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The Proteus Paradox

Author : Nick Yee
ISBN : 9780300190991
Genre : Computers
File Size : 68.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A surprising assessment of the ways that virtual worlds are entangled with human psychology
Category: Computers

The New Principia

Author : Dr. John Yates
ISBN : 9781644297025
Genre : Science
File Size : 37.59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The New Principia Book 1 deals with the start of the New Principia — important scientific work — related to questions such as “How to find God,” “How to travel in Time”, “Travels in Outer Space” plus "Resolving the Andromeda Paradox" and more with proper explanations and some working methods for handling Ouija Boards, Near Death Experiences, Astral Projection, Hypnosis, Consciousness, Super-intelligent Machines and others. With The New Principia, the sky is not the limit.
Category: Science

Knowledge Games

Author : Karen Schrier
ISBN : 9781421419206
Genre : Computers
File Size : 57.38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Imagine if new knowledge and insights came not just from research centers, think tanks, and universities but also from games, of all things. Video games have been viewed as causing social problems, but what if they actually helped solve them? This question drives Karen Schrier’s Knowledge Games, which seeks to uncover the potentials and pitfalls of using games to make discoveries, solve real-world problems, and better understand our world. For example, so-called knowledge games—such as Foldit, a protein-folding puzzle game, SchoolLife, which crowdsources bullying interventions, and Reverse the Odds, in which mobile game players analyze breast cancer data—are already being used by researchers to gain scientific, psychological, and humanistic insights. Schrier argues that knowledge games are potentially powerful because of their ability to motivate a crowd of problem solvers within a dynamic system while also tapping into the innovative data processing and computational abilities of games. In the near future, Schrier asserts, knowledge games may be created to understand and predict voting behavior, climate concerns, historical perspectives, online harassment, susceptibility to depression, or optimal advertising strategies, among other things. In addition to investigating the intersection of games, problem solving, and crowdsourcing, Schrier examines what happens when knowledge emerges from games and game players rather than scientists, professionals, and researchers. This accessible book also critiques the limits and implications of games and considers how they may redefine what it means to produce knowledge, to play, to educate, and to be a citizen.
Category: Computers

The Oxford Handbook Of Cyberpsychology

Author : Alison Attrill-Smith
ISBN : 9780192540973
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 26.29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The internet is so central to everyday life, that it is impossible to contemplate life without it. From finding romance, to conducting business, receiving health advice, shopping, banking, and gaming, the internet opens up a world of possibilities to people across the globe. Yet for all its positive attributes, it is also an environment where we witness the very worst of human behaviour - cybercrime, election interference, fake news, and trolling being just a few examples. What is it about this unique environment that can make people behave in ways they wouldn't contemplate in real life. Understanding the psychological processes underlying and influencing the thinking, interpretation and behaviour associated with this online interconnectivity is the core premise of Cyberpsychology. The Oxford Handbook of Cyberpsychology explores a wide range of cyberpsychological processes and activities through the research and writings of some of the world's leading cyberpsychology experts. The book is divided into eight sections covering topics as varied as online research methods, self-presentation and impression management, technology across the lifespan, interaction and interactivity, online groups and communities, social media, health and technology, video gaming and cybercrime and cybersecurity. The Oxford Handbook of Cyberpsychology will be important reading for those who have only recently discovered the discipline as well as more seasoned cyberpsychology researchers and teachers.
Category: Psychology


Author : Damon Knight
ISBN : STANFORD:36105014821123
Genre : Science fiction, American
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Category: Science fiction, American

Orbit 17

Author : Damon Knight
ISBN : 0060124342
Genre : Short stories
File Size : 62.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Short stories

Proteus Unmasked

Author : Trevor McNeely
ISBN : 0934223742
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 65.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This wide-ranging study touches many aspects of sixteenth-century British culture, putting Shakespearean drama into the context of one of the century's greatest preoccupations, the study and use of rhetoric. Its multifaceted thesis is developed cumulatively over four chapters, each linked to the one preceding, moving from the general picture of the role of rhetoric in sixteenth-century English culture, through its contribution to the rise of Elizabethan drama, and culminating in its specific application to the interpretation of Shakespeare. Recognizing the thesis's challenge to critical orthodoxy, both traditional and contemporary, in all of these areas, its development proceeds with full discussion and deliberation at every stage, citing a broad range of sixteenth-century as well as Classical rhetorical materials to justify a radically subversive reinterpretation of their thrust. Trevor McNeely is Professor Emeritus of English at Brandon University.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Proteus Im Spiegel

