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The Promise Of Mediation

Author : بوش، روبرت أ. باروخ
ISBN : STANFORD:36105009771218
Genre : Business & Economics
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Folger, neglects the most important dimension of the process: its potential to change the people themselves who are in the very midst of conflict - giving them both a greater sense of their own efficacy and a greater openness to others.
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The Promise Of Mediation

Author : Robert A. Baruch Bush
ISBN : 0787976741
Genre : Law
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The award-winning first edition of The Promise of Mediation,published ten years ago, is a landmark classic that changed thefield's understanding of the theory and practice of conflictintervention. That volume first articulated the "transformativemodel" of mediation, which greatly humanized the vision of how themediation process could help parties in conflict. In the pastdecade, the transformative model has proved itself and gainedincreasing acceptance. It is now being used in such diverse arenasas workplace, community, family, organizational, and public policyconflicts, among others. In this new edition, the authors draw on a decade of work intheory development, training, practice, research, and assessment topresent a thoroughly revised and updated account of thetransformative model of mediation and its practical application,including a compelling description of how the field has moved towardincreasing acceptance of the transformative model a new and clearer presentation of the theory and practices oftransformative mediation, with many concrete examples a new case study that provides a vivid picture of the model inpractice, with a commentary full of new information about how touse it effectively clarifications of common misconceptions about the model a vision for the future that shows how the model can coexistwith other approaches and where the "market" for transformativemediation is emerging This volume is a foundational resource on transformative practice,for both readers of the first edition and new readers - includingmediators, facilitators, lawyers, administrators, human resourceprofessionals, policymakers, and conflict resolution researchersand educators. More generally, this book will strike a chord withanyone interested in humanizing our social institutions andbuilding on a relational vision of society.
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The Promise And Performance Of Environmental Conflict Resolution

Author : Rosemary O'Leary
ISBN : 1891853643
Genre : Political Science
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Environmental conflict resolution has been used since 1974 and an official part of policymaking since the mid-1990s. This book describes the kinds of disputes where it has been applied and critically investigates its record and potential, drawing on political science, anthropology and more.
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Designing Mediation

Author : Joseph P. Folger
ISBN : 0970949200
Genre : Conflict management
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Category: Conflict management

The Promise Of The Foreign

Author : Vicente L. Rafael
ISBN : 9780822387411
Genre : History
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In The Promise of the Foreign, Vicente L. Rafael argues that translation was key to the emergence of Filipino nationalism in the nineteenth century. Acts of translation entailed technics from which issued the promise of nationhood. Such a promise consisted of revising the heterogeneous and violent origins of the nation by mediating one’s encounter with things foreign while preserving their strangeness. Rafael examines the workings of the foreign in the Filipinos’ fascination with Castilian, the language of the Spanish colonizers. In Castilian, Filipino nationalists saw the possibility of arriving at a lingua franca with which to overcome linguistic, regional, and class differences. Yet they were also keenly aware of the social limits and political hazards of this linguistic fantasy. Through close readings of nationalist newspapers and novels, the vernacular theater, and accounts of the 1896 anticolonial revolution, Rafael traces the deep ambivalence with which elite nationalists and lower-class Filipinos alike regarded Castilian. The widespread belief in the potency of Castilian meant that colonial subjects came in contact with a recurring foreignness within their own language and society. Rafael shows how they sought to tap into this uncanny power, seeing in it both the promise of nationhood and a menace to its realization. Tracing the genesis of this promise and the ramifications of its betrayal, Rafael sheds light on the paradox of nationhood arising from the possibilities and risks of translation. By repeatedly opening borders to the arrival of something other and new, translation compels the nation to host foreign presences to which it invariably finds itself held hostage. While this condition is perhaps common to other nations, Rafael shows how its unfolding in the Philippine colony would come to be claimed by Filipinos, as would the names of the dead and their ghostly emanations.
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The Promise Of Pragmatism

