The Regularized Fast Hartley Transform

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The Regularized Fast Hartley Transform

Author : Keith Jones
ISBN : 9048139171
Genre : Mathematics
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Most real-world spectrum analysis problems involve the computation of the real-data discrete Fourier transform (DFT), a unitary transform that maps elements N of the linear space of real-valued N-tuples, R , to elements of its complex-valued N counterpart, C , and when carried out in hardware it is conventionally achieved via a real-from-complex strategy using a complex-data version of the fast Fourier transform (FFT), the generic name given to the class of fast algorithms used for the ef?cient computation of the DFT. Such algorithms are typically derived by explo- ing the property of symmetry, whether it exists just in the transform kernel or, in certain circumstances, in the input data and/or output data as well. In order to make effective use of a complex-data FFT, however, via the chosen real-from-complex N strategy, the input data to the DFT must ?rst be converted from elements of R to N elements of C . The reason for choosing the computational domain of real-data problems such N N as this to be C , rather than R , is due in part to the fact that computing equ- ment manufacturers have invested so heavily in producing digital signal processing (DSP) devices built around the design of the complex-data fast multiplier and accumulator (MAC), an arithmetic unit ideally suited to the implementation of the complex-data radix-2 butter?y, the computational unit used by the familiar class of recursive radix-2 FFT algorithms.
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The Regularized Fast Hartley Transform

Author : Keith John Jones
ISBN : 3030682447
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This book describes how a key signal/image processing algorithm – that of the fast Hartley transform (FHT) or, via a simple conversion routine between their outputs, of the real‐data version of the ubiquitous fast Fourier transform (FFT) – might best be formulated to facilitate computationally-efficient solutions. The author discusses this for both 1-D (such as required, for example, for the spectrum analysis of audio signals) and m‐D (such as required, for example, for the compression of noisy 2-D images or the watermarking of 3-D video signals) cases, but requiring few computing resources (i.e. low arithmetic/memory/power requirements, etc.). This is particularly relevant for those application areas, such as mobile communications, where the available silicon resources (as well as the battery-life) are expected to be limited. The aim of this monograph, where silicon‐based computing technology and a resource‐constrained environment is assumed and the data is real-valued in nature, has thus been to seek solutions that best match the actual problem needing to be solved.
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Astronomy Reports

Author :
ISBN : CHI:40599442
Genre : Astronomy
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Radar And Sonar

Author : F. Alberto Grünbaum
ISBN : 0387977465
Genre : Science
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This IMA Volume in Mathematics and its Applications RADAR AND SONAR, PART II is based on the proceedings of the second week of the IMA summer program "Radar and Sonar". Week two was devoted to the presentation of problems and solutions of problems in Radar and Sonar. vVe are grat.eful to Alberto Griinbaum, Marvin Bernfeld and Richard Blahut for organizing the program. We also take this opportunity to thank those agencies whose financial support made the summer program possible: the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Army Research Office, the National Science Foundation, the National Security Agency and the Office of Naval Research. A vner Friedman Willard Miller, Jr. PREFACE This volume contains a representative discussion of mathematical problems that arise in radar and sonar and is based on the lectures that were given during the second week of the IMA summer program RADAR AND SONAR, June IS-June 29, 1990. (The first week was devoted to three sets of tutorial lectures and the lecture notes from that part of the program appear in an earlier IMA volume.) The second week was run as a workshop of contributed papers without formal review. The speakers were selected to cover a broad range of problems in this area.
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Journal Of The Audio Engineering Society

Author : Audio Engineering Society
ISBN : UOM:39015048214087
Genre : Acoustical engineering
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"Directory of members" published as pt. 2 of Apr. 1954- issue.
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Author : Debbie Watson
ISBN : 9781483287355
Genre : Science
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This unique book is the key to computer contouring, exploring in detail the practice and principles using a personal computer. Contouring allows a three dimensional view in two dimensions and is a fundamental technique to represent spatial data. All aspects of this type of representation are covered including data preparation, selecting contour intervals, interpolation and griding, computing volumes and output and display. Formulated for both the novice and the experienced user, this book initially conducts the reader through a step by step explanation of PC software and its application to personal data, and then presents the rationale and concepts for contouring using the computer. Accompanying the book is a set of BASIC programs, in ASCII format, on an MS-DOS 360KB floppy disk. These programs implement eighteen interpolation methods, five gradient estimation techniques, and seven types of display, and are designed to be adapted or combined to suit a wide range of possible objectives concerning either the comparative study of contouring methodology or the practical production of contour displays.
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Discrete Cosine Transform Second Edition

Author : Humberto Ochoa-Dominguez
ISBN : 9781351396486
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Many new DCT-like transforms have been proposed since the first edition of this book. For example, the integer DCT that yields integer transform coefficients, the directional DCT to take advantage of several directions of the image and the steerable DCT. The advent of higher dimensional frames such as UHDTV and 4K-TV demand for small and large transform blocks to encode small or large similar areas respectively in an efficient way. Therefore, a new updated book on DCT, adapted to the modern days, considering the new advances in this area and targeted for students, researchers and the industry is a necessity.
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Conference Record

Author : Ray R. Chen
ISBN : UOM:39076001155303
Genre : Electronic digital computers
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Optical Engineering

Author :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924077898520
Genre : Optical instruments
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Publishes papers reporting on research and development in optical science and engineering and the practical applications of known optical science, engineering, and technology.
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Physics Briefs

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015027832974
Genre : Physics
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Time Frequency Signal Analysis

Author : Boualem Boashash
ISBN : 0582712866
Genre : Signal processing
File Size : 76.2 MB
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Collection of 23 review papers provides a structured and detailed view of time-frequency analysis. Other topics covered include detection, classification, and algorithms for computer implementation. Edited by a professor of signal processing at Queensland University of Technology. Includes an extensive bibliography and an index.
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New Technical Books

Author : New York Public Library
ISBN : UOM:39015063566544
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Science Abstracts

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ISBN : OSU:32435051560209
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