The Production Of Heritage

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The Production Of Heritage

Author : Alan Chandler
ISBN : 9780429663239
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 73.81 MB
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In this important book, the authors unpack the theoretical and practical issues around the development of heritage sites, critically dissecting key conservation benchmarks such as the ICOMOS guidelines, BS 7913 and the RIBA Conservation Plan of Work to reveal the mechanics of heritage guidance, its advantages and conceptual limitations. Underpinned by an active understanding of the conservation philosophy of William Morris, the book presents five case studies from the UK and North and South America that speak about different facets of heritage value, such as urban identity, commodification, authenticity, materiality and heritage as an intellectual and ethical framework. Heritage is never neutral; its definition is privileged yet its influence is political. Art, landscape and archaeology all offer examples of how the operational ideas of adjacent disciplines can influence an integrated idea of heritage conservation, and how this is communicated in order to determine significance and share in its custodianship. This book provides insights into how to identify and challenge these limitations, expanding inclusion by describing tactics for changing how people can relate to and build on the past. Clearly written for all levels of readership within the conservation professions and community custodians of heritage buildings and places, the book provides strategies and tactics for understanding the heritage significance of materials, their fabrication, detail and use. The narratives that historic fabric contains can help shape the meaningful involvement of local people, providing a roadmap for those navigating the double-bind of using the past to underpin the future.
Category: Architecture

Development Architecture And The Formation Of Heritage In Late Twentieth Century Iran

Author : Ali Mozaffari
ISBN : 1526150158
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 30.23 MB
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In developing contexts, competing ideas of the past have played a vital role in understanding the present and imagining the future. This vitality is discerned in both politics and culture but importantly, in cultural expressions such as architecture. This book interprets development as a globalizing project that instigates complex processes of historical consciousness in developing nations. The tangible effect of this consciousness is a deliberate reappraisal and appropriation of past practices and forms to renegotiate present conditions. This selective and conscious use of the past in the present suggests heritage at work. Architectural design is an exemplar of this cultural process. Focusing on Iran between the 1970s and early 1990, this book illustrates how architecture became a conduit for the production of heritage at large in a modernizing Muslim society, and how that process has been entangled with development and intellectual debates before and after the Islamic Revolution.
Category: Architecture

The Production And Consumption Of Sports Heritage

Author : Corey R. Walters
ISBN : OCLC:1083050381
Genre : Sports
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Stadiums throughout the world seek to create greater connections with their fans, local communities, regions and nations in order to benefit commercially. Some stadiums do better than others and succeed in continually attracting audiences, while certain stadiums do a poor job in connecting with people which can result in disuse and financial ruin. One of the keys to success in connecting with fans both near and far is to both utilise and foster a sense of heritage with the goal of achieving direct and indirect commercial gains.In the field of geography there has been negligible work done on assessing what particular factors and strategies are being utilised in the production and consumption of heritage globally, never mind an analysis of several case studies in one nation. In order to grow the level of knowledge in this field, this thesis seeks to examine the underlying factors and patterns behind the production and consumption of heritage in New Zealand's premier rugby stadiums. This thesis utilises a mix of primary data including interviews with stadium operators and local residents, as well a number of secondary resources in order to understand the key patterns and factors behind New Zealand rugby stadiums attempts to produce consumable heritage.In regard to key factors this thesis has uncovered that population plays less of a role than one would expect, team history is critical to the success of heritage production, and that new stadiums do not necessarily mean a lack of heritage production capability. The key patterns found in relation to the strategies involved in creating heritage are that stadiums continue to hunt for connected supporters, Super Rugby's structure provides barriers to identity creation,there is significant success when connecting with local demographics, New Zealand stadiums can be seen as key landscapes for fan identities, and the importance of the All Blacks is impossible to overstate.Following this, the research also goes into an in depth discussion of the particular case of New Zealand's most historic stadium Eden Park. The current situation of Eden Park is examined,and recommendations surrounding its future are made.
Category: Sports