Author : Paul Geyer
ISBN : 3826026330
Genre : Critical theory
File Size : 54.55 MB
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Einleitung - C. Jünke: Theorie und Praxis einer Kritischen Theorie des Subjekts - Grundlagenreflexion / Methodik - P. Geyer: Kritik des Kritikbegriffs - K. Meyer-Drawe: Zur Doppeldeutigkeit des Subjekts - R. Terdiman: The Subject of the Other: From Alterity to Heterology - K. Röttgers: Autonomes und verführtes Subjekt - Das Subjekt in den Diskursen der Wissenschaft - B. Görlich: Freuds Wissenschaft vom Unbewußten - ihre Bedeutung für eine kritische Theorie des Subjekts - R. Simon: Die nichtsubjektive Sprache des Subjekts in der ästhetischen Erfahrung. Überlegungen zum Begriff der Natur in Adornos Ästhetischer Theorie - P. Weber-Bockholdt: Über das musikalische Hören in Th. W. Adornos Philosophie der neuen Musik - M. Guérin: Visage, autoportrait, portrait (Réflexions sur le jeu des catégories: je, moi, individu, sujet) - B. Gruber: Zur Rolle des Erfahrungsbegriffes in der neueren Literaturwissenschaft. Eine wissenschaftsgeschichtliche Überlegung - M. Klein: Das Menschenbild in der Begriffsjurisprudenz und in der Interessenjurisprudenz - A. Schmitt: Subjektivität und Evolution. Kritische Anmerkungen zu einer kognitionspsychologischen Erklärung von Subjektivität - A. Gierer: Brain, mind, and limitations of a scientific theory of human consciousness - Erscheinungsweisen des Subjekts im 20. Jh. / Archäologie des modernen Subjekts - S. Büttner: Sophokles' Modernität? Subjektivität und Tragik in der Sophokleischen Elektra - V. Ehrich-Haefeli: Transformationen des Begehrens am Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts: Zur psychohistorischen Archäologie der modernen Individualität (Lessing, Wieland, Maler Müller) - G. Mensching: "Urgeschichte des Subjekts" - Variationen über ein Thema von Adorno - F. Spadini: Kulturelles Gedächtnis. Thomas Manns Auseinandersetzung mit der deutschen Identität - Entwürfe des 20. Jahrhunderts - M. Schmitz-Emans: Subjekt und Sprache - J. Leenhardt: Subjektkonstitution im literarischen Austausch - R. Zaiser: Prousts A la recherche du temps perdu: Die epistemologische Krise des Subjekts und ihre Aufhebung in der Leibhaftigkeit des Seins - S. Friedrich: Fokussierungen: Sinnliche Wahrnehmung und ihre Medialisierung in der spanischen Lyrik des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts - N. Würzbach: Identitätskonstitution durch Raumerleben in der englischen Erzählliteratur des Modernismus - M. Messmer: Intersubjectivity as a Way toward Ideology Critique in Virginia Woolf's The Waves - L. Higgins & M.-Chr. Leps : Writing subjects of governance - Woolf and Foucault - H.-G. Pott: Das Subjekt bei Robert Musil - V. Kapp: Individuelles und historisches Bewußtsein in Malraux' La Condition humaine - H. Antor: International Involvement and the Growth of a Canadian Identity in Hugh MacLennan's Barometer Rising - K. Kramer: Praktiken des Raumes: Zur topologischen Konstitution des ästhetischen Subjekts im Prosagedicht Henri Michaux' - P. Geyer: Der existenzielle Ernst des Absurden. Das menschliche Subjekt angesichts seiner Auslöschung - P. Oster: Nathalie Sarraute und Jean-Paul Sartre oder Subjektkonstitution im Zeitalter des Mißtrauens - C. Jünke: Unzuverlässiges Erzählen und Subjektkritik - Cinco horas con Mario von Miguel Delibes - W. Matzat: Subjektivitätsmodellierung im Roman: Eine gattungsgeschichtliche Skizze mit einem Blick auf das Verhältnis von Individuum und Gesellschaft bei Jean-Philippe Toussaint - R. Emans: Personalstil versus Zeitstil in der Musik - Versuchungen der Postmoderne - A. Gutenberg: Uneasy Alliances: The Subject of Feminism and Postmodernism in Theory and the Novel - P. Torrin: De la Crypte aux Fantômes. La transmission historique de l'inconscient - A. v. Graevenitz Der tatsächliche Tod des Subjekts in der Inszenierung seines Kunstwerks als Herausforderung an das wahrnehmende Subjekt - R. Hagenbüchle: Das Ende des 'bürgerlichen' Subjekts: Kulturwandel als Paradi
Category: Critical theory

A Wake Newslitter

Author :
ISBN : PSU:000065933602
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 45.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Literary Criticism