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The Republic Of Motherhood

Author : Liz Berry
ISBN : 9781473564053
Genre : Poetry
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*'The Republic of Motherhood' Winner of the Forward Prize for Best Single Poem* ‘I crossed the border into the Republic of Motherhood and found it a queendom, a wild queendom.’ In this bold and resonant gathering of poems, Liz Berry turns her distinctive voice to the transformative experience of new motherhood. Her poems sing the body electric, from the joy and anguish of becoming a mother, through its darkest hours to its brightest days. With honesty and unabashed beauty, they bear witness to that most tender of times – when a new life arrives, and everything changes.
Category: Poetry

Fundamental Legal Problems Of Surrogate Motherhood Global Perspective

Author : Piotr Mostowik
ISBN : 9788366344068
Genre : Law
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The observation that mater semper certa est remains accurate under most legal systems in the world. Maternity is defined as the personal status (filiation) of a woman who gave birth to a child. It is typically complemented by the fatherhood of the man from whom the child biologically originates (often quem nuptiae demonstrant). However, in some states, a kind of competitive way of acquiring the legal status of mother and father (or “homosexual parents A and B”) has been introduced via concluding a contract with a surrogate mother. Usually with a woman coming from poorer societies and with the assistance of professional intermediaries and organizers. The postulates to change substantive family law, or at least to recognize the effects of foreign law and procedures (a kind of “procreative tourism”), appear nowadays also in states generally prohibiting surrogate motherhood. The issues discussed in this volume concern both national law and international court cases. Recent examples include the opinion of the European Court of Human Rights of 10 April 2019 initiated by the French Cour de cassation, the judgement of the German Bundesgerichtshofof 20 March 2019, and dilemmas of Polish administrative courts. Focusing on the international perspective, the present volume as well as an accompanying book in Polish are the results of the international cooperation of over 30 experts from both member states and observer states of the Council of Europe. The monograph is structured “from the general to the detail” and includes a comprehensive view as well: from the issues of philosophy and sociology of law, to human rights standards of national constitutions and international agreements, to principles of ordre public of forum and their protection with measures of private, public, and penal law. This allows readers, including legislators and judges, the better understanding of the fundamental legal problems that surrogate motherhood brings, both in states where law creates them in a narrower or wider extent, and in other countries of the world, to which these problems can be imported with the movement of people and with de lege lata and de lege ferenda postulates.
Category: Law

Women Of The Republic

Author : Linda K. Kerber
ISBN : 0807846325
Genre : History
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Women of the Republic : Intellect and Ideology in Revolutionary America
Category: History

Reinventing The Republic

Author : Catherine Raissiguier
ISBN : 9780804757614
Genre : Social Science
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This book chronicles the struggles of undocumented migrant women in France as they fight to become rights-bearing citizens, revealing how concepts of citizenship and nationality intersect with gender, sexuality, and immigration.
Category: Social Science

The Wages Of Motherhood

Author : Gwendolyn Mink
ISBN : 9781501728860
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 45.11 MB
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Entering the vigorous debate about the nature of the American welfare state, The Wages of Motherhood illuminates ways in which a "maternalist" social policy emerged from the crucible of gender and racial politics between the world wars. Gwendolyn Mink here examines the cultural dynamics of maternalist social policy, which have often been overlooked by institutional and class analyses of the welfare state. Mink maintains that the movement for welfare provisions, while resulting in important gains, reinforced existing patterns of gender and racial inequality. She explores how Anglo-American women reformers, as they gained increasing political recognition, promoted an ideology of domesticity that became the core of maternalist social policy. Focusing on reformers such as Jane Addams, Grace Abbott, Katherine Lenroot, and Frances Perkins, Mink shows how they helped shape a social policy premised on moral character and cultural conformity rather than universal entitlement. According to Mink, commitments to a gendered and racialized ideology of virtuous citizenship led women's reform organizations in the United States to support welfare policies that were designed to uplift and regulate motherhood and thus to reform the cultural character of citizens. The upshot was a welfare agenda that linked maternity with dependency, poverty with cultural weakness, and need with moral failing. Relegating poor women and racial minorities to dependent status, maternalist policy had the effect of stengthening ideological and institutional forms of subordination. In Mink's view, the legacy of this benevolent—and invidious—policy contimies to inflect thinking about welfare reform today.
Category: Political Science

