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The Return Of Planet X

Author : Jaysen Q. Rand
ISBN : UOM:39015073623210
Genre : Nature
File Size : 52.77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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With Jason Q. Rand suggesting that the mythologised Planet X will first return in 2009 and again in 2012, this title examines the history and prophecy of Earth's many cultures throughout the millennia and their voluminous references to the reality of X's periodic passages.
Category: Nature

A Ufo Hunter S Guide

Author : Bret Lueder
ISBN : 160925628X
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 77.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Alien abductions. Repeated UFO sightings. Conspiracies and cover-ups. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, UFOs are part of our culture. How to sort out fact from fiction? A UFO Hunter’s Guide has the answers: the facts, figures, people, places, and events that make up the modern scope of UFO-ology. A UFO Hunter’s Guide features:Competing theories about UFOsFamous cases and hot spots around the worldField tips from investigators and researchersAn extensive list of international UFO research societies. Lueder cites the contributions and findings of world-renowned researchers Zecharia Sitchin, William Bramley, Jordan Maxwell, Nancy Red Star, Stanton Friedman, Dr. Carl Sagan, Jacques Vallee, Raymond Fowler, and many others, along with a vast array of case sightings, alleged contacts, and abductions. Whether you’re simply curious or a researcher with a serious interest in uncovering the truth about UFOs, A UFO Hunter’s Guide is a valuable resource.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Tranceformers Shamans Of The 21st Century Second Edition Revised And Updated For 2012

Author : John Jay Harper
ISBN : 9781934588406
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 36.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century is the true story of this author's contact with a "dead" optics physicist colleague and the telepathic communication that sent him searching for scientific answrs to his spiritual questions. Harper draws from this deep well of wisdom: astrology, biology, near-death experiences, paranormal psycholgy, quantum physics as well as Egyptian and Mayan cosmology overall. He does an excellent job of synthesizing massive amounts of information, making this shift of the ages comprehensible to the general reader. Clearly this is a necessary primer to understand the coming apocalypse of biblical proportions in consciousness, climate, culture, and civilization. However, the theme of this book is that by learning to use trance- the techniques employed by mystics, prophets, and shamans- one can unlock the mysteries of existence for themselves. Indeed this is the big idea behind the Eternal Return of the Sun of God in 2012: Self-Empowerment.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Prophecy In The New Millennium

Author : Suzanne Newcombe
ISBN : 9781317074595
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Secular and spiritual prophets of doom abound in the information-rich twenty-first century - as they have for millennia. But there has yet to be worldwide floods, meteor impact, global computer failure, obvious alien contact, or direct intervention from God to end the world as we know it. Considering the frequency with which prophecy apparently fails, why do prophecies continue to be made, and what social functions do they serve? This volume gives a concise, but comprehensive, overview of the rich diversity of prophecy, its role in major world religions as well as in new religions and alternative spiritualties, its social dynamics and its impact on individuals’ lives. Academic analyses are complimented with contextualized primary source testimonies of those who live and have lived within a prophetic framework. The book argues that the key to understanding the more dramatic, apocalyptic and millenarian aspects of prophecy is in appreciating prophecy’s more mundane manifestations and its role in providing meaning and motivation in everyday life.
Category: Religion

Comet Ison And The Return Of Jesus

Author : David Meade
ISBN : 9781456620288
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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COMET ISON portends the Apocalypse. Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord God does nothing, except He reveals His secrets to His servants, the prophets. Matthew 24:30-31 Then the SIGN of the Son of Man will appear in heaven. COMET ISON IS THE SIGN. IT IS UNMISTAKABLE. No man knows the day or the hour, but the SIGN has been revealed. From Mathew 24, the disciples asked Jesus in verse 3, "Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the SIGN OF YOUR COMING, and of the end of the age?" THE SIGN OF HIS COMING IS ISON. It is set to be 15 times brighter than the moon, and will be visible in broad daylight. It's arrival date: NOVEMBER 28, 2103, THE VERY FIRST DAY OF HANUKKAH. Book Contents: * Proof that Comet Ison is Wormwood * The Absolute Season for the Rapture and the Year * An Object In the Sky Precedes the Rapture * God's Infographic Revealed * Astrotheology in the Book of Revelation * How Comet Ison Ties to Planet X/Nibiru * Why the Cover-Up Exists * The Most Dangerous Profession In The World — Being an Astronomer Investigating Inbound Objects — Mysterious Deaths * Physical Preparations You Must Make Now * Effects of Y-Class Solar Flares * Water & Food Preparations * Spiritual Preparations for the Final Rescue * 90 Pages of Never-Before Released Information * The Absolute Survival Guide
Category: Religion

21st Century Practical Spiritual Metaphysic Guide Book For Atheist S And Agnostics

Author : Joel Gonzalez
ISBN : 9780615171272
Genre :
File Size : 41.69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is a guide book for the individual who has always shied away from all occult subjects, such as religion, magic, astrology, metaphysics, spiritual anything, and for the beginner into all of these subjects who wished to expedite his/her learning with the latest up to date information. It offers leads for the beginner interested in understanding the merger between science and the occult spiritual subjects, and a reference of where to get started in the search for the ultimate truth. This book also provides references of where to find up to date information, based on scientific evidence of what is going on with our planet earth, and what to expect in the coming years leading to December 21, 2012. This book provides scientific and practical ways of understanding the universe; TOOLS to help YOU LIVE life TO ITS FULLEST and with EXCELLENT HEALTH!!!


Author : F. A. Raffa
ISBN : 9781477234440
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 74.66 MB
Format : PDF
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The Power of the Mind, Free Will and Will Power were all natural gifts we inherited in our creation. The abilities of which have been lost in our Evolution. The memory of which we find shadowed in all our World Religious Teachings, Mythology & Ancient Traditions. Unlocking the human potential is a real possibility; it requires one's self-development, realization, since belief, dedication and Imagination. The combined practice of Quantamplation provides a platform to finding the key to opening the door to a whole new reality, controlled totally by YOU. "Opportunities in life come by creation, and not by chance." -P. Yogananda
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit