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The Psychology Of Exercise

Author : Curt L. Lox
ISBN : 9781351817356
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 89.40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Psychology of Exercise: Integrating Theory and Practice, fourth edition, continues to weave together theory, research, application, and interventions to provide readers with a solid foundation in exercise psychology. In this comprehensive, accessible, book, the authors apply prominent theories and models to actual situations encountered professionally. Compelling graphs, models, other visuals, and effective pedagogical aids further enhance the material. The chapters in Part I help readers understand and modify exercise behavior, while those in Part II discuss psychosocial influences and the consequences of physical activity. Among the topics explored are the impact of exercise on self-perceptions, including self-esteem and body image; stress, anxiety, and depression; and emotional well-being. Chapters on the relationship between physical activity and cognitive function as well as health-related quality of life offer the latest information for these areas of study. Features of the Fourth Edition New streamlined chapter on self-perceptions and exercise, which combines previous chapters on self-esteem and body image. This more logical presentation of related topics makes it easier to teach these topics and better depicts their intersection. Refocused chapter on health-related quality of life and exercise, to include more emphasis on special populations and demonstrate how exercise can benefit those who have chronic diseases, chronic disabilities, or physical limitations. Discussions throughout on mobile devices, apps, social media, and high-tech point-of-decision and how these technologies can be used for tracking and measuring physical activity and for offering social support. Updated references, glossary, and graphics. Special Features of the Book Reader-friendly price Outstanding author team of active researchers with diverse areas of expertise End-of-chapter review questions and learning activities to enhance understanding Connections between theory and application throughout Focus boxes, with additional learning activities, highlighting research on physical activity and populations with chronic disease and disability Standardized questionnaires, including some of the most frequently used measures in exercise psychology research
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The Psychology Of Exercise

Author : Curt Lox
ISBN : PSU:000058518137
Genre : Exercise
File Size : 29.93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The second edition of The Psychology of Exercise: Integrating Theory and Practice weaves together theory, research, application, and intervention, using evidence- and theoretical-based information to provide students with a solid foundation of exercise psychology. In this user-friendly text, the authors have applied prominent and thoroughly researched theories and models to actual situations that students are likely to encounter professionally. The six chapters in Part I help students understand and modify exercise behavior, while the chapters in Part II discuss psychosocial influences and consequences of physical activity. Among the topics reviewed are the relationship between exercise and personality and the impact of exercise on self-esteem, stress, anxiety and depression, and emotional well-being. Chapters on social influences, body image, and health-related quality of life offer the latest information on these emerging areas of study. All chapters in this new edition have been completely updated, which makes this one of the most up-to-date books on the market. New to This Edition New chapter on stress. Completely rewritten chapter on physical activity interventions. Focus boxes, with additional student learning activities, that highlight research on physical activity-related issues in special populations. New standardized questionnaires, including some of the most frequently used measures in exercise psychology research. Special Features of the Text Outstanding author team consisting of active researchers with diverse areas of expertise. End-of-chapter review questions and learning activities to enhance understanding. Connections between theory and application throughout the text. Comprehensive glossary. Student-friendly price. An instructor's manual and a PowerPoint presentation available upon adoption
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The Psychology Of Physical Activity

Author : Albert V. Carron
ISBN : PSU:000054112919
Genre : Exercise
File Size : 22.86 MB
Format : PDF
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"This is a ground-breaking and comprehensive text devoted solely to the discussion of exercise psychology. Exploring all areas of personal motivation, the benefits of exercise, and the theories, pioneers, and ongoing research, it prepares the exercise science professional for future career opportunities in the pubic and private sector." --McGraw Hill.
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Psychology Of Physical Activity

Author : Stuart J. H. Biddle
ISBN : 9781134211920
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 31.88 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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As modern lifestyles offer ever more opportunities for a sedentary existence, physical activity has become, for many, a marginal aspect of life. Too little physical activity is linked to common, often serious, health problems, and although this link is now widely acknowledged, levels of sedentary behaviour continue to increase throughout western society. Psychology of Physical Activity, 2nd Edition addresses this concern, bringing together a wealth of up to date information about exercise behaviour including: motivation and psychological factors associated with activity or inactivity the psychological outcomes of exercising including the 'feel–good' factor understanding specific clinical populations interventions and applied practice in the psychology of physical activity current trends and future directions in research and practice. Updated to reflect new findings and research directions, this new edition includes full textbook features, and is accompanied by a dedicated website providing lecturers and students with extensive support materials, including powerpoint slides and student MCQ's. Visit the companion website at
Category: Social Science