The Making Of Heritage

Author : Camila Del Marmol
ISBN : 9781135013011
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 44.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume explores the process of heritage making and its relation to the production of touristic places, examining several case studies around the world. Most existing literature on heritage and tourism centers either on its managerial aspects, the tourist experience, or issues related to inequality and identity politics. This volume instead establishes theoretical links between analyses of heritage and the production and reproduction of places in the context of the global tourist trade. The approach adopted here is to explore the production of heritage as a complex process shaped by local and global discourses that can have a deep impact on several policies and legislations. Heritage itself has now become not only a global discourse, but also a global practice, which may eventually lead to the use of heritage as a field for hegemony. From these perspectives, heritage making may be incorporated in the world economy, mainly through the global tourism trade. The chapters in this book stress the need for identifying the intrinsic political implications of these processes, relocating their study in political, economic and social settings. Combined with a diversified set of theoretical approaches and research methods, guided by a common thematic rationale, The Making of Heritage is at the forefront of current debates about heritage.
Category: Social Science

Culture On Display

Author : Dicks, Bella
ISBN : 9780335206575
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 54.34 MB
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Reflecting on the contemporary proliferation of sites displaying culture in visitable form, this text introduces readers to fresh ways of thinking about tourism, leisure and heritage.
Category: Social Science

Destination Culture

Author : Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
ISBN : 0520209664
Genre : Art
File Size : 56.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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With the question, "What does it mean to show?", the author explores the agency of display in museums and tourist attractions. She looks at how objects are made to perform their meaning by being collected and how techniques of display, not just the things shown, convey a powerful message.
Category: Art

Sense And Essence

Author : Birgit Meyer
ISBN : 9781785339417
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 66.42 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Contrary to popular perceptions, cultural heritage is not given, but constantly in the making: a construction subject to dynamic processes of (re)inventing culture within particular social formations and bound to particular forms of mediation. Yet the appeal of cultural heritage often rests on its denial of being a fabrication, its promise to provide an essential ground to social-cultural identities. Taking this paradoxical feature as a point of departure, and anchoring the discussion to two heuristic concepts—the "politics of authentication" and "aesthetics of persuasion"—the chapters herein explore how this tension is central to the dynamics of heritage formation worldwide.
Category: Social Science

The Heritage Of War

Author : Martin Gegner
ISBN : 9781136673832
Genre : Art
File Size : 86.16 MB
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The Heritage of War is an interdisciplinary study of the ways in which heritage is mobilized in remembering war, and in reconstructing landscapes, political systems and identities after conflict. It examines the deeply contested nature of war heritage in a series of places and contexts, highlighting the modes by which governments, communities, and individuals claim validity for their own experiences of war, and the meanings they attach to them. From colonizing violence in South America to the United States’ Civil War, the Second World War on three continents, genocide in Rwanda and continuing divisions in Europe and the Middle East, these studies bring us closer to the very processes of heritage production. The Heritage of War uncovers the histories of heritage: it charts the constant social and political construction of heritage sites over time, by a series of different agents, and explores the continuous reworking of meaning into the present. What are the forces of contingency, agency and political power that produce, define and sustain the heritage of war? How do particular versions of the past and particular identities gain legitimacy, while others are marginalised? In this book contributors explore the active work by which heritage is produced and reproduced in a series of case studies of memorialization, battlefield preservation, tourism development, private remembering and urban reconstruction. These are the acts of making sense of war; they are acts that continue long after violent conflict itself has ended.
Category: Art

The Heritage Theatre

Author : Marlite Halbertsma
ISBN : 9781443830782
Genre : Art
File Size : 55.46 MB
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The Heritage Theatre is a book about cultural heritage and globalisation. Cultural heritage is the stage on which the global community, smaller communities and individuals play out their similarities and differences, their identities and singularities. Cultural heritage forms an implicit cultural code governing the relationship between parts and the whole, individuals and communities, communities and outsiders, as well as the relationship between communities and the world as a whole. Cultural heritage, by way of its producers, its products and its audience, presents an image of the world and its inner coherence. The subjects in this book range from places as distant from each other as Dar-es-Salaam, Jakarta, Amsterdam, Le Creusot, Trinidad, Brazzaville, Bremerhaven, New York and Prague, and deal with themes such as wayang, Kylie Minogue, airports and heritage, modernist architecture in Africa and the impact of DNA research on the concept of roots. The volume is based on papers presented at a conference organised by the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The authors have backgrounds in cultural studies, art history, anthropology, museum studies, sociology, tourist studies and history.
Category: Art