Pillars Of The Republic

Author : Carl Kaestle
ISBN : 9781429931717
Genre : History
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Pillars of the Republic is a pioneering study of common-school development in the years before the Civil War. Public acceptance of state school systems, Kaestle argues, was encouraged by the people's commitment to republican government, by their trust in Protestant values, and by the development of capitalism. The author also examines the opposition to the Founding Fathers' educational ideas and shows what effects these had on our school system.
Category: History

For Liberty And The Republic

Author : Ricardo A. Herrera
ISBN : 9781479823031
Genre : History
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In the early decades of the American Republic, American soldiers demonstrated and defined their beliefs about the nature of American republicanism and how they, as citizens and soldiers, were participants in the republican experiment through their service. In For Liberty and the Republic, Ricardo A. Herrera examines the relationship between soldier and citizen from the War of Independence through the first year of the Civil War. The work analyzes an idealized republican ideology as a component of soldiering in both peace and war. Herrera argues that American soldiers’ belief system—the military ethos of republicanism—drew from the larger body of American political thought. This ethos illustrated and informed soldiers’ faith in an inseparable connection between bearing arms on behalf of the republic, and earning and holding citizenship in it. Despite the undeniable existence of customs, organizations, and behaviors that were uniquely military, the officers and enlisted men of the regular army, states’ militias, and wartime volunteers were the products of their society, and they imparted what they understood as important elements of American thought into their service. Drawing from military and personal correspondence, journals, orderly books, militia constitutions, and other documents in over forty archives in twenty-three states, Herrera maps five broad, interrelated, and mutually reinforcing threads of thought constituting soldiers’ beliefs: Virtue; Legitimacy; Self-governance; Glory, Honor, and Fame; and the National Mission. Spanning periods of war and peace, these five themes constituted a coherent and long-lived body of ideas that informed American soldiers’ sense of identity for generations.
Category: History

Pluralism And The Idea Of The Republic In France

Author : Julian Wright
ISBN : 9781137028310
Genre : History
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The idea of the centralized State has played a powerful role in shaping French republicanism. But for two hundred years, many have tried to find other ways of being French and Republican. These essays challenge the traditional account, bringing together new insights from leading scholars.
Category: History

The Routledge Guidebook To Plato S Republic

Author : Nickolas Pappas
ISBN : 9781136205439
Genre : Philosophy
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Plato, often cited as a founding father of Western philosophy, set out ideas in the Republic regarding the nature of justice, order, and the character of the just individual, that endure into the modern day. The Routledge Guidebook to Plato’s Republic introduces the major themes in Plato’s great book and acts as a companion for reading the work, examining: The context of Plato’s work and the background to his writing Each separate part of the text in relation to its goals, meanings and impact The reception the book received when first seen by the world The relevance of Plato’s work to modern philosophy, its legacy and influence. With further reading included throughout, this text follows Plato’s original work closely, making it essential reading for all students of philosophy, and all those wishing to get to grips with this classic work.
Category: Philosophy

Women S Choices In Europe

Author : Claudia Quaiser-Pohl
ISBN : 3830977433
Genre : Psychology
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The options women have to shape their lives have dramatically increased in the last decades, and this is true for all European countries. Changes in their societies with respect to women’s rights have been fundamental, amongst other things as a result of the women’s movement, which caused one of the greatest social revolutions of the 20th century. But considering the different starting points of the women’s movement and all the other historical, cultural and political differences in the European nations it is no surprise that the situation of women is different, too, and that the process of reaching equal status with men has come to different stages in different areas of life. And, of course, there are still some fields of remarkable gender inequalities which can be noticed all over Europe. This book wants to give some insight into the differences as well as the similarities of women’s lives, their educational and occupational attainment and their choices with respect to occupational career and family life in several European countries. The authors come from different countries and represent different disciplines. Therefore the chapters cover a large variety of scientific approaches and draw a fine-grained picture of the situation of women ́s lives in Europe.
Category: Psychology