The Psychology Of Perfectionism In Sport Dance And Exercise

Author : Andrew Hill
ISBN : 9781317339106
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 39.21 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Perfectionism has been found to play an important yet complex role in sport, dance and exercise. This collection provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of theory, measurement, research findings, and practitioner issues associated with perfectionism, providing readers with insights into both its benefits and its costs. The book features contributions from many of the leading researchers in the field, and also includes recommendations from experienced practitioners and clinicians on how best to work with perfectionists. This book will provide students and researchers in sport and exercise psychology, as well as coaches and instructors in sport, dance and exercise, with an invaluable resource to guide their research and practice.
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Body Moves

Author : James Gavin
ISBN : PSU:000017870825
Genre : Medical
File Size : 24.55 MB
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Describes the psychological effects of exercise, identifies fitness personalities, and offers advice on selecting a fitness program
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Exercise Psychology

Author : Peter Seraganian
ISBN : 0471527017
Genre : Medical
File Size : 27.80 MB
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The conviction that physical fitness and regular exercise are essential to mental health is by no means new. Such a belief is integral to the philosophy of the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi, as well as the Indian discipline of Yoga. Similarly, in the West, the roots of such thinking can be traced back more than two thousand years to the Golden Age Greeks for whom daily, vigorous exercise was considered indispensable to both the physical and mental well-being of young and old alike. Nevertheless, the link between exercise and mental health and psychological processes in general has only recently come to be considered a legitimate area of scientific research - a fact attested to by the recent formation of a Division of Exercise and Sport Psychology by the American Psychological Association. Bringing together contributions by specialists in the three increasingly convergent disciplines of health psychology, physical education, and exercise physiology, this book examines the state-of-the-art theory and practice in the exciting new field of exercise psychology. Organized into three sections covering history and theory, research approaches and findings, and applications, Exercise Psychology offers a balanced presentation of the various orientations and methodologies of each related discipline. In this sense, Exercise Psychology is the first truly interdisciplinary work in the field. Among key topics covered in the methodology section are the various approaches to measurement and analysis of the link between physical activity and psychological states; how best to review the research literature from a variety of diverse subspecialties; and the underlying rationale and practical implementationof meta-analysis. Chapters in the applications section offer an up-to-date summary of important practical advances in such areas as the use of aerobic exercise to slow down cognitive decline with age; the advantages of regular physical activity for the psychological welfare of growing children; the use of aerobic exercise in the rehabilitation of psychological disorders and substance abuse, and more. Timely, comprehensive, and authoritative, Exercise Psychology is an indispensable tool for clinical, physiological, developmental and educational psychologists, health physiologists, clinical social workers, physicians, and all other mental and physical health professionals.
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The Psychology Of Sub Culture In Sport And Physical Activity

Author : Robert J. Schinke
ISBN : 9781317696643
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 40.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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International Perspectives on Key Issues in Sport and Exercise Psychology is a series of edited books, with a global focus, which reflect the state of art in areas of current and emerging interest in the study of sport and exercise psychology. Each volume in the series contributes to the better understanding of a key issue facing researchers and practitioners in sport psychology. This volume in the series focuses upon the sociocultural issues that challenge and often undermine participation, performance, and well-being in sports. Contributors address a number of important issues, such as exclusion, miscommunication, and ineffective practice in sport. The book extends the recent interest in culture within sport psychology by using a critical approach to highlight less mainstream sports such as martial arts, circus arts, extreme sports, and dance, and it will help sports participants and social scientists to gain an understanding of these marginalized sporting identities. By highlighting "subcultural" contexts, with their individual practices and values, it is hoped that the volume will promote the goal of achieving a more just, inclusive, and ethical sport psychology. The Psychology of Sub-Culture in Sport and Physical Activity will be ideal reading for sport and exercise academics and practitioners, advanced students of applied sport psychology, and related fields such as sport science, critical studies, sociology, cultural studies and social anthropology.
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Exercise Psychology

Author : Heather Hausenblas
ISBN : 9781449672164
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 75.97 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Written for the upper-level undergraduate and graduate-level courses in exercise psychology and behavioral physical activity, Exercise Psychology: The Psychology of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior focuses on the psychological effects of physical activity in a variety of special populations. The first text of its kind to focus on both the psychology of exercise and sedentary behavior, it provides a strong theoretical and applied focus to the field, and includes interesting vignettes and critical thinking activities to engage readers in the learning process. With an engaging, student-friendly approach, the authors provide complete and comprehensive information that examines research on behavioral physical activity and translating research into practice. The text also looks at sedentary behavior and the recent paradigm shift examining the health effects of sedentary behavior.
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