Heritage Film

Author : Belén Vidal
ISBN : 9780231162036
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 49.26 MB
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This volume provides a comprehensive introduction to the critical debates around the heritage film, from its controversial status in British cinema of the 1980s to its expansion into a versatile international genre in the 1990s and 2000s. This study explores the heritage film in light of questions of national identity in film and television, industry and funding, and history, gender and representation. Using a wide range of examples and including an in-depth analysis of three case studies - Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003), Joyeux Noël (2005) and The Queen (2006) - this book presents the heritage film as a thriving phenomenon at the centre of contemporary European cinema.
Category: Performing Arts

The Production Sites Of Architecture

Author : Sophia Psarra
ISBN : 9781351363327
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 31.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Production Sites of Architecture examines the intimate link between material sites and meaning. It explores questions such as: how do spatial configurations produce meaning? What are alternative modes of knowledge production? How do these change our understanding of architectural knowledge? Featuring essays from an international range of scholars, the book accepts that everything about the production of architecture has social significance. It focuses on two areas: firstly, relationships of spatial configuration, form, order and classification; secondly, the interaction of architecture and these notions with other areas of knowledge, such as literature, inscriptions, interpretations, and theories of classification, ordering and invention. Moving beyond perspectives which divide architecture into either an aesthetic or practical art, the authors show how buildings are informed by intersections between site and content, space and idea, thought and materiality, architecture and imagination. Presenting illustrated case studies of works by architects and artists including Amale Andraos, Dan Wood, OMA, Koen Deprez and John Soane, The Production Sites of Architecture makes a major contribution to our understanding of architectural theory.
Category: Architecture

Cultural Heritage Politics In China

Author : Tami Blumenfield
ISBN : 9781461468745
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 29.20 MB
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​This volume explores China’s cultural heritage ideology and policies from three interrelated perspectives: the State and World Heritage tourism; cultural heritage tourism at undesignated sites, and the cultural politics of museums and collections. Something of a cultural heritage designation craze is happening in China. This is new within even the last five to ten years. Officials at many levels now see heritage preservation as a means for commoditizing their regions. They are devoting new resources and attention to national and international heritage designations. Thus, addressing cultural heritage politics in a nation dedicated to designation is an important project, particularly in the context of a rapidly growing economy. This volume is also important because it addresses a very wide range of cultural heritage, providing an excellent sample of case studies: historic vernacular urban environments, ethnic tourism, scenic tourism, pilgrimage as tourism, tourism and economic development, museums, border heritage, underwater remains, and the actual governance and management of the sites. This volume is an outstanding introduction to cultural heritage issues in China while contributing to Chinese studies for those with greater knowledge of the area.
Category: Social Science

Culture Heritage And Representation

Author : Steve Watson
ISBN : 9781351946780
Genre : Science
File Size : 70.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The 'visual' has long played a crucial role in forming experiences, associations, expectations and understandings of heritage. Images convey meaning within a range of practices, including tourism, identity construction, the popularization of the past through a variety of media, and the memorialization of events. However, despite the central role of 'the visual' in these contexts, it has been largely neglected in heritage literature. This edited collection is the first to explore the production, use and consumption of visual imagery as an integral part of heritage. Drawing on case studies from around the world, it provides a multidisciplinary analysis of heritage representations, combining complex understandings of the 'visual' from a wide range of disciplines, including heritage studies, sociology and cultural studies perspectives. In doing so, the book provides a comprehensive overview of the theoretical and methodological tools necessary for understanding visual imagery within its cultural context.
Category: Science

The Seeds Of Kokopelli

Author : Dominique Guillet
ISBN : OCLC:607202158
Genre : Heirloom varieties (Plants)
File Size : 58.85 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Heirloom varieties (Plants)