Author : John Patrick Diggins
ISBN : 0226148793
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 80.82 MB
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For much of our century, pragmatism has enjoyed a charmed life, holding the dominant point of view in American politics, law, education, and social thought in general. After suffering a brief eclipse in the post-World War II period, pragmatism has experienced a revival, especially in literary theory and such areas as poststructuralism and deconstruction. In this critique of pragmatism and neopragmatism, one of our leading intellectual historians traces the attempts of thinkers from William James to Richard Rorty to find a response to the crisis of modernism. John Patrick Diggins analyzes the limitations of pragmatism from a historical perspective and dares to ask whether America's one original contribution to the world of philosophy has actually fulfilled its promise. "Diggins, an eminent historian of American intellectual life, has written a timely and impressive book charting the rich history of American pragmatism and placing William James, Charles Peirce, John Dewey, George Herbert Mead, Sidney Hook, and Richard Rorty in their times and in the light of contemporary concerns. The book also draws on an alternative set of American thinkers to explore the blind spots in the pragmatic temper."—William Connolly, New York Times Book Review "An extraordinarily ambitious work of both analysis and synthesis. . . . Diggins's book is rewarding in its thoughtfulness and its nuanced presentation of ideas."—Daniel J. Silver, Commentary "Diggins's superbly informed book comprises a comprehensive history of American pragmatic thought. . . . It contains expert descriptions of James, John Dewey and Charles Sanders Peirce, the first generation of American pragmatists. . . . Diggins is just as good on the revival of pragmatism that's taken place over the last 20 years in America. . . . [A] richly intelligent book."—Mark Edmundson, Washington Post Book World
Category: Philosophy

The Promise Of Trinitarian Theology

Author : Elmer M. Colyer
ISBN : 9781461645351
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.98 MB
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Thomas F. Torrance is considered by many to be the most outstanding living Reformed theologian in the Anglo-Saxon world. In The Promise of Trinitarian Theology, Elmer M. Colyer presents a collection of essays critiquing Torrance's work. It explores his place in Reformed theology and his relation to the Greek fathers. Both everyday life and scientific understanding are discussed in the essays within. The Promise of Trinitarian Theology is a hopeful step engaging the works of T. F. Torrance and the theology behind his words.
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Restoring The Promise Of American Labor Law

Author : Sheldon Friedman
ISBN : 0875463266
Genre : Law
File Size : 79.29 MB
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The product of an October 1993 conference on labor law reform jointly sponsored by the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell U. and the Department of Economic Research at the AFL-CIO, this volume both argues the need for fundamental reform of the legal and institutional underpinnings o
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The Fugitive Identity Of Mediation

Author : Debbie De Girolamo
ISBN : 9781134075188
Genre : Law
File Size : 77.10 MB
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Despite much having been written about what mediation is, direct observations of commercial mediations are limited. This book grants an opportunity to observe mediation in action and also provides external commentary about the actions observed. The book approaches Mediation ethnographically as a social process that is informed by structures, rules and norms that colour the environment within which it operates. Through the ethnographic method, a process leading to negotiated order is examined, baring its elements, identifying its influences and studying the movement to order. The result is the reconceptualization of mediation. The mediator is invited into the negotiation as third party intervener. He creates the process of mediation, defining the process by his actions, which ultimately merges mediator with process. This book provides a window to the lived experience of participants to mediation: it explores their understandings of and interactions within a process they have experienced together and demonstrates how mediation is a process inextricably linked to negotiation. The Fugitive Identity of Mediation will be of interest to scholars, mediators, parties who participate in the process, and to those active in public policy discourse.
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The Promise Of The New South

Author : Edward L. Ayers
ISBN : 9780199886838
Genre : History
File Size : 25.11 MB
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At a public picnic in the South in the 1890s, a young man paid five cents for his first chance to hear the revolutionary Edison talking machine. He eagerly listened as the soundman placed the needle down, only to find that through the tubes he held to his ears came the chilling sounds of a lynching. In this story, with its blend of new technology and old hatreds, genteel picnics and mob violence, Edward Ayers captures the history of the South in the years between Reconstruction and the turn of the century. Ranging from the Georgia coast to the Tennessee mountains, from the power brokers to tenant farmers, Ayers depicts a land of startling contrasts. Ayers takes us from remote Southern towns, revolutionized by the spread of the railroads, to the statehouses where Democratic Redeemers swept away the legacy of Reconstruction; from the small farmers, trapped into growing nothing but cotton, to the new industries of Birmingham; from abuse and intimacy in the family to tumultuous public meetings of the prohibitionists. He explores every aspect of society, politics, and the economy, detailing the importance of each in the emerging New South. Central to the entire story is the role of race relations, from alliances and friendships between blacks and whites to the spread of Jim Crows laws and disfranchisement. The teeming nineteenth-century South comes to life in these pages. When this book first appeared in 1992, it won a broad array of prizes and was a finalist for both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize. The citation for the National Book Award declared Promise of the New South a vivid and masterfully detailed picture of the evolution of a new society. The Atlantic called it "one of the broadest and most original interpretations of southern history of the past twenty years.
Category: History