foul hands of the Orcs. And all the while the armies of the Dark Lord are massing as the One Ring draws ever nearer to the Cracks of Doom. “A triumphant close . . . a grand piece of work, grand in both conception and execution. An astonishing imaginative tour de force.” – Daily Telegraph Includes the complete appendices and index for The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
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Return From The Dead

Author : David Stuart Davies
ISBN : 1840224525
Genre : Cult members
File Size : 72.39 MB
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This is a unique and fascinating collection of early mummy stories that helped to establish the chilling concept of the dead returning to life.
Category: Cult members

The Return Of Jesus Christ With Judgment

Author : Ph. D. Marc a. Carr
ISBN : 9781619967359
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69.56 MB
Format : PDF
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Every believer wants the biblical resources to determine truth. Here are those verses, every one of them, regarding the Lord's return with judgment and the resurrection of all who have ever lived, to be so judged. The end result is clear, unambiguously straight forward and above all simple, if the reader is willing to endure the reading of a plethora of passages. And willing to accept what the Lord and the apostles actually said. For, what was said became what was written. To find all the truth available about the whole of the Lord's second coming, the judgment and the general resurrection comes down to this: Is what the Lord said more important than what one presently believes. Or is what one presently believes more important than what the Lord, Himself, said, what Paul said. At first, the question seems ludicrous until one realizes how many different beliefs among believers there are about the Lord's return, the judgment and the timing of the resurrection, despite what Jesus said. Marc asks: "why would anyone not believe in one general resurrection when the Lord Himself taught one general resurrection? Why would anyone not believe in one judgment of all people when the Lord returns?" The answer can only be because one permitted himself to be so blindly conditioned to the rapture and a literal millennial period that the return of the Lord with judgment and the resurrection of all, at once is impossible to accept. Hopefully, this work will contribute to opening some of those entrenched minds and keep others from becoming the same. Marc presently lives in Orlando Florida where he pastors Blessed Fellowship Orlando, an outreach ministry of Orlando Prayer and Worship Center, Senior Pastor Roy Futch.
Category: Religion

1 260 Days Before The Return Of Christ

Author : Pastor Donald Jones
ISBN : 9781480950931
Genre : Religion
File Size : 66.19 MB
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1,260 Days Before the Return of Christ By: Pastor Donald Jones 1,260 Days Before the Return of Christ is about five last day biblical events that will occur within 1,260 days before Jesus Christ returns to reign over the earth. It was written to inspire the awareness of these events and their occurrences before Christ returns to the earth. It is the author’s hope that the reader believes that these events will occur and accept the salvation of God which is by faith in His Son Jesus Christ.
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