Tourism Power And Culture

Author : Dr. Donald V. L. Macleod
ISBN : 1845411862
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 87.93 MB
Format : PDF
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Tourism as an experience and an industry is infused by culture in its various dimensions, and influenced throughout by relationships of power; this is particularly apparent at the destination site. Anthropological investigations give rich insights into power and culture through ethnographic fieldwork, comparative analysis and theoretical explanation. Within this timely and groundbreaking book case studies come from Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Australia and South East Asia. It is divided into two sections dealing with tourism and the power struggle for resources; and tourism and culture: presentation, promotion and the manipulation of image. Chapters explore issues as diverse as terrorism, ethnicity and World Heritage Sites, and the role of the analysis of power in tourism studies. They illustrate how culture shapes tourism development, is commodified, and becomes a tool in political and economic strategies and struggles.
Category: Business & Economics

World Heritage Tourism And Identity

Author : Laurent Bourdeau
ISBN : 9781134784585
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The remarkable success of the 1972 UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage is borne out by the fact that nearly 1,000 properties have now been designated as possessing Outstanding Universal Value and recognition given to the imperative for their protection. However, the remarkable success of the Convention is not without its challenges and a key issue for many Sites relates to the touristic legacies of inscription. For many sites inscription on the World Heritage List acts as a promotional device and the management challenge is one of protection, conservation and dealing with increased numbers of tourists. For other sites, designation has not brought anticipated expansion in tourist numbers and associated investments. What is clear is that tourism is now a central concern to the wide array of stakeholders involved with World Heritage Sites.
Category: Business & Economics

Cultural Commons

Author : Enrico Eraldo Bertacchini
ISBN : 9781781000069
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 31.33 MB
Format : PDF
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'The concept of the commons as a shared resource capable of yielding collective benefits to people is a well-established one in the social sciences, but its extension to jointly-owned cultural resources is relatively new. This pioneering book explores the idea of a cultural commons as it can be applied in a wide range of areas, including landscapes, art and design, gastronomy, heritage, the performing arts and the online world. Although the book's chapters are written mainly from the perspective of cultural economics, the scope of the volume is truly interdisciplinary. the book is more than just a comprehensive introduction to the topic. It is also a source of original ideas that will act as a stimulus to further research in the field.' – David Throsby, Macquarie University, Australia This compelling book offers a fresh and novel approach to study cultural and artistic expression from the perspective of 'the commons'. It demonstrates how identifying cultures as shared resources is useful in eliciting the main factors and social dilemmas affecting the production and evolution of cultural expression. Adopting the unifying perspective of 'the cultural commons', the chapters provide in-depth analysis of a wide range of cultural resources, including traditional cultural expression, heritage, gastronomy and cultural content in virtual worlds. Taking an interdisciplinary perspective and gathering contributions from economic, sociological and legal fields, this timely book proposes a new and complementary research agenda. Scholars and postgraduate students of cultural economics, cultural studies, and sociology of culture will find this authoritative and essential book invaluable.
Category: Social Science

Politics Of Scale

Author : Tuuli Lähdesmäki
ISBN : 9781789200171
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 61.54 MB
Format : PDF
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Critical Heritage Studies is a new and fast-growing interdisciplinary field of study seeking to explore power relations involved in the production and meaning-making of cultural heritage. Politics of Scale offers a global, multi- and interdisciplinary point of view to the scaled nature of heritage, and provides a theoretical discussion on scale as a social construct and a method in Critical Heritage Studies. The international contributors provide examples and debates from a range of diverse countries, discuss how heritage and scale interact in current processes of heritage meaning-making, and explore heritage-scale relationship as a domain of politics.
Category: Social Science

Intangible Heritage

Author : Laurajane Smith
ISBN : 9781134026500
Genre : Art
File Size : 90.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This volume examines the implications and consequences of the idea of ‘intangible heritage’ to current international academic and policy debates about the meaning and nature of cultural heritage and the management processes developed to protect it. It provides an accessible account of the different ways in which intangible cultural heritage has been defined and managed in both national and international contexts, and aims to facilitate international debate about the meaning, nature and value of not only intangible cultural heritage, but heritage more generally. Intangible Heritage fills a significant gap in the heritage literature available and represents a significant cross section of ideas and practices associated with intangible cultural heritage. The authors brought together for this volume represent some of the key academics and practitioners working in the area, and discuss research and practices from a range of countries, including: Zimbabwe, Morocco, South Africa, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, USA, Brazil and Indonesia, and bring together a range of areas of expertise which include anthropology, law, heritage studies, archaeology, museum studies, folklore, architecture, Indigenous studies and history.
Category